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History of Inventors & Controversy <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''><img alt='benz patent motorwagen 1886' src='' style='height:627px; width:640px' /></a></p> <p style='text-align:center'><u><a href=''>benz patent-motorwagen</a></u> built in 1885, image credit: <u><a href=''>chris 73</a></u> / <u><a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></u>, <u><a href=''>cc by-sa 3.0</a></u></p> <p>who was the inventor of the first car? if you were to ask most people this question, the answer you would likely receive is karl benz, but the answer may be a lot more complicated. one of the first questions you would need to clarify is exactly what the definition of a car is. when defining a car, most people would only give a broad definition, such as a vehicle that travels on wheels, but this leaves many questions, such as what number of wheels does the vehicle have and what source of power does it use? as you can see, the question of what a car really is quickly can become confusing. let’s take a closer look at the question and who may have truly invented the first car.</p> <h2>the controversy over who invented the first car</h2> <p>the common definition of a car is a “vehicle powered by a gas engine,” as karl benz patented in 1886, then the first car was, in fact, invented by benz. however, this classic car was based on the work of many inventors who came before him, including leonardo da vinci who in the 15th century had created designs for a modified vehicle that could run under its own power. though this design had a relatively unfeasible spring-based power source that the user would need to wind up, it could, in fact, still run. even more surprisingly, it still used a steering column and rack and pinion system, which is the same way we steer our vehicles to this day.</p> <p>da vinci was not the only individual to beat karl benz to designing a self-propelled road vehicle. several other inventors designed and built vehicles that could run using a variety of power sources and numbers of wheels. so, when it comes to the question of who invented the first car, you can see the question really comes down to what your definition of the car is. here are a few of the most notable “cars” and inventors who could be said to have been the first to invent the car.</p> <h2>sails and steam – early sources of power</h2> <p>there were several inventors that used power sources other than an internal combustion engine to run their vehicles, and here are some of them.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='steam machine verbiestin 1678' src='' style='height:458px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>the steam 'car' designed by verbiest in 1672, public domain, via <u><a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></u></p> <h2>ferdinand verbiest</h2> <p>ferdinand verbiest, a jesuit missionary, invented one of the earliest vintage cars in 1672. it was made as a toy for the emperor of china. it was steam-powered and used a boiler to power the rear wheels, which propelled the car.</p> <h2>simon steven</h2> <p>simon steven invented an early vehicle as well in approximately 1600 in holland. this “antique car” was very interesting. it was called a sailing chariot and looked a lot like a sailboat on wheels but was powered by the wind. the sailing chariot could hold around twenty-five people and travel at almost twenty miles per hour for a two-hour trip. the reliance on the wind made the sailing chariot less than reliable since it is not always windy. also, even if the wind is blowing, it might not be in the direction the passenger wants to travel.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='joseph cugnot 1770 fardier vapeur' src='' style='height:427px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>joe desousa</a> - <a href=''>joseph cugnot's 1770 fardier À vapeur</a>, <a href=''>cc0</a></p> <h2>nicolas-joseph cugnot</h2> <p>another early inventor that could possibly be considered to have invented the first collectible car is nicolas-joseph cugnot. he was creating a way to transport cannons to be used by the french army. so, he made a three-wheeled, two-and-a-half-ton, steam-driven machine to carry out this task in 1769. the machine was able to travel at two and a fourth miles per hour. however, the boiler did not work so well and needed to be relit frequently. it also was rather unstable due to the weight not being very well distributed. still, the vehicle did carry passengers and worked. so, nicolas-joseph cugnot could possibly be considered the person who invented the first car. the vehicle he invented stills exists and can be seen in a museum in paris.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='ivan kulibin three wheels car' src='' style='height:409px; width:615px' /></p> <h2>ivan kulibin</h2> <p>ivan kulibin invented a type of the car that had a gearbox, a flywheel, and bearings. however, it only had three wheels and was human-powered, so to many people, it could not qualify as the first car.</p> <h2>internal combustion – the modern power source</h2> <p>in the 1800s, several inventors would use the internal combustion engine to power the vehicles they invented. here are some of these inventors.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='rivaz engine' src='' style='height:455px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>rivaz engine, image credit: public domain / <a href=''>picryl</a></p> <h2>franÇois isaac de rivaz</h2> <p>franÇois isaac de rivaz might also be thought to have invented the first car. in fact, he did build the first internal combustion car. in the 1800s, he started working on a design for an internal hydrogen-powered combustion engine. he then built the engine in 1807, which he called the de rivaz engine. he even patented the engine. after completing the engine, he made a car for the engine, which ran on oxygen and hydrogen. unfortunately for franÇois isaac de rivaz, his car did not become a commercial success.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='marcus car of 1875' src='' style='height:398px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>marcus car of 1875, image credit: public domain / <a href=''>wikipedia</a></p> <h2>siegfried marcus</h2> <p>siegfried marcus, a german inventor, built the first gasoline-powered combustion engine. he used the engine to power a pushcart. siegfried first made a 2-cycle combustion engine. then, he made a gasoline-powered 4-cycle engine. siegfried would eventually improve the engine by adding a clutch, steering, and brake.</p> <h2>gustave trouvÉ</h2> <p>gustave trouvÉ also invented an early version of the car. he invented the first marine outboard engine. then, he took this engine and adapted it for use with a pedal tricycle. trouvÉ invented the first electric vehicle as well in 1881, that same year.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='ayrton & perry electric tricycle' src='' style='height:599px; width:495px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>ayrton & perry electric tricycle, image credit: franz haag/ <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>william ayrton & john perry</h2> <p>william ayrton & john perry, both from england, built an electric tricycle. it had two large wheels in the back and one in the front. it also had electric lights. the electric tricycle was run by 10 lead-acid cells and had ½ horsepower. the driver could change the speed of the electric tricycle by turning the lead-acid batteries on and off one at a time. the tricycle could achieve a speed of nine mph and drive for 10 to 25 miles.</p> <p style='text-align:center'> </p> <p style='text-align:center'>thomas parker's electric car 1880s, public domain, <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>thomas parker</h2> <p>in 1882, a company called elwell-parker ltd. was started in wolverhampton, england. this company produced high-capacity rechargeable batteries. however, the company expanded to make controllers, dynamos, and motors as well. thomas parker, one of the owners of this company, claims to have invented a working electrically powered car as early as 1884. by 1885, electrically operated trams invented by parker were transporting passengers in the city of blackpool, england. by 1890, these trams were also transporting people around birmingham, england. thomas parker would go on to invent cars with four-wheel steering and hydraulic brakes on all four wheels.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='benz-patent-motorwage' src='' style='height:503px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>benz-patent-motorwage, public domain, via <a href=',-clara-und-ellen-benz.png'>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>karl benz</h2> <p>although it is argued over, the motorwagen introduced by karl benz is often credited with being the first car. this is since it was the first truly functional car and the first production car.</p> <p>karl benz started benz & companie with his wife beth after previously having owned an iron foundry and mechanical workshop. once benz started his new company, he would work on static gas engines, create a horseless carriage, and invent the car. benz’s experience leading up to this was important. he had a lot of experience with bicycles and other technology. he had already filed for several patents before he started working on gas engines and creating a car.</p> <p>karl benz got a patent for his first gas-powered engine in 1879. he also invented spark plugs, carburetors, a throttle system, a clutch, battery-powered ignition systems, the water radiator, and gear shifters. in 1885, benz invented the gas-powered car and got a patent for his motorwagen. it had a four-stroke engine and could hold two passengers. benz would make some adjustments to the car in 1888 before he started selling his model 3 motorwagen.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='daimler motorized carriage' src='' style='height:547px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>daimler motorized carriage, via ad meskens, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a> , <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>gottlieb daimler and wilhelm maybach</h2> <p>in 1886, gottlieb daimler took an engine that he and wilhelm maybach made by improving nikolaus otto’s internal combustion engine and placed it in a stagecoach that was adapted to hold the engine. this was the first automobile with four wheels. then, in 1889, daimler and maybach built their own original car without adapting it from another vehicle as had been done in the past.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='panhard & levassor 1891' src='' style='height:492px; width:640px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>panhard & levassor 1891, public domain, via <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>louis franÇois renÉ panhard and Émile constant levassor</h2> <p>panhard & levassor, a company owned by louis franÇois renÉ panhard and Émile constant levassor, was the first company formed solely to manufacture cars. they started manufacturing automobiles in 1889. they were followed by peugeot in 1891. daimler and benz would not begin to manufacture cars until later. they licensed their patents and sold their engines to other car manufacturers before starting to manufacture their own cars.</p> <h2>final thoughts</h2> <p>as you can see, determining who invented the first car can be more difficult than it seems. the most difficult part of determining who invented the first car is figuring out what exactly makes the car. if you define a car as a four-wheeled self-powered vehicle powered by internal combustion, then karl benz may just be the inventor of the car. however, if your definition of the car does not include the number of wheels or power source, then there may just be a number of inventors behind the “first” car.</p> All categories Wed, 10 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 10 Iconic Muscle Cars That Transformed American Culture <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a collage of carsdescription automatically generated with medium confidence' src='' style='height:421px; width:624px' /><br /> image from <a href=''>pxhere</a></p> <p>muscle cars have a special place in the hearts of americans who grew up in the 1960s or ‘70s. they represented a cultural and corporate shift in the automotive industry, offering a mix of performance and style that captured the imagination of a generation. let’sexplore the defining characteristics of muscle cars, examine some iconic models that shaped the industry, and consider their impact on american culture.</p> <h3>defining the muscle car</h3> <p>typical muscle cars come with large v8 engines, rear-wheel drive, and a 4-speed transmission, so it’s easier to smoke the rear tires. they have plenty of torque and acceleration for straight-line performance. the design of muscle cars is also a key factor, with bold styling, aggressive lines, and eye-catching paint schemes or graphics.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a red car parked in a parking lotdescription automatically generated' src='' style='height:415px; width:624px' /><br /> 1964 pontiac gtoby <a href=''>greg gjerdingen from willmar, usa</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h3>the pioneers: 1960s muscle cars</h3> <p>the 1960s marked the beginning of the muscle car era, as manufacturers released several iconic models to the public. muscle car fans regard the 1964 pontiac gto as the first factory muscle car. packed with a thumping 389-cubic-inch v8 engine and a four-speed manual transmission, it was a hit with the public, selling like crazy in its first year and inspiring industry competitors.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a red convertible cardescription automatically generated with medium confidence' src='' style='height:385px; width:624px' /><br /> 1965 ford mustang base convertibleby <a href=''>mercurysable99</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 1965 ford mustang was the next automotive milestone, offering affordable performance and stylish design in a compact package. the first “pony car” became an instant classic and sold over 680,000 units in its first year. the mustang helped shape american youth culture and remains a beloved automotive icon.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> 1966 dodge charger by <a href=''>jeremy from sydney, australia</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 1966 dodge charger stood out for its distinctive design, featuring a fastback roofline and hidden headlights. the charger also had some racing successes, including winning the 1966 nascar grand national, helping coin the phrase, 'win on sunday, sell on monday.'</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a red car parked on grassdescription automatically generated with medium confidence' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss454 sports coupeby <a href=''>sicnag</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h3>the peak: 1970s muscle cars</h3> <p>the 1970s hit the peak of the muscle car era, producing some of the most iconic and popular models in automotive history. the 1970 chevrolet chevelle ss 454 is one example, featuring a massive 454-cubic-inch v8 engine and producing up to 450 horsepower. it remains a high-performance icon to this day.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> 1970 plymouth cuda 440-6by <a href=''>sicnag</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 1970 plymouth hemi 'cuda was a limited-production model that is still sought after by collectors today. it featured a 426-cubic-inch hemi v8 engine, producing up to 425 horsepower, and boasted a distinctive shaker hood scoop that helped increase airflow to the engine and added a very aggressive look.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> 1970 oldsmobile 442 w30 by <a href=''>sicnag</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 1970 oldsmobile 442 w-30 was notable for its combined performance and comfort.featuring a 455-cubic-inch v8 engine and upscale interior appointments, it had a unique market position, appealing tomuscle car enthusiasts and luxury car buyers.</p> <h3>the decline: the fuel crisis and emission regulations</h3> <p>the muscle car era declined in the 1970s because of several global factors. rising gas prices made fuel-efficient vehicles more appealing to consumers, environmental concerns led to strict emissions regulations, and soaring insurance costs pushed muscle cars out of reach. consumer preferences shifted towards smaller, more efficient automobiles with better handling, gas mileage, and safety features.</p> <h3>the resurgence: 21st century muscle cars</h3> <p>they’re not dead yet! after losing their statusat the end of the 20<sup>th</sup> century, muscle cars made a strong comeback in the 21<sup>st</sup>century. and the top three automakers were ready to make a statement! the 2005 ford mustang, 2009 chevrolet camaro, and 2008 dodge challenger srt8 were the perfect iconic models tolaunch the revival.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> ford mustang gt 2005 by <a href=''>swecastel</a>, <a href=''>cc by 3.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 2005 ford mustang is a modern version of the classic 1960s mustang. it features retro styling with modern technology, including a fuel-injected v8 engine and independent suspension. the release of this model rekindled enthusiasm for muscle cars among enthusiasts and sparked interest among younger generations.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> 2009 chevrolet camaro ssby <a href=''>jeremy from sydney, australia</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 2009 chevrolet camarowanted to bring back the muscle and offered a 6.2-liter v8 engine with 426 horsepower and a six-speed manual worked, and the camaro signaled the resurgence of a new muscle car era.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:376px; width:624px' /><br /> dodge challenger srt8by <a href=''>bull-doser</a>, public domain, via wikimedia commons</p> <p>the 2008 dodge challenger srt8 was another classic design revival, featuring a sleek, modern take on the 1970 challenger. to get the public’s attention, it possessedsome exhilaratinghigh-performance options, including a 6.1-liter hemi v8 engine that produced 425 horsepower.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:430px; width:624px' /><br /> 2020 ford mustang mach-eby <a href=''>craig james</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h3>the future of muscle cars</h3> <p>with changes in the environment and restrictions on natural resources, the automotive industry continues to evolve, as do muscle cars. one trend that has developed in recent years is the evolution of electric muscle cars. models such as the 2020 mustang mach-e and the upcoming electric camaro promise to deliver high-performance capabilities while claimingenvironmental sustainability.</p> <h3>muscle cars in american culture</h3> <p>muscle cars have played a significant role in american pop culture, particularly in hollywood. movies and television shows such as the 'fast & furious' franchise, 'bullitt,' and 'the dukes of hazzard' featured iconic muscle cars and helped secure their place in popular culture.</p> <p>indeed, car chases in the movies created a desire to own a muscle car stronger than any magazine ad or tv commercial. who can forget the white ’71 dodge challenger in “vanishing point,” the ‘71 ford mach 1 mustang in 'gone in 60 seconds,' or perhaps the most famous car to ever race across the screen, the '77 firebird trans am in 'smokey & the bandit.'</p> <p>auto racing is another popular aspect of muscle cars in american culture. muscle cars have played an integral role in motorsports since the early days of drag racing up to current nascar events.</p> <p>collectability and car shows are also part of the muscle car culture. enthusiasts enjoy attending car shows and auctions to showcase their prized muscle cars and connect withcar lovers who share their passion.</p> <h3>conclusion</h3> <p>muscle cars have had a lasting impact on american automotive history and are enduring cultural icons. from their creation in the 1960s to their rebirth in the 21st century, muscle cars continueto capture the imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide.</p> <p>muscle cars transformed american culture with their blend of performance, style, and attitude, and they still impact the automotive industry today. whether you prefer the classic designs of the 1960s, or you’d rather be cruising in one of the high-performance icons of the 1970s, muscle cars will always inspire a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.</p> <p>as enthusiasts continue to cherish these automotive legends, it's crucial to ensure their protection with appropriate <a href=''>classic car insurance</a>. finding the right coverage can safeguard your investment and passion for these vehicles. to explore comprehensive options for classic car insurance, visit leland west and drive with peace of mind.</p> <h3>muscle car faqs</h3> <p>a. what makes a car a muscle car?</p> <p>muscle cars typically refer to high-performance, rear-wheel-drive vehicles with powerful engines and aggressive styling.</p> <p>b. why did muscle cars decline in the 1970s?</p> <p>muscle cars declined in the 1970s because of rising gas prices, environmental concerns, and changing consumer preferences.</p> <p>c. how have modern muscle cars evolved from their predecessors?</p> <p>modern muscle cars have evolved to incorporate advanced technology, including hybrid power trains, lightweight materials, and advanced driver-assist systems.</p> <p>d. what role have muscle cars played in american pop culture?</p> <p>muscle cars have played a significant role in american pop culture, particularly in movies and television shows that feature iconic models.</p> <p>e. what is the future of muscle cars in an increasingly eco-conscious world?</p> <p>the future of muscle cars will probably involve a shift toward electric power trains and an increased emphasis on environmental sustainability. car enthusiasts will continue to be attracted to cars that look sharp and have a lot of good, old-fashioned horsepower.</p> <h3>resources:</h3> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> All categories Tue, 9 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Cars vs. the Environment: Carbon Footprint Debate <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:420px; width:628px' /><br /> image by <a href=''>peter benoit</a> from <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>since gas-powered vehicles hit the roads, there has been an ongoing debate over the impact of our travels on the environment and climate. we’ll discuss the carbon footprint of classic cars and compare it to the environmental impact of technology within more modern vehicles. we’ll also offer recent data about the real impact of building a modern gas or electric car versus the driving habits of the classic car owner. finally, we’ll talk about what modern emissions laws say about classic cars and what classic car owners should be mindful of in regard to emissions and the environment.</p> <h2>the carbon footprint of classic cars</h2> <p>the phrase carbon footprint is fairly new to many vocabularies, so let’s briefly explain what it means: a carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide a person or family produces when living their daily life. while many people think the carbon footprint concept relates primarily to the use of transportation like cars and planes, water use and recycling are often included in your measurement.  like many modern fuel-burning vehicles, classic cars both produce carbon dioxide which is linked to climate change and global warming, and use fuel that is pumped out of the ground in manners that can cause pollution and environmental issues themselves.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:267px; width:624px' /><br /> by matti blume - own work, cc by-sa 4.0, via <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h3>comparing classics to modern vehicles</h3> <p>we can compare the carbon footprint of a classic car to a modern vehicle. to do this, let’s also carefully define what we consider a classic car. some enthusiasts consider a vehicle over 25 years old to be a classic car, on the basis of some major changes made to automotive technology.</p> <h3>changes in technology</h3> <p>modern vehicles have many technological changes that enable them to burn less fuel. in some cases, a modern vehicle might also have a hybrid battery system or could be battery-powered with no gas at all.  within the car frame, gone are some of the heavier steels once used to make both the frame and exterior panels on a classic car. a modern vehicle uses some steel for the frame but has a mostly plastic exterior that weighs hundreds of pounds less. finally, modern cars are smarter about fuel. the carburetor was replaced in the 1990s by either a battery or a modernized, computer-based fuel injector that decides the exact amount of fuel to send based on the driver’s inputs.</p> <p>the result of these changes has a major impact on fuel mileage. most classic cars were capable of reaching into the 20s for their highway miles per gallon. many modern sedans can reach 40-plus miles per gallon on the highway. battery-powered cars offer an “empg” rating which refers more to the number of miles per kilowatt hour but can offer a range of 250 miles or more per full charge.</p> <p>classic cars also didn’t have a catalytic converter as they weren’t required until 1975. the catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system. the metals and filters within this device absorb some of the emissions produced by modern vehicles and produce steam that is less harmful. a <a href=''>modern catalytic converter</a> can reduce the emissions of a vehicle by over 90%.</p> <p>this argument is two-sided though: a modern vehicle takes much more energy to produce. the us department of energy estimates that building a modern car takes just over 31,000 btus of energy to produce, which is the equivalent of burning about 1,000 gallons of gasoline - and that’s before you ever turn the engine on. a battery-powered car like a tesla tends to need around 250 gallons of gasoline burned just to make the battery. when purchased used, a classic car needs only transportation to your place and some maintenance and repairs as no new materials are used.</p> <p>older cars that use a carburetor or don’t have a catalytic converter have the potential to both use more gas and produce more emissions than a modern car.</p> <h2>the arguments for classic cars and the environment</h2> <p>while classic cars aren’t built with the latest technology designed to produce fewer carbon emissions and burn less gas, they offer your carbon footprint different ways to reduce your impact.</p> <h3>less driving</h3> <p>the owner of a classic car tends to drive their vehicle less. <a href=''>insurance</a> companies that provide coverage for classic cars report that their drivers put on less than 2,500 miles per year, which is far less than the typical modern vehicle which is often on the road for more than 10,000 miles per year. driving fewer miles means putting fewer emissions in the air, reducing the impact of driving around a vehicle with less technology to prevent carbon buildup.</p> <h3>already assembled</h3> <p>classic cars were made years ago. buying a used car or a classic car is similar because you aren’t making auto manufacturers produce their own emissions when making a new car in the factory. as mentioned earlier, repeating those efforts by buying a new, modern car is less energy efficient.</p> <p>in many ways, the life of a modern vehicle tends to be short. <a href=''>a study out of japan</a> indicates that most vehicles are built and scrapped within 13 years. older, classic vehicles tended to be made to last longer - which is a major reason why they are still around and sought after.</p> <p>another study out of the united kingdom indicates that it will <a href=''>take quite a while - 47 years</a>, for a classic car to produce the emissions of building a modern car.</p> <h2>the arguments against classic cars and the environment</h2> <p>vehicles are a major source of carbon emissions, especially classic cars. let’s also look at ways that classic cars are not environmentally friendly.</p> <h3>owning two cars</h3> <p>while classic cars tend to be driven less, some owners of classic cars own a classic car and a modern car. while the modern car tends to get better gas mileage and puts out fewer emissions, it also had an environmental cost to produce.</p> <h3>driving styles & maintenance</h3> <p>while it can take many years for a classic car to make a bigger environmental impact than the production of a new battery-powered toyota, a modern car is still significantly better at handling modern traffic patterns. a modern vehicle - battery or gas-powered, tends to have a system built in to deactivate cylinders for highway driving and to turn off the engine while at a stoplight. classic cars don’t have these features and can make long, fast drives as well as those traffic stops add more to their carbon footprint.</p> <p>a classic car also needs to be well maintained in order to keep the vehicle from having a bigger environmental impact than it already has. to be fair,  many classic owners know how to maintain their vehicles themselves.</p> <h3>mileage</h3> <p>the studies we cited previously seem to assume that a classic car isn’t a daily driver. less than 2,000 miles per year is more likely headed to a car show or on a pleasure cruise. driving a classic car the same amount as a typical modern car erases much of the 47-year timeline in which a classic car would be more environmentally efficient.</p> <h2>the role of the government and industry in regulating classic cars and the environment</h2> <p>while there are regulations and restrictions put forth by the environmental protection agency regarding emissions and gas mileage ratings, these rules don’t apply to vehicles 21 years or older. the logic behind this is fairly simple: there aren’t that many vehicles that are 21 years or older, and those who drive a vehicle of a classic age do tend to drive less. people who do drive classic cars daily may not be able to afford a modern car. with all of this being said, there are probably fewer “classics” on the road than you think, with many of them kept as collector’s items or in museums.</p> <p>future regulations on classic cars are uncertain. many modern presidents and federal lawmakers, including joe biden, have their own classic cars and are unlikely to force modifications to old cars. much of their legislation is focused on newly built vehicles. with that said, some local laws in places like california are taking aim at where high-emission vehicles can drive. california has also offered classic motors the ability to <a href=''>pay their way out </a>of a smog check in what amounts to a carbon tax.</p> <p>while previous legislation has been effective at forcing manufacturers to make more efficient vehicles, it’s unclear whether or not standards like those introduced in california will be effective because the laws don’t indicate how the state checks see if repairs towards emissions standards are made.</p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p>knowing that a classic car could have less of an impact on the environment than building a whole new car, we also must recognize that a classic car also needs to be well taken care of and driven less than the average vehicle for its impact to be less significant. for example, taking a more modern vehicle on a road trip would be a more environmentally friendly choice if you have the option.</p> <h2>additional resources</h2> <ol> <li>"classic cars found to be less harmful to the environment than evs: study" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"how classic cars compare to electric vehicles in environmental impact" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"are classic cars good for the environment?" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"is restoring a classic car bad for the environment?" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"classic cars emissions: petrol, diesel, electric vehicles research" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"evs more harmful to the environment than classic cars: study" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"how green are classic cars?" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"classic cars: are they greener than modern cars?" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"classic cars: annual emissions equivalent to drinking three cups of coffee" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"classic cars less damaging to environment than modern internal combustion and electric vehicles: automotive sector report" - <a href='' target='_new'></a>?</li> <li>"new report shows classic cars are better for the environment" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>"classic cars less damaging to the environment than previously thought" - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> </ol> All categories Tue, 9 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 IoT in the Automotive Industry: Connected Cars <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='iot in the automotive industry' src='' style='height:auto; width:640px' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>future of privacy forum</a></p> <p>the internet of things (iot) has become one of the most important technologies of this era.</p> <p>the hyperconnected network of physical devices, or “things”, occupies our world. these everyday objects are embedded with sensors and software that exchange data with other devices and systems via the internet.</p> <p>these ubiquitous … things … have invaded every industry – from kitchen appliances to thermostats and home security cameras to, yes, automobiles.</p> <p>with billions of these devices already in use and billions more expected in the next few years, the potential for the digital world to transform the automobile industry in new and interesting ways is practically guaranteed.</p> <h2>what does a connected car mean?</h2> <p>connected cars – or at least their onboard systems – can communicate with the internet and outside systems. this makes them an endpoint in the internet of thingssimilar to every computer and smartphone connected to the web.</p> <p>this makes your car both a generator and a consumer of information.</p> <p>megabytes of collected data are transmitted daily back to supporting industries. iot companies hope that this mass of data will prove useful in a variety of ways.</p> <p>this information is mined to design safer roads and infrastructure. it can help predict equipment malfunction before it happens. companies also use the data to improve the driver and passenger experience.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='what does a connected car mean' src='' style='height:auto; width:640px' /><br /> image credit: danlaw inc, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a>,  via <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>benefits of connected cars and iot technology</h2> <p>there are quite a few benefits for both drivers and manufacturers when it comes to connected cars.</p> <h3>software updates</h3> <p>modern cars are mobile computers. like any laptop, there will be new software updates that need to be applied to improve and secure these automotive systems.</p> <p>traditionally, you would need to return to a dealer to have these installed. however, a connected car could receive the new software code “over the air”. ota updates remove the inconvenience for the owner and the added costs for manufacturers.</p> <p>over-the-air updates to software-reliant systems save more than time and money. the safety factor is important too.</p> <p>manufacturers can move more quickly when vulnerabilities or liabilities are identified. iot allows for the updates to happen immediately – potentially fixing hundreds or thousands of vehicles at once.</p> <p>the update process has the potential to deliver a more efficient car over the course of its life as these software updates are applied.</p> <h3>navigation systems</h3> <p>driving the car is often only half the battle. there are other cars to contend with on the road. unexpected delays and detours can add time and frustration. iot can help with these problems too!</p> <p>advanced gps can pinpoint a car’s exact location down to within a handful of feet. when you combine that accuracy with providers’ location services and databases of collected information, you can truly begin to benefit from all that iot provides.</p> <p>for example, with connections to a state’s list of road construction projects and car-to-car communication, a driver can be presented with alternate routes or warnings when needed.</p> <p>turn-by-turn navigation can get you to where you need to go regardless of traffic, weather, or other unexpected obstacles.</p> <p>once you are near your destination, you’ll need a parking spot, correct? automotive iot can help solve this issue. using mapping data, some smart parking companies hope to provide predictive analysis of traffic patterns.</p> <p>such data could even assist civil engineers in planning more efficient traffic systems for the future.</p> <h3>cost of ownership</h3> <p>connected cars can drive more efficiently, which means more money in the owner’s pocket. fuel savings and improved traffic avoidance can keep the cost of owning a car lower.</p> <p>you can often avoid expensive repairs to an automobile by maintaining the proper routine of scheduled maintenance. onboard sensors can alert the owner at regular intervals or provide ai-driven diagnostics when problems do appear.</p> <p>tied in to cost of ownership is also the reduced threat of theft. sensors in the car’s systems can detect unauthorized entry and sound an alarm. tracking systems can also help to recover cars that are stolen.</p> <p>companies can also get in on the cost savings. fleet management allows for real-time location tracking of company-owned vehicles. statistics like fuel usage and traffic conditions may allow for more efficient routing of deliveries. notifications can be sent to end consumers about the timing of their package delivery or the arrival of a field technician for an appointment.</p> <h3>safety measures</h3> <p>being connected to the internet can serve to improve a driver’s safety. emergency services and roadside assistance can be called with the push of a button with some subscription services.</p> <p>many of the benefits identified above also improve automobile safety. when you have more accurate data on traffic and road conditions, it can lead to a smoother and safer ride.</p> <p>when you can predict when car components will need attention, action can be taken before it becomes a serious issue.</p> <h3>user experience</h3> <p>a car connected to the internet of things offers a choice of options designed to improve the user’s experience. anything within reach of the internet is at your fingertips.</p> <p>streaming music and internet or satellite radio channels provide endless music and news. streaming videos or movies can also help entertain passengers.</p> <p>some vehicles will have built-in wi-fi capabilities that connect to a telecommunication network. passengers can connect their smart devices to this network and peruse the internet without needing to eat up their device’s data plan.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='benefits of connected cars and iot technology' src='' style='height:auto; width:640px' /><br /> image credit: <a href='' title='go to metropolitan area planning council’s photostream'>metropolitan area planning council</a>/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2>what can we expect from connected cars?</h2> <p><br /> iot is a disruptive technology, meaning that it is a game-changer. expect more and more manufacturers to add at least some iot technology as standard equipment on their offered models.</p> <p>with advances in sensors and artificial intelligence, don’t be surprised when the industry moves steadily toward more integration.</p> <p>navigation and communication increase the experience of driving which by its nature might feel isolating. when the power of the web is housed in your dashboard, you won’t feel alone anymore.</p> <p>diagnostics and predictive maintenance capabilities will continue to grow and improve. this helps cut costs for manufacturers and extend the life of the car. that makes it feel like a value-added benefit to the consumer since their automobile has a greater potential to maintain value.</p> <p>companies like tesla and google are experimenting with autonomous cars that drive themselves. these vehicles sit at the pinnacle of iot automotive tech. as legislation and safety standards clear the way for these self-driving vehicles, expect more companies to research and develop this technology.</p> <h2>the challenges connected cars face</h2> <p><br /> of course, there are challenges that connected cars face. while the benefits of iot create a long list, there is still a matter of public acceptance.</p> <p>with any new technology, there can be an uphill climb to get the average person to adopt it. add in the manufacturers who must consider the bottom line and it can create a space where the tried-and-true makes more financial sense and innovation must take a back seat.</p> <p>the information age has brought a greater awareness of the value that data embodies. data privacy is a hot topic and companies may be wary of wading into the shark-infested waters of potential litigation should data breaches occur.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='examples of iot in connected cars' src='' style='height:auto; width:640px' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href=''>openclipart</a> / <a href='' target='_blank'>public domain</a></p> <p> </p> <h2>examples of iot in connected cars</h2> <p><br /> the market is ripe for iot diversity. every entertainment provider and information source – collectively we might call them ‘infotainment’ – will consider how they can get a slice of the pie that encompasses the trillions-dollar global automotive industry.</p> <p>added to that are the companies looking to improve the performance of their fleets of vehicles. with machine learning and predictive maintenance, industries can improve the quality of their services.</p> <h2>are there any safety issues?</h2> <p><br /> as with any technology, there is always the standard question of safety. many of the iot technologies mentioned are directly designed to increase the safety and reliability of vehicles.</p> <p>but there is one factor that can increase risk – people.</p> <p>every new gadget creates the potential for distraction. distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car wrecks and can be a real issue.</p> <p>drivers should use all features of a connected car appropriately and safely to protect themselves, their passengers, and other drivers on the road.</p> <h2>automotive iot companies</h2> <p><br /> the application of iot in the automotive industry is endless. some companies are already making great strides in providing services for connected cars.</p> <p>the companies leading the pack in connected car tech fall into two categories – <a href=''>car manufacturers</a> and tech companies.</p> <p>car manufacturers like tesla, toyota, and general motors lead the pack in iot integration. expect this trend to grow further as time marches on.</p> <p>technology companies like qualcomm, at&t, samsung, and airbiquity have a major stake in getting their products into the automobiles we drive. when they get to the gate early, there is a greater chance of their connecting devices becoming the standard by which others are measured.</p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p><br /> with everything today – from light bulbs to toasters – containing sensors and internet-connected capabilities, it was only a matter of time before the automotive industry began to benefit from the internet of things.</p> <p>iot is here to stay. expect the application of this spiderweb of interconnected devices to further overtake the auto industry.</p> <p>as with any technology, it may take some time before it is fully adopted. however, convenience, ease of use, and safety will win the day.</p> All categories Tue, 9 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 The Original Parallel Parking Assist <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='the original parallel parking assist' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>chubby chaser</a> / <a href=''>youtube</a></p> <p>if you’re like most drivers, you’ve probably had some difficulty perfecting the art of parallel parking. with parking spaces getting smaller and urban areas growing rapidly, effective parallel parking has become a necessary skill for anyone on the road. unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.</p> <p>parallel parking can trip up even the most experienced drivers, but did you know that the original solution was invented as far back as the 1930s? the original parallel parking assist has roots farther back than most of us realize, and although it never became a success, it laid down the foundation for modern parking automation.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a brilliant idea' src='' /></p> <h2>a brilliant idea</h2> <p><a href=''>brooks walter</a>, an american inventor in the 1930s, noticed a change in how americans used their vehicles from day to day. as opposed to the previous decade when drivers simply used cars to get to and from their destination, the 1930s saw cars as a lifestyle accessory, enjoyed for leisure as much as they were enjoyed for functionality.</p> <p>during the 1930s, cities were rapidly expanding. to accommodate this, cities began implementing smaller parking spaces so that more vehicles could fit in tight spots and thus take up less space. this is how parallel parking went from an occasional maneuver to an everyday occurrence. seeing that parallel parking was a hassle, walter sought to simplify and streamline the parking process.</p> <p>looking to solve this dilemma, brooks walter created an invention known as the “fifth wheel”. walter modeled the invention on his own modified car, a 4-door packard. <a href=''>using a system of hydraulics</a> and a spare tire, walter modified his car so that parallel parking would be seamless and convenient for the everyday driver.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='how it worked' src='' /></p> <h2>how it worked</h2> <p>using walter’s fifth wheel system was surprisingly simple. first, the driver flips a manual switch to engage the park assist. in response, the hydraulics within the vehicle lower the fifth wheel onto the ground underneath the car until the other four tires are lifted off the ground. a second switch begins turning the fifth wheel in the desired direction. from there, the car slides smoothly into place, making for a perfect parallel park.</p> <p>with this impressive technology, not only was parallel parking no longer such a headache for the everyday driver, but it was also quick. using the fifth wheel cut parallel parking time down to just a few seconds, and all a driver had to do was press a button on the dash. the fifth-wheel technology also allowed the car to move in a full circle, so no matter what the parking space looked like, the car would fit.</p> <h2>hitting the market</h2> <p>walter patented his fifth wheel in 1938 and marketed his device to auto shops. his ingenious creation was available to anyone who chose to have it installed, making it accessible to the general public. he sold the device for modified cars at a <a href=''>whopping $175 apiece</a>, which is about $1628 today. walter’s goal was to offer the installation of his device at mechanic shops for drivers looking to make parking easier.</p> <p>after making some necessary adjustments, walter reintroduced the invention later in 1953 and demonstrated it on a cadillac this time. his biggest advertising point was that his technology was compatible with virtually every vehicle on the market - provided that the drivers didn’t mind sacrificing every inch of their trunk space.</p> <h2>lost in time</h2> <p>despite the genius of his design, walter’s fifth wheel invention never took off. walter worked hard to market his idea, even going so far as to do public demonstrations with his own personal vehicle, where the prototype was installed.</p> <p>he marketed his invention toward drivers tired of struggling to get a perfect parallel park, but consumers weren’t interested and felt they couldn’t justify the cost.</p> <p>additionally, installing the fifth wheel required the use of all ofa car’s trunk space, leaving no room for storage, which drivers perceived as somewhat impractical. in 1953, walter changed this by moving the fifth wheel to the car’s bumper - but his design still didn’t take off. walter continued marketing his invention through the 1970s but unfortunately passed away without ever selling one.</p> <p>as a result, his invention never made it big. to this day, the only functioning example of the fifth wheel technology is his original modified car, the packard, which has since been purchased and restored by<a href=''> collector willie mehn</a>. for the rest of us, <a href=''>video clips</a> are still available online where we can see the famed fifth wheel in action.</p> <h2>the appeal to enthusiasts</h2> <p>although walter’s creative invention was widely neglected by the general public, it’s still possible to have the same technology installed on a modern vehicle. modified cars are trending and on the rise, and walter’s tech isn’t difficult to implement with the right accommodations. collectors around the world with a passion for vintage cars have modified their vehicles using the fifth wheel, even after all these years.</p> <h2>a fascinating history</h2> <p>although the original fifth wheel never managed to make it big, walter’s invention was a unique and innovative design that paved the way for future modifications. today’s park assist software and automated driving features are likely inspired by his work, and at the very least are successors to his design.</p> <p>it’s a shame that this invention never gained any traction in the industry, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of walter’s legacy as a brilliant mind. next time you’re parallel parking, maybe you’ll think of the original design that started it all.</p> All categories Tue, 9 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 How do hydrogen fuel cell cars work? <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='hyundai nexo at geneva motorshow 2018 via alexander migl' src='' /><br /> hyundai nexo at geneva motorshow 2018 via alexander migl, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a> , via <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>imagine a car that doesn’t use fossil fuels, never needs to be recharged, and releases only water out of the exhaust – it sounds like science fiction, but this is the promise of vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells. while long touted as the future of passenger cars, hydrogen fuel cells might now seem the forgotten cousin of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles as they gradually replace traditional gasoline consuming internal combustion engines. but how do hydrogen fuel cells work, and do they still have a place in the future of our roads?</p> <p>fuel cell powered cars use the chemical energy of pressurised or liquid hydrogen as a fuel source, but, unlike the internal combustion engine, fuel cells don’t release that energy as heat by burning the hydrogen. instead, hydrogen is electrochemically split by a platinum catalyst within the fuel cell to release hydrogen ions and electrons. the hydrogen ions permeate through a membrane where they react with oxygen to form water molecules, while the electrons are siphoned off in a current which provides the electrical energy that powers the car. rival lithium-ion battery cars similarly use electrical energy to generate motion, but instead of using a fuel input like hydrogen, they store energy within the battery through charging on the electrical grid which is then released to drive the vehicle. the differences between these two competing rival electric vehicle technologies, though subtle, has major implications for how they may be used, and how successful their uptake is proving.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='hydrogen advantages' src='' /><br /> image credit: by ogidya - <a href=''>own work</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0,</a></p> <h2>hydrogen advantages</h2> <p>advocates for hydrogen fuel cells point to their several advantages over classic car engines and lithium batteries. besides their independence from environmentally destructive fossil fuels, hydrogen fuel cells provide significantly higher energy density than lithium batteries enabling them to be much smaller and lighter for better vehicle performance. moreover, fuel cells offer a long range from a single refuelling comparable to gasoline cars and can readily be topped up with hydrogen at a filling station in a matter of minutes, avoiding the lengthy recharge times that are a major turn-off for most long-distance car drivers. so why are hydrogen powered vehicles, as a zero-emissions technology with performance advantages over mainstream electric cars, not a common sight on our roads today?</p> <h2>hydrogen disadvantages</h2> <p>a major obstacle for the hydrogen powered dream has long been infrastructure. the inherent properties of hydrogen require it to be pressurised or liquified and, combined with its explosive nature, makes it a potential major hazard during storage, transportation, and dispensing. the capital investment needed to ensure hydrogen refuelling is accessible nation- and worldwide is sufficient to make governments think twice before backing the hydrogen powered horse. these difficulties are apparent from the numbers: only 49 hydrogen filling points were available in the us in 2021, compared to 42,830 electric charging stations. for the environmentally conscious consumer, this is a critical issue when choosing between a hydrogen and battery car – never mind the fact that only two hydrogen cars are currently available on the market compared to the plethora of battery powered options. clearly then, hydrogen cars are losing the argument, but, more than anything else, this may be down to doubts about their green credentials.</p> <h2>environmental impact</h2> <p>the environmental impact of any technology must be assessed across the entire lifetime of the product and, while a fuel cell may only be generating water vapour, the providence of the hydrogen fuel is much less clean. 95% of the hydrogen produced worldwide is made through an energy intensive process using fossil fuels that releases carbon into the atmosphere. the hydrogen then needs to be pressurised in tanks or cooled down into the liquid state: in both cases using substantial quantities of energy to do so. once the carbon footprint for the vast hydrogen infrastructure needed is also considered, the green case for hydrogen cars is looking very flimsy indeed. even if these problems were to be solved, the basic principle of hydrogen fuel cell efficiency hits up against the laws of physics. whereas battery equipped electric vehicles take energy directly from the grid, fuel cell cars use that energy to first produce hydrogen which is then transferred back to electrical energy within the car. considering the losses at each stage in this process as energy is transferred from electricity and back, it’s hardly surprising that the energy efficiency of a fuel cell is far below that of its competitor lithium batteries. overall, fuel cells require around double the energy of a comparable battery – and with both technologies nearing maturity, it’s hard to see how that ground can be regained.</p> <h2>the future of hydrogen vehicles</h2> <p>so, what future do hydrogen vehicles have on our roads, if any? the increased range and rapid refuelling of fuel cells compared to battery cars may leave some applications better suited to hydrogen technology. while improvements in battery tech may have closed the gap with increased range and performance in electric cars recently, larger vehicles such as trucks require much larger batteries with often unfeasible recharge times. here, hydrogen fuel cells may prove superior, and with improvements in hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, could be powering the trucks of tomorrow. electric buses can similarly take advantage of the higher energy density of hydrogen compared to lithium batteries, and china already a have a fleet of over 5000 hydrogen buses. the debate continues however, with the french city of montpellier recently cancelling a contract for 50 hydrogen buses after citing a 6-fold higher cost of hydrogen compared to electricity.</p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p>as the electric vehicle revolution rapidly gains pace, internal combustion engines may soon only be found on vintage cars. hydrogen fuel cells are a triumph of technical design, but the winner in the race to replace gasoline will surely be lithium batteries with their epic energy efficiency and impeccable green credentials. cost is often the ultimate consideration when deciding between competing technologies, but even here hydrogen cars lose out with fuel cells being so technically complex they are rumoured to be sold for less than they cost to make. while hydrogen modified vehicles may still have some role to play on our future roads, they could equally find themselves on display alongside antique cars as another footnote in the development of transport.</p> All categories Tue, 9 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 16 Game-Changing Automobile Innovations <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='game-changing innovations in automobile engineering' src='' style='height:auto; width:80%' /></p> <p style='text-align:right'>image credit: <a href=''>gidon pico</a> from <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>cars have transformed our ability to get from place to place safely and efficiently while also in our own time. given many developments in the past century, the automobile has also changed a lot to ensure that vehicles are even safer and have fewer impacts on the environment. we will discuss many innovations that went into making the average automobile a key to private transportation, ranging from the invention of the gasoline engine and the seat belt to the creation of the fuel injector and modern full autonomous vehicles. the automobile is one of the most important inventions of its time thanks to the amount of effort and knowledge put into making them safer and more reliable.</p> <h2>early automobile innovations</h2> <p> </p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='early automobile innovations' src='' style='height:auto; width:80%' /></p> <p style='text-align:right'>model t automobile engine image by daderot, cc0, via <a href=',_ford,_produced_1908-1941,_tm3876_-_tekniska_museet_-_stockholm,_sweden_-_dsc01493.jpg'>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h3>the invention of the automobile engine</h3> <p>the automobile’s gasoline-powered engine might go back further than you think. the first contraption resembling an engine was built in france in 1806 and was called the pyreolophore. while the prototype was a brilliant idea, it had issues with maintaining combustion in part because fuels at the time were coal and gunpowder based. 80 years later, carl benz of what you’ll know as the mercedes-benz. around the same time, nicklaus otto developed and invented a commercially successful engine known as the otto engine.</p> <h3>introduction of the electric ignition</h3> <p>the electric ignition as we know it today was invented by charles kettering in 1904. the significant difference in development was that many engines prior to electric ignition required rotating a crank to start the engine and make fuel flow initially. kettering’s development used coils to jump-start the engine and the starter motor at the same time. the new ignition system became a near-standard development within about 15 years of its patent and changed the physical difficulty of starting a vehicle.</p> <h3>creation of the differential</h3> <p>the differential came about rather early in the life of the automobile. onÉsiphorepecqueur invented the necessary parts in 1827 when the vehicle itself was quite young. the purpose of the original differential was to allow the engine to more efficiently transmit power to the wheels in an equal manner until the vehicle turns, after which the gears rotate in a manner that allows the wheels to turn at different speeds. pecqueur’s invention made vehicles much easier to drive - and made learning them easier too.</p> <h3>implementation of the gear system</h3> <p>there were multiple attempts to develop what amounts to a modern gearbox or transmission that allows a vehicle to travel at a higher rate of speed while maintaining lower revolutions per minute.  alfred horner munro of canada developed the first near-functional transmission system after many others before him had failed. josÉ braz araripe and fernando lehly lemos of brazil would come up with the concept of hydraulic pressure to allow a vehicle to shift. general motors also developed its own transmission, starting in 1932, which become popular in their vehicles in the 1940s.</p> <h2>advancements in safety features</h2> <h3>introduction of seat belts</h3> <p>the creation of the seat belt comes into the automobile timeline later than you might think. volvo is known for making safe vehicles, and inventor nils bohlin from volvo would be the first to develop a buckle system in 1959  that prevented a passenger or driver from being thrown around the vehicle in the event of a sudden hard stop or accident. volvo was also more than considerate in its development of the simple seat belt and left the patent open so that other manufacturers could use it immediately.</p> <h3>development of airbags</h3> <p>the airbag has a bit of a timeline in itself, as it wasn’t immediately seen as practical for a vehicle. john w. hetrick filed an airbag patent in 1952 - notably before the inclusion of seat belts in cars. the airbag wasn’t actively included in vehicles until 1973 when the oldsmobile toronado (yes, there is an extra o in there on purpose) implemented the idea. airbags simply detected an impact and released pressurized air into a bag that attempted to expand and fill the cabin before the driver or passengers had moved. at first, airbags were optional and manufacturers lobbied against requiring them because they felt drivers didn’t care. airbags didn’t become law until 1998, which is surprisingly late though many manufacturers were installing them anyway.</p> <h3>introduction of anti-lock braking systems</h3> <p>mario palazzetti developed the anti-lock braking system in the early 1970s and literally earned the nickname “mr. abs” as a result. the anti-lock braking system was developed by palazzetti within the fiat research center and was called antiskid, which pretty adequately describes what brakes do when they lock up. bosch bought the idea and renamed it abs. as you might know, abs involves what could be described as braking force regulation - in other words, abs ensures that you don’t push the brakes too hard and have them lock up. instead, a motor repeatedly allows the brakes to tap automatically to prevent you from sliding because the brake is locked to the axle.</p> <h3>creation of traction control</h3> <p>traction control as we know it today came from a mercedes-benz engineer frank werner-mohn who found himself in a ditch in the middle of nowhere on a freezing day prior to the invention of cell phones. werner-mohn went on to develop an electronic system capable of transferring power between wheels based on which wheel had resistance or traction. the system allowed onboard communications to occur between the abs and separate systems that could control the speed of wheels in a split second after traction was lost.</p> <h2>evolution of engine technology</h2> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='development of the overhead cam shaft' src='' style='height:auto; width:80%' /></p> <p style='text-align:right'>image by: exhilaration157 at english wikipedia, public domain, via <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h3>development of the overhead cam shaft</h3> <p>prior to the development of the overhead camshaft, which we’ll call ocs, automobile engines could be ohvs or overhead valves. an ohv is known to many as a pushrod engine and is more commonly used on motorcycles. while the ohv is a simple engine that is easy to care for, it also can’t make a larger vehicle accelerate all that fast. the ocs and docs(stands for dual overhead cam shaft) engines were more complicated and had a timing belt, but also produced more power and even better fuel economy. ohv engines are known as old-school engines, and honestly, we think they look cooler.</p> <h3>creation of the turbocharger</h3> <p>the turbocharger isn’t really new in automotive technology, but it has also been underutilized because not everyone needs one! the first turbochargers were actually made for boats but were later implemented in vehicles in the 1960s, starting with the chevy corvair and the oldsmobile f-85 jetfire.</p> <p>turbochargers work on the simple process that combustion can happen faster and with more power when more air is compressed and introduced to the combustion chambers. turbochargers basically use fans to take more air in, compress it, and send it along. many vehicles now use smaller turbochargers to increase their low-end torque and improve fuel economy compared to traditional engines.</p> <h3>introduction of the fuel injector</h3> <p>while the concept of a fuel injector dates back to the 19th century, they were first truly used in vehicles starting in the late 1950s - though even then they weren’t all that common. fuel injectors didn’t become especially popular until the 1980s, when bendix, which became part of honeywell, introduced a system that was reliable enough to use in vehicles. fuel injectors helped change the game a bit in starting and accelerating with vehicles, as computerized systems could inject exactly the right amount of fuel at exactly the right time instead of relying on a carburetor and a tube to inject a fuel mixture into the combustion chamber.</p> <p>the fuel injector is made for more even acceleration and better gas mileage in vehicles, in addition to more reliable starting. ever tried to start an old vehicle with a carburetor in the cold? good luck!</p> <h3>creation of the hybrid engine</h3> <p>hybrid engines go back way further than you think - ferdinand porsche, of course of porsche. the original electric and gas combo he designed in 1898 could go up to 35 kilometers per hour and travel 80 kilometers. today’s hybrid engines run on the same principles - an electric battery that can run the wheels and electronics within the car, backing up with is typically a fairly smallgasoline-powered engine much like the early prius. much of the purpose of the hybrid engine was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using less fuel - and hybrid models got great gas mileage and were quite aerodynamic.</p> <p>the first modern hybrid available in the united states was the toyota prius, released in july of 2000.</p> <h2>advancements in autonomous driving</h2> <h3>introduction of adaptive cruise control</h3> <p>adaptive cruise control uses a camera or radar on the front of the vehicle to detect the distance and speed of a vehicle or object in front of you as it relates to your speed. many adaptive cruise control setups can also be modified to allow for a longer following distance or shorter depending on your preferences. adaptive cruise control is generally available in the upper-level trims of basic vehicles and is more common in higher-end vehicles like bmw and mercedes-benz. in some cases, adaptive cruise control is combined with automatic front braking.</p> <h3>development of self-parking technology</h3> <p>many new drivers have a strong fear of the parallel parking or rear parking test - in fact, lots of people fail because of it! self-parking technology is available in some vehicles and uses radar and camera guidance to literally turn the steering wheel in the right direction at the right time to squeeze into a parking space. this is especially useful in urban areas, and when your vehicle is a bit large.</p> <h3>implementation of automatic emergency braking</h3> <p>automatic emergency braking uses cameras or radar and works on the same principle as adaptive cruise control: an object is detected by onboard computers and the vehicle, based on your settings, decides what to do much faster than you could possibly react. automatic emergency braking is extremely useful, especially at lower speeds, and is now commonly available on even basic passenger vehicles the vehicle simply puts the brakes on if you are traveling at speed and a passenger, bicycle, or even car in front of you either travel into your path or slows down.</p> <h3>introduction to fully autonomous vehicles</h3> <p>ever dream of simply relaxing while your vehicle drives itself and reacts to all traffic situations in the same way you would - but faster? fully autonomous vehicles use a combination of gps and many of the safety features we discussed to ensure that you only have to pay basic attention to the road while the vehicle’s onboard computers do the vast majority of the work.</p> <p>you’ll want to note that fully autonomous features are still very much in testing - and in some cases, aren’t quite considered road legal yet. at the same time,<a href=''> fully autonomous vehicles could reduce crashes significantly</a> by reducing the potential for human error that often leads to accidents.</p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p>we have to admit that the innovations discussed with the automotive industry offer quite a range of benefits - and even offer help that seems quite basic today. vehicles have come a long way since needing to be crank started with the addition of the electric ignition, and are much more fuel efficient and powerful with the overhead cam engine and fuel injectors taking over between the 1960s and 1980s. vehicles have also become much safer with the inclusion of simple safety belts - but have come so far with the use of radars and cameras to attempt to prevent an accident before it happens.</p> <p>given the impact of vehicles that are gradually becoming better for the environment - and better for human safety, we wonder what is coming next as car manufacturers and inventors innovate their way to a vehicle that is better for humans.</p> <h2>sources:</h2> <ol> <li>automobile - britannica: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>history of seat belt - seat belt safety: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>hybrid cars - howstuffworks: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>inventions of automobiles - <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>who invented the automobile? - library of congress: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>electrical ignition system - thoughtco: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>differential gear - britannica: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>car gearbox - live science: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>evolution of airbag - automotive training centre: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>introduction to antilock braking system (abs) - engineering hulk: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>traction control - kelley blue book: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>disc brakes - encyclopedia: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>history of turbochargers in cars - car throttle: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>fuel injector - mechanical booster: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>history of hybrid cars - howstuffworks: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>adaptive cruise control - car and driver: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>parking assistance technology - popular science: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>automatic emergency braking guide - consumer reports: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> <li>history of autonomous vehicle technology - wired: <a href='' target='_new'></a></li> </ol> All categories Tue, 9 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 The History and Evolution of Concours d'Elegance <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/the-history-and-evolution-of-concours-d-elegance-1.jpg' style='height:378px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>classicsworkshop</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h1 style='text-align:center'><strong>the history and evolution of concours d'elegance</strong></h1> <p>concours d'elegance is a prestigious event that celebrates the beauty and history of automobiles. it is a gathering of meticulously restored classic cars and vintage automobiles, where they are showcased and judged based on their aesthetics, craftsmanship, and overall presentation. the rich history and evolution of the concours d'elegance are testaments to the enduring passion for automotive design and craftsmanship.</p> <p>from its aristocratic beginnings to its present-day international prominence, the concours d'elegance fascinates car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. by celebrating the timeless beauty and elegance of classic automobiles, future generations can continue to admire and appreciate the artistry of the past.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/the-history-and-evolution-of-concours-d-elegance-2.jpg' style='height:419px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>belgianpaddy</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 3.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h3><strong>the resurgence of concours d'elegance after world war ii</strong></h3> <p>when world war ii ended, a renewed interest in luxury developed worldwide. this newfound prosperity sparked a resurgence of concours d'elegance events globally. these events became gatherings for car enthusiasts and collectors to showcase their rare and gorgeous automobiles.</p> <p>the aftermath of the war brought about an urge and desire to appreciate the finer things in life. concours d'elegance events provided the perfect platform to showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of automobiles, serving as a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and a return to normalcy. these grand gatherings of elegance and automotive excellence played a significant role in reigniting the passion for classic cars and celebrating the artistry of automobile design.</p> <h3><strong>the establishment of the pebble beach concours d'elegance and its impact:</strong></h3> <p>started in 1950 on the scenic monterey peninsula in california, the pebble beach event quickly gained prominence and became synonymous with automotive excellence. it attracted renowned designers and car collectors who showcased their extraordinary vehicles against the breathtaking backdrop of the pacific ocean and showed the world that such an event could take place outside of europe.</p> <p>the pebble beach concours d'elegance featured an outstanding display of meticulously restored vintage cars, each representing a unique chapter in automotive history. these rolling works of art were judged on their design, craftsmanship, historical significance, and aesthetic appeal. the event became known for its strict judging criteria, ensuring that only the most exceptional examples of automotive design received recognition.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/the-history-and-evolution-of-concours-d-elegance-3.jpg' style='height:420px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>rex gray from southern california</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h2 style='text-align:center'><strong>the modern concours d'elegance</strong></h2> <p><strong>the role of concours d'elegance in promoting classic car preservation and restoration:</strong></p> <p>these events encourage collectors to maintain their vehicles' authenticity and historical accuracy, ensuring that the legacy of classic cars lives on for future generations to appreciate. they provide a platform for showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship involved in the restoration process, inspiring others to embark on similar endeavors and contribute to preserving automotive history.</p> <p>besides classic cars, modern concours d'elegance events often feature other attractions such as vintage fashion shows, live music performances, and art exhibitions, creating a fulfilling experience for attendees. famous designers of clothing, jewelry, and watches have found that selling their wares at these events can be very lucrative.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/the-history-and-evolution-of-concours-d-elegance-4.jpg' style='height:503px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=',coup%c3%a9_ville3.jpg'>finoskov</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h2 style='text-align:center'><strong>the origins of concours d'elegance:</strong></h2> <h3><strong>the french roots and the aristocratic beginnings of the concours d'elegance:</strong></h3> <p>the origins of what became the concours d'elegance can be traced back to 17th-century france. it originated as a parade of horse-drawn carriages, showcasing the excessive wealth of the aristocracy. typically, the upper class would host exclusive viewings of their impressive carriages and horses on the lavish grounds of their estates, attracting members of high society. the term "concours d'elegance" itself translates to "competition of elegance," reflecting the noble origins of the event.</p> <h3><strong>the transformation from a parade of horse-drawn carriages to a competition of elegance for automobiles:</strong></h3> <p>as the dawn of the automotive era emerged, horse-drawn carriages lost popularity with people who needed mobility. the allure and innovation of motorized vehicles provided a new level of comfort, speed, and luxury.</p> <p>with the rise of automobiles, the focus of the concours d'elegance gradually shifted from horse-drawn carriages to these remarkable automotive machines. this change reflected modern times and the evolving fascination with the emerging automotive industry.</p> <h3><strong>early 20th century concours d'elegance events:</strong></h3> <p>the concours d'elegance grew in popularity as the world entered the 20th century and automobiles became available to more and more people. the elegance and beauty once attributed to horse-drawn carriages are now applied to automobiles. these events are now platforms for automobile manufacturers and collectors to exhibit their rare and meticulously restored vintage cars.</p> <p>the concours d'elegance is now a symbol of automotive excellence, with renowned designers and artists showcasing their masterpieces. these events allowed participants and spectators to appreciate the rich history, artistry, and engineering behind each automobile.</p> <p>the early automotive concours d'elegance events sought to bring together the most exceptional automobiles available. owners took pride in displaying their prized vehicles, meticulously restored to their former glory.</p> <h3><strong>the influence of concours d'elegance on the automobile industry and fashion trends:</strong></h3> <ol> <li><strong>shaping automotive design:</strong> concours d'elegance events have played a pivotal role in shaping automotive design trends. manufacturers and designers showcase their latest creations and concept cars at these events, allowing them to gather feedback and gauge public interest.</li> <li><strong>preserving automotive history:</strong> the meticulous restoration and presentation of vintage and classic automobiles at these events highlight the importance of preserving and maintaining these treasures from the past.</li> <li><strong>showcasing technological advancements:</strong> concours d'elegance events provide a platform for manufacturers to unveil groundbreaking technological advancements in the automotive industry. from hybrid and electric vehicles to innovative safety features and autonomous driving technologies, these events often feature the latest innovations that shape the future of mobility.</li> <li><strong>setting fashion trends:</strong> concours d'elegance events are not just about automobiles; they also serve as a stage for fashion enthusiasts to showcase their style and sophistication. from timeless formal wear to vintage-inspired ensembles, the fashion showcased at concours d'elegance events embodies elegance and attention to detail.</li> <li><strong>promoting a luxury lifestyle:</strong> concours d'elegance events have become synonymous with luxury and a refined lifestyle. luxury brands, including clothing designers, watchmakers, and jewelers, often collaborate with these events to showcase their products, aligning themselves with the prestige and elegance connected to the concours d'elegance.</li> </ol> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/the-history-and-evolution-of-concours-d-elegance-5.jpg' style='height:472px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>jay cross from berkeley, california, us</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h2 style='text-align:center'><strong>notable concours d'elegance events</strong></h2> <h3><strong>the pebble beach concours d'elegance: a brief history and its significance</strong></h3> <p>the pebble beach concours d'elegance is known for offering an array of automotive gems, ranging from vintage models to iconic classics and even concept cars. the meticulously manicured fairways of the pebble beach golf links provide a picturesque backdrop for this grand celebration of automotive artistry.</p> <p>beyond the display of extraordinary vehicles, the pebble beach concours d'elegance has also become a platform for highlighting the heritage of the automotive industry. the event features special classes and tributes, paying homage to specific makes and models, automotive designers, and significant milestones in automotive history.</p> <h3><strong>other notable concours d'elegance events around the world: </strong></h3> <p>while the pebble beach concours d'elegance is unquestionably one of the most prestigious events, similar gatherings are held in other countries. these events showcase unique regional flavors, rare automotive treasures, and the collective passion of enthusiasts.</p> <p>the amelia island concours d'elegance in florida, usa, is another prominent event that attracts a diverse array of classic cars and features a dynamic blend of elegance and motorsport heritage. the villa d'este concours d'elegance in italy presents a breathtaking display of automotive elegance against the backdrop of lake como, where the finest vintage and concept cars come together in a stunning setting.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/the-history-and-evolution-of-concours-d-elegance-6.jpg' style='height:547px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>jay cross from berkeley, california, us</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h2 style='text-align:center'><strong>the future of concours d'elegance:</strong></h2> <h3><strong>the evolving criteria for judging at concours d'elegance events:</strong></h3> <p>over time, the criteria for judging at these events have evolved, reflecting changing perspectives and the growing appreciation for different aspects of automotive elegance. judges check vehicles for:</p> <ul> <li>authenticity and historical accuracy</li> <li>quality of restoration</li> <li>design and styling</li> <li>rarity and historical significance</li> <li>condition and presentation</li> <li>technical merit</li> <li>emotional appeal and overall impression</li> </ul> <h3><strong>the impact of technology and sustainability on concours d'elegance:</strong></h3> <p>one aspect that has gained increased attention is the employment of technology and sustainability in classic car preservation and restoration. with advancements in electric and hybrid technology, the adaptation of vintage vehicles for eco-friendly operations is becoming more prevalent. concours d'elegance events can serve as platforms to showcase these innovative approaches to classic car ownership and promote sustainable practices within the automotive community.</p> <p>incorporating modern technology in judging processes and presentation methods is a trend on the horizon. digital platforms and virtual experiences can enhance accessibility and global participation, allowing enthusiasts worldwide to engage with concours d'elegance events and appreciate the beauty of classic cars.</p> <h3><strong>conclusion</strong>:</h3> <p>the history and evolution of concours d'elegance events show their enduring appeal and significance in the automobile world. these gatherings have celebrated automotive excellence, provided a platform for collectors to showcase their prized possessions, and fostered a sense of community among automotive enthusiasts.</p> <p>being aware of the history and evolution of the concours d'elegance helps to preserve its traditions and values. what began as a parade of horse-drawn carriages in france has evolved into a prestigious showcase of vintage automobiles worldwide. by recognizing the significance of these events, we can ensure their continuation and promote the appreciation of classic cars for generations to come.</p> <h2><strong>sources</strong>:</h2> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> All categories Mon, 8 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 3 Famous Classic Car Heists of All Time <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/famous-classic-car-heists.jpg' style='height:628px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>by: <a href=''>we've got the keyviapexels</a></p> <h1 style='text-align:center'>famous classic car heists</h1> <h2>the most daring and notorious crimes in automotive history</h2> <p>car thefts have long captured the public’s attention and made for compelling headlines. these real-life stories often have it all: mystery, intrigue, audacity, and even a tinge of romance.</p> <p>they offer a voyeuristic look into the world of organized crime and establish the lengths to which individuals are willing to go to acquire these treasured cars.</p> <p>modern-day car thefts may dominate the news cycle, but the realm of classic cars holds its own share of captivating heists.</p> <p>perhaps it is the allure surrounding classic cars that makes them enticing targets for thieves. or it might be the ease with which some models can be boosted.</p> <p>in this article, we will dive into the dark underworld of famous classic car heists, exploring the motivations behind this illegal activity. we will also offer insights into both the risks and rewards that such nefarious deeds entail.</p> <p>an examination of insurance’s role in car theft cases and preventative measures will help keep classic car owners from turning into victims themselves.</p> <p>three notable case studies will help us to gain some insights into classic car thefts of the past and the lessons that can be learned.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/famous-classic-car-heists1.jpg' style='height:472px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by <a href=''>davidmcmath0</a> from <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <h2>understanding the allure of classic cars</h2> <p>classic cars hold immense value to their owners. many motor enthusiasts gaze upon their classic cars with a twinkle in their eyes. the allure of these magnificent machines falls into a <a href=''>few categories</a>. let’s examine them briefly.</p> <h3>1. nostalgia</h3> <p>classic cars are time machines that transport a person to the past. this may be through a personal attachment to one’s youth, remembering their parents driving a particular vintage car. or it may be a treasured memory of seeing a prized vehicle on the big screen.</p> <p>car enthusiasts often go looking for personally significant car models and spend time, effort, and money to restore these aging links to a bygone era.</p> <h3>2. craftsmanship</h3> <p>it’s often said, “they don’t make cars like they used to.” modern vehicles are mass-produced and often seem like carbon copies of competing manufacturers.</p> <p>on the other hand, classic vehicles are often viewed as iconic and individualized works of art.the sheer craftsmanship of quality cars has led to decades-long love affairs with these stately beasts.</p> <p>you can also add the simplicity of classic cars as a positive point. tinkerers who want to build a project car delight in the basic mechanics of a classic car that are free of expensive and often untouchable electronic components found in modern vehicles.</p> <h3>3. value</h3> <p>a third reason for the popularity of classic cars is their value. most modern vehicles depreciate over time – often as soon as they are driven off the car lot.</p> <p>well-maintained classic cars may tend to go up in value because of their individuality and increasing rarity. this means that a classic car can also be an investment for the future!</p> <h3>the problem</h3> <p>for the three reasons above, classic cars are often prized by collectors and motorheads alike. unfortunately, for some of the same reasons, they are also valued by car thieves.</p> <p>because vintage cars often have simpler components and retain their value, they can be quite an alluring target for shifty-eyed ne’er-do-wells.</p> <p>while some protective measures can be taken to secure classic cars from greedy hands, these will always fall short of one hundred percent effectiveness.</p> <h3>the solution</h3> <p>some methods of protection may include state-of-the-art aftermarket security systems or removing key components when the vehicle is placed in storage for a length of time. however, the truth is that persistent robbers can find workarounds for any of these systems.</p> <p>this fact makes insurance a key protective measure. innovative policies like <a href=''>stated value insurance</a> may be just what a car owner needs to balance protection and affordability.</p> <p>we will discuss more on this subject, but, first, let’s examine things from the perspective of the thief and then observe some real-life events that highlight the importance of the right protection and insurance policy for your classic car.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/famous-classic-car-heists2.jpg' style='height:280px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>by <a href='' title='go to transformersman’s photostream'>transformersman</a> via <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2>the world of car heists</h2> <p>car thefts have been an ongoing issue since the invention of the automobile. in the early days, car thefts were driven by opportunistic criminals looking for easy targets.</p> <p>the advance of technology led to better anti-theft systems, forcing thieves to refine their methods. classic cars became a more attractive option because of their high value and potential for huge profits on the black market.</p> <p>this highlights one of the largest rewards of classic car theft. a successful heist can fetch significant sums of money. if thieves are willing to perform the jobs, there will be unscrupulous – or at least unsuspecting - collectors willing to shell out premium amounts for rare models.</p> <p>another motivation may include the notoriety that results from high-profile, newsworthy heists. </p> <p>but the illicit theft and sale of classic cars don’t come without risks. enhanced law enforcement scrutiny may give criminals pause.</p> <p>the changing market can affect a thief’s ability to unload a lifted vehicle. meticulous research can be conducted on a car’s <a href=''>provenance</a>, proving its path of ownership over the decades.</p> <p>as more and more reputable collectors and auction houses require this proof, it becomes less likely that a stolen car can be purchased unknowingly.</p> <p>of course, another risk is damage to the priceless vehicle itself. there is the potential for damage or destruction of valuable vehicles during the acquisition phase which could ruin any promise of profit.</p> <h2>notable classic car heists</h2> <p>consider three real-life scenarios of classic car heists from the past. afterward, we will examine the role of insurance and the takeaway lessons we learn from these historical events.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/famous-classic-car-heists3.jpg' style='height:223px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>by <a href='' title='go to andrew bone’s photostream'>andrew bone</a> via <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h3>1975, the theft of the bugatti type 57s atalante</h3> <p>the bugatti type 57s atalante is a rare and valuable car. only 17 cars of the product line were produced which made this model one of the most prized possessions for car enthusiasts. it is valued at over $4 million.</p> <p>it’s no surprise that the “theft” of one of these vehicles from a collector’s estategenerated international attention and captured people’s imagination.</p> <p>the car remained missing for four decades before being <a href=''>discovered in the barn</a> of the reclusive collector, d. harold carr of gosford, england after his death.</p> <p>it’s believed that the car was never actually stolen, but rather, hidden for unknown reasons by the secretive owner.</p> <p>when rediscovered, the vehicle had an amazing 26,000 miles on the odometer. however, it would require nearly $700,000 to bring it back to like-new condition.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/famous-classic-car-heists4.jpg' style='height:418px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''>flickr</a>, <a href=''>cc by 2.0</a>, via wikimedia commons</p> <h3>2001, the disappearance of the 1967 austin mini cooper s</h3> <p>the 1967 austin mini cooper s was made famous by the classic film “the italian job”. the unique two-door, four-seat car broke the stranglehold of oversized muscle cars and got people excited about smaller vehicles.</p> <p>valued at around $135,000, one of the distinctive racing cars was stolen in 2001 from the owner’s home in los angeles, california.</p> <p>the stolen mini cooper s became an icon in the realm of classic car heists and has unfortunately never been recovered.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='/blog/famous-classic-car-heists5.jpg' style='height:423px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>by gtho - own work, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0,</a></p> <h3>2018, the robbery of the ferrari 288 gto</h3> <p>a vintage car dealer in germany was contacted by a prospective customer and expressed interest in buying a 1985 ferrari 288 gto.</p> <p>the sleek lines of the ferrari copy the lookalike ferrari 308 gts that was made famous in the 1980s on the television shows “magnum p.i.” and “miami vice” and the movies “golden eye” and “ferris bueller’s day off.”</p> <p>during the test drive, the <a href=''>seller got out of the vehicle</a> to swap spots with the potential buyer. without warning, the man sped off in the pristine red racing car, leaving the shocked seller on the side of the road.</p> <p>the ferrari 288 gto is a limited edition variant of a production ferrari, the 308 gtb. only 272 of the vehicles were constructed between 1984 and 1987 to be used in circuit racing competitions.</p> <p>being one of the most sought-after ferraris from the 80s put the price tag of the classic car at nearly $2.2 million.</p> <p>the vehicle, once belonging to former formula 1 driver eddie irvine, was <a href=''>eventually recovered</a> by german authorities. it was found hidden in a garage in grevenbroich, 18 miles southwest of dÜsseldorf.</p> <p>the suspect remains at large, never having been identified. this isdespite the effort and forethought displayed by the seller before the start of the ill-fated test drive who even photographed the suspect.</p> <h2>the role of insurance in classic car theft cases</h2> <p>classic car thefts can happen due to a variety of factors. the high value and desirability in the collector community often make them prime targets.</p> <p>there is also a demand on the black market for classic car parts. this means that thieves can easily part out a pilfered vehicle and still make a tidy sum while reducing the risk of being caught.</p> <p>insurance helps to safeguard against a devasting financial loss for the owner in the case of a stolen vintage vehicle.</p> <p><strong>classic cars and traditional car insurance</strong> standard car insurance policies typically cover the actual cash value (acv) of a vehicle, which accounts for depreciation over time and is based on the fair market value of similar vehicles. however, this approach isn't suitable for classic cars, which often increase in value and hold a higher worth due to their rarity, condition, or historical significance. thus, owners of classic cars often need a different type of insurance coverage.</p> <p><strong>stated value and agreed value insurance: an overview</strong> this is where stated value and <a href=''>agreed value insurance</a> come into play. these policies are designed specifically for classic cars. they allow owners to determine the vehicle's value, often through an appraisal or documentation, and insure the car for that specified amount. in the event of theft or a total loss, the payout is based on this established value, rather than the actual cash value.</p> <p><strong>real-world example: 1967 ford mustang gt</strong> let's consider a practical example. suppose a car enthusiast owns a meticulously restored 1967 ford mustang gt, valued at $100,000. a standard insurance policy would only cover the actual cash value, which could be significantly less than $100,000. should the car be stolen, the owner would suffer a substantial financial loss. however, with stated value or agreed value insurance, the owner would be reimbursed for the agreed-upon value of $100,000, which enables them to replace their lost investment.</p> <p><strong>another scenario: 1969 dodge charger 500</strong> in another scenario, an individual inherits a 1969 dodge charger 500 from his father, valued at $250,000. the cost of standard insurance premiums for a car of this value could be prohibitive. in such cases, the owner could opt for a stated value policy lower than the car's actual value. while this would mean that the payout in case of theft or total loss would be less than the car's true value, it still offers a level of protection and results in more affordable insurance premiums.</p> <h3>summing it up</h3> <p>the distinction between stated value insurance and other forms of auto insurance lies in the scope of coverage and the valuation process. standard policies determine coverage based on factors such as depreciation, mileage, and market value. conversely, stated value insurance allows classic car owners to specify their vehicle's value at the time of purchasing insurance. this customized approach more effectively accommodates the unique attributes and considerations of classic car ownership.</p> <h2>lessons learned from famous classic car heists</h2> <p>when examining common elements in classic car thefts, we can identify important lessons for the classic car community.</p> <h3>enhanced security measured</h3> <p>classic cars are often targeted due to their vulnerabilities, such as inadequate security systems, lack of tracking devices, and outdated locks. classic car owners can learn from these thefts by implementing robust security measures to protect their vehicles.</p> <p>installing alarm systems, gps trackers, steering wheel locks, and the use of secure storage facilities are just a few examples of preventative measures that can significantly reduce the risk of theft.</p> <h3>register and document</h3> <p>classic car owners should properly register and document their classic cars with relevant authorities. maintain extensive records, including photographs, serial numbers, and unique characteristics.</p> <p>historical documents that prove the history of a vehicle may help to recover the vehicle if it is lost or stolen and add to its overall value.</p> <h3>become a part of the community</h3> <p>car enthusiasts and owners can participate in local car clubs and organizations as a means to stay informed about recent thefts and provide support to community efforts to combat classic car thefts.</p> <h3>market and community effect</h3> <p>the impact of classic car thefts on the classic car community and market is substantial. not only does it result in emotional distress and financial loss for individual owners, but it also erodes the sense of security within the community.</p> <p>these thefts can also have a broader effect on the classic car market, leading to increased insurance premiums, stricter appraisal processes, and a decline in overall market confidence.</p> <p>additionally, the loss of unique and rare vehicles diminishes the cultural and historical heritage preserved by the classic car community.</p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p>in conclusion, classic car heists engage our imaginations with their heady mix of glamour, high stakes, and the allure of vintage automobiles.</p> <p>while stories of theft and mystery may be entertaining, they also remind us of the importance of safeguarding these links to the past.</p> <p>insurance plays a vital role in protecting classic car owners against complete financial loss due to theft. stated value insurance offers a specialized solution that considers the unique value of classic cars, ensuring owners are adequately protected.</p> <p>by implementing comprehensive security measures and pairing them with the right insurance coverage, classic car enthusiasts can mitigate the risk of theft and protect their beloved vehicles.</p> <p>ultimately, the collective efforts of insurance providers, owners, and the wider community are crucial in preserving the heritage and value of classic cars for generations to come.</p> <h2>references</h2> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p> </p> All categories Mon, 8 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Restoration Project: Tips and Tricks <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='tips and tricks for a successful project' src='' style='height:472px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by <a href=''>menands classic cars</a></p> <h1 style='text-align:center'> classic car restoration: tips and tricks for a successful project</h1> <p>classic cars hold a special place in the hearts and memories of car enthusiastsaround the globe. their timeless beauty, historical significance, and nostalgia make them an enjoyable hobby. restoring a classic car allows you to bring it back to its former gloryand offers the thrill of driving a piece of automotive history.</p> <p>embarking on a classic car restoration project requires commitment and dedication. a full restoration involves disassembling the car, addressing mechanical and cosmetic issues, and reassembling it to original or improved condition.</p> <p>classic car restoration is not a quick or easy task. prepare for the challenges you’ll have during the restoration, such as finding rare or discontinued parts, encountering mechanical issues, or dealing with bodywork and paint.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='car restoration' src='' style='height:651px; width:625px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by <a href=''>menands classic cars</a></p> <p><strong>overview of car restoration:</strong></p> <p>the restoration process can be divided into several stages:</p> <ol> <li>tear-down.</li> <li>bodywork.</li> <li>mechanical restoration.</li> <li>interior restoration.</li> <li>painting and finishing.</li> <li>troubleshooting and final touches.</li> </ol> <p>each stage requires specific skills, tools, and attention to detail. by understanding the overall process, you can plan and execute your restoration project more effectively.</p> <p><strong>choosing the right classic car:</strong></p> <p>when choosing the right classic car for restoration, here are three key factors to keep in mind:</p> <ol> <li><em>sentimental value:</em>sentimental value can provide a sense of connection and personal fulfillment.</li> <li><em>historical significance:</em>classic cars often have historical significance, and restoring a historically significant vehicle can also enhance its value and desirability in the future.</li> <li><em>ease of restoration:</em>consider your skill level, your experience, and the resources you have available.</li> </ol> <p><strong>setting up your restoration workshop:</strong></p> <p>creating a well-equipped and organized workshop is crucial for a successful restoration project. here are two key aspects to consider when setting up your restoration workshop:</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'><strong>• tools required:</strong>hand tools and specialized tools are needed to complete your restoration. tools such as wrenches, socket sets, screwdrivers, and pliers are essential for disassembly and reassembly. specialized tools may include engine hoists, welders, paint sprayers, and diagnostic equipment. </p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'><strong>• space considerations:</strong>having adequate space in your workshop is vital for maneuvering around the car, storing parts, and setting up your tools and equipment. consider your ventilation, lighting, and electrical outlets when designing your workshop space.</p> <p><strong>safety protocols:</strong>safety should always be a top priority in any restoration project.</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'>• <em>personal protective equipment (ppe):</em>make an investment in your own personal protective equipment by purchasing items like as safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection. respirators or face masks may be necessary if you’re sandblasting, welding, sanding, or painting.</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'>• <em>proper ventilation:</em>ensure that your workshop has adequate ventilation to minimize the inhalation of toxic fumes or harmful chemicals. if you work with paints, solvents, or other hazardous substances or chemicals, always use them in a well-ventilated area or use proper extraction systems.</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'>• <em>fire safety:</em>have fire extinguishers readily available in your workshop and know how to use them. avoid working with flammable materials near open flames or other potential ignition sources. regularly inspect your electrical systems and wiring to prevent fire hazards.</p> <p><strong>inspection and assessment:</strong></p> <p>before diving into the restoration process, always inspect and assess the car's condition. this step allows you to identify areas needing attention and determine how much restoration is required. here are key areas to inspect and assess:</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'><strong>• body:</strong>carefully examine the car's body for signs of rust, corrosion, dents, or other damage. check the structural integrity of the frame and body panels. inspect the condition of the paint, chrome trim, glass,and weatherstripping.</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'><strong>• interior:</strong>assess the interior components, including the seats, carpeting, dashboard, headliner, and door panels. look for any tears, fading, or wear and determine if the original upholstery needs replacement. check the functionality of switches, gauges, and controls.</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'><strong>• mechanical components:</strong>inspect the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and other mechanical systems. check for leaks, cracks, signs of wear, and any damage to vital components. evaluate the condition of the exhaust, cooling, and fuel systems. assess the electrical system, including wiring, lights, and other accessories.</p> <p><strong>gauging the extent of restoration needed:</strong>once you have completed the inspection, it's time to gauge the extent of restoration required. this assessment helps you prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and create a restoration plan. consider the following factors:</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'>• <em>cosmetic restoration:</em>evaluate the cosmetic aspects of the car, such as the bodywork, paint, and interior. determine if it requires a full paint job or if small touch-ups will suffice. assess the level of upholstery repair or replacement needed. identify areas that require refinishing or re-chroming of trim pieces.</p> <p style='margin-left:36.0pt'>• <em>mechanical restoration:</em>does the engine require rebuilding, or does it only need minor repairs? evaluate the condition of the transmission, suspension, brakes, and other systems. determine if replacement or refurbishment of certain parts is necessary.</p> <p><strong>creating a restoration plan:</strong></p> <p>a restoration plan outlines your goals, timelines, budget, and priorities. define the level of restoration you would like to achieve, whether it's a complete restoration or just making the car drivable. divide the project into smaller tasks, prioritizing them based on criticality and dependencies.</p> <p><strong>stripping and bodywork:</strong></p> <p>begin by stripping the car of its old paint and removing any rust. this process may involve sanding, media blasting, or chemical stripping. repair or replace damaged body panels to ensure a solid foundation for the next steps.</p> <p><strong>mechanical restoration:</strong></p> <p>addressing the mechanical components is crucial for the car's performance and reliability. evaluate and repair the engine, transmission, suspension, and braking systems. ensure all electrical systems are functioning and replace worn-out parts with new or refurbished components.</p> <p><strong>interior restoration:</strong></p> <p>the interior of a classic car deserves special attention. upholstery, dashboards, seats, and carpets may need refurbishing or replacement. use special care when selecting materials that match the car's original design. install replacement parts, such as knobs and handles, to restore functionality and aesthetic appeal.</p> <p><strong>final assembly and finishing touches:</strong></p> <p>carefully reassemble all the parts, ensuring they fit correctly and function smoothly. this stage requires meticulous attention to detail and patience.</p> <p><strong>paintwork and polishing:</strong></p> <p>a professional paint job is a lot of work. it means applying multiple layers of primer, base coat, and clear coat for a smooth and durable finish. choose a color that complements the car's original design or history.</p> <p><strong>regular servicing and cleaning:</strong></p> <p>schedule regular servicing to keep your car in optimal running condition, including oil changes, filter replacements, and general maintenance tasks. regularly wash and wax the exterior and clean the interior to maintain its appearance.</p> <p><strong>storing the vehicle properly:</strong></p> <p>when your classic car is not in use, proper storage is essential to protect it from environmental elements. store it in a dryenvironment to prevent rust, mold, and deterioration. use a car cover to shield it from dust and uv rays. consider investing in a battery maintainer to keep the battery charged during long periods of inactivity.</p> <p><strong>joining a classic car community:</strong></p> <p>one of the joys of classic car restoration is being part of a community of enthusiasts who share your passion. joining a car club or online community offers several benefits. you can connect with like-minded individuals, share restoration tips and advice, and find valuable resources and contacts for parts and services. networking within the classic car community provides a wealth of knowledge and support, making your restoration journey even more enjoyable.</p> <p><strong>conclusion: the joy of restoring classic cars</strong></p> <p>restoring a classic car is a journey that requires dedication, skill, and a deep appreciation for automotive history. from understanding the intricacies of the process to choosing the right car, setting up a workshop, and carrying out each stage with precision, you can breathe new life into a classic automobile.</p> <p>so, embrace the challenge, enjoy the process, and let the restoration of a classic car become a fulfilling and rewarding experience that will continue to bring you joy for years.</p> <p>as you invest your time and effort into restoring every intricate detail of your beloved classic car, it's equally important to safeguard your hard work. consider securing comprehensive <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> from experts like leland west, who understand the unique value and significance of these automotive treasures. classic car insurance not only offers financial protection but also preserves the legacy you've meticulously revived.</p> <p><strong>frequently asked questions:</strong></p> <p><strong>faq 1:</strong><em>how much does classic car restoration cost?</em></p> <p>the cost of classic car restoration can vary significantly depending on many factors.the make and model of the car you choose, its condition it is in, the amount of work required, and the availability of new and used parts will all affect your budget.</p> <p><strong>faq 2:</strong><em>how long does classic car restoration take?</em></p> <p>it can take several months or even years to complete a full restorationdepending on many factors.for example, if you only have weekends available, it will take longer. set realistic timelines based on the specific requirements of your project.</p> <p><strong>faq 3:</strong><em>can i restore a classic car by myself?</em></p> <p>if this is your first restoration, it may be helpful to seek guidance from experienced restorers, attend workshops or classes, or join a classic car community where you can learn from others and gain valuable tips and insights.</p> <p><strong>faq 4:</strong><em>where can i source parts for my classic car?</em></p> <p>start by checking with specialized classic parts suppliers, salvage yards, and online marketplaces that cater to classic car enthusiasts. attending swap meets and auctions can also provide opportunities to find unique parts for your restoration project.</p> <p><strong>faq 5:</strong><em>how can i learn more about classic car restoration?</em></p> <p>read books and publications to learn restoration techniques, tips, and case studies. online platforms, including websites, forums, and social media groups, offer a wealth of information and opportunities to connect with experienced restorers and enthusiasts.</p> <p>sources:</p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> All categories Mon, 8 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 6 Best Road Trips for Your Classic Car in the USA <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:473px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by lelandwest</p> <p>a road trip is a good chance to get away and explore a different part of the country. a road trip in a classic car gives you the opportunity to connect with local history in an older, nostalgic vehicle. consider a classic car road trip to be a car show on the road. we’ll explore some of the best road trips to go on and what to do while you are on the road.</p> <h2>california cruising on the pacific coast highway</h2> <p>the pacific coast highway stretches the entirety of the washington coast down to california, and it is a beautiful trip to take in a classic car - especially with the top down. our first suggestion for taking this particular road trip is to head south from washington - if only because you’ll get to be on the pacific ocean side of the highway the entire time.</p> <p>as for cities, head through seattle, washington where you have a large urban center and plenty to do. then travel south to san francisco where you’ll be able to see plenty of history, find some beaches, and enjoy the beautiful sightseeing and weather before heading to san diego, where the weather is always nice.</p> <p>one of the best features of the entire pacific coast highway is the natural beauty that connects big places with plenty to do, eat, and see. you’ll experience straightaways in addition to rocky cliffs with gorgeous views of both big cities and the pacific ocean. you won’t be bored! we would recommend at least 5 to 7 days to ensure you have time to get out of the car and walk around and go to various museums and other places - and even though we are sure you love your classic car, you won’t want to sit for that long!</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:461px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by lelandwest</p> <h2>florida keys</h2> <p>assuming you start in miami, the trip down the florida key isn’t all that long at just about 3.5 hours, for the relatively short drive, the view is totally worth it. the florida keys route tends to involve crossing multiple bridges that extend off the florida peninsula,</p> <p>you could also say that you could still take at least a day or two to complete the drive. once you leave the urban areas of miami, time seems to slow down and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore fishing villages and spectacular views of the turquoise water.</p> <p>we have a couple of suggestions for you, especially if you are traveling with a convertible or “top-down” vehicle: bring sunscreen and sunglasses. the majestic florida weather can burn your skin pretty quickly, especially if you aren’t from the area, and your eyes might be hurting after a day or two of driving in the area.</p> <p>there are also tons of resorts - big and small, where you can try some seriously fresh seafood that might be caught right off the dock.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:469px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image source: u.s. government, public domain, via <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>great river road</h2> <p>the great river road scenic byway follows the course of the mississippi river for 1400 miles from northern minnesota to the gulf of mexico. you’ll pass through 10 states and hundreds of river towns. you can explore historic st paul, minnesota in the twin cities area with minneapolis and cross into lacrosse, wisconsin, then head south a bit to reach galena, illinois which is home to dozens of wineries and historic downtown. make your way west a bit and you’ll find the gateway arch in st louis. while it’s a little out of your way, if you love music you’ll want to cross into tennessee and visit nashville’s country music hall of fame.</p> <p>keep going south to near the end of the great river road and you’ll find the cajun influence of new orleans, complete with excellent seafood and so much history - in addition to jazz of course.</p> <p>you’ll note that, unlike previous trips, we just mentioned a lot of states. the great river road is quite long and passes through 10 states in the heart of the united states - it’ll take you about 36 hours of driving to get through all of it, so we suggest you take your time and absorb all of it!</p> <p> </p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:317px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by <a href=''>national parks gallery</a>, public domain</p> <h2>blue ridge parkway</h2> <p>if you are outdoorsy and want a place where you can literally slow down, the blue ridge parkway is an excellent choice. you’ll find yourself in the appalachian mountains and often traveling literally a little slower than normal as the speed limit in the parkway is 45 miles per hour.</p> <p>the blue ridge parkway has you winding through shenandoah national park and through the natural beauty of the southeast. this is an overall excellent place to go camping, glamping, or using an rv to tow your classic car - or in some cases, the other way around.</p> <p>we will advise you on one thing: the driving is literally a bit mountainous - make sure your brakes and tires are ready for this trip.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:472px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image by <a href=''>ken lund</a> via <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2>the grand circle</h2> <p>taken literally, the grand circle is not quite a circle, but a great loop to travel on when visiting the west and southwest that takes you through several of america’s most beautiful national parks. while you can start just about anywhere you want, you’ll find that the “trail” takes you through zion national park in southern utah in addition to grand canyon national park in arizona. another very cool place to visit on this particular trip is petrified forest national park in arizona too.</p> <p>one of the better parts about traveling through several national parks is the ability to find a camping place for relatively cheap - and a good parking lot for your classic car!</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='' src='' style='height:361px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image source:<a href=''>the u.s. national archives</a>, public domain</p> <h2>route 66</h2> <p>spanning from chicago, illinois to santa monica, california, route 66 is one of america’s most famous road trips simply because the route was built before the 1930s, so many drivers took it in their own classic cars generations ago. route 66 is famous for having many roadside diners and attractions at one point - and it is still relatively well known for that. part of the reason for the number of stops is that at one point, travelers taking their pilgrimage to the grand canyon or disneyland found that route 66 was the easiest and most direct route available at the time.</p> <p>you’ll experience the real nostalgia of owning a classic car on this route, as many of the vehicles that spent days on it in the 1930s and 1940s are definitely classics today.</p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p>a classic car road trip is a great time to explore some historical and beautiful parts of america. there are many routes you could take, and thanks to a very developed highway system, a mostly comfortable ride to keep your classic car humming right along. we suggest planning out your own classic car road trip to take you to parts of america that were new when your classic car first left the factory.</p> <h2>sources</h2> <p>1.     lonely planet:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>2.     car and driver:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>3.     afar magazine:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>4.     time out:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>5.     condÉ nast traveler:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>6.     national geographic:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>7.     the telegraph:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>8.     travel + leisure:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> <p>9.     usa today:<a href=''> </a><a href=''></a></p> All categories Mon, 8 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 The Definitive Guide to Buying a Car Out of State <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='buying a car out of state' src='' /><br /> image credit:<a href='' title='go to john lloyd’s photostream'>john lloyd</a> / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p>buying a car out of state comes with both advantages and drawbacks. when you buy a car out of state, you'll get plenty of benefits that can make this choice alluring. after all, who doesn't want the best available options & pricing?</p> <p>with that being said, it's crucial to understand all the ins and outs of buying a car out of state. this guide will show you everything you need to know regarding purchasing a vehicle in another state.</p> <p>we'll cover how to register a car in your state and also cover some common pitfalls of buying a car out of state.</p> <p>if you want all the step-by-step information on how to buy a car out of state, read on. stick with this guide, and you'll be able to purchase a vehicle in another state with total confidence. let's get started.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='buying a car out of state' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>2649771</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <h3>reasons to purchase a car out of state</h3> <p>to begin, we're going to talk about why people decide to purchase a classic car or a <a href=''>vintage car</a> (or even a regular one) out of state. these risks and benefits will help you make your decision. let's dive right in.</p> <p>when you opt to consider the purchase a car in another state, you stand a better chance of getting what you really want.for new cars, your local dealership isn't going to have as many options as every dealership across the country. for antique & classic cars, there are only so many options available at your local car show, or on craigslist, or facebook marketplace. if you're willing to travel, your choices can improve significantly.</p> <p>if you're picky with the type of car that you want to drive, you may have more luck buying out of state. this can make purchasing a car a lot more enjoyable.</p> <p>price is another important consideration when you're shopping for cars. if price is number one on your list, an out-of-state purchase could be the best option.</p> <h3>considerations when buying an out-of-state vehicle</h3> <p>now that we've covered some benefits of buying a car out of state, it's time to cover the risks. these are considerations you should keep in mind when you're looking at purchasing a vehicle from another state:</p> <p>the first consideration is the cost of shipping your car. if you live in new york and want to buy a car from california, expect to pay several thousand dollars to get your new ride home. make sure you factor this cost into your budget before making any decisions!</p> <p>it can also be challenging to take a test drive. if you're making an out-of-state purchase, it may not be possible to take a test drive of the car before buying it. this fact makes it more crucial than ever to research the vehicle ahead of time!</p> <p>for new cars, it can sometimes be challenging to get your car serviced. when something fails on your out-of-state car you may have to travel to the dealership for repairs. buying a car out of state could make getting your vehicle serviced much more difficult (and expensive!)</p> <h3>new vs. classic car buying out of state</h3> <p>so, you want to buy a car out of state. if this is the case, it's crucial to take a quick look at the differences between buying a new and classic car out of state.</p> <p>if you're considering buying a new car out of state, there are a few things to keep in mind. first, you need to factor in the cost of shipping and taxes before making your purchase. these could end up costing you quite a bit of money!</p> <p>you'll also want to make sure that your new car is covered under <a href=''>warranty</a>, as finding repairs and servicing can be challenging (and expensive) if something goes wrong with the vehicle. when buying a new car out of state, all these factors are crucial to consider prior to making your purchase.</p> <p>when you buy a classic car out of state, there are many benefits that come with it. one plus is that it can be much cheaper than purchasing a car locally. that said, classic cars always have the potential of being sold with issues.</p> <p>when buying a classic car out of state, it's crucial that you have the vehicle inspected as soon as possible. it’s also important to have a clear title. <a href=''>a bad or missing title</a> can be a real hassle to resolve.</p> <h3>steps to buying a car out of state</h3> <p>if you want to buy a car out of state, there are a few steps that you'll need to follow. these steps will help the process go more smoothly and ensure that everything is handled correctly. let's go ahead and take a look at the steps.</p> <p>the first step to buying a car out of state is deciding what car you want to purchase. this can be a difficult decision, as there are many factors that come into play.</p> <p>you'll need to consider the price and features. with so many options, it can be challenging to narrow down your search!</p> <p>once you've decided on your car, it's time to find the right seller.</p> <p>if you're buying a new car from another state, this won't be much of an issue as most dealerships are located in major cities and states. if you're buying a classic car out of state, however, this may be more difficult!</p> <p>when buying a classic car out of state, we recommend that you use a site like <a href=''>hemmings</a>to find the best deal possible. once you've found the right seller, it's time to start negotiating!</p> <p>be sure to consider all your costs before making any decisions (shipping costs and taxes are just two things that can add up quickly!)</p> <p>next up is financing — if you don't have the cash available outright to pay for the vehicle (most people don't!) this is going to be an important step in the process. when financing a vehicle out of state, make sure that you work with a reputable lender who offers competitive interest rates and terms.</p> <p>it's also worth noting that financing options are usually limited when you're buying a car out of state, so keep this in mind before making your purchase.</p> <p>finally, it's time to sign on the dotted line and take your car home! this is the final step in the process. once you've signed all of the paperwork and paid for your vehicle, you'll be ready to hit the road with your car.</p> <h3>summing it up</h3> <p>in the end, buying a car out of state can be very valuable if done correctly. just remember to take into consideration all of the pros and cons before making your purchase. with a bit of research and planning, you'll be able to buy a car from another state without any issues!</p> All categories Mon, 8 Aug 2022 00:00:00 -0800 How Are Cars Recycled? | Vehicle Recycling <p><img alt='cars recycled' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>garyslens</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>cars are recycled by breaking them down into their parts. the metal is then separated from the plastic and glass, melted down, and reformed into new car parts. the plastic and glass are recycled into new materials that can be used to make other products.</p> <h2>what is the average number of vehicles recycled each year?</h2> <p>the average number of vehicles recycled yearly has steadily increased over the past decade. this is likely due to factors such as the increasing awareness of the importance of recycling and the availability of more recycling facilities. it is estimated that over two million vehicles are recycled annually in the united states alone. this number represents a significant portion of the total number of cars disposed of each year, estimated to be around 11 million.</p> <h2>how is vehicle recycling done?</h2> <p>the process begins with removing combustible materials, such as gasoline, oil, and other fluids. then the vehicle is dismantled and crushed. the metal from the car is sold to scrap dealers who melt it down and recycle it into new products. the remaining auto parts are sold to auto parts stores or salvage yards.<br />  </p> <p><img alt='recycled parts of a car' src='' style='height:325px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: don o'brien / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2>where do the recycled parts of a car go?</h2> <p>when a car is recycled, its parts are sent to different facilities for processing and reuse. recycling begins with removing functional components, like the engine, transmission, and doors. these parts are then cleaned and inspected before being sold to customers who need replacement parts for their vehicles. the rest of the car is shredded and separated into different materials, like metal, glass, and plastic. these materials are sold to companies that will use them to create new products.</p> <h2>are metals the easiest parts of a car to recycle?</h2> <p>yes, metals are the easiest parts of a car to recycle. there are different types of metals in an automotive, including steel, aluminum, and copper. all of these metals can be recycled and used to make new products. almost all scrap metal can be recycled - even the ones used in a car for years.</p> <h2>does removing oils and batteries when recycling a car save the environment?</h2> <p>when recycling a car, it is important to remove all oils and batteries before sending the car to be shredded. this helps to protect the environment from harmful chemicals and toxins. oils and batteries can release harmful chemicals into the environment if they are not properly disposed of. removing these items from the car before it is recycled helps ensure that these chemicals are not released into the air, water, or soil.</p> <p>batteries, in particular, can contain lead and other heavy metals that can harm human health and the environment. properly recycling batteries can help prevent these harmful substances from entering the atmosphere. besides protecting the environment, removing oils and batteries from your car before recycling can also improve the efficiency of the recycling process. facilities can recycle more materials when they do not have to deal with hazardous substances.</p> <h2>are vehicle glass and tires recyclable too?</h2> <p>yes, both vehicle glass and tires are recyclable. recycling these materials is important for conserving resources and protecting the environment. glass can be recycled into new windshields, windows, and other car parts. the recycling process involves crushing the glass and melting it down so that it can be reformed into new products. tires can be recycled into new tires, tire treads, and other rubber products. the recycling process involves shredding the tires and grinding them down so that they can be reused in new products.</p> <h2>are plastics also recyclable?</h2> <p>yes, vehicle plastics are recyclable. most plastics can be recycled, including those used in vehicles. the recycling process for plastics begins with sorting the different types of plastic by their resin type. this is because various resins melt at different temperatures, so they must be processed separately. once the plastics are sorted, they are chopped into small pieces and fed into a furnace, where they are melted down. the molten plastic is then poured into molds to create new products. these products can be anything from new vehicle parts to bottles and other containers.</p> <h2>what about engines?</h2> <p>vehicle engines can as well be recycled. the recycling process usually involves dismantling the engine and separating the various metals and materials. the metals are then sent to a metal recycler, while the other materials are sent to a landfill or incinerator. some engines are also rebuilt and sold as used engines.</p> <h2>how does recycling vehicles impact the environment?</h2> <p>recycling vehicles can have a positive impact on the environment. for example, it can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators. recycling vehicles can also help save energy and conserve resources.</p> <p>overall, proper recycling of vehicles can be beneficial to the environment. however, there are also some potentially negative impacts of recycling vehicles. for instance, if cars are not recycled properly, hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and oil can be released into the environment. the recycling process itself can generate air pollution and water pollution.</p> <h2>will recycling of electric cars pose a threat to the environment?</h2> <p>as electric cars become more popular, their eventual disposal poses an environmental threat. the batteries that power electric vehicles are made of lithium, nickel, and cobalt – metals that are rare and difficult to recycle. in the united states alone, over 16 million cars on the road are powered by lead-acid batteries. when these batteries reach the end of their lifespan, they are often disposed of in landfills where the lead and other toxic metals can leach into the ground and water. however, some companies are working on developing recycling technologies for electric car batteries, even though the process is still very expensive and not very efficient.</p> <p>whether recycling a modern vehicle or restoring a classic car, it's important to consider protecting your investment with reliable, <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a>. get a quote for classic car insurance today!</p> <h2>faqs about auto recycling</h2> <h3>how does auto recycling work?</h3> <p>the recycling process of automobiles starts with the collection of spent or damaged vehicles from various sources, such as car dealerships, scrapyard, and <a href=''>insurance</a> companies. once collected, the vehicles are dismantled and their parts are sorted for further processing.</p> <h3>what are the benefits of auto recycling?</h3> <p>some of the benefits of auto recycling include reducing pollution, preserving natural resources, creating jobs, and saving money.</p> <h3>what are some of the most common materials recycled from automobiles?</h3> <p>metal, glass, plastics, and engines</p> <h3>how do i find a reputable auto recycling facility?</h3> <p>when looking for a reliable recycling facility, it is important to make sure the facility is properly licensed and insured. the facility should also be reputable and have a proven safety record.</p> <h3>what should i do with my end-of-life vehicle?</h3> <p>if your vehicle has reached the end of its life, you can sell it for scrap metal or donate it to a charity. you may also have it recycled so that its parts can be used to build new vehicles.</p> All categories Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Chrysler Sno-Runner: The Retro '80s Machine AKA Snow Bike <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='text description automatically generated' src='' style='height:531px; width:396px' /></strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>perhaps no other car manufacturer has had more of its shares of ups and downs during its existence than chrysler. throughout its lengthy existence, chrysler has been the subject of buyouts, takeovers, and complete overhauls of the corporate structure. </p> <p dir='ltr'>one of the most surprising attempts at saving the company in the 1980s was none of those. nor was it even a car. the children of the chief engineer, steve quick, remember hearing it called the "snow bike" when he proposed the design to chrysler in 1975.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what is it?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the sno-runner is a single-person vehicle with a single ski on the front for steering and a three-inch wide track to provide forward power. this lightweight vehicle weighed just over 71 pounds, and since it was collapsible using five quick-release pins, it could fit in the trunk of even a subcompact car.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'> </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>why was it made?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>during world war 2, chrysler built more than 25,000 tracked vehicles for the us military, including models of the sherman, pershing, and m3 tanks. this demonstrated chrysler’s ability to provide exceptional vehicles for the military, and gave the company substantial experience with tracked vehicles.</p> <p dir='ltr'>these vehicles did have their drawbacks. as the cold war and the potential for combat in winter-like conditions intensified, steve quick saw the advantage of a lighter weight, single-person tracked vehicle. this would still provide the all-terrain capabilities of a tank but would be much more mobile and able to be transported nearly anywhere. </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='a picture containing text, businesscard description automatically generated' src='' style='height:382px; width:506px' /></strong></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>revolutionary or abysmal failure</h2> <p dir='ltr'>even without a successful contract with the us military, the potential recreational uses for the sno-runner seemed to make it primed for success. even looking at modern winter sports equipment and vehicles, there might not be something as transportable as the sno-runner. </p> <p dir='ltr'>however, in the push to put the sno-runner into production, major design analyses and testing were overlooked, and bypassed for an earlier roll-out. although chrysler used a proven engine from its inventory, this testing bypass led to a more restrictive header and exhaust system that cut the total available power by 12%.</p> <p dir='ltr'>this loss of power is considered by most to be the "fatal flaw" of the design. as produced, it was only capable of flat terrain and groomed snow, a far cry from being all-terrain and able to take on deep powder as it was marketed. </p> <p dir='ltr'>add on its pricing, sales of the sno-runner were nowhere near what was hoped for, and did little to save chrysler. at just under $700, it was quite a bit cheaper than a full-sized snowmobile. however, it was still considered relatively expensive for something that could be used only a few months out of the year.</p> <p dir='ltr'>within two years after starting production, chrysler ceased building the sno-runner and sold off the remaining surplus inventory to the liquidation company, comb, who would eventually sell the renamed snorabbits for $299.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='a picture containing outdoor, bicycle, curb description automatically generated' src='' style='height:285px; width:507px' /></strong></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'>image credit: joe ross / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>modern market</h2> <p dir='ltr'>though chrysler may not have made the sno-runner in several decades, there has been quite a recent resurgence in the cult following of the sno-runner. finding a sno-runner is becoming increasingly difficult, but they are available. depending on the condition and how much of it is original manufacturing, the price can reach over $2000.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>modernizing the sno-runner</h2> <p dir='ltr'>although the sno-runner may still have its place in the recreational vehicle market, without modification it still comes with the fatal flaw of being woefully underpowered. </p> <p dir='ltr'>one of the easiest modifications to bring the sno-runner close to what it was designed to do, is to replace the muffler and exhaust system with one that is less restrictive than the original. in some cases, this brings the available horsepower up from 7 to 10. </p> <p dir='ltr'>this does add a bit to the purchase price, but considering it increases total power above what it was originally designed with, it might be a more than fair trade-off. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>modern uses</h2> <p dir='ltr'>along with the cult following of collectors and hobbyists, there are also several uses today, for the sno-runner. taking advantage of the collapsibility and portability, it makes a perfect chore vehicle for cabins and camps in northern regions with long durations of snow. </p> <p dir='ltr'>it may not have nearly the same abilities on the snow as a full-sized snowmobile, but it makes a great winter camping vehicle where tight spaces between trees may be a concern, along with minimizing impact to the environment.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>a failure for chrysler, but not for itself</h2> <p dir='ltr'>overlooking the minimal power with which it was designed, the sno-runner still had, and likely still has a lot of potentials. it may not have helped at all to save chrysler. in some estimates, the total project may have cost the company money. </p> <p dir='ltr'>it also never made it beyond preliminary testing with the military. however, its lack of success may be due to the reason it was rushed to production, rather than any particular trait of the vehicle itself. </p> <p dir='ltr'>consider if the sno-runner was given ample time in pre-production, to home in on an exhaust and header system to match the proven engine quick designed it with. the small width of the front steering ski and short track runners would still exist. but with the power quick designed it with, the sno-runner would have likely, at the very least, lived up to the marketed expectations.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>perhaps the timing was just off</h2> <p dir='ltr'>another consideration is the time of when it was designed. looking at the current winter recreational vehicle market, one would be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that combined mobility in the snow with portability in nearly any car. the technological advancements of modern motors and power systems would likely also add to its performance. </p> <p dir='ltr'>removing the influence, it had on chrysler (seemingly negative) and reason why it was designed at all (as a last-ditch effort to save a struggling car company), the sno-runner could have been a massive success. the sno-runner may not be perfect, but its production rush exemplifies the adage of "taking a good thing and ruining it."</p> All categories Fri, 3 Jun 2022 00:00:00 -0800 7 Essential Apps for Classic Car Drivers & Enthusiasts <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='vintage 1950s, pretty woman, vintage car' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>jillwellington</a> /<a href=''> pixabay</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>having a classic car is a labor of love. as incredible as it may be to create a living piece of history by restoring a vintage ride, it is crucial to maintain and preserve the automobile to ensure it remains road-worthy for cruising the neighborhood or even attending a car show.</p> <p dir='ltr'>fortunately, in the age of fingertip technology via mobile phones, there are several apps that are must-haves for vintage car owners. they make it easy to prolong the life of a modified car, locate nearby events, show off models to other enthusiasts, make new friends, or even chronicle the vintage car restoration journey from beginning to end using a digital work diary. </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em><img alt='woman, fashion, model, hippie, braided hair, hairstyle' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /></em></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>pexels</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>while there are numerous apps that provide a variety of different services and features, here are 7 of the most essential apps for classic car drivers:  </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1. carfax car care</h2> <p dir='ltr'>with many features, including the ability to locate and purchase vintage cars based on search criteria such as the make, model, body style, and price, <a href=''>carfax car care</a> is ideal for the prospective classic car owner as well as the experienced devotee.</p> <p dir='ltr'>here are some particularly handy features: </p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><strong>the carfax report</strong> - this report features excellent information on a vehicle’s history, including its usage and accident history, to help determine its actual value</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><strong>maintenance tracking</strong> - from oil changes to tire rotations to <a href=''>insurance</a> and registration, the app keeps a record and sends notifications for when it is time to provide a little tlc.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><strong>nearby service shops</strong> - no matter where a driver is, a quick check on the app offers data about service shops in the area, including which are nearby and their locations.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>2. ebay motors</h2> <p dir='ltr'>when the time comes for a new part, whether for initial restoration or down the road, the <a href=''>ebay motors app</a> makes it easy to find the needed part or accessory quickly. it also provides a tool to verify that said part is compatible with the intended classic car and buy and sell services for automobiles.</p> <p dir='ltr'>in addition, there is a thriving community where car enthusiasts can talk shop, show off a vintage car, or engage in other vehicle-related discussions. if unsure about any aspect of part installation or acquisition, it is easy to find others who have the experience that can help with the process.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>3. ion classic</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the first and only app of its kind, <a href=''>ion classic</a> is designed to chart the course of an antique car’s restoration process from the beginning. partnering with hanneke design to create a digital paper trail, the app allows users to add photos of new additions and changes to the modified car, add receipts to chronicle the costs incurred during the entire process, or even share the journey with other enthusiasts.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the result of maintaining your ion classic database is a digital diary to reference each step of your journey which serves not only as a quick reference to any mods made but also as an album of memories to relive the journey.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>4. octane</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the ultimate event app, <a href=''>octane</a> provides collectible car owners with every opportunity to showcase their rides and meet with other enthusiasts. within minutes, an app user can find and locate thousands of car events all over the united states.</p> <p dir='ltr'>some types of events that octane tracks are:</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>cruise events</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>educational presentations</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>car meets</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>car & coffee meets</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>octane sponsored events and more</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'>additional features include the ability for users to add their vintage cars to a virtual garage, see what other cars will be attending specific events, and even track other cars in real-time when participating in a cruise event.</p> <p dir='ltr'>when it is time to show the world how incredible a classic car is, this is a great way to find nearby places to make that happen.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>5. roadstr</h2> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>roadstr</a> targets the antique car enthusiast social experience. using the app, owners can meet up with car groups (or find one if they are not currently a member), meet new people with similar or different models, meet on the fly, locate events, and much more.</p> <p dir='ltr'>it is easy to find groups and profiles to make new friends. the cherry on top is the points of interest feature, which offers coordinates to locations that are great for taking the perfect shots of your car in scenic environs as well as great drive locations.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>6. trophy cloud</h2> <p dir='ltr'>another event-specific app, <a href=''>trophy cloud</a> offers a wide variety of features to make it easy for event organizers and classic car owners alike to participate and interact with events in a variety of different ways, including:</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>adding new events and information</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>locating and registering for events</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>creating an online garage with photos of the owner’s cars</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>calendar reminders for scheduled events</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>event check-in</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>the ability for event coordinators to allow trophy voting through the app</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>event communication forums</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>the ability to view a user’s attended event history</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>7. vin check and decoder</h2> <p dir='ltr'>a carfax competitor, vin check, and decoder is designed to make it quick and easy to access a full vehicle report through a vin check. it’s available for both <a href=''>apple</a> and <a href=''>android</a>.</p> <p dir='ltr'>with the incredible number of informational details, the app has garnered a nearly perfect user feedback rating with many users lauding the vin check and decoder’s ability to gather the information that would take hours to research within moments.</p> <p dir='ltr'>their tech support team is also quick to respond when there are any troubleshooting situations and seem dedicated to ensuring the user’s experience is a memorable one. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>final thoughts</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the diversity of available applications provides unlimited options for classic car owners to find new ways to interact with their antique cars and other people. these apps are great starting points for car enthusiasts, but they are only the tip of the iceberg.</p> <p dir='ltr'>after exploring the features these high-quality programs have to offer, investigate deeper into the world of classic car apps to find new features and experiences to supplement the enthusiast lifestyle.</p> <p dir='ltr'>now more than ever it is possible to immerse oneself in the world of vintage cars and share these remarkable automobiles with others. </p> All categories Sat, 7 May 2022 00:00:00 -0800 32 Women Who Fueled Innovations in the Automotive Industry <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='32 women who fueled automotive innovations' src='' style='height:418px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>image credit: <a href='' title='en:alice huyler ramsey'>alice huyler ramsey</a>via: <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>since early automobiles rolled onto the scene in the late 1800s, the entire industry has been considered a masculine endeavor.  that’s far from the truth.</p> <p>a little peek under history’s hood shows how much influence women have on automotive innovation and the rise of the industry through the years.</p> <p>currently, in many households, it's women who tend to be the decision-makers when it comes to buying a car.  a whopping 80% of vehicle buying decisions are made by a woman.</p> <p>from the very beginning of the automobile craze, decades before women would get the right to vote, women were in the driver's seat of vehicle innovation.</p> <p>many of the features that improve vehicle safety, comfort and driveability are the product of a female’s brainchild whose innovation improved through the years:</p> <ul> <li>early brake pads</li> <li>car heaters</li> <li>windshield wipers</li> <li>brake and turn signals</li> <li>roadway markings</li> <li>wifi and gps</li> <li>illuminated interior mirror</li> <li>retractable seatbelts</li> </ul> <p>women have persevered because of their love of cars and the open road earning accolades, awards and greater power in the automobile industry along the way, not without some road bumps.  </p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='it’s a long and rich history of women fueling automotive innovations' src='' style='height:551px; width:628px' /></p> <p style='text-align:center'>danica patrick – credit:<a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h3>it’s a long and rich history of women fueling automotive innovations.</h3> <h4>here’s a look at the accomplishments of 32 women who made car and driving history.</h4> <h4>they set the wheels in motion for millions of future female drivers.  each paved the way for better cars and better careers for women in the car industry.</h4> <p>a woman was right there on the starting line.  </p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:200px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1888 </strong><br /> bertha benz loaded her teenage sons into the wildly expensive “motorwagen”.  it was her husband karl benz’s invention with no small amount of input and support from bertha.</p> <p>driving the kids 66 miles to see grandma doesn’t sound groundbreaking today.  it was when bertha made that first long-distance road trip.  it could also be considered the first publicity stunt aimed at getting free newspaper coverage.</p> <p>bertha didn’t tell her husband before the history-making trip that she was going to pop around to her mom’s.  she and the boys snuck the motorwagen out of karl’s workshop.  once they arrived safely, berta telegraphed karl to let him know she and the boys made that now famous road trip.<br /> bertha is also considered the mother of brake pads and shoes.  her invention was called brake linings.   they were the result of a discussion between berta and a blacksmith on the subject of better braking. </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>1893</strong><br /> margaret a. wilcox is the mechanical engineer who figured out how to warm drivers in chilly weather.  margaret designed a way to allow heat from the engine to blow into the vehicle’s front cabin.  her work sparked the innovations of heaters in modern cars.</p> <p><strong>1900</strong><br /> anne rainsford french bush is said to be the first woman to get a driver’s license.  it was actually a “steam engineer’s license”.  anne spotted the loophole; the license allowed her to operate a “four-wheeled vehicle powered by steam or gas.”</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:116px' /></p> <p><strong>1903  </strong><br /> mary anderson gets a patent for the first vehicle windshield wiper.  today’s wipers barely resemble mary’s invention.  the patent was for the “automotive car window cleaning device controlled from inside the car”.  it was essentially a spring-loaded arm and the driver had to operate it from inside the car to make the rubber blade wipe the windshield.</p> <p> </p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:right; height:128px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1909</strong><br /> alice huyler ramsey was the first woman to drive from new york to california.  that coast-to-coast drive included only 150 miles of paved road.  ramsey went on to form the women’s motoring club and in 2000 became the first woman to be inducted into the automotive hall of fame.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>1914</strong><br /> florence lawrence was a pioneer in the auto industry.  her inventions helped shape modern traffic safety.  she never patented her “auto-signalling arms” which were flags on both sides of the car that the driver could raise and lower with the press of a button to signal an upcoming turn.  she also came up with a similarly controlled sign on the back of the car which could be flipped up to show the word “stop” to warn other drivers the car would be slowing or stopping.    florence was windshield wiper inventor mary anderson’s daughter.  the two started out as vaudeville performers. </p> <p><strong>1915</strong><br /> wilma russey was a talented garage mechanic.  she became the first woman to work as a new york taxi driver.</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:100px; width:auto' /><strong>1916</strong></p> <p>emily post wrote the book “by motor to the golden gates” about her solo, cross-country trip.  the automotive journalist is still best known as the author of guides to etiquette.  emily popularized the idea women could drive around, unaccompanied.  it was a fairly revolutionary stance. </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>1916</strong><br /> many capable female motorists benefited from what they learned in the girl scouts.  the organization added the “automobileing badge” in 1916.  to earn it girls had to demonstrate their driving skills plus first aid and auto mechanics.</p> <p><strong>1917</strong><br /> charlotte bridgwood ups the windshield wiper game with a patented automatic windshield wiper.  it was much easier, and less taxing, on drivers compared to mary anderson’s earlier efforts because it was electrically operated.</p> <p><strong>1917</strong><br /> june mccarroll improves safety for every generation of drivers to come with the idea of marking roads to indicate lanes.  the idea was as simple and as brilliant as painting a white line down the center of highways.  (michigan's department of transportation disagrees instead claiming it was two men who first painted a center line)</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:right; height:150px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1918</strong><br /> luella bates, like many other women of the time, entered the previously male-dominated workforce during world war i.  she went to work for the four wheel drive auto company.  she was a test driver behind the wheel of a model b truck.<br /> <strong>1920</strong><br /> luella went on a major transcontinental tour in 1920 driving that truck.  her employer’s idea was she could show trucks were so easy to steer even a woman could drive one.</p> <p><strong>1930</strong><br /> helen blair bartlett invented a new type of insulation for spark plugs.</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:148px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1941</strong><br /> hedy lamarr earned praise for being a bombshell actress on the silver screen during the golden age of film.  prized for her beauty over her brains many people do not know hedy laid the pioneering groundwork for innovations including wifi and gps.<br /> during world war ii hedy invented wireless transmission technology.  she would not get the recognition she fully deserved during her lifetime.  she was inducted into the national inventors hall of fame in 2014.</p> <p> </p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:right; height:150px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1943 </strong><br /> helene rother fled the invading nazis in europe and made her way to detroit where general motors hired her to design automotive interiors.   years earlier helene got her start in paris creating hat pins then furniture and jewelry.  before breaking into the auto industry she also worked for marvel comics creating comic books.  </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>1954</strong><br /> denise mccluggage went to work as a sports journalist for the new york herald tribune and started racing cars professionally.  in the late 1960’s denise was still a working journalist and founded <em>auto week</em>.  she remained senior contributing editor at the magazine until she passed away in 2015.</p> <p><strong>1955</strong><br /> suzanne vanderbilt joins general motors design team, hired on by legendary design chief harley earl.  suzanne was part of a team known as the “damsels of design”.  a name suzanne abhorred. <br /> she stayed at gm for 23 years and her team is credited with creating illuminated interior mirrors and retractable seatbelts.</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:126px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1956</strong><br /> edith m flanigen launched into work on “molecular sieves” to separate and filter mixtures.  groundbreaking for the purpose of converting crude oil to gasoline.  her invention was also used to purify water and perform environmental cleanup.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:right; height:120px; width:auto' /><strong>1977</strong><br /> janet guthrie is the first woman to compete against men in motorsports.  at the indianapolis 500 and the daytona 500.  guthrie was an engineer before her motorsport career.  she didn’t win but she paved the way for other women interested in racing or the auto industry.</p> <p> </p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:126px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>1978</strong><br /> gladys mae west headed up a team that became leading technology for the gps in vehicles.  glady was a mathematician and project manager for the earth-orbiting satellite seasat.  that project birthed the geosat and working with those worldwide simulations the powers of gps came on to the driving scene.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>1979</strong><br /> barbara wilson broke down a couple of barriers by becoming the first female african-american auto dealer in ferndale, michigan.</p> <p><strong>1980</strong><br /> candy lightner founded mothers against drunk drivers (madd).  to this day it’s a highly influential safety advocacy group.</p> <p><strong>1985</strong><br /> jean jennings, of, began her long career focusing on all things cars and driving.  jean became automobile magazine’s president and editor-in-chief in 1985.</p> <p><strong>1986</strong><br /> mimi vandermoelen designed the taurus.  a midsize sedan that is almost wholly credited for saving ford motor company which was floundering badly in the mid-’80s.  the 1986 taurus was popular because of its aerodynamic body.  inside the taurus, mimi created an ergonomic cabin.  she later became the first female in charge of all exterior and interior design for ford in america.</p> <p><strong>1989</strong><br /> courtney caldwell launched the first automobile magazine aimed at women, <em>american woman road & travel</em>.</p> <p><strong>2000</strong><br /> rodica baranescu worked as an engineer developing environmentally-friendly fuel, coolants and diesel engine lubricants.  she was the first female president of the society of automotive engineers.</p> <p><strong>2006</strong><br /> juliane blasi and nadya arnaout won a contest to land the job of redesigning bmw’s z4.  juliane and nadya turned the z4 into a sportster.  among the praises lavished on the ladies’ newly redesigned vehicle was that it was “more aggressive and more masculine.”</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:right; height:140px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>2006</strong><br /> leilani munter sets the highest finishing spot for a female driver in the history of texas motor speedway, finishing fourth.  leilani is also an environmentalist.  she earned her biology degree before becoming a professional race car driver.  in 2012 <em>sports illustrated</em> named her one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>2012</strong><br /> michelle christensen joins honda working on the acura nsx.  michelle made auto industry history as the first woman to head up a supercar design team.  she grew up working on muscle cars with her dad which sparked her love of innovations in car design.</p> <p><strong>2013</strong><br /> danica patrick becomes the first woman to win a nascar sprint cup for the daytona 500.  she’s also a model and spokesperson.</p> <p><img alt='' src='' style='float:left; height:130px; width:auto' /></p> <p><strong>2014</strong><br /> mary barra becomes acting chief executive officer of general motors.  the first female ceo of a major international automaker.  mary was featured on the cover of <em>time</em> magazine’s “100 most influential people in the world” issue.  and <em>forbes</em> named her the seventh most powerful woman in the world.  mary came up with the industry-changing ev platform promising gm will manufacture only electric vehicles by 2035.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>2020</strong><br /> lisa drake becomes ford’s chief operating officer for north america.  </p> <h4>women driving innovation</h4> <h4>throughout the history of cars and innovations in driving women have made vehicles better, safer and more comfortable.  those females making monumental contributions were rarely recognized, whether accidentally overlooked or intentionally snubbed in favor of giving credit to a nearby male.<br /> <br /> these 32 ladies truly deserve the title “mother of invention” when it comes to the evolution of the beloved automobile.</h4> <h4>whether you're an automotive enthusiast, a collector, or a proud owner of a classic car, it's important to consider protecting your valuable investment with reliable, <a href=''>affordable classic car insurance</a>. leland-west offers specialized insurance coverage tailored specifically for classic cars, ensuring your cherished vehicle is safeguarded against potential risks or uncertainties.</h4> <p>related links</p> <ol> <li><a href=''>automobile history</a> (2018).</li> <li><a href=''>looking back at women who shaped the auto industry</a> (2020). driving. not all the inventors, designers and drivers that made car culture what it is today were men</li> <li><a href=''>women in automotive history</a> lemay america’s car museum state farm</li> <li><a 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angeles times</li> <li><a href=''>danica patrick: first woman to win nascar pole</a> (2013). sky news</li> <li><a href=''>mary t. barra chair and chief executive officer</a> (2016).</li> <li><a href=''>how women’s experience with the automobile fundamentally differs from men’s </a>(2018). hemmings</li> <li><a href=''>beyond passengers: the history of women and cars</a> (2018). the detroit news </li> <li><a href=''>famous firsts in women’s history</a> (2010).</li> </ol> <p> </p> All categories Wed, 16 Mar 2022 00:00:00 -0800 The History of Record Players in Cars <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='the history of record players in cars' src='' style='height:593px; width:611px' /></p> <p>in the 1950s, anything seemed possible. the united states was recovering from a world war and feeling very confident in its future. it felt like america was rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the war, and new inventions were everywhere. technology was heading in leaps and bounds toward the advancements that would take men into space, and home gadgets and gizmos were being created that were intended solely for convenience.</p> <p>one of the places where the luxury of the 50s and 60s was felt the most was the car market. cars were no longer boring and drab boxes on wheels that could get you from place to place. cars were suddenly a sign of luxury and having a car with all the extras said something about a person. enter all kinds of wacky comforts and upgrades, including the record player making its appearance in vehicles.</p> <p>record players in cars was a dream that would one day lead to the reality of portable music that we all know and take for granted.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='the first record player' src='' /></p> <h2>the first record player</h2> <p>everyone who hates the radio today has the same complaints that people in the 50s and 60s had. there is never enough music, and there are too many commercials. plus, waiting for your favorite song to come on could take hours. radio has always been one of the least pleasing parts of going on a road trip, and in the days before there were other options, it could sometimes be less enjoyable than silence.</p> <p>the rise of the record player in homes made some people question whether record players could be used in other settings. what if your road trip could be accompanied by your favorite music? what if your records could go with you on road trips? and so, the quest for a solution to this problem was imagined by car designers. could a record player be added to a vehicle?</p> <p>the first in-car record player was called the “highway hi-fi record player.” this was a device designed by dr. peter goldmark, who was the head of cbs laboratories. cbs was the inventor of the long-playing microgroove record or lp. this record player was first offered in chrysler products. at first, it seemed like a win.</p> <p>at this time, there were two record formats that were competing for the market. these formats were the cbs, which was pushing the lp and classical music, and rca, which was made for the 45-rpm single. when record players were being added to cars, there was always the question of which was the best record type for each situation.</p> <p>the 45-rpm was more manageable in a car due to its size. however, this record needed to be changed every three to four minutes. goldmark was obsessed with the question of how to make record players work better and more efficiently in the car. he and cbs decided that there needed to be a new record format.</p> <p>what if there was another recording format that was suited perfectly for vehicles? this was the question that chrysler and people like dr. goldmark asked. and it led to work to try and invent a solution to this problem because people wanted to bring their music with them in the car and be free from the boring radio once and for all.</p> <h2>a new format</h2> <p>dr. goldmark succeeded. there was a new record format that was created that was meant to fix all of the issues with old formats. this was supposed to be the solution that made records in the car easy to use and better than ever.</p> <p>the new format slowed the turntable down to 16 2/3 rpm. this was half the speed of the lp. there were stabilizers that were added to the arm to keep it from skipping and scratching. this was called highway hi-fi by chrysler, and it was very popular.</p> <p>the first records were produced by columbia, and they offered many popular tracks. these tracks included work by percy faith, cole porter, and more. these were the hits of the time, and they were meant to be an inducement to make more people want to invest in this new technology.</p> <p>consumer records did not test the product before it was added to vehicles, but the price tag of nearly $200 would have been a constraint for many people. this is $1,700 in today’s money!</p> <p>the problem with this record was that it could only be played in the car. you could not just grab your favorite records and head out to go on a drive. this was also an option that was only available on some cars, and they were new cars. there was not a market that was needed to generate lots of records to feed this interest.</p> <p>the other trouble was that the record players kept breaking. only one year into the process of adding record players to chryslers, they began to withdraw the option from production. by the end of 1957, these gadgets were already slated for the junk heap.</p> <h2>a cheaper option hits the market</h2> <p>in 1960, a cheaper car record player landed on the market. this was the rca victor, which was also referred to as the “victrola.” this record player cost $51.75, which is $410.47 today. this was a more expensive option, but you could play your 45s on this record player. this record player was tested by consumer reports.</p> <p>the testers found that the record player would hold 14 records and that these records would play for two and ½ hours. this was only if extended 45s were used. this record player was also found to be easier to operate, and it allowed you to focus on the road rather than changing the record. distracted driving has always plagued road safety, and if you think that changing a cd out from your disc changer is distracting, imagine changing out a record!</p> <p>a year later, there was a new record player produced that was made by norelco. this was called the auto mignon. this player only held one 45 rpm record at a time. this was just four and ½ minutes of playtime. the norelco also did not store records, so storage was an issue within the car. having access to your records while you drove was never easy, and having loose records in the car could easily lead to broken and damaged records.</p> <p>surprisingly, these new record players were actually relatively stable and did not skip when you drove. the stylus never jumped over the grooves, even when driving over ruts and grooves. these units also ran faster than the highway hi-fi. this made it sound better and helped to make sure that your other records would play on the record player in your car.</p> <p>this was a smaller unit that fit under the dash and barely impeded the legroom at the front of the car. this was a nice change of pace when compared with the first devices, which were larger and bulkier. this smaller unit probably needed to be bigger to make storage more effective, but the sleek model was a nice change of pace.</p> <p>however, the rca victor was discontinued in 1961. the victrola was discontinued the next year. there was a new technology on the scene, and it would actually be the device that would propel music portability forward. without the introduction of record players to cars, the next steps of the music portability revolution might never have happened.</p> <h2>replaced by the eight track tape</h2> <p>the right track tape quickly came on the scene to replace the record player. these were portable music devices that were easy to store and easy to insert while you were driving. you were also able to listen to lots of music without changing the tape as well. this was revolutionary, and the eight-track tape solved the problems that could not be resolved through the invention of new kinds of records.</p> <p>the record player was not the solution for bringing music along with you on road trips. it never was. the eight-track tape was the answer to all of these needs and more. for many years, this would be the solution to the “problem” of bringing music along with you on the road.</p> <h2>portable music becomes possible</h2> <p>today’s reality of virtual music that can be carried in your hand-held device would not have been possible without the experiments with record players in cars. the motivation that led to the portability of music was the thought of bringing your music with you on adventures. the concept of a boom box, a portable cd player, or even an ipod would never have been a reality without the thought of putting a record player in a car.</p> <p>even if the record player in the car idea flopped, it opened the doors to so much more technology. it’s hard to imagine a reality without portable music. you can thank the original car record player for the music that you love to listen to on your phone.</p> <p>while enthusiasts cherish the vintage charm of record players in cars, ensuring proper protection for your classic car investment is important. with <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a>, you can drive confidently, knowing your prized automobile is safeguarded against potential risks or damages.</p> <p>sources:</p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p><a href=''></a></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> All categories Tue, 1 Mar 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Auctions <p><img alt='classic car auctions' 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with special objects, selected by our experts.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>visit palm springs</strong></a><strong> - </strong>mccormick's palm springs exotic car auctions - visit palm springs</p> <p><a href=''><strong>f and e car auction</strong></a><strong> - </strong>f & e collector auto auction - f & e collector auto auction</p> <p><a href=''><strong>leith classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>finding unique, quality classic cars is easier than ever in raleigh, with raleigh classic car auctions. our selection expands every year, so whether you are a buyer or a seller it's a great opportunity to see mint-condition, unrestored classic vehicles. register today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the market</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the market classic & collectable car auctions. no buyer fees, lowest seller fees and highest sales rate</p> <p><a href=''><strong>silverstone auctions</strong></a><strong> - </strong>silverstone auctions</p> <p><a href=''><strong>premier auction group</strong></a><strong> - </strong>premier auction</p> <p><a href=''><strong>glenmarch</strong></a><strong> - </strong>at glenmarch we are the no.1 online resource for classic car auctions, showing classic cars for sale dating back to 2015.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>grays</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars. buy classic cars online. get the best online shopping deals on automotive, trucks & marine and enjoy fast delivery from grays.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gooding & company</strong></a><strong> - </strong>gooding & company is recognized the world over as a leading automotive auction house specializing in the finest antique, classic, sports and racing cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>autohunter</strong></a><strong> - </strong>autohunter is an online auction solution for classic and modern collectible vehicles that’s built on innovative technology and supported by award-winning customer support.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>worldwide auctioneers</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the premier classic, collector, and world-class car auctions in scottsdale, texas, pacific grove, and auburn. start your vip experience today.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>swva</strong></a><strong> - </strong>swva classic car auction is based in poole dorset. now the highlight on the classic car auctions calendar. held quarterly. view our auction catalogue today.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>lucky old car</strong></a><strong>- </strong>lucky collector car auctions  rare & vintage automobiles | tacoma, wa</p> <p><a href=''><strong>yoder sold</strong></a><strong> - </strong>amazing classic car auctions. bid online or in person at our wisconsin facility. 100's of antique cars from around the world sold here.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>tom mack classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>tom mack classics | antique cars and trucks</p> <p><a href=''><strong>shift gate</strong></a><strong> - </strong>automotive car auctions - shiftgate online classic car auctions in usa & canada</p> <p><a href=''><strong>old cars weekly</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the old cars auto auction calendar is your guide to the top car auctions across the nation. from the yearly arizona auction action to sales in your own state.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>zhills classic car auction</strong></a><strong> - </strong>dealers auction xchange is a dealer auto auction in the tampa bay area that serves new, used car & wholesale auto dealers. learn details about our auto auction.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bring a trailer</strong></a><strong> - </strong>bring a trailer auctions is the best place to buy and sell vintage and classic vehicles - porsche, bmw, land rover, and more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mecum</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the world leader in live auctions of collector and classic cars, antique motorcycles, vintage tractors and road art memorabilia with events across the us.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>barrett jackson</strong></a><strong> - </strong>be a part of the world's greatest classic car auction. learn when barrett-jackson's next event is and get your tickets today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>anglia car auctions</strong></a><strong> -  </strong>from modern second-hand vehicles to classic cars and motorbikes for sale from motor traders, collectors and private individuals, anglia car auctions holds regular auctions at its kings lynn base.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rm sotheby's</strong></a><strong> - </strong>rm sotheby's is the number one classic car and investment quality auction house in the world. we specialize in rare antique, classic, and sports & racing cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>brightwells</strong></a><strong> - </strong>brightwells auctions, sales and remarketing</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car auctions</strong></a><strong> - </strong>home - classic car auctions</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gaa classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we are your auction destination for the south! come consign your car with us today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mag auctions</strong></a><strong> - </strong>mag auctions is a collector car auction featuring muscle cars, street rods, classic cars, vintage cars, and leading automobile products. this is a great event for car enthusiasts looking to buy or sell automobiles.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car auction</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car auction group | classic car auction group</p> <p><a href=''><strong>branson auction</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car auction - branson auction classic and collector car auction</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hi-bid</strong></a><strong> - </strong>hi-bid compiles the results from every major collector car auction in the world, all in one massive database. use it to find up-to-the-minute classic car values or your antique cars value!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classiccars</strong></a><strong> - </strong> auction central is the premier resource for upcoming classic car auctions. whether you plan on bidding or simply want to be a spectator, here is where you will find auctions all across the nation.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wolfe's auto auctions</strong></a><strong> - </strong>wolfe's auto auctions</p> <p><a href=''><strong>leake car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>home - leake auction company</p> <p><a href=''><strong>clasiq</strong></a><strong> - </strong>clasiq is the most transparent and trustful way to buy and sell classic cars online. muscle cars and many other classic cars for sale.</p> <p>when participating in classic car auctions, it's important to consider the insurance needs for your newly acquired vehicle. <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> is crucial to protect your investment and ensure peace of mind. at, you can find comprehensive options for affordable classic car insurance designed to meet the unique needs of classic car enthusiasts. by choosing the right insurance coverage, such as affordable classic car insurance, you can confidently enjoy your auctioned classic car.</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Salvages and Junkyards <p><img alt='classic car salvage' src='' style='height:322px; width:601px' /><br /> image credit: dave_7 / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>spectrum on demand</strong></a><strong> - </strong>renowned u.k. antiques dealer drew pritchard is always looking for new pieces, and he has no problem scouring the countryside to replenish his collection. on this series, a spinoff of "salvage hunters," drew teams with automotive guru paul cowland to find, buy, fix up and sell classic cars and retro motorcycles. drew's trained eye and deal-making skills combine with paul's extensive mechanical knowledge and business acumen to power this venture. along the way drew also seeks out rare motoring memorabilia. available on discovery channel.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto4export</strong></a><strong>- </strong>salvage classic cars for sale from us auctions. easy export to any country. join now!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car scene international</strong></a><strong> - </strong>drew and paul continue to find, buy, fix-up and sell classic cars. in true salvage style, drew will cast a keen eye over motoring memorabilia treasures.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gas classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>gas classic cars, a division of graves auto salvage</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wrench apart</strong></a><strong>- </strong>the value of a wrecked classic car can vary widely. if you have a wrecked car and are considering salvaging or selling. ask yourself these questions first!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>roblins garage</strong></a><strong>-  </strong>roblin’s garage - classic auto salvage: the internets only fully-pictured auto wrecker - over 800 cars and trucks for parts restoration - new, used nos parts</p> <p><a href=''><strong>junkyards near me</strong></a><strong>- </strong>classic car salvage yards near me. our site maps out all your nearby classic and antique car junkyards. you can get a free...</p> <p><a href=''><strong>moores auto salvage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>moores auto salvage | rapid city, sd</p> <p><a href=''><strong>oakleaf old cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>oakleaf old cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>howstuffworks</strong></a><strong> - </strong>need ideas for where to find classic car parts? check out 10 places to look for parts for your classic car at howstuffworks auto.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>john's salvage company</strong></a><strong> - </strong>830-379-2092 - free estimates. vintage car parts. junk car. classic car parts.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>salvage autos auction</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars for sale for parts at copart. over 150000 cars, repairable vehicles and vehicles for parts. join today to participate in live salvage auctions.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>all american classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>parting out over 600 classic american cars. browse our list of parts cars, and search our used and nos parts inventory. check out our project cars!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>salvage reseller</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars for sale for parts at copart. over 150000 cars, repairable vehicles and vehicles for parts. join salvagereseller today to participate in live salvage auctions.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>there are 729 classic cars under $5,000 for sale today on bargains, parts cars, fixer-uppers, vintage classics that are ready for some custom restoration and many more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>oldride</strong></a><strong> - </strong>junkyard and salvage yards</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bidndrive</strong></a><strong> - </strong>buy damaged salvage classic and project cars directly from auto auctions: free membership, 100% refundable deposit. start join us today.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage part source</strong></a><strong> - </strong>antique, classic and vintage car salvage yard resources</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cooleys scrap</strong></a><strong> - </strong>cooley's sells used auto parts with a variety of classic and vintage cars and trucks for sale. we'll purchase your old junk cars and trucks too!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage pickup truck</strong></a><strong>- </strong>antique, classic and vintage car and truck salvage yard directory</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage everyday</strong></a><strong> - </strong>50 vintage photos of classic car salvage yards and wrecks from between the 1940s and 1950s ~ vintage everyday</p> <p><a href=''><strong>billions and trillions inc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>muscle cars, vintage & classic auto parts, salvage yards, salvages, junk yards, antique, classic auto parts, rust freecar parts, bonnevilles, grand prix, gtos, 88s, 98s, starfires, catalinas, lemans, tempest, electras, skylarks, gs car, #1 most popular website, oem, nos</p> <p><a href=''><strong>b&m auto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>waukesha auto salvage yard has antique and late model autos | b&m auto sales & parts inc waukesha wisconsin</p> <p><a href=''><strong>big m automotive</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars and parts for sale</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bcs car and commercial</strong></a><strong> - </strong>how well you take care of the body of your car will determine how long it will remain in good condition. learn how to keep your auto body in great shape.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>tvmaze</strong></a><strong> - </strong>episode guide for salvage hunters: classic cars: episode titles, airdates and extra information. also, track which episodes you've watched.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>know all the things</strong></a><strong> - </strong>when it comes to the search for classic auto parts, you need to know where to look. a trusted classic auto parts store should be your first go-to.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>junkyard life</strong></a><strong> - </strong>junkyard life: classic cars, muscle cars, barn finds, hot rods and part news: junkyard tour: gibbs salvage in ridgeville, alabama a family-owned junkyard for 40 years</p> <p><a href=''><strong>drive tribe</strong></a><strong> - </strong>shcc is back for series 5 in the uk - and here's what you can expect. (contains car spoilers!!)</p> <p><a href=''><strong>old car city u.s.a</strong></a><strong> - </strong>old car city in white, georgia contains the world’s largest known classic car junkyard. visitors enjoy the beautiful vegetation of the deep south that is intertwined with the hundreds of cars that reside in old car city. old car city started as a small general store in 1931 and is still family owned and operated.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>street muscle</strong></a><strong> - </strong>arizona classic car junkyard a sight for optimistic eyes - street muscle</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bid garage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>is buying a salvage title car worth it? bid garage gives an in-depth answer.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>jims auto salvage sturgis</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the staff at jim's auto salvage & recycling has a passion for classic cars and trucks. as experienced mechanics, they know the industry and quality. call today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage mustang</strong></a><strong> - </strong>bought a california car that had salvage on the title but i got the car inspected and its ok. the word salvage still is on the title even though the state...</p> <p><a href=''><strong>quandt auto salvage, inc</strong></a><strong>- </strong>classic cars never go out of style, as they feature the stunning framework of eras gone by.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>sundellauto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we are a family run and owned small business that has been selling parts for classic gm muscle cars since 1983. we are a salvage yard that has over 1000 antique gm muscle cars. we sell new, used and reproduction parts, and project cars for chevelle, el camino, gto, lemans, skylark, cutlass, 442, camaro, nova, impala.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>junk cars hialeah</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the best classic car junk yards in florida are not only licensed and registered but you are guaranteed that every vehicle part you’re buying is...</p> <p><a href=''><strong>l&l classic auto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>l&l classic auto | wendell, id 83355</p> <p><a href=''><strong>northernirelandworld</strong></a><strong> - </strong>for some people cars are a means of transport, for others they’re a commodity to buy and sell for profit, and for another group they’re a way of life - something to cherish, admire and lavish time and money on.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>old cars weekly</strong></a><strong> - </strong>ron kowalke digs deep to find vintage salvage yards while exposing their classic iron treasures.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wildcat mopar</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic mopar wrecking yard & classic car dealer in sandy oregon offering project cars for sale & parts for your chrysler, dodge, plymouth, desoto, & imperial.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>chicago tribune</strong></a><strong> - </strong>old car city, the world's largest known classic car junkyard, has over 4,000 deteriorating classic cars spread across 32 acres of georgia forest.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>fairview salvage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>413-532-7463 - get paid for your old cars at fairview auto salvage.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>carsdirect</strong></a><strong> - </strong>for the novice, classic car restoration should be a fun, leisurely process. learn how to restore a classic car on the cheap.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>express</strong></a><strong> - </strong>salvage hunters: classic cars returns with a brand new season and the restorers experienced an emotional journey. paul cowland spoke exclusively to about a vauxhall viva project.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bobbittville</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vintage auto salvage possum grape, ar</p> <p><a href=''><strong>woller auto parts</strong></a><strong> - </strong>40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, mechanic specials, project cars, parts cars,</p> <p><a href=''><strong>racing junk</strong></a><strong> - </strong>1428 available - in the market for a antique or classic car? you've come to the right place. check here for the best selection.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>clarksville now</strong></a><strong> - </strong>clarksville muscle car guru finds rare stash in kentucky salvage yard | clarksville muscle car guru finds rare stash in kentucky salvage yard |</p> <p><a href=''><strong>turners auto wrecking</strong></a><strong> - </strong>turners auto wrecking has autos from 1928 to present. we ship anywhere in the usa.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the old car guys</strong></a><strong> - </strong>salvage yards  the old car guys</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ctc auto ranch</strong></a><strong> - </strong>ctc auto ranch</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motor trend</strong></a><strong> - </strong>these 5 junkyards hold some amazing muscle car finds for those willing to make the trek. roadkill's junkyard gold host steve magnante even went to a couple.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classics on autotrader</strong></a><strong> - </strong>desert valley auto parts has vehicles listed on classics on autotrader - the premier marketplace to find classic cars, trucks and suvs for sale.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>roadkill customs</strong></a><strong> - </strong>roadkill customs extensive junk yard and salvage yard database will help you find automotive recyclers to provide you with quality used auto parts. these businesses can provide you with factory-quality auto parts for your car, truck or hot rod project.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>road and track</strong></a><strong> - </strong>twenty acres, 2000 cars, and hardly any visitors. that's blake's auto salvage in utah.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>amusing planet</strong></a><strong> - </strong>old car city: the world's largest classic car junkyard | amusing planet</p> <p><a href=''><strong>daves classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars for sale, classic muscle cars - 1960s, 1970s, 1950s, classic american project cars for sale cheap</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rod authority</strong></a><strong> - </strong>every two years or so we see an ad for l&l classic auto, the salvage yard in idaho with 120 acres and over 8,000 cars, for sale. its back and still amazing.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto parts</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the place to find classic ford car and truck parts from 1909-1979. since 1974, we have been a leading auto parts supplier for vintage ford parts. we stock thousands of hard to find parts for older fords.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>salvage bid</strong></a><strong> - </strong>muscle cars were a major part of american automotive and pop culture of the 1960s and the 1970s. we're listing 3 classic muscle cars available on salvagebid.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>all american auto salvage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car parts | all american auto salvage</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ctc auto ranch</strong></a><strong> - </strong>ctc auto ranch</p> <p><a href=''><strong>racing junk</strong></a><strong> - </strong>1428 available - in the market for a antique or classic car? you've come to the right place. check here for the best selection.</p> <p>when dealing with classic car salvage, it's crucial to consider the insurance options available to protect the value of your restored vehicle. <a href=''><strong>stated value insurance</strong></a> is an excellent choice for salvaged classic cars, as it allows you to establish the value of your vehicle upfront. with <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> from, you can ensure that your investment is protected and that you receive the agreed-upon amount in case of a covered loss.</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 The Ultimate List of Classic Car Resources <div class='main-row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; margin: 40px 0px; border: 3px solid #73ad21; padding-bottom: 40px;'> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic cars for sale</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car dealers</a></div> </div> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car salvage</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car values</a></div> </div> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car parts</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car rental</a></div> </div> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car auctions</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car loans</a></div> </div> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car restoration</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car clubs</a></div> </div> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car shows</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car museums</a></div> </div> <div class='inner_row' style='display: block; min-height: 1px; padding: 20px 0px;'> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car repair</a></div> <div class='cl_car_column' style='width: 40%; float: left; padding: 0 5%; color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 18px;'><a href=''>classic car appraisal</a></div> </div> </div> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Cars for Sale <p><img alt='classic cars for sale' src='' style='height:402px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit:<a href='' title='go to greg gjerdingen'>greg gjerdingen</a>/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic cars las vegas</strong></a><strong> - </strong>serving las vegas, nevada (nv), classic & collectible cars is the place to purchase your next vehicle. view photos and details of our entire new and used inventory.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cars remember when</strong></a> - full service used car dealership specializing in classic car sales, consignment, rotisserie frame off vehicle assembly, high performance tuning, diagnostics, paint, body and mechanical repair</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ellingson motorcars</strong></a> - the best classic car dealership in minnesota to buy, sell, & consign your collectible classic car or vehicle. located just outside minneapolis in rogers, mn.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>old car online</strong></a> - classic cars for sale on old car online</p> <p><a href=''><strong>all american classics</strong></a> - check out our classic used cars for sale! these are the drivers and project cars that are looking for a new home. if you are looking for a classic project or a good driver then come and browse our inventory.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classics & beyond</strong></a> - for only the most pristine vintage vehicle sales and gallery, stop by classics & beyond to view or purchase the cars of your dreams.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dixie dream cars</strong></a> - serving dixie and the globe. we sell & ship collector cars worldwide. call 706-654-3500. american muscle to european classics. antique, classic cars and corvettes. we have the cars you've always wanted.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto round-up</strong></a> - auto round-up features 1,000's of classic cars for sale, muscle cars for sale, classic trucks for sale, street rods for sale, hot rods for sale vintage pickups for sale, project cars for sale, barn finds for sale, and classic auto parts for sale!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motorland america</strong></a> - classic cars for sale/trade - motorland llc</p> <p><a href=''><strong>corvettes and muscle cars</strong></a>- used cars north canton oh at ohio corvettes and muscle cars, our customers can count on quality used cars, great prices, and a knowledgeable sales staff.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>autolist</strong></a>- here are the top classic car listings for sale asap. view photos, features and more. what will be your next ride?</p> <p><a href=''><strong>brown's performance motorcars</strong></a> - browns' performance motorcars in glen burnie is maryland's first and only hot rod, muscle and classic car dealer. visit us from washington dc, baltimore md, annapolis or linthicum.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>east coast classics</strong></a> - east coast classics</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto star transport</strong></a> - a complete guide for classic car lovers that include, full list of the best places to buy classic cars, and which is the best vintage sports cars to buy in 2022;</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto sales</strong></a> - classic auto sales | omaha, ne</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cooper classic cars</strong></a> - cooper classic cars offers a fine selection of exotic, classic, antique, and vintage cars. located in nyc</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the vault classic cars</strong></a> - cars for sale | the vault classic cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>atomic motors</strong></a> - atomic motors is a new & pre-owned dealer of classic cars and motorcycles located in henderson, nv. atomic motors carries the latest dirico models, as well as rentals, service and financing near the areas of las vegas, boulder city, paradise, and enterprise</p> <p><a href=''><strong>crevier classic cars</strong></a> - orange county's premier classic and exotic vehicle sales, storage, and event venue.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hendrick performance</strong></a><strong> - </strong>featuring the hendrick heritage collection, restored and customized vehicles built to exceed the expectations of the world’s most passionate customers!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cruisin classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>cruisin classics full inventory. located in columbus, ohio at 3575 fisher rd. 43228. 614-276-7355. we have been in business since 1996 and remain the go-to place for all of ohio's classic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars, old cars, restored cars, low mileage cars, weekend cars, daily driver. cruisin classics ships internationally as well as worldwide.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>want ad digest</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic, vintage and antique cars for sale on the want ad digest classifieds website. buy or sell your classic car from upstate ny and new england on the want ad digest. selling an old car? we have buyers waiting!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>duncan imports</strong></a><strong> - </strong>at duncan imports & classics, we have classic cars spanning a variety of makes. visit our classic car dealers near roanoke, va, to purchase a classic luxury car.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>high octane classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car dealer auburn ma | boston | high octane classics visit high octane classics for all your classic car needs in auburn, ma. shop cars for sale, browse lease deals, or schedule service.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cody's classic cars</strong></a> - cody's classic cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>napoli classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>large selection quality classic and muscle cars | buy your classic or muscle car from napoli classics a trusted name since 1959.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic cars of palm beach</strong></a><strong> - </strong>browse our inventory of vehicles for sale at classic cars of palm beach.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ray skillman classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>ray skillman classic cars sells and services vehicles in the greater greenwood in area.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dragone classic motorcars</strong></a> - dragone classic motorcars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>collinsbros jeep</strong></a> - classic cars for sale from collins bros jeep</p> <p><a href=''><strong>racing junk</strong></a> - 1435 available - in the market for a antique or classic car? you've come to the right place. check here for the best selection.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto barn classic cars</strong></a> - offering a large unique inventory of classic cars, muscle cars, and used classics for sale. located in concord north carolina we provide quality classics for a great price!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>f-40 motorsports in portland</strong></a><strong> - </strong>listing of cars for sale at f-40 motorsports in portland</p> <p><a href=''><strong>frank man motors</strong></a> - browse our wide array of classic cars for sale in south dakota and submit an online form, call us today, or stop by our sioux falls location to learn more and test drive!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>with 31,466 vehicles for sale, is the largest website for classic and collector vehicles, muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, vintage trucks, classic motor bikes and much more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bring a trailer</strong></a><strong> - </strong>bring a trailer auctions is the best place to buy and sell vintage and classic vehicles - porsche, bmw, land rover, and more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic</strong></a><strong> - </strong>find and research classic and vintage cars for sale at auction. analyze classic car market prices, comps, alerts and more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic trader</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars for sale on classic trader. find over 11,280 classic cars for sale on the international marketplace -</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mecum auctions</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the world leader in live auctions of collector and classic cars, antique motorcycles, vintage tractors and road art memorabilia with events across the us.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic driver</strong></a><strong> - </strong>list your classic and premium cars on classic driver.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>all collector cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>40,000+ classic cars for sale right now. is the #1 classified website to find classic cars, muscle cars, classic trucks, and more!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cars on line</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car news, view thousands of classic cars for sale on cars on, america's most popular collector car website, classic cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>top classic cars for sale</strong></a><strong> - </strong>on you can find classic cars auctions from different websites.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>west coast classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car dealership located in southern california. we buy, trade and sell classic and collectible american and european cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>we are curated</strong></a><strong> - </strong>modern, vintage, classic cars & supercars for sale in the greater miami area. visit our website to view exquisite our car collection! call: (561) 801-0092</p> <p><a href=''><strong>er classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>buy your classic car at er classics. always more than 400 classic cars in our showroom in the netherlands. browse through our online stock today.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gullwing motor cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>gullwing motorcars is a classic, collector, and antique car dealer located in new york. we specialize in buying and selling classic, collector, and antique cars. visit us today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vanguard motor sales</strong></a><strong> - </strong>find classic cars for sale at vanguard motor sales in michigan - we ship worldwide! browse inventory or visit our 60,000 sq. ft. showroom.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hollywood motors</strong></a><strong> - </strong>hollywood motors of long island specialized in buying and selling classic cars, muscle cars and collectible cars across new york.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>canepa</strong></a><strong> - </strong>canepa offers investment grade classic and collector cars for sale. historic racing car sales and restoration in scotts valley california. call 831-430-9940</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic cars of sarasota</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars of sarasota is a full service classic automotive dealership, specializing in buying, selling and trading as well as consignments, financing, appraisals and domestic and international shipping. our 52,000 square foot facility is located 1 mile from srq airport and receives approximately 200+ walk-in visitors per day. we offer the full array of high-quality investment-grade restorations as well as driver-quality collectible cars from the 1920's to the 1970's and '80s. classic cars of sarasota is one of the largest classic car dealers on florida's southwest coast.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car gurus</strong></a><strong> - </strong>shop the best deals on classic cars from 60s and 70s muscle cars to modern european and japanese classics - only on cargurus!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car liquidators</strong></a><strong> - </strong>huge inventory! financing available! give us a call - (903) 891-0000! offering a large supply of classic cars, muscle cars, and hot rods for sale. located in sherman, tx, we provide quality classic cars for a great price!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ideal classic cars llc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>ideal classic cars llc is a full service classic automotive dealership and museum, specializing in buying, selling, and trading as well as consignments, financing, appraisals and domestic and international shipping. our 27,000 square foot showroom is situated on 3 acres and receives approximately 200 walk-in visitors per day. we offer the full array of high quality investment-grade restorations as well as driver-quality collectible cars from the 1920's to the 1970's. the icc museum, one of the hottest tourist attractions on florida's southwest coast, is lined with hot rods, street rods, european models, muscle cars and originals all available for purchase. we advertise world-wide on numerous platforms with the goal of becoming a household name in the classic car world. for more information, please contact us at (941) 966-1900</p> <p><a href=''><strong>coyote classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>coyote classics</p> <p><a href=''><strong>legendary motorcar</strong></a><strong> - </strong>view our current classic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars and performance cars for sale.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>fast lane classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>over 200 classic cars for sale including muscle cars, sports cars, exotic cars, luxury cars, and classic trucks.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>flemings ultimate garage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>fleming's ultimate garage has a unique inventory of classic cars for anyone! our services extend far beyond sales. located in rockville maryland come see our wide and best selection of classic cars in maryland</p> <p><a href=''><strong>affordable classics inc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>inventory - affordable classics inc. classic cars for sale, muscle cars, trade classic cars, buy classic cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>prewarcar</strong></a><strong>–</strong>pre-warcar</p> <p><a href=''><strong>streetside classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>thousands of classic cars, hot rods, exotics and collectibles in stock. new inventory arriving daily. contact us today to consign or buy a piece of history.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>oldride</strong></a><strong> - </strong>oldride offering classic car classifieds, classic truck classifieds, old car classifieds, classic car part, classic truck part, classic car sales, buy classic car, old classic car.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>unique classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>whether you’re looking for a pre-war classic, muscle car from your past or a newer muscle car, we can help. with around 150 vehicles in stock we are sure to have the right fit for you. we are a one stop shop that buys, sells, trades, and consigns vehicles. we also offer service, restoration, and detail. remember, don’t just drive something average, drive something unique!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>beverly hills car club</strong></a><strong> - </strong>looking to buy or sell classic cars and collector autos? learn more at beverly hills car club, a top vintage and classic vehicles dealer.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dyler</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars for sale on dyler - online marketplace. 24000+ ads of classic cars for sale from the uk, europe. place your advert of classic car for free.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gateway classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vehicles for sale</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car deals</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars for sale at classic car deals offers many fine classic cars for you to choose from like buy classic corvettes, corvettes for sale near you, classic car deals.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hyman ltd</strong></a><strong> - </strong>here at home, hyman ltd classic cars we currently have all you could need when it comes to classic cars. contact us today for more info!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>guild classic cars</strong></a><strong> -</strong>the guild of automotive restorers</p> <p><a href=''><strong>american dream machines</strong></a><strong> - </strong>american dream machines is located in the heart of the midwest, des moines, iowa, and is one of the largest full service shops for classic cars in the country.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>northwest classic auto mall</strong></a><strong> - </strong>advertise your classic car or truck for sale on our online classified ads website. advertise used parts, nostalgic memorabilia, transport trailers and vintage travel trailers for sale. car shows, cruise-ins, swap meets.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>universal muscle cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>universal muscle cars - maryland’s premier classic & muscle car dealer large inventory of classic cars, muscle cars, hot rods, restomods for sale</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rk motors</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the top destination for sales and consignment of classic and muscle cars. with everything from muscle cars, hot rods, to exotics. drive your dream home!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classicar garage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classicargarage is a unique classic car sales website presenting the finest automobiles for sale by renowned specialists in the netherlands, holland. austin healey, alvis, alfa romeo, aston martin, citroen, bentley, bmw, facel vega, ferrari, ford, jaguar, lancia, maserati, mg, porsche, mercedes benz, morgan, triumph, volvo</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classics on autotrader</strong></a><strong> - </strong>find classic and antique cars, classic trucks, muscle cars and project cars for sale. search by make, model, year and more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>smoky mountain traders</strong></a><strong> - </strong>inventory | classic cars & muscle cars for sale in knoxville tn</p> <p><a href=''><strong>muscle cars for sale</strong></a><strong> - </strong>looking for vintage cars for sale? our team at muscle cars for sale can help you find the right one. visit our website or give us a call today.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic and sports car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>thousands of classic cars for sale: buy, sell, and browse classic car adverts from the world’s best-selling classic car magazine.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>volo auto sales</strong></a><strong> - </strong>want to find your dream car? check out the selection of classic and collectors cars for sale at volo. contact us today to get your perfect collector car!</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Values <p><img alt='classic car values' src='' style='height:auto; width:802px' /><br /> image credit: kaye/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>invaluable</strong></a><strong> - </strong>whether looking to buy, sell, or upgrade your collection, we've outlined how to best determine classic car values based on condition and demand.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>brown car guy</strong></a><strong> - </strong>which classics to buy, how to make money and how 2030 new car sales ban will impact classic cars can you buy in a classic car in 2021 and make more money than investing in art or gold? which cars should you buy? how will the 2030 ice car sales ban impact classic cars?’</p> <p><a href=''><strong>j.d. power</strong></a><strong> - </strong>j.d. power car values.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>it still runs</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car values can be difficult to determine. follow the procedures listed to assess the value of your classic vehicle.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the car investor</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars have long been a popular investment strategy for investors wishing to diversify their portfolio, and for those who love the classic car market in</p> <p><a href=''><strong>antique car blue book</strong></a><strong> - </strong>if you're planning to buy or sell an antique automobile, it's essential that you know how much the vehicle is worth. antique car blue book values can help ...</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car guide</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car value guide, appraisal guide, antique autos, car values, automobile appraisal guide, classic car resource,, information, muscle car, edmunds, nada, blue book, dallas, texas</p> <p><a href=''><strong>collector car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>collector car values, 1946-1983 | used worldwide for 30 years</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car values</strong></a><strong>- </strong>classic cars for sale</p> <p><a href=''><strong>admiral</strong></a><strong> - </strong>wondering what car might be a good investment? we've chosen an eclectic mix of 20 cars from six decades which are likely to appreciate in value.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>nada</strong></a> - get nada values for used cars, certified pre-owned cars and more, brought to you by nada used car guide.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>edmunds</strong></a><strong> - </strong>get instant used car value and trade-in value online with edmunds; free car value appraisal calculator. whether you're trading your vehicle in at a dealer or planning to sell it, edmunds makes it easy to understand your car's value and get a great deal.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>nada guides</strong></a><strong> - </strong>get used car values & new car pricing, invoice pricing, used certified pre-owned (cpo) trade-in, retail values and more for all makes and models. explore now!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>used car value</strong></a><strong> - </strong>kelley blue book classic car values - used cars and motorcyles evaluation blog</p> <p><a href=''><strong>nada blue book</strong></a><strong> - </strong>kelley blue book has its own version for classic cars. kbb classic car suggests an estimated value considering the condition of the car. learn more about it here</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wcshipping</strong></a><strong> - </strong>here are the free online tools we recommend to estimate the price of your classic car.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>oldride</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car and truck price guide</p> <p><a href=''><strong>this is money</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the bull market is a list that names the 10 models petrol-heads - rather than well-heeled collectors - should be buying that are ripe for big future returns.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hemmings classic car values</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vintage automobile expert alex manos knows classic car values and is a serious buyer of european classic cars. a buyer of in-any-condition, mercedes, jaguar, austin healey, porsche and more. let's talk about your classic car and what it's worth today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>unique cars and parts</strong></a><strong> - </strong>price and valuation guide for classic and unique cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vmrintl</strong></a><strong> - </strong>get wholesale values -- the one price you need to know. used car and truck trade-in values with wholesale and retail pricing. exotic and limited production prices.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>carsdirect</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car values are assessed on half a dozen criteria. learn how to evaluate classic car value, and how to increase your classic car's value.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>sun auto service</strong></a><strong> - </strong>do you know the difference between classic, vintage, antique, or just plain old cars? learn when yours becomes a valuable classic.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>clasiq</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the clasiq classic car valuation guide is a way for you to find out how much your classic car is worth. want to know?</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Parts <p><img alt='classic car parts' src='' style='height:451px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: john lloyd / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic industries</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic industries is the recognized leader in automotive restoration parts. we have an extensive line of mopar parts, camaro parts, firebird parts, nova parts, impala parts and gm truck parts.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>year one</strong></a><strong> - </strong>yearone classic car parts for american muscle cars | barracuda cuda challenger 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<p><a href=''><strong>marks cruise night</strong></a><strong> - </strong>mark's classic cruise  mark's auto parts inc.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mercedes-benz usa</strong></a><strong> - </strong>browse our catalog of classic car parts and keep your vintage mercedes-benz running like new.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>eastwood</strong></a><strong> - </strong>get your car on the road again with new automotive parts for both oem repairs and custom upgrades. check out our muscle car engines, auto exhaust systems and other parts to power vintage cars in a modern world.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>sundellauto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we are a family run and owned small business that has been selling parts for classic gm muscle cars since 1983. we are a salvage yard that has over 1000 antique gm muscle cars. we sell new, used and reproduction parts, and project cars for chevelle, el camino, gto, lemans, skylark, cutlass, 442, camaro, nova, impala.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ca classic car parts</strong></a><strong> - </strong>parts for over 200 makes of classic and vintage cars. replacement parts for collector cars. specifications and photos of over 5000 american and european classic autos</p> <p><a href=''><strong>eckler's automotive parts</strong></a><strong>- </strong>get high quality classic chevy restoration parts or accessories for your antique or classic car or truck. shop classic chevy parts online.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>reds parts attic</strong></a><strong> - </strong>reds parts attic,classic car chrome plating services,antique car parts,vintage car parts,classic car parts,stainlesssteel,all types of metals,bumpers,trim,wheels,head light covers,seattrim,doorhandles,bumperguards,motorcycleparts,grills,dashparts,engineparts,transmissionparts,suspensionparts,metals all types,man cave parts,metals of all types.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>restoration parts source</strong></a><strong> - </strong>restoration parts source (rps)</p> <p><a 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</strong>phillips muscle car parts nos gm</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motor trend</strong></a><strong> - </strong>this colorado parts yard has been collecting classic cars for decades.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage and classic reproductions</strong></a><strong> - </strong>frontpage - vintage & classic reproductions</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the chrome guy</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the chrome guy is your source for hard-to-find classic truck parts in glendale, az. contact our classic auto parts store today to learn more about our inventory</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Rental <p><img alt='classic car rental' src='' style='height:506px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: don o'brien / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>palm springs classic car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>our classic car rentals are available for life’s most important milestones, parties, and special events. looking for 1966 cadillac deville in palm springs or san diego for a wedding, photoshoot, parade or movie? let us know about your special event and we’ll be happy to provide you more information.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>sixt</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the journey should be just as wonderful as the destination. choose from prestigous brands such as mercedes benz, jaguar and cadillac for fun on the road in virginia!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic event cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we are north carolina’s premiere chauffeur classic car rental service for all of your special events. we help you make an unforgettable entrance to your wedding, provide a timeless backdrop for your photos, and send you off in style! our cars are the perfect way to add a memorable, classic touch to</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto 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private club that gives its members the keys to a fleet of the most amazing cars ever built, from ferraris and aston martins to american muscle and modern racers.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car club</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car club of america</p> <p><a href=''><strong>budget rent a car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>a muscle car rental provides style and comfort with power and performance. get behind the wheel of an awesome car for a low price from budget. book today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vinty</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vinty classic and vintage car rental. experience sensational vehicles and cars. the largest selection for all budgets low to high.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>legends car rentals</strong></a><strong> - </strong>legends car rentals | best classic, exotic, suv and luxury rent a car los angeles, la, lax and las vegas.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dave's classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car dealership selling and buying used 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hill drive fredericksburg, virginia 22408 phone: (540) 370-4474 business hours: monday - friday 9 - 5 saturday 10 - 4sunday by appointment classic of the week 1979 volkswagen super beetle convertible by karmann since german-built beetle production ended with the 1979 model, the 1979 vw ‘€¦ continue reading home</p> <p><a href=''><strong>uniq</strong></a><strong> - </strong>#1 exotic car rental in los angeles hire supercar or luxury cars / daily rentals / monthly rentals / special offers | lamborghini / ferrari / rolls royce / corvette</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hertz</strong></a><strong> - </strong>add a little muscle into your road trip with hertz. browse our collection of high-performance, all-american muscle car rentals and book yours today.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the perfect getaway greenville</strong></a><strong> - </strong>make the perfect getaway at your wedding in one of our flawless vintage and classic car rental vehicles, chaufferred by a professional driver</p> <p><a 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not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Restoration <p><img alt='classic car restoration' src='' style='height:451px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit:<a href='' title='user:czmarlin'>czmarlin</a> /<a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>second chance garage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic cars and classic car restoration</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car restoration club</strong></a><strong> - </strong>get access to premium classic car restoration videos and learn the skills you need to put your ride back on the road.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car studio</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car studio | classic car studio is a full service classic car sales and restoration company in st. louis, missouri.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic recreations</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic recreations handcrafts american muscle cars like the officially licensed shelby gt500 cr. classic supercars, also in carbon fiber.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>collectors auto supply</strong></a><strong> - </strong>collector's auto supply stocks classic and vintage automobile restoration and replacement parts. we provide hard to find replacement parts to finish your classic car restoration.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>restore a muscle car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>restore a muscle car, llc originated in 2005 as a shop that would bring back ‘€Œclassic muscle’€ but to a new level of restoration. we work together with our customers to create an enjoyable and exciting restoration experience they can pass along to their family and friends.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>muscle car restorations, inc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>america's premier choice for muscle car restorations done once, done right! next-level craftsmanship and industry leading techniques.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>guild classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the guild of automotive restorers</p> <p><a href=''><strong>carolina classic car restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we are a full service complete or partial classic car restoration facility.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pro-speed autoworks</strong></a><strong> - </strong>pro-speed autoworks restores, builds and customizes classic cars and trucks. indoor classic car storage available.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>robs customs</strong></a><strong> - </strong>everything that you need to learn about the process and costs of classic car restoration including the factors involved and the hidden costs.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage cars inc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>serving the charlotte area, vintage cars, inc., of fort mill sc specializes in vintage car restoration, repairs, and sales.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>automotive restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>learn more about cccc, a top-ranked public educational leader in the state and nation, providing high quality, in-demand programs and training.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto restoration tampa bay</strong></a><strong> - </strong>contact us or stop by for more information about our restoration work in st. petersburg, florida.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>acade my art</strong></a><strong> - </strong>automotive restoration - academy of art university academy of art university academy of art university search search previous next previous next nextnext chat quote facebook google plus instagram pinterest twitter youtube tumblr weheartit download app close</p> <p><a href=''><strong>tristate classic car restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>tristate classic car restoration offers complete car restoration services in south florida best classic car restoration in south florida and nj for vintage car restoration</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ohiotech</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car restoration technology -</p> <p><a href=''><strong>lfcu</strong></a><strong> - </strong>gear up to finance the vehicle of your dreams with the hassle-free convenience, low rates, and excellent service that you know and love.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>d and d classic</strong></a><strong> - </strong>d&d classic automobile restoration - 2300 mote drive covington, ohio 45318 - 937.473.2229</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rivermont paint and body</strong></a><strong> - </strong>rivermont paint & body provides expert classic car restoration services in chattanooga, tn.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>r and m performance</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the nation's largest muscle car & classic automobile restoration shop specializing in camaro, chevelle, & mustang. r&m performance is located in cambridge, md</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pennsylvania college of technology</strong></a><strong> - </strong>one of only a few across the nation, our auto restoration program covers everything you need to know to restore vintage vehicles to their former glory.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car center</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car center of fredericksburg, inc. 3591 lee hill drive fredericksburg, virginia 22408 phone: (540) 370-4474 business hours: monday - friday 9 - 5 saturday 10 - 4sunday by appointment classic of the week 1979 volkswagen super beetle convertible by karmann since german-built beetle production ended with the 1979 model, the 1979 vw ‘€¦ continue reading home</p> <p><a href=''><strong>farm boy garage</strong></a><strong> - </strong>professional muscle car restoration, classic car restoration, and classic truck restoration all done on site at farm boy garage in des moines, iowa.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>manmadediy</strong></a><strong> - </strong>restoring a classic car can be a fantastic way to bring a piece of automotive history back to life, especially if you've found a rare model that needs a bit of’</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mikes auto restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>choose mike’s auto restoration & customizing for expert auto restoration in long lake, minnesota and let your car stand out. call (952) 473-1025 today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>long beach classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>collectors from long beach, huntington beach, and san pedro trust our vintage car restorations. call us for a free quote. visit us for a car that runs like new.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motor trend</strong></a><strong> - </strong>admit it. you’re tempted to cruise past this article, yet you can’t resist the desire to see if you’ve made at least one of these stupid restoration mistakes...</p> <p><a href=''><strong>horsepower motorworks</strong></a><strong> - </strong>horsepower motorworks is western new york’s premier specialty restoration and service center with climate controlled storage for your classic and high-performance vehicles right here in rochester, ny. we have over 40 years of experience in service and complete restoration of classic, vintage, and muscle cars. from bodywork to paint, from electrical to mechanical, we can do it all. we will help you evaluate your vehicle’s current condition and tailor a solution specifically for you.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>automotive restorations, inc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>founded in 1978, we are well established, award-winning practitioners of the art and craft of vehicle restoration, preservation, and care. from classic car storage to routine service and vehicle sales, ari has the skills and expertise necessary for any job. restoration, classic vehicle maintenance, engine rebuilding, upholstery, paint and body work, performance modifications, sales, and storage</p> <p><a href=''><strong>enfield auto restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we help return vehicles to their original splendor. we offer car restoration craftsmen for antique, classic and sports cars since 1972.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car restoration san diego</strong></a><strong> - </strong>car restoration is what we at evolve live for. classic cars, restomod, concours we are the best. custom automotive restoration professionals.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>innovative resto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>custom vehicle restoration shop in wallingford ct. mechanical upgrades, body & repair work for classic, vintage, & muscle cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>deans autoglass</strong></a><strong> - </strong>you’ve just survived the lengthy process of buying a classic car, hopefully, our ultimate classic car buyers guide was helpful, now comes the fun part.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>simoniz</strong></a><strong> - </strong>whatever your motivation for restoring a classic car, it is the ultimate labour of love, requiring time, patience, skill and of course the right tools</p> <p><a href=''><strong>graveyard classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car restoration in florida specializing in antique, muscle, and classic vehicles. general maintenance, frame-off rotisserie restorations, and service</p> <p><a href=''><strong>farland car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car restoration services from farland classic restoration in colorado. we restore, service and sell vintage autos like porsche, ferrari, mercedes-benz and maserati.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto restoration service indianapolis in</strong></a><strong> - </strong>american classics restoration, auto restoration service indianapolis in, looking for a quality auto restoration service? we provide the best service in the area and treat your vehicle with the utmost care. stop in or give us a call today!, 7653930790</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bbcamatx</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the world of classic cars is made of an unimaginable number of makes and models, thousands of upgrades and unlimited options. but all classic cars fall into one of three categories: original, restored or resto-mod.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the paddock cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>our primary service offering is the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of classic cars. classic car restoration is our passion. come see us!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic restoration llc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>complete, classic car restoration and service 642 ridgewood rd, ridgeland, ms 39157</p> <p><a href=''><strong>nick's auto restoration</strong></a><strong>- </strong>looking for montgomery, tx car service? nick's auto repair & classic car restoration provides reliable, affordable auto repair you can count on in montgomery, tx.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cv classic</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vehicle appraisals. vintage cars. frame-off restoration. call now to consult our experienced auto restoration experts.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage motorworks la</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vintage motorworks la has been in business for over 40+ years and proudly serving the greater los angeles. we offer classic car restoration, auto repairing, auto upholstery to modifying you're antique, classic or hot rod.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>factory collision</strong></a><strong> - </strong>a guide to the four levels of classic car restoration | auto body shop weymouth ma | factory collision & restoration | fcr</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto restoration specialist</strong></a><strong> - </strong>come sit down with our skilled design team to access your goals, the scope of the project, and... 17570 n tamiami trl, ste 2, north fort myers, fl 33903</p> <p><a href=''><strong>one stop auto repair inc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>since 1979 quality repairs on diesel, domestic & foreign cars or trucks in richmond. trusted napa autocarecenter& family owned.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hahn auto restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>hahn auto restoration</p> <p><a href=''><strong>atlanta auto resto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>atlanta auto restoration |</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic muscle customs</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic muscle specializes in classic car restoration, repair, customization and modernization of automobiles made before 1976. based in sacramento, ca.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dream car restorations ny</strong></a><strong> - </strong>dream car restorations ny</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hills resto</strong></a><strong> - </strong>hill's classic cars has years of experience handling restorations for classic vehicles including thunderbird, mustangs & more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cars remember when</strong></a><strong> - </strong>littleton, colorado classic car restoration, paint and body, detailing, and much more</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dreaming of doing a restoration</strong></a><strong> - </strong>thinking about a car restoration project? seriously, do not pass go and do not collect $200 until you’ve considered the time, cost and labor involved.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>donovan motorcar</strong></a><strong> - </strong>donovan motorcar service lenox, ma, fine automobile sales and service, classic car restoration, classic car sales, vintage cars for sale, classic and vintage car repairs, classic and vintage car storage, used classic and vintage cars for sale and the donovan jaguar racing team located in the berkshires of western massachusetts, with customers throughout the united states and europe.</p> <p><a href='' target='_blank'>auto restoration near me</a> - a website that utilizes google maps, to plot and show local shops specializing in the restoration of classic cars.</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Shows <p><img alt='classic car shows' src='' style='height:451px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: <a href='' title='user:czmarlin'>czmarlin</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>fairplex</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the west coast’s largest pomona swap meet & classic car show has hundreds of vendors selling rare car parts and accessories at low swap meet prices.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>california car show</strong></a><strong> - </strong>car show calendar for california - largest california car show event swap meet and cruise calendars on the web - classic concours cars hot rods low riders cruisers street rat rods trucks antique vintage cars drag strip race nascar cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>new jersey car shows</strong></a><strong> - </strong>nj car shows: 100% free listings for nj car shows, cruise nights, swap meets and cars for sale ads!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>norcal car culture</strong></a><strong> - </strong>upcoming events in northern california including car shows, swap meets, motorcycle events & races for the week of december 27 - january 2.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>new england auto shows</strong></a><strong> - </strong>below is a static listing of every car show/event we have ever listed in the past 4 -5 years. some i did not get updated info for 2021, 2020, or even 2019. so it's possible that some shows may or may not even exist anymore. you may ask: "but joel i know for a fact that "such and such</p> <p><a href=''><strong>old cars weekly</strong></a><strong> - </strong>old cars’ is your resource for locating classic car shows in your area and throughout the u.s. our comprehensive calendar of antique car shows, events and swap</p> <p><a href=''><strong>charlotte autofair</strong></a><strong> - </strong>visit the charlotte autofair located at charlotte motor speedway in north carolina, which is the largest collector vehicle even in the southeast.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car club</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car club of america</p> <p><a href=''><strong>old town usa</strong></a><strong> - </strong>featuring weekly car cruises and special events, there's something for everyone at old town. check our schedule for a list of updated events!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>back to the bricks</strong></a><strong> - </strong>all roads lead back to the bricks’®. this classic car show attracts over 500,000 people annually to celebrate our love of motor vehicles.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic and sports car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>looking for a classic car event to visit this weekend? here’s our list of great classic car events in the uk and around the world to look forward to in 2021</p> <p><a href=''><strong>madison classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the midwest's largest swap meets and car shows are hosted by madison classics. these car shows and swap meets are great places to buy and sell cars and hard to find car parts.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wisdells</strong></a><strong> - </strong>find automotion information such as packages and deals, the schedule and other events here.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car club council</strong></a><strong> - </strong>car club council of central virginia</p> <p><a href=''><strong>my classic car</strong></a><strong> - </strong>my classic car is a weekly television program that captures america’s love affair with the automobile and dennis gage, the handlebar mustachioed host, takes you along for the ride!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>japanese classic car show</strong></a><strong> - </strong>japanese classic car show -</p> <p><a href=''><strong>virginia car shows</strong></a><strong> - </strong>virginia car shows, listed by date, check back frequently as we add shows on a weekly basis. add car shows for free by filling out our car show form.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>my kid list</strong></a><strong> - </strong>your whole family will love soaking in a beautiful summer night as you walk through these classic car shows throughout the western suburbs.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mike's american muscle cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>mike's american muscle cars is a car event promotions and advertising website</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rockville, md</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the grounds of glenview mansion are transformed when more than 500 antique and classic automobiles go on display.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>tucson classics car show</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the 14th annual tucson classics car show, the premier car show in arizona, will be held at the gregory school on october 19, 2020. in tucson. hosted by the tucson rotary club, the tucson classics car show has granted over $1.6 million to local charities since 2007.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>emerald coast cruizin</strong></a><strong> - </strong>emerald coast cruizin' is panama city beach's premier classic car and hot rod show. the car show is proud to be and official visit panama city beach event.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>la jolla concours</strong></a><strong> - </strong>join us for an experience like no other. the la jolla concours d’elegance is proud to present a fully immersive weekend in beautiful la jolla, california. come for the cars, stay for the experience.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>downtown el cajon</strong></a><strong> - </strong>welcome to the cajon classic cruise car shows in downtown el cajon. we are the premier car show in the west. join us for great fun and food.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>napaonline</strong></a><strong> -</strong>our list of america's top ten classic car shows includes events from all regions and may have you planning your schedule accordingly.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>linvilla orchards</strong></a><strong> - </strong>antique car show  linvilla orchards</p> <p><a href=''><strong>flemington car shows</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the flemington car shows run every-other saturday all summer long offering the community a source of fun free family entertainment. each show, hundreds of some</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dream ride</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the dream ride experience</p> <p><a href=''><strong>oldride</strong></a><strong> - </strong>car shows event listings, car auctions event listings, swap meets event listings, car events.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>fla car shows</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the most comprehensive website for upcoming auto-related events, cruise ins, and car club listings in florida.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>carlisle events</strong></a><strong> - </strong>carlisle events is home of some the biggest car shows in the world!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pomona swap meet</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the west coast's largest classic car, corvette, porsche, street rod, volkswagen, modern muscle, exotic swap meet and classic car show held at fairplex in pomona, california.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>socalcarculture</strong></a><strong> - </strong>socalcarculture - car show and events calendar</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rides collective</strong></a><strong> - </strong>find a classic car show near you - rides collective</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pebble beach concours</strong></a><strong> - </strong>your journey to the world's most prestigious car show begins here. discover our history, experience our heritage, and secure your ticket.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car show nationals</strong></a><strong> - </strong>  2022 car show flyers from around the united states.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cars in the park</strong></a><strong> - </strong>shine up your vintage or contemporary car, truck, hot rod, or motorcycle because it is time to show them off at jcprd's cars in the park show held at the theatre in the park.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>eds lake wood ranch</strong></a><strong> - </strong>do you enjoy looking at super or vintage cars? or maybe showing yours off? check out the classic car show at ed's taven your local sports bar in lakewood ranch.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>showcase classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>showcase classics is a northern illinois car show and cruise night event company owned by car enthusiast bob gamboa.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>orinda classic car show</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the 2021 orinda annual classic car show</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Museums <p><img alt='classic car museums' src='' style='height:451px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: john lloyd/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic and sports ca</strong></a> - 50 museums every classic car fan should visit | classic & sports car</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto museums</strong></a>- is the biggest and most comprehensive automotive museums' guide online. after more than 10 years it has been completely revamped featuring over 1500 museums from 67 countries.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>blackhawk museum</strong></a> - blackhawk museum classic car collection</p> <p><a href=''><strong>festiva lcountry indiana</strong></a> -ray skillman classic car museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>romantic asheville</strong></a>-  tour the very interesting bennett classics antique auto museum in forest city, north carolina, with 70+ vehicles of all ages, types and shapes!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>lane motor museum</strong></a> - lane motor museum in nashville, tennessee features the largest european collection of cars and motorcycles in the united states.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>audrain auto museum</strong></a> - audrain auto museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>st louis car museum</strong></a> - the st. louis car museum actively sells classic and collector cars to car enthusiasts around the globe. we have numerous classic and modern sports cars for sale at all times. in addition, our car museum is open to the public where guests are welcome to tour our collection of classic, vintage and collector cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>simeone museum</strong></a> - located in philadelphia, pa, the simeone foundation automotive museum is one of the world’s greatest collections of racing sports cars. through our theme, ‘€Œthe spirit of competition’€, we celebrate the history and evolution of these magnificent machines.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>aaca museum</strong></a> - the aaca museum in hershey, pa ranks among the top automotive museums in the world. plan your visit today and explore the amazing history of automobiles.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car and driver</strong></a> - explore america's many exhibits of automotive history at these incredible car museums.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>larzanderson</strong></a> - belibrary | best wordpress theme for libraries</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hollywood cars museum</strong></a> - hollywood cars museum has vehicles that have appeared in more than 100 films, tv shows and videos and also features some rare vehicles and wild custom cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>saratoga auto museum</strong></a>- we celebrate the automobile and educate the general public, students and enthusiasts regarding the role of the automobile in new york state and in the wider world.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>nethercutt collection</strong></a> - the nethercutt collection home page</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car collection</strong></a>- over 200 classic cars in kearney, nebraska</p> <p><a href=''><strong>stahls auto</strong></a> - stahls automotive collection | created to build an appreciation for the history of the automobile. see classic cars through the decades.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>muscle car museum</strong></a> -welcome to floyd garrett's muscle car museum, home of over 80 muscle cars worth over $8 million dollars. come see our cars and talk to floyd.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pioneer auto show</strong></a> - established in 1954, the south dakota auto museum includes more than 300 vintage cars, trucks, motorcycles and tractors as well as an eclectic array of vintage collectibles.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car museum</strong></a> - northeast classic car museum  over 170 classic and vintage vehicles on display!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>tacm</strong></a> - tallahassee automobile museum  it's more than a museum’ it's a journey through history</p> <p><a href=''><strong>celebrity car museum</strong></a> - visit the celebrity car museum in branson, mo with an immersive collection of over 100 iconic movie and tv show vehicles. purchase tickets online today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>road and track</strong></a> -  12 best car museums - best automotive museums in us</p> <p><a href=''><strong>rochester auto museum</strong></a> - the rochester auto museum is downtown rochester’s newest addition! stop by to take a walk through history!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wheels of yesteryear mb</strong></a> - home - wheels of yesteryear</p> <p><a href=''><strong>swigart museum</strong></a> - the william e. swigart, jr. automobile museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit museum dedicated to preserving the history of the american automobile. our remarkable collections have existed for more than 85 years, beginning as a private passion of our founder w. emmert swigart. his son, william e. swigart, jr., fell under the spell of these wonderful machines and built the collection to about 150 cars, of which 30 to 35 are on display at the museum at one time.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>boyert own museum</strong></a> -  the boyertown museum of historic vehicles preserves and educates about our local road transportation history. volunteers always welcome, call (610) 367-2090</p> <p><a href=''><strong>fountain head museum</strong></a> - fountainhead antique auto museum is a vintage car museum located in fairbanks, alaska. the family-friendly activity is consistently named the ‘€Œ#1 attraction in fairbanks’€ by’ tripadvisor,’ and one of the best auto museums in the world, among auto enthusiasts.’ looking for fun things to do in fairbanks, ak? come visit our antique automobile museum and learn about alaska's rich transportation history.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>graffiti usa museum</strong></a>- graffiti usa museum  classic cars and a whole lot more! modesto usa</p> <p><a href=''><strong>antique car museum</strong></a> - fort lauderdale antique car museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>british motor museum</strong></a> -  immerse yourself in the fascinating story of britain's motor industry at the british motor museum - the designers, the factories, the workers, the cars, the publicity and the drivers.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>route66 auto museum</strong></a>- route 66 auto museum in santa rosa, new mexico has the best privately owned original and custom classic cars, street rods and memorabilia in the world.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>toad hall cars</strong></a> - classic british sports cars classic car collectors dream at toad hall of simmons homestead home to over 50 classic british sports cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>travelawaits</strong></a>- take a step back in time at the best auto museums in the country.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>aaa</strong></a>-  whether you are a diehard classic car buff or you just think cars from the 1920s to the 1970s look cool, you can get a close look at these icons of american culture at museums across the country. here we list some of the best; climb behind the steering wheel and get up to speed on the best places to see classic cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motion unlimited museum</strong></a> - motion unlimited museum | over 100 vehicles for sale</p> <p><a href=''><strong>iloveny</strong></a>-  an official path through history site! the largest car museum in the northeast with more than 200 cars, trucks, and motorcycles on display. an educational facility that collects, preserves, and exhibits vehicles related to the evolution of transportation, including examples of the first electric cars, steam car, and the internal combustion engine. all one level, wheelchair-accessible with electric scooters available at no charge. exhibits include prewar, postwar, muscle cars, military airplane engines, as well as cars made in ny state, including the chenango camper, made in norwich ny. the largest display of franklin luxury cars, which are air-cooled and made in syracuse. most vehicles are displayed in showroom condition; two are available for hands-on experience. period fashions, wwi and wwii airplane engines and original videos enhance the experience. the museum also features a tribute to the bennett-ireland companies, a major manufacturer in norwich in the 20th century. themed exhibit changes annually in may. have your photo taken in the model t and visit the gift shop full of new and vintage diecast, books, toys, and clothing. over 12,000 visitors per year; aaa general attraction.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>okobojicc</strong></a> - okoboji classic cars, llc.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>austin car museum</strong></a> - austin rock and roll car museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>day family classic cars</strong></a> - home - day family classic cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>thunder dome car museum</strong></a>- thunder dome car museum - classic vehicle collection</p> <p><a href=''><strong>horton classic car museum</strong></a> - home | horton classic cars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>visit sara sota</strong></a> - sarasota classic car museum inc. | visit sarasota</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage auto museum</strong></a> - vintage automobile museum of new jersey | car donation, classic car museum | point pleasant, nj</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mazda classic frey</strong></a> - the first museum outside japan to house classic mazda cars has developed from one of the world’s largest private collections in augsburg.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>jerrys museum</strong></a> - create new memories’ while we share the old. hard to believe another season has come to the end! we will re-open the weekend of april 29th - may 1st to start the 2022 season! credit cards are now accepted do you want to relive the days of the past? the days when cars were classically’</p> <p><a href=''><strong>americas car museum</strong></a> - tickets - america's car museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motte museum</strong></a>-  home | motte historical museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motorious</strong></a>- north america has some of the most impressive classic car museums on the planet.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pitstop rumbleon</strong></a> -  looking to check out some classic and antique cars? want to pay homage to the racing greats of the past? we've done the research for you, and here's the ultimate list of auto museums in america!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>marcon imuseum</strong></a> - the marconi automotive museum and event venue in orange county exhibits luxury, rare and historic cars, and donates admission fees to charity.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>mullin automotive museum</strong></a> - mullin automotive museum</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dwarf car museum</strong></a> - home of the first dwarf race car and the handmade dwarf car cruiser, created by ernie adams.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gilmore car museum</strong></a>- gilmore car museum offers a wide variety of events throughout the year, from weekly cruise ins during the summer months to our winter wonderland light’</p> <p><a href=''><strong>branson museum</strong></a> - we are an auto and farm museum featuring over 150 collectible, classic, and muscle cars along with farm exhibits, steam engines, over 150 tractors, and harvesting equipment.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wellborn muscle car museum</strong></a> - wellborn musclecar museum, musclecar collection, mopar collection, 1960 car collection, 1970 car collection, hemi, roadrunner, superbee</p> <p><a href=''><strong>seal cove auto museum</strong></a>- the seal cove auto museum fosters joyful experiences for people of all ages and interests. it features early automobiles and motorcycles, as well as clothing and accessories, from 1895 - the 1920s. antique auto enthusiasts, history buffs, and those who loves stories or anything unique, will delight in the collection.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dream car museum</strong></a> - dream car museum</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Vintage and Classic Car Appraisals <p><img alt='classic car appraisal' src='' style='height:401px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: mike cohen / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>volo auto museum</strong></a><strong> - </strong>want to know what value you can get for your classic or collector car? get an online classic car appraisal today from the team at volo auto sales! want to know what value you can get for your classic or collector car? get an online classic car appraisal today from the team at volo auto sales!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wcshipping</strong></a><strong> - </strong>here are the free online tools we recommend to estimate the price of your classic car.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>automotive valuation services</strong></a><strong> - </strong>define, revise, advise & deliver: we will help you define and refine your needs and guide you through the ever changing market for collector vehicles</p> <p><a href=''><strong>the news wheel</strong></a><strong> - </strong>if you own a vintage vehicle or historic hot rod, you should know its value. here's a beginner's guide on having your classic car appraised.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto appraisals md, llc</strong></a><strong> - </strong>antique, classic, customized, modified, and late model vehicle appraisals backed by our many years of professional experience, including handling insurance claims and settlements, and expertise in the collector car hobby and marketplace.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>edmunds</strong></a><strong> - </strong>get instant used car value and trade-in value online with edmunds; free car value appraisal calculator. whether you're trading your vehicle in at a dealer or planning to sell it, edmunds makes it easy to understand your car's value and get a great deal.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>bench mark auto appraisers</strong></a><strong> - </strong>auto appraisers - let benchmark auto appraisers introduce you to a few of our popular services and ‘€Œrazor sharp’€ appraisals. in new york,</p> <p><a href=''><strong>carsdirect</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car values are assessed on half a dozen criteria. learn how to evaluate classic car value, and how to increase your classic car's value.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>stevelinden</strong></a><strong> - </strong>if you are looking for concise, accurate classic car appraisals, look no further than steve linden. with over 25 years of hands-on experience in vintage car services, steve linden is the source you can trust.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto appraisal</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car appraiser offers certified appraisal services for your custom, classic or vintage model car. call auto appraisal network massachusetts: (978) 705-4359.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto appraiser</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car appraisals available nationwide. from actual cash value appraisals to diminished value appraisals, classic auto appraiser can help protect your vehicle investment!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage auto appraisal</strong></a><strong> - </strong>vintage auto appraisal vehicle appraisals for insurance value estates pre-purchase diminished value divorce museums collections bank loans</p> <p>when it comes to protecting your prized possession, such as a classic car, having the right insurance coverage is crucial. <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> offers specialized coverage tailored to the unique needs of vintage vehicles. if you're looking for comprehensive protection for your classic car, it's important to consider classic car insurance policies.</p> <p>when obtaining a classic car appraisal, it's important to consider the appropriate insurance coverage for your appraised vehicle. stated value insurance is a valuable option to explore. with <a href=''><strong>stated value insurance</strong></a>, you can establish the value of your classic car upfront, ensuring that you receive the agreed-upon amount in case of a covered loss. at, you can find comprehensive information on stated-value insurance and how it can protect your appraised classic car.</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Repair <p><img alt='classic car repair' src='' style='height:491px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: <a href='' title='go to seattle municipal archives'>seattle municipal archives</a> / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic mil</strong></a>- 24 hour taxi service</p> <p><a href=''><strong>carolina classic car restoration</strong></a>- we are a full service complete or partial classic car restoration facility.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>renown auto</strong></a> - renown auto restoration has been offering san antonio & texas the highest quality car restoration for muscle cars, classic cars, antique vehicles for over 10 years.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>enfield auto restoration</strong></a> - we help return vehicles to their original splendor. we offer car restoration craftsmen for antique, classic and sports cars since 1972.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>atomic motors</strong></a> - atomic motors is a new & pre-owned dealer of classic cars and motorcycles located in henderson, nv. atomic motors carries the latest dirico models, as well as rentals, service and financing near the areas of las vegas, boulder city, paradise, and enterprise</p> <p><a href=''><strong>urban classics auto repair</strong></a>- urban classics is a full-service general auto, truck and heavy duty semi truckrepair shop in brooklyn, ny, with towing and recovery available 24/7.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>exoticars-usa</strong></a>- exoticars usa has been serving the european sports and collector car community in new jersey since 1979. world class exotic car repairs.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>d and m restoration</strong></a> - your #1 vintage and classic car gauge restoration and repair authority! gauges, radios, clocks, wiper motors, window motors and carpet, we handle it all!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto body</strong></a> - our certified technicians are ready to repair your vehicle to manufacturer standards. we offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs. our auto body shop will turn the disruption of vehicle repair into a hassle-free process. call us today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto body waldorf md</strong></a> - we are a customer-oriented auto body shop. call 301-843-0301 today for exceptional service in waldorf, md. we stand by our work and offer free estimates!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>american warrior garage</strong></a> - we are a customer-oriented auto body shop. call 301-843-0301 today for exceptional service in waldorf, md. we stand by our work and offer free estimates!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>pauls restos</strong></a> - find classic car and hot rod auto restoration at paul's rods &restos of new york</p> <p><a href=''><strong>tristate classic car restoration</strong></a>- tristate classic car restoration offers complete car restoration services in south florida best classic car restoration in south florida and nj for vintage car restoration</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage and classic auto</strong></a> - vintage and classic automotive is your local vintage car repair & service mechanic in adelaide. contact us on (08) 82762401.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wilson auto</strong></a> - the best classic car repair and classic truck repair shop in dallas is wilson auto repair. they've repair and restored more than 68,000 vehicles since 1987. call (972) 271-3579 for more information.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hot rod dream works</strong></a>- when your hot rod or classic car requires a full restoration, choosing the right shop is the key to achieving positive results. hot rod dreamworks of canby can restore any vehicle to mint condition no matter how damaged it may be.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>south shore auto works</strong></a>- south shore autoworks is a general automotive repair shop that specializes in european auto repair.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage auto works</strong></a>-. vintage autoworks& collision has over 100 years of combined experience to bring littleton, co expert collision repair. call us today to book your auto body repair appointment!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>midlife classics</strong></a>- classic car restoration, service, support and upgrades in collin county - serving all of north texas.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic autobody repair</strong></a> - we are i-car gold certified. free computerized estimates. providing top-notch auto body services to the tri-state area. call today! (845) 623-3269</p> <p><a href=''><strong>somerset hills classics</strong></a> - call somerset hills classics at (844) 537-2305 in bernardsville, nj, for classic car restoration services that won't strain your budget.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>heckmann thiemann</strong></a> - from changing your oil to complete engine rebuild or classic car mechanical restoration, heckmann & thiemann motors is your one-stop portland auto repair shop.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>premier resto</strong></a> - premier restorations is a full-service restoration shop for classic and exotic cars. secure, climate-controlled storage available. just 15 miles from nyc.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>restoration rods</strong></a> - best full service auto business in boise providing general auto repair, classic or vintage car restoration and sales, and precision performance dyno tuning.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>oldwick village garage</strong></a> - we specialize in european & exotic auto services and repairs for the entiretewksbury area, give us a call to schedule an appointment.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>klaus garage</strong></a> - klaus garage is a modern, complete and professional auto repair shop specialized on foreign and domestic cars, servicing for 35 years.</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Loans and Financing Options <p><img alt='classic car loans' src='' style='height:451px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit:airpix/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>lending tree</strong></a> -here’s what you need to know about classic cars if you’re interested in buying one, including how you can finance the purchase of a vintage vehicle.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>800 loan mart</strong></a> -all kinds of cars are accepted for title loans, even classic cars! see how much you could get using your classic car here. or, talk to a loan expert at 1-855-277-4847</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cars direct</strong></a>- whether this is your first classic auto loan or if you've had one before, you know how difficult it can be to find a lender.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>collector car lending</strong></a>- collector car lending is your best choice when it comes to financing your dream car. classic, collector, and exotic cars. we want to help make your dream come true. apply today to find out rates and terms available.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>jj best</strong></a>- we’ve been recognized by antique, classic, collector, exotic, hot rod, kit, muscle, and sports car enthusiasts and dealers as the leader of our kind.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>cuwest</strong></a>- if you’ve dreamt of owning a classic or vintage car, you can now make those dreams a reality with classic car financing options from credit union west.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>seguin car country</strong></a>- used 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classic car loans, classic car financing & other private equity title loans for classic cars, luxury cars, exotic cars & more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>motor 1</strong></a> - lightstream auto loans and refinancing loans are available online with same-day funding. click here to learn about minimum requirements for a lightstream auto loan.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>aussie car loans</strong></a> - looking to invest or indulge your fantasies with a classic or vintage car? we do low rate classic car finance with fast approvals & ethical lending.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>f source</strong></a> - if you are looking for a classic car loan, first source offers affordable rates that make it easier to enjoy the classic car you’re looking for.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>car money</strong></a> - always dreamed of owning a classic but need the finance to make it a reality? we can help! our team of classic car specialists have access to a wide range of classic car finance products including pcp and hp. we will take care of the paperwork and hassle, letting you get on with loving your pre-loved vehicle.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>fox finance group</strong></a> - classic car loan pre-approvals from $10k to $100k+. low interest rates available. apply in minutes. we understand your passion for everything old school and classic. speak with one of our classic car loan specialists today on 1300 665 906 today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>lfcu</strong></a> - gear up to finance the vehicle of your dreams with the hassle-free convenience, low rates, and excellent service that you know and love.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>lend edu</strong></a> - if you're considering buying your first classic car or you already have one, you should understand how to get classic car loans as an option for financing.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>aplfcu</strong></a> - vehicle loans | apl federal credit union (laurel, md)</p> <p><a href=''><strong>afs</strong></a> - enjoy the classics? vintage, classic, unique, muscle, restored and imported - afs is lender of choice when it comes to classic car loans at low rates.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>navy federal</strong></a> - competitive auto financing rates for military personnel, veterans and their families. learn more about our auto loans and apply at navy federal credit union.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>usaa</strong></a> - a usaa car loan means flexible terms, no application fees and a loan offer that's good for 45 days. it's car financing made easy. see what your rate could be.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>light stream</strong></a> - finance your next classic car purchase with one easy, virtually paperless loan process. loan amounts up to $100,000 for any make, model or mileage.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic and sports finance</strong></a> - classic & sports finance, the uk's leading finance intermediary for bespoke car and asset finance solutions. classic car finance, sports car loans and more.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>sun trust</strong></a> - suntrust classic car loans offer competitive interest rates and flexible terms. it’s easy to apply and fast to get access to your funds.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>wood side credit</strong></a> - collector car financing is what we do best. woodside is lender, not a broker. providing the best classic car lending products since 2003.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>commerce bank</strong></a> - commerce bank makes it easy to get a deal on cars older than 7 years with flexible terms, rate discounts and pre-approved auto loans.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>credit karma</strong></a> - getting a classic car loan is typically different than your standard auto loan. learn how to navigate the financing process with these tips.</p> <p>when exploring classic car loans and financing options, it's crucial to consider the complete picture of owning a vintage vehicle, including insurance coverage. <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> is an essential component to protect your prized investment. at, you can find comprehensive options for affordable classic car insurance tailored specifically for enthusiasts seeking financing. with the right insurance coverage in place, such as affordable classic car insurance, you can enjoy your financed classic car with confidence, knowing it is protected.</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Wed, 26 Jan 2022 00:00:00 -0800 Tow for Life: Volvo Will Tow Your Car for Free – Even Classics! <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img alt='volvo, vehicle, car, oldtimer, classic, transport, old' src='' style='height:383px; width:624px' /><br /> <em>image credit:<a href=''> annyksphotography</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>volvo has a sweet perk that extends well beyond their new car warranty and benefits even owners of volvo <a href=''><strong>classic cars</strong></a>. the car manufacturer has a complimentary tow for life program. drivers in the united states never have to worry about getting stranded. if their vehicle breaks down, volvo will tow it to the closest dealership for free. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>complimentary tow for life program </h2> <p dir='ltr'>this benefit covers all vehicles, whether it is a <strong>modified car</strong>, or the vehicle is right off the assembly line. if your vintage car throws a gasket or has any other mechanical problems, volvo will come to your rescue. volvo’s free towing program isn’t limited to roadside assistance. they will even tow your antique car out of your garage. </p> <p dir='ltr'>volva already offers free towing for its customers with vehicles under warranty. it’s part of the manufacturer’s roadside assistance program. when you take advantage of the tow for life program, your vehicle is towed to a volvo dealership, regardless of warranty status.</p> <p dir='ltr'>scott doering, the head of customer service for volvo car usa states, </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>a commitment to all volvo owners</h2> <p dir='ltr'>“tow for life ensures that in the event of a breakdown, help is on hand no matter the age of the vehicle. it’s a commitment to all our customers that cars will be taken to experts who use genuine volvo parts and repair methods. this will get the customer back on the road faster and provide assurance that the repair was done right.”</p> <p dir='ltr'>anyone considering the purchase of a classic volvo will appreciate the program. if you already own a vintage volvo, now you can drive it with added confidence. if something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about getting roadside assistance. the complimentary tow for life program will come to get the vehicle no matter where you are in the united states. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>a competitive advantage</h2> <p dir='ltr'>volvo is using its newly expanded free towing service to entice new drivers. knowing they have the safety net gives drivers more confidence in the car brand and manufacturer. even after their new car warranty expires, they can still get a free tow to the dealership for repairs. it is also encouraging drivers to hang on to their older model vehicles. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>the fine print</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the complimentary tow for life program does have some exceptions and terms. all vehicles, regardless of age, are automatically taken to the nearest volvo dealership. drivers cannot use the free towing service to take their cars to their favorite repair shop. it is only valid for recognized volvo dealerships. the terms are simple, the vehicle must be a volvo. </p> <p dir='ltr'>owners of classic volvos may run into some problems. not all dealerships are equipped to work on vintage models. you will pay a fee if you have your car towed to another shop, but at least your vehicle isn’t sitting on the side of the road. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>easy to use</h2> <p dir='ltr'>using tow for life is easy, and drivers have two options. they can call the volvo customer care number at 1 (800) 550-5658 or download the app on their smartphones. the volvo on-call app tracks your location and automatically sends the roadside assistance team to your vehicle. it’s a handy tool to use when you aren’t sure of your location. </p> <p dir='ltr'>if you own a classic car and want to ensure its protection beyond just towing services, consider investing in <a href=''>classic car insurance</a>. classic car insurance offers specialized coverage tailored to the unique needs of classic car owners. with comprehensive coverage options and specific policies designed to protect valuable vintage vehicles, classic car insurance provides peace of mind for enthusiasts.</p> All categories Mon, 6 Dec 2021 00:00:00 -0800 Routine Vehicle Maintenance | Why is it Important for Your Car? <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em><img src='' style='height:497px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>imls digital collections </a>/<a href=''>flickr</a></em></p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr'>cars are complicated machines. your vehicle needs the right combination of many factors from the air intake, to gas, and lubrication to work - and that’s whether you have a classic car, modified car, antique car, or a modern one, just as the factory made it.</p> <p dir='ltr'>sure, many vehicles are equipped with many sensors to warn you about a potential issue, but getting ahead on your maintenance is even better and can lead to many more years on the road - with fewer dollars spent on major repairs or another vehicle.</p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:400px; width:309px' /><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>lindsey publicover</a>  /<a href=''> flickr</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>so why is routine maintenance important to my car?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>routine maintenance keeps all the moving parts in your vehicle running the way they should. there are many benefits to maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>less money</h3> <p dir='ltr'>while the price of a tire rotation and an oil change every 3,000 miles (or sometimes 6,000 with full synthetic) seems like it adds up quickly, it’s a small drop in the bucket compared to the stream of cash you’ll need for major repairs to your suspension or engine.</p> <p dir='ltr'>changing your oil less frequently than needed will lead to wearing the major parts of your engine down sooner. the engine has many parts and the more wear you have, the more parts you’ll need to replace. </p> <p dir='ltr'>following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule can also be cheaper in the long run. having a moving part fail often leads to additional failures at the same time. it’s far cheaper to replace a belt when the instructions or your mechanic suggest than waiting for it to break.</p> <p dir='ltr'>better maintenance will also keep your monthly bills down. whether you have a standard vehicle or a modified car, your <a href=''>insurance</a> won’t go up as quickly as car owners who have to tow their vehicle on a regular basis.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>time for other things</h3> <p dir='ltr'>routine maintenance can help you save time. ever sat around in the lobby of your local repair place, waiting to hear bad news about your car? or sat around waiting for the dreaded phone call to learn why your vehicle isn’t running?</p> <p dir='ltr'>regular maintenance like oil changes can help save time - and maybe your nerves. a well-maintained car spends less time in the shop on average because it doesn’t need to be torn down, then parts ordered, and parts replaced - all of which take time. you’ll also spend less time contemplating what do to with your car when the repair bills run high.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>smooth performance</h3> <p dir='ltr'>over time, you’ll slowly start to notice your car behaving strangely without regular maintenance. an old, ill-maintained battery will have a harder time starting in extreme cold or heat. old, worn spark plugs can make an engine run rough. your brake pads are designed to make a squeal noise when they are too worn - and you don’t want to hear it!</p> <p dir='ltr'>having smooth performance in any car, including your vintage car, makes your vehicle more predictable, too. do you know if your vehicle can reliably stop in traffic when the light turns yellow? do you have the power to easily pass a slow mover on the highway? regular maintenance makes your vehicle act more as it should.</p> <p dir='ltr'>this is especially important for modified cars. if you changed your vehicle’s engine performance, or suspension and tires, make sure to get the vehicle maintained often to ensure you aren’t prematurely wearing parts that make your modifications less effective.</p> <p>if you own a modified car, paying special attention to maintenance needs and considering the appropriate insurance coverage is essential. <a href=''><strong>modified car insurance</strong></a> provides specialized protection tailored specifically for these unique vehicles.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>prevent warning lights</h3> <p dir='ltr'>nobody likes the piercing glow of the check engine light. for those unfamiliar with code readers, it’s a mystery - and a hope that your vehicle doesn’t break down soon.</p> <p dir='ltr'>regular maintenance on any vehicle will help prevent your dashboard from lighting up like a christmas tree. </p> <h3 dir='ltr'>for safety’s sake</h3> <p dir='ltr'>sudden breakdowns are bad. having your car fall apart or not be able to stop is also quite dangerous, especially in traffic or in remote areas.</p> <p dir='ltr'>a well-maintained vehicle is much safer. auto shops typically offer a free inspection with the vehicle and have trained eyes to notice potential issues with your vehicle’s future safety.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>resale value</h3> <p dir='ltr'>whether you have a collectible car or a more modern, less rare vehicle, the resale value is affected by your maintenance. keeping records on hand of your consistent oil changes and the money spent on replacing and inspecting parts as needed is really helpful in getting a better offer when the time comes to sell.</p> <p dir='ltr'>when selling privately or trading into a dealer, the buyer will have more confidence in your vehicle when seeing that it was maintained regularly and drives as it does.</p> <p dir='ltr'>keeping the vehicle interior clean is also huge when selling your car. buyers don’t want a car that smells like fast food, or that has stains, rips, or tears in the seats.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>between maintenance trips</h2> <p dir='ltr'>there are some basic things you can do between oil changes and regular maintenance to ensure that your vehicle stays in top shape.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>check where you park for leaking fluids. some leaks are slow and build up over time, but they are still important. when backing out, look at the pavement for any wet spots on a dry day, or any unusual colors. your vehicle has many fluids from the transmission to coolant and brakes - and it’s supposed to stay in the vehicle!</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>if your vehicle has a battery meter or a hard time starting, have it inspected or replaced</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>your vehicle’s windshield needs good wiper blades for your safety and to keep the wipes from scratching the glass. the good news is that they are fairly inexpensive and many auto owners could replace them in their own driveway for free.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>consult your manual</h2> <p dir='ltr'>your manufacturer knows your vehicle the best, unless you have a modified car. the manual can readily tell you when the vehicle should have the tires rotated, belts replaced, and the transmission flushed based on how they built it. </p> <p dir='ltr'>follow the manual and keep your eyes open for other issues. have a classic or antique vehicle? a fellow vehicle enthusiast probably has a digital version of your manual online somewhere if yours is no longer available.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>conclusion</h2> <p dir='ltr'>keeping a vehicle in top shape is a priority for your safety and your wallet. regular maintenance is much less expensive than emergency maintenance with many parts and lots of labor costs at the shop. you’ll be glad you did!</p> All categories Wed, 24 Nov 2021 00:00:00 -0800 Converting Classic Cars to Electric Vehicles <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a blue car driving on a roaddescription automatically generated with low confidence' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> jaguar e-type zero: <a href=''>jaguarcarsmena</a> / <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h1>converting classic cars to electric vehicles is shockingly popular</h1> <p>there is a trend which is taking the classic car circuit by storm: converting these antique cars into electrical vehicles using the latest in modern technology.</p> <p>however, this process has divided the vintage car community, as some see this juxtaposition of modernizing a classic automobile as a betrayal of the ideology behind restoring antique and collectible cars.</p> <p>despite the controversy, the number of these <a href=''>vintage car</a> ev remodels continues to grow as more owners or classic car enthusiasts jump on the “green” bandwagon and take their antique cars to the next level.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a picture containing dirty, cluttereddescription automatically generated' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: <a href='' title='wikipedia:user:leonard g.'>leonard g.</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>interest in ev conversions is on the rise</h2> <p>what was originally a pet project for a few hobbyists is rapidly becoming a conversion industry.</p> <p>as greater interest in reducing harmful emissions has taken root in the automobile industry, others are realizing the benefits of deviating from the combustion engine.</p> <p>antique vehicles emit significant quantities of harmful emissions, often billowing smoke, leading many owners to take the plunge into electric battery conversion.</p> <p>so many people have engaged auto repair facilities to assist with this process that some of these centers have even begun to add additional training for their mechanics specifically to convert classic cars to classic ev cars.</p> <h2>are classic cars still considered “classic” if converted to ev?</h2> <p>this question is a matter of considerable debate in the vintage and collectible car community.</p> <p>while there’s something exciting and awe-inspiring when viewing a sleek classic car exterior and then popping the hood to see an ev setup, many classic car organizations say that tweaking the vehicle this way, introducing modern technology, invalidates the car’s “classic” status.</p> <p>this is because now the vehicle is more of a classic hybrid and while it <em>looks</em> like an antique vehicle, it’s more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing because the innards have been replaced with top-of-the-line technology.</p> <p>many of the antique car agencies will only consider a car classic if its makeup consists solely of time era specific parts for the era in which the vehicle was manufactured.</p> <p>in other words, if a part fails, it’s acceptable to find a replacement from antique stock, just as you might have done if you had the same part failure at that time in history. upgrading with anything beyond this time window is considered cause to revoke your collectible car’s antique status.</p> <h2>the arguments against vintage car conversion</h2> <p>those who stand against the ev conversion process often find it offensive to “contaminate” an antique by introducing new craftsmanship, perhaps the way an art-lover might view a modern artist making modifications to a classic portrait.</p> <p>in their eyes, it devalues the historical aspect of the vehicle and destroys a part of its authenticity every time someone makes the conversion.</p> <p>others are more upset at the loss of certain key features of classic cars which are a large part of what make these vehicles fascinating and enjoyable.</p> <p>to make the conversion, a <em>significant</em> amount of modification is required to accommodate an electric battery. furthermore, the elimination of the combustion engine means that the traditional loud rumble of that engine is gone, which for some traditionalists, means the heart and soul of the antique car has gone with it.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a picture containing engine, cluttered, dirtydescription automatically generated' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: <a href='' title='wikipedia:user:leonard g.'>leonard g.</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>elements of a conversion</h2> <p>obviously, the greatest change is the replacement of the combustion engine with an electric battery. that is a big change but doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.</p> <p>yet, the electric battery is so hefty it adds about 1,000 pounds to the weight of the car, which means that to accommodate that weight, there must be modifications made to the suspension, brakes, steering, and many other internal aspects of the vehicle for it to function properly.</p> <p>while any vehicle can theoretically be converted to an ev, because of the significant weight addition, lighter vehicles are often chosen for the process since there will be a lower overall weight to counterbalance than with a vintage car which is already substantial.</p> <p>here are some other aspects of the conversion process:</p> <ul> <li>the overall body needs to be restored first if damaged</li> <li>the lighter the car, the longer the battery charge will last</li> <li>as well as the battery, you will need to install the charger</li> <li>a power controller and electric throttle is necessary to regulate energy flow</li> <li>power conductors</li> <li>circuitry to connect the components</li> <li>conductors to join the battery, controller, and motor</li> <li>additional equipment to power brakes and heating</li> <li>operation and maintenance parts</li> </ul> <p>at this point, that requires a lot of work and a significant amount of alteration to the antique vehicle, which is why so many vintage enthusiasts frown upon this transition process.</p> <h2>electric car conversion industry</h2> <p>one of the major reasons that many people seek a streamlined process of converting older vehicles is because when these automobiles become defunct, they typically are scrapped, and the remains sent to a landfill to waste away.</p> <p>rather than see that happen, many would rather find a way to reuse these vehicles, even if it may violate the integrity of its “classic” status. making conversions breathes new life into old vehicles by giving them the technology needed to prolong their lives and keep them out on the roads.</p> <p>the conversion process is anything but cheap. as the need to convert existing automobiles to ev is growing, however, there are those working to streamline the process, cutting down on the expense.</p> <p>these conversion industry advocates expect that in the future, there will either be kits available which make it easy to quickly perform a conversion at less expense or at least enough demand that the process itself becomes a smooth transition, which will also result in savings.</p> <p>one of the largest concerns is that ev batteries themselves (not even considering all the supplemental parts required) are very expensive, and since vintage cars are not designed to be light enough to maximize electric mileage, a high-end battery is required to get enough to even make the conversion feasible.</p> <p>yet, the ev industry itself is booming and as consumers turn to electric vehicles, the parts will gradually decrease in price to the point where it will be possible for typical citizens to afford to make conversions to existing vehicles.</p> <p>that will eventually make the conversion considerably cheaper than purchasing a new vehicle, which adds credence to the power of recycling a vehicle in this way.</p> <p>plus, many hobbyists love classic cars because they look unique and stand out, where new vehicles tend to look pretty much the same. having the potential to get these antique rides out on the road, fully functional and environmentally friendly, would be a great spectacle, allowing everyone to enjoy a glimpse into the past.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='4 of 6' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> rambler ranch collection in elizabeth, colorado:  <a href='' title='user:czmarlin'>czmarlin</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2>hobbyist conversions</h2> <p>many hobbyists understand that antique parts are limited and that older vehicles tend to get scrapped when their usefulness ends. a lot of these enthusiasts stand behind conversion as a means of preservation, as converting these automobiles with modern technology will extend their lives and usefulness.</p> <p>rather than fossilizing these historical vehicles in a museum, it allows restoration which puts the vehicles to use again, giving them the chance to live again on the roads and keep this part of the past alive.</p> <p>true, the distinctive sound of the engine will be gone, but there will always be combustion engines preserved for those who want to experience that for themselves. in the meantime, these classic car remodels can reinvigorate the past and entice new hobbyists to learn about these cars.</p> <p>while the expense to convert them right now is great, there are more affordable options if the hobbyist is willing to sacrifice the vehicle range. short-range battery electric vehicles are about half the size of the standard model, which means a lot less modification is necessary to make the automobile functional.</p> <p>while this saves on expense, it means that the vehicle may only get around 30 miles on the charge, but this is functional for driving about in a typical neighborhood.</p> <p>at the very least, it’s an option until the industry develops and prices drop, including those of the technology itself.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a picture containing treedescription automatically generated' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: john ramspott/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2>solar power</h2> <p>a handy complement to your electric battle would be solar power paneling. the inclusion of these as a modification is a viable way to charge your ev’s battery.</p> <p>as solar power technology becomes cheaper and more accessible, it has become an important source of energy production for many people. some use these panels to provide energy to their home, which can in turn be used to charge an ev.</p> <p>in fact, even a small system of 10 panels can be enough to charge your electric vehicle’s battery.</p> <p>some companies are developing solar panels on the cars themselves, which allow your vehicle to charge as you drive, presuming of course that you have sunlight available.</p> <p>while the charge provided by this process is not as significant right now as one may hope, improvements and developments in the field of ev solar panel technology will undoubtedly become a significant part of the ev model for the future and will become more relevant.</p> <p>these companies are functioning with the goal of eliminating the need to plug in your ev at all, using ultra-thin solar panels on the vehicle itself and attempting to improve the technology enough that those panels can successfully provide all the energy your ride needs.</p> <p>it will be interesting to see what the future of this solar panel and ev model will bring.</p> <h2>the conversion process</h2> <p>when planning to make the conversion from classic car to a modern classic, the first consideration is, of course, the car in question. the weight of the vehicle is a major factor and determines how much additional work is necessary for the automobile to support the electric battery.</p> <p>next, the process of removing the entire internal combustion engine begins, and providing the support and modifications needed to sustain the heavy battery. once those preparations are made, the electric battery itself is installed and all the connections made to ensure that the energy flow is functioning properly, and that the vehicle functions up to code.</p> <p>that means that it will need to be inspected by a vehicle safety engineer to ensure that the vehicle is safe for use. once the vehicle passes inspection, then it is ready to go.</p> <p>an advantage of the process is that electric batteries tend to have a very long lifespan and are often salvaged from any ev car accidents in which the vehicle is totaled, for reuse.</p> <p>plus, the benefit is that you now have a vehicle that does not emit harmful emissions and is powered by electricity, which can save a considerable amount of money.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='a blue car parked in a parking lot with people and tentsdescription automatically generated with low confidence' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: steve rainwater/ <a href=''>flickr</a></p> <h2>which cars are best to convert?</h2> <p>the best antique cars for ev conversion are those which are lighter, as it means that your battery will perform better and provide more substantial mileage than a heavier model.</p> <p>keep in mind, you will undoubtedly get significantly less mileage than a new ev because those cars are designed for optimum energy efficiency, whereas your classic car is from a completely different era.</p> <p>also, vintage cars from the 1980’s and 90’s tend to be the goldilocks zone, as they feature more improved technology which facilitates easier and cheaper conversion, while including limited computerized circuitry to override when installing modern technology.</p> <p>that makes those vehicles more cost effective and easier to convert than older or newer models.</p> <h2>what does this all cost?</h2> <p>if you are seeking a longer-range vehicle that can maintain highway speeds and can make it over 100 mph on a single charge, it’s not going to be cheap. expect to pay over 30k to achieve your classic ev dream.</p> <p>in fact, in many cases, the cost of converting a classic vehicle to an ev is about the price you would expect to pay for a new ev! however, for many hobbyists, it is worth it to have a modern vehicle that for all intents and purposes, is a fully functional antique vehicle which stands out from the cookie cutter newer models.</p> <p>this price requirement is expected to significantly decrease as the conversion industry develops and the technology itself becomes less expensive.</p> <p>just don’t forget when factoring in your costs and budgeting, you will need to find your classic car insurance and will need to have materials available to repair and maintain your modified ride.</p> <p>yet, there’s nothing quite like having a classic car that you can drive and expect to last.</p> All categories Tue, 23 Nov 2021 00:00:00 -0800 10 Best Classic Cars for Dog Lovers | Pet-Friendly Classic Cars <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'>image credit: <a href=''>publicdomainpictures</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p dir='ltr'>classic cars are going to the dogs - literally! in recent years, the need for classic vehicles that feed a car lover’s delight while catering to their furry friends has only grown. after all, what’s more, perfect than cruising the highway with man’s best friend beside you?</p> <p dir='ltr'>but, not all classic rides suit four-legged passengers. you’ll want a ride with the right features. check out this list of vintage cars whose features are perfect for the pet and motor enthusiast. </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>david berry</a> from rohnert park ca, usa</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1949 jeep cj-2a</h2> <p dir='ltr'>in its heyday, the jeep cj (civilian jeep) carried the moniker “probably the most successful utility vehicle ever made.” designed after the military jeep utilized in ww2, the jeep cj family resembles the modern wrangler.</p> <p dir='ltr'>boasting plenty of power and speed for its day, the jeep cj included a three-speed t90 transmission. the tailgate makes it easy for rover to get in the car and depending on the model modifications, the passenger and rear seat provide an excellent spot for your pet to recline.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:391px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>rex gra</a>y from southern california </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1955 chevrolet bel air</h2> <p dir='ltr'>there’s nothing more classic than a chevy bel air. originally labeled “the hot one” by gm, the ‘55 bel air built on the success of its predecessors. this antique car model stands out with the carpeted interior, classic cherry red color, and air conditioning.</p> <p dir='ltr'>still famous for its handling and sturdy v8 engine, the bel air receives excellent marks for pet-friendly features. its wide backseat, four-door access, and cozy carpet work well for pet pals. plus, convertible models offer more of that wind-in-the-hair feeling all dogs love.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>andrew bone</a> from weymouth, england</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1966 t-bird</h2> <p dir='ltr'>cruising to hamburger stands with the beach boys and your furry best pal is a dream in the 1966 t-bird. noted for its soft sprung suspension, this model of t-bird brought a new level of luxury and safety to the ford line.</p> <p dir='ltr'>this year included disc brakes and sequential blinkers, affording more security for drivers and traffic alike. in addition, its “shell-design” seats cradle the driver (and pet-companion), and the back seats offer excellent foot (or paw) room - plus the vinyl covers clean up quickly.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>christopher ziemnowicz</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1973 amc hornet sportabout</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the amc hornet was in many ways chrysler’s answer to filling the small car niche of the 1970s. with its raked hatchback affording extra space, the sportabout variation has a sporty look with ample storage. </p> <p dir='ltr'>the ‘73 model featured a ‘mini-camper’ option, with rear-seats folding down to convert the hatchback into a sleeping area that any dog would love to relax in!</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:351px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>kieran white</a> from manchester, england</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>bmw z3 m coupe </h2> <p dir='ltr'>with the speed of a sports car and the storage of a hatchback, the bmw z3 m coupe has plenty of zoom for the speed-loving driver and man’s best friend. in addition, the 5-speed transmission and quick steering response make for a fun ride.</p> <p dir='ltr'>keep in mind that the bmw z3 m coupe came with leather consoles in some models - make sure man’s best friend is chilling in the roomy back of the car for optimal vehicle care and pet comfort.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:291px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>mr.choppers</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>porsche 924s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the name porsche is synonymous with classic and modern car luxury. the 924s was the entry-level model in its heyday, with plenty of cool features like the folding headlights and grille-less nose. </p> <p dir='ltr'>keep in mind that the rear-mounted transaxle lifts the car a bit, so smaller dogs need a lift into their spot. larger breeds may want roomier headspace, but the average-sized rover will do just fine in this model. make sure to protect the leather seats from scraping claws, too. </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>bjÖrn draegert</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>volkswagen golf mk2 gti</h2> <p dir='ltr'>remembered for its flashy red and black paint job, the volkswagen golf mk2 puts up plenty of competition compared to other coupes and hatchbacks on this list. however, this model has recently achieved <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> status, as it first appeared in 1983.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the five-door setup is more family-friendly, but the open hatch works great for taller dogs. comparatively, the volkswagen golf mk2 gti offers more headspace for your bigger pets, like german shepherds, wolfhounds, or the occasional great dane.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:351px; width:624px' /><br /> by <a href=''>andrew duthie</a> from nashville, tn</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1971 ford bronco </h2> <p dir='ltr'>the ford bronco has aged gracefully, slowly turning into a classic suv loved for its rugged looks and sturdy power. the baja model, especially, has developed a fan following for its quicker-ratio steering, automatic transmission, and cool roll bar.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the bronco, both baja and otherwise, features optional bucket seats or a front bench and an open back, similar to a truckbed. a few other options came with a backseat bench. either setup works great for your furry buddy to tag along.</p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:449px; width:624px' /><br /> <a href=''>by bull-doser - own work, public domain</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1970 gmc jimmy</h2> <p dir='ltr'>off-roading with man’s best friend is a blast in the vintage gmc jimmy. this suv featured a shortened pickup truck, with all the benefits of the build plus the addition of more interior space with the topper.</p> <p dir='ltr'>jimmy has all the space a pioneering dog-owner could need for even the largest pup. in addition, the ‘70 jimmy had the bonus of a removal top to make adventuring with the dogs all the more exciting!</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:391px; width:624px' /><br /> <a href=''>by mr.choppers</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>1964 chevrolet corvair greenbrier sportswagon</h2> <p dir='ltr'>modified cars and vans have grown in popularity lately, especially the chevrolet corvair greenbrier. this van evokes memories of a particular mystery-solving gang and their dog. </p> <p dir='ltr'>this van model packs plenty of punch for antiquers with dogs. vinyl seats, two-side-loading doors, and double rear panel doors on the panel truck are perfect for furry friends. plus, by leaving out the third-row seating, you create more storage or camping space in the back.</p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> <em>by alvintrusty - <a href=''>own work, cc by-sa 4.0</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>volkswagen type 2 (transporter van) 1950s-1960s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the premier antique van of its age, the volkswagen transporter, marked an era. this flower-child favorite appears with countless groovy modifications; shag carpet, sunroofs, beaded doorways, and more.</p> <p dir='ltr'>some modified variations have done away with bench seats that come standard to make room for a live-in van model. but, the general 50-60s era vans come with ample space for dogs, family, and gear.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>things to shop for in pet-friendly vintage vehicles</h2> <p dir='ltr'>before purchasing your next collector’s car, make sure it has features friendly for your pet companions. consider vehicles with vinyl seats and space for your pup. happy cruising!</p> All categories Wed, 10 Nov 2021 00:00:00 -0800 The Best Cars for Seniors and Older Drivers <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='best cars for senior drivers' src='' style='height:auto; width:80%' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>emkanicepic</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <h1 style='text-align:center'>best cars for senior drivers</h1> <h1 style='text-align:center'><span style='font-size:18px'>what you need to know</span></h1> <p dir='ltr'>most drivers have preferences, and senior citizen drivers are no different. depending on how much driving is being done in their later years, senior drivers often require cars that come equipped with certain specs to make their experience safer and easier  while many middle-aged adults value speed and efficiency, senior drivers will probably do better in something that is more practical for their daily needs. although there are many different cars for senior citizens to choose from, the best choices tend to fall into two categories: sport utility vehicles (suvs) and sedans. if the senior citizen has a lower budget and they are known to drive around a lot, a sedan that is good on gas may be the best option. however, if they need a vehicle that can withstand extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain or icy roads, an suv may be the superior choice for them. this article will go into greater detail on the differences between sedans and suvs, as well as discuss a variety of needs senior citizens should have met in their new vehicle.  </p> <p dir='ltr'>by breaking down the needs of senior citizens into various categories, it will be easy to select the best vehicle for yourself or your loved one. keeping in mind that not everybody who is a senior citizen will require the same car, it is good to keep your options open.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='best cars for senior drivers' src='' style='height:auto; width:80%' /><br /> image credit: <a href='' title='user:firzafp'>firzafp</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>how to choose between sedans, suvs, and crossovers</h2> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>sedans</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>sedans normally have four doors and a closed-off trunk in the back. due to their small size, they are much easier to maneuver and park than suvs. they are also a cost-effective purchase. sedans are generally priced lower than suvs and are far more fuel-efficient. so, if you are on a tight budget, sedans are probably going to be ideal for you.  additionally, when conditions are optimal sedans provide a smooth and stable ride. </p> <p dir='ltr'>there are a few drawbacks to sedans as well. for one, they offer less storage space. if you are a driver that tends to haul around a lot of cargo, a sedan will be difficult to do this with. the most important concern for senior citizens is the diminished accessibility of a sedan. because they are lower to the ground than other options, they can be difficult to get into and especially hard to get out of. another factor caused by their low height is that visibility is limited. when you drive an suv, you can often see over the cars in front of you and have a higher vantage point to observe the road. this is not the case with a sedan. sedan drivers often have their vision of the road limited by surrounding cars that they cannot see past.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>suvs</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>sedans are great to drive around town, pick up groceries, or go shopping, while suvs are built to take on extreme weather, steep inclines, and rugged terrain. if wet or icy roads tend to give you stress, you could purchase an suv and alleviate much of that concern. however, it should be known that suvs are generally more expensive than sedans. further, what makes suvs capable of handling extreme terrain and conditions is also what makes them gas guzzlers. </p> <p dir='ltr'>a more crucial benefit is that suvs are easier to access than sedans for most older drivers. since they are high off the ground, seniors can avoid having to maneuver into and out of that awkward squat position necessary to get into a sedan. and, as talked about before, since suvs are higher off the ground they offer drivers a better view of the road and traffic. </p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>cross over</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>if you are reading the descriptions of sedans and suvs and thinking to yourself that you would need a mixture of the two, there is a great option for you! you may want to purchase a crossover. crossovers in the car industry refer to an suv that has been built on a sedan platform. these cars are created with their body and frame as a single unified piece, much like a sedan. unlike suvs, which are two separate pieces, the body and the frame, which are then fused together. </p> <p dir='ltr'>the advantage of a crossover is that it is more agile and lighter than suvs. with this light and sedan-like frame, the crossover is also far more fuel-efficient than an suv. even better, crossovers still offer the benefits of high seating and additional cargo space that suvs are known to provide.</p> <p dir='ltr'>although crossovers are unique, to simplify this article we will be including them when referring to suvs.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>comparison</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>now that we have discussed the main categories of cars for senior citizens, let’s summarize the differences. one of the main differences for a senior citizen between a sedan and an suv is the height of the vehicle. this is something to consider if there are mobility problems to take into consideration. a big suv would not be as practical as a sedan if the individual is going to have a hard time stepping up and into it or stepping down and out of it. however, for some senior citizens, an suv may actually be easier to get into than a sedan. the same senior citizen who can step up and into a big suv may have difficulty squatting down to get in or out of a low-lying sedan. the vehicle should be a comfortable fit, so you need to ask yourself or your loved one to seriously examine which mobility areas they struggle in and select the correct car based on this. </p> <p dir='ltr'>in general, a sedan is going to be a smoother ride than an suv. along with its size, many senior citizens find them to be very suitable. there are always exceptions, of course. if there is a need for more space for whatever reason, then a sedan is not always going to work. there are some suvs that are actually smaller and easier to drive than the traditional full-size suvs. these compact crossover suvs are the perfect middle ground for those who still need space but do not want to drive a big car.</p> <p dir='ltr'>when in doubt, there is always the option to take any car out for a test drive. see if it is a comfortable fit and if it drives smoothly. imagine how much space is needed, and then think practically about how much space you are working with. when you double-check these features, it should be clear what the preference is. some people also do not mind either way and are thinking more along the lines of budget. this is also going to be something to take into consideration, as sedans tend to be cheaper.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>innovative features for easy & safe driving</h2> <p dir='ltr'>every car has its unique features, and this is something to keep in mind when searching for the perfect car for a senior driver. depending on how important each one is, you are going to make the best decision possible for both the driver and those who are on the road around them.</p> <p dir='ltr'>there are a variety of innovative safety features now included in many cars that seniors appreciate. one such innovation is the backup camera. many of the accidents seniors get into are small fender benders in parking lots. this is because their range of motion is limited, and looking over their shoulder to check for surrounding vehicles becomes difficult. a rearview camera provides even more visibility than the traditional rearview mirror. they are so useful that u.s. lawmakers have made it mandatory for new vehicles to be equipped with them. if you know parking lots are a hassle for you or an elderly loved one, you should also look for a rear cross-traffic alert system. this technology activates when the car is in reverse and alerts the driver when a vehicle or object is crossing its projected path. rear cross-traffic alerts have prevented a countless number of parking lot fender benders. </p> <p dir='ltr'>another feature that helps seniors who have difficulty looking over their shoulder is a blind-spot warning system. this feature works by alerting you when there is a vehicle alongside your car that you may not be able to see. it can operate in a variety of ways, but most commonly works by alerting the driver through a yellow dot appearing on the side-view mirror when there is a passing car. it may sound simple, but blind-spot warnings greatly reduce the potential of a driver to side-swipe another vehicle.</p> <p dir='ltr'>if you or an elderly driver you know have difficulties with paying attention to the road or experience fatigue while driving, there are now a variety of safety features that also address this. automatic emergency braking is a great life-saving innovation that is installed in most newer cars. this feature is able to detect when a car crash is coming and either slows or stops your vehicle if you do not react in time. for senior citizens who have lost some reaction time, this is a crucial feature. a separate feature that deals directly with fatigued drivers is driver attention warning. vehicles that have this feature monitor driving patterns and noise in the cabin to detect signs of drowsiness. lives are saved by this mechanism which alerts people to the fact that they are dozing off or even wakes them from sleep. </p> <p dir='ltr'>while these features can help a great deal in keeping you or your loved one safe, they cannot be relied on solely. for the safety of themselves and others on the road, drivers must be honest about their capacity to operate vehicles. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>accessibility</h2> <p dir='ltr'>moving from a standing position into a seating position can be difficult for some seniors. it is within the motion between the two positions that trouble is usually found. this squatting movement is not possible for all senior drivers, so accessibility becomes a very important issue. </p> <p dir='ltr'>look for vehicles that have wide-opening doors. this is going to help with the maneuvering involved when getting in and out of the car.</p> <p dir='ltr'>cars that also have a taller roof are ideal because this limits the risk of the senior driver hitting their head while they are trying to get into the vehicle. the same can be said about the step-in height of the vehicle. when you combine all of these features, you are left with either the perfect car for a senior driver or a car that is going to be difficult to move around in. make sure that it is always accessible and comfortable for the senior driver. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>comfort</h2> <p dir='ltr'>while we have discussed safety features that can help protect drivers that fatigue easily, one of the easiest ways to prevent fatigue is to ensure the driver is comfortable. </p> <p dir='ltr'>newer vehicles often come equipped with power seats. these seats can adjust to fit a variety of different body types and seating preferences. with just the push of a button, you can move the seat closer to the steering wheel, angle the seat down or up, change the elevation, and more.</p> <p dir='ltr'>another great seating feature is heated seats. heated seats are great for a chilly day, but also key to relieving lower back pain, stiff hips, and other aches. some heated seats even allow the driver to set the temperature of the seat back and bottom to different settings. although not as common, there are also vehicles that have cooling functions for their seats. if you know that treating your various aches and pains with temperature adjustment, look into a heating and cooling driver seat. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>visibility </h2> <p dir='ltr'>as we age, our eyesight is one of the first things to go. this is a natural process that happens over time. it can result in dangerous driving conditions if we are not careful. as a senior driver, visibility is a very important feature. they need to be able to see clearly from every window and every angle when they are driving. big windows and backup cameras are going to prove to be very helpful in this case. luckily, most newer cars come equipped with both.</p> <p dir='ltr'>for older drivers with visibility issues, it is also important to have an easy-to-read dashboard. many newer cars are equipped with touchscreens, however, this can often be confusing and difficult to operate for senior citizens. dexterity issues, like shaky hands, can make navigating these touchscreens even more difficult. it may be a good idea to look for a vehicle that can operate with voice commands so such issues can be avoided. </p> <p dir='ltr'>if a senior driver cannot see very well during the daytime, then nighttime is going to be even worse. whether the vehicle is for you or a loved one, make sure that you test it out in realistic conditions so you can be sure that you can see everything around you. this will keep you safe when you are on the road.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>shopping on a budget for used vehicles</h2> <p dir='ltr'>purchasing a used vehicle is a great way to get the correct senior-friendly vehicle you want and for a price you can afford. before going on the internet to look for a used car or going to a dealership, read these tips. </p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>look for vehicles that are known to stand the test of time</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>purchasing a used vehicle can be a horrible idea if the model you are getting is known to experience harsh wear and tear. however, if it is a car model that is known to stand the test of time, buying it used shouldn’t make a huge difference. </p> <p dir='ltr'>to find a car model that functions properly, even with high mileage, check out consumer reports’ <a href=''>best-used cars</a> lists. this is a great way to find vehicle models that have held strong through the years. when you think you have found the right car for you, read online reviews by owners to make sure it’s the right choice. </p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>weigh the options of going with a dealership or a private seller</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>buying from a dealership and buying from a private seller both have their ups and downs. </p> <p dir='ltr'>if you are buying from a car dealership, you’ll be paying a higher price. however, you will have the assurance that you completely understand what you are buying. many used vehicles sold at dealerships have undergone inspection and come with a limited warranty. additionally, all dealerships by law must provide a buyer’s guide to accompany all used vehicles. this guide will inform you whether or not the used vehicle comes with a limited warranty and how much the dealer is willing to pay you for repair costs. </p> <p dir='ltr'>the advantage of buying from a private seller is that it is most often cheaper than dealing with car dealerships. however, you will be buying the vehicle as-is. meaning, there won’t be a buyer’s guide to inform you about the vehicle or provide you a warranty. what you see is what you get, including any hidden repair needs. knowing this, you must check the vehicle’s condition yourself before purchasing from a private seller. be aware that any manufacturer’s warranty that the private seller possesses is not transferable to you. if you are cautious and do your research, buying from a private seller could save you a sizeable amount of money.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>give the used car a thorough inspection and check service records</strong></h3> <p dir='ltr'>even before you give the used vehicle a test drive, you should give it a good visual inspection. keep an eye out for any dents, chips, scratches, or cracks in the frame of the vehicle. you should also ask the seller to allow you to look for signs of corrosion and rust on the engine, radiator, and battery.</p> <p dir='ltr'>another thing to check, that many forget to do during daytime inspections, is all the vehicle lights. you have to cover all your bases. so, check that the turn signals, headlights, brake lights, reverse lights, and hazard lights are all functioning. then check the vehicle’s fluids. make sure that the engine oil, engine coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid are all filled to the correct levels and that none are leaking. </p> <p dir='ltr'>it’s much safer to buy from a private dealer that possesses their maintenance records on hand. be sure to review these records to ensure that there are no costly repairs and maintenance needs that will be coming around the corner due to the vehicle’s mileage. another great piece of information to get your hands on is a vehicle history report. this will tell you the car’s repair history, mileage, and if it has been involved in any accidents. to access these records go to <a href=''>national motor vehicle title information system</a>. this site will provide links to a variety of approved companies that can get you a vehicle history report. getting a vehicle history repor will most likely be accompanied by a service fee. after you give them the vehicle identification number (vin), you should be all set. the vin can be located on the driver side of the vehicle where the windshield and dashboard meet. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>safety </h2> <p dir='ltr'>of course, safety is always important when you are looking to buy a vehicle. everybody pays attention to the crash test ratings, and this is a very important element to consider when shopping for a senior driver. according to the <a href=''>insurance</a> institute for highway safety, they reported in 2020 that some of the safest vehicles include the toyota camry, the hyundai sonata, the acura rdx, and the kia forte. all of them excel in crash test ratings and other safety functions.</p> <p dir='ltr'>after taking a look at this overview, you can see that it is still possible to shop from many different options. even as a senior driver, there are still many affordable cars to drive. never feel discouraged just because you are looking for a car to suit specific needs. manufacturers get this, and technology is being updated regularly. there will always be safer cars coming to the market, so keep an eye on those test ratings</p> <p dir='ltr'>national driving resources </p> <ul> <li><a href='' rel='noopener' target='_blank'>aaa foundation for traffic safety </a></li> <li><a href='' rel='noopener' target='_blank'>aaa seniors </a></li> <li><a href='' rel='noopener' target='_blank'>aarp driver safety program </a></li> <li><a href='' rel='noopener' target='_blank'>alzheimer's & driving </a></li> <li><a href='' rel='noopener' target='_blank'>edmunds </a></li> <li><a href='' rel='noopener' target='_blank'>helpguide</a></li> <li><a href=''>national highway traffic safety administration</a></li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the bottom line</h2> <p dir='ltr'>a senior driver is not limited to one type of vehicle or make and model. there are plenty of safe and efficient options that exist, so explore them all. while combining personal taste with safety, you will find that there are still so many great vehicles to choose from. they do not all have to be slow and small, so get excited as you browse through the countless vehicles that are deemed appropriate for senior drivers.</p> All categories Thu, 2 Sep 2021 00:00:00 -0800 Assembly Line | A Brief History <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:397px; width:624px' /><br /> <a href=''>oldsmobile model r</a> | image credit: <a href=''>wikipedia</a></p> <p dir='ltr'>perhaps one of the most crucial inventions for the realm of business is the assembly line. expedited manufacturing of goods, materials, and products has completely changed the processes that many businesses utilize to remain relevant in their industries. assembly lines have allowed manufacturing to speed up exponentially and now offer a lot of automated tasks instead of everything having to be done by hand. this increases productivity and makes processes less laborious for workers. </p> <p dir='ltr'>when many people hear the term “assembly line,” they think of henry ford inventing the assembly line to manufacture the model t automobile circa 1910, which was a game changer for ford and the auto industry as a whole. one model t vehicle could be built in just 90 minutes, therefore rendering the manufacturer to crank out millions of units annually. ford was a pioneer in the assembly line creation and will always be known as one of the greatest inventors of his time. </p> <p dir='ltr'>of course, assembly lines are still widely used today, but did you know that mr. ford actually was not the founder of them?</p> <p dir='ltr'>the concept of the assembly line is believed to have begun around the 14th century, long before the auto industry started using it. the venetian arsenal began to produce ships via an assembly line down a canal and found great success with it. the ship being built would make several stops, each of where different parts would be installed. this significantly cut down on the manufacturing time, as an entire ship could be built in just one day. <br />  </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img alt='see the source image' src='' style='height:487px; width:624px' /><br /> eli whitney cotton gin |image credit: <a href=',_1860_-_1920,_nypl_dc.xcf'>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p dir='ltr'>while still not formally named, assembly lines gained more popularity throughout the industrial revolution as the invention of new machines continually progressed. machines were able to do things that only humans could once do, and inventors began to use them much more. eli whitney, most commonly known for creating the cotton gin, came up with the practice of interchangeable parts, which initially became utilized for firearms components. instead of guns being made by hand, and thus each being unique, interchangeable parts meant standardized parts could be built into the guns and they would therefore be identical. </p> <p dir='ltr'>assembly lines were also used in the mid-1800s, including for meatpacking. while much of the work was still manual, employees would utilize either a pulley system or trollies to cut the meats and move on to the next animal. in a sense, this was more of a disassembly line because the animals would be taken apart, but it was the same concept - utilizing moving parts to get the job completed. these were most widely used in chicago, illinois and cincinnati, ohio, which were two of the largest meat producers at that time. </p> <p dir='ltr'>many other industries started using technologies to automate and expedite manufacturing processes without formalizing the concept of an assembly line. the production of everything from trains and bicycle transportation to textiles and wristwatches were sped up via things like elevators and simple conveyors. important devices at that time such as steam engines and boilers were put on production lines, and various inventors started creating useful items for military purposes. devices such as cranes also started to revolutionize the construction industry. </p> <p dir='ltr'>in 1901, ransom olds took the assembly line even farther and formally patented it. statistically, it is believed that this practice increased the amount of oldsmobile vehicles made per year by a whopping 500 percent. oldsmobile’s most popular model at that time was the curved dash and around 20 of them could be made per day. while they contained simple parts, they could be made quickly and were affordable and attractive. </p> <p dir='ltr'>only after all of this did henry ford actually get his time to shine with the assembly line. ford worked diligently to expand the concept of the assembly line and invented a method of moving parts by what we know would call a conveyor belt. a rope would pull each vehicle in a line to different “stations” where employees would install different parts and components. as mentioned, this allowed one vehicle to be produced in just 90 minutes compared to the 12+ hours it would take before. even though oldsmobile patented the assembly line, ford usually gets the credit for creating the first mass-production assembly line in the auto industry. </p> <p dir='ltr'>henry ford penned an autobiography in the early 1920’s in which he outlined that the assembly line made working less physically demanding for employees, allowed for pay increases due to increased productivity, and gave employment opportunities for immigrants and uneducated individuals. he also boasted that employees were allowed to work less hours because with the advances in productivity, they would be able to meet quotas in less time. the price of the model t also dropped drastically and more americans could afford one. </p> <p dir='ltr'>of course, the assembly line would go on to be expanded upon greatly since his time. general motors fully entered into the assembly line world around 1960 when it started to build robotic arms that would help expedite manufacturing even more. around 1970, the stanford arm was created, which allowed a six-axis robot to be programmed to move parts in a continuous, timed pattern. general motors is now one of the biggest technology firms in the world. </p> <p dir='ltr'>the assembly line has come with some criticism. critics believe that the repetitive process of assembly lines can make employees alienated and unsatisfied with their jobs because they don’t get the satisfaction of the feeling that they made the products themselves. also, since assembly lines have allowed companies to utilize less trained employees, job security is lessened and “cheaper” people can be hired, thus leading to unemployment of highly skilled workers while the company saves money. </p> <p>when discussing the history of the assembly line, it's important to highlight the significance of protecting classic and vintage cars with <a href='' target='_blank'><strong>antique car insurance</strong></a>. antique car insurance provides specialized coverage tailored to the unique needs of these valuable vehicles. whether you're a collector, restorer, or enthusiast, antique car insurance ensures your cherished antique car is safeguarded against damage, theft, and accidents.</p> <p dir='ltr'>regardless, it seems as if the pros of the assembly line have outweighed the cons and it is here to stay. <br />  </p> All categories Wed, 1 Sep 2021 00:00:00 -0800 Independent Mechanics vs. The Dealership | Car Repairs <p><img alt='auto repair, oil change, oil, auto, shop, repair, work' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /></p> <p dir='ltr'>for those who own an antique or classic car, going to the dealer isn’t an option.  and fewer independent shops have the knowledge or skill to work on a vehicle that can’t generate computer code. if you are a member of that club, then you are on your own! </p> <p dir='ltr'>this post is for the average joe, who finds himself running down the road and then suddenly hears a clanking or sees the flash of a “check engine” light. now what? <a href=''>classic car repairs</a> are expensive – who do you turn to?</p> <p dir='ltr'>many people get their vehicles serviced at a dealership, usually the same one they brought their car from. while this may seem like the most obvious solution, dealerships often charge a premium. is there really a better, more affordable option?</p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr'><img alt='hand, mechanic, carburetor, screwdriver, mount' src='' style='height:422px; width:624px' /></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>independent mechanics: can they be trusted?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>independent mechanics usually operate out of smaller garages. don't let this deter you! just because a place is smaller in size doesn't mean they lack the resources to do a good job. plus, it’s not unusual to work directly with the guy who will be wrenching on your car, rather than a middleman (aka service manager). </p> <p dir='ltr'>independent mechanics also have more affordable options available. if a part of the car needs to be replaced, car dealerships use only original equipment manufacturer (oem) parts. these parts are more expensive, but often perform no better than a generic alternative, independent shops may also suggest rebuilt parts at a significantly lower cost than new ones. </p> <p dir='ltr'>because they can offer lower prices and produce the same outcome, many people favor independent shops over dealerships</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what are the pros and cons of independent garages?</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>pros</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>personalized customer service</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>more affordable parts options</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>most are generalists – working on all makes and models of cars</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>independent mechanics possess many of the same skills and tools as dealership mechanics</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'><strong>cons</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>it you have a foreign, specialty or exotic car, your independent options will be limited</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'><img alt='brake disc, workshop, auto, service, mechanic' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>car dealerships: when do they have an edge?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>for starters, dealerships have the advantage of being able to operate at a large scale. they have factory-trained technicians that service hundreds or even thousands of cars each month. this provides consumers a level of confidence, knowing their vehicle is in experienced hands. </p> <p dir='ltr'>car dealerships also offer the advantage of having more staff. if you're intimidated by a mechanic who knows more about your car than you do, car dealerships offer a buffer. a friendly service advisor that can discuss your specific needs with you. </p> <p dir='ltr'>in addition to this, dealerships also specialize in your car manufacturer, so they know the ins and outs of your specific make and model. car dealerships also get many parts straight from the manufacturer. this reduces concerns about fit and performance. if your car needs service that is covered under a factory warranty, then you will most likely need the service performed by an authorized dealer. </p> <p dir='ltr'>there's also the matter of quality. dealer technicians undergo extensive training and have specialized tools at their disposal. this may give them an edge in diagnosing and fixing your vehicle.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what are the advantages and drawbacks of dealerships?</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>pros</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>specialized technicians</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>higher staffing levels </p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>factory-grade equipment</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>oem parts</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>factory warranty service experts</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'><strong>cons</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>tend to be more expensive</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>some consumers find the experience less personal</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the final verdict</h2> <p dir='ltr'>which one is better, an independent mechanic or a car dealership? there is no black or white answer – it depends.  if you own a gold mclaren that needs service, and you want a high level of customer care while you wait, then a car dealership is right for you! </p> <p dir='ltr'>however, if you own an “average car” and want to save some money, an independent mechanic may be a viable option. in the end, it all comes down to your specific needs and comfort level. </p> <p><br />  </p> <p dir='ltr'>featured image credit: <a href=''>dokaryan</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p dir='ltr'>in post image credit: <a href=''>counselling</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p dir='ltr'>in post image credit: <a href=''>geraldoswald62</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Fri, 13 Aug 2021 00:00:00 -0800 10 Best Careers for Car Lovers and Enthusiasts <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' /><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>omisido</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>the automotive industry offers many career pathways to work firsthand with vehicles. as an individual waiting to turn their four-wheel passion into a career, the car industry offers many options, ranging from repair and maintenance to design and development.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>why choose the automotive industry?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>as a car enthusiast, you might not find a better field to pursue a profession or transition your knowledge into a full-blown career. the industry offers a chance for you to meet more car aficionados and like-minded individuals. america's love affair with cars makes it a secure career option. depending on the role you take, the car industry is generally not difficult to break into. when embarking on a career in the automotive industry, it's important to consider various aspects, including insurance needs. <a href=''><strong>antique car insurance</strong></a> plays a vital role for individuals working in careers related to vintage car restoration, sales, or collections.</p> <p dir='ltr'>here are some jobs that can accelerate your career as a car lover.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' /><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>unsplash</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>quality testing engineer</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary:</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>one of the highest paying job prospects in the car world is automotive quality test engineer. with salaries crossing $100,000 mark per year, the average salary in the us is $76,366</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>quality test engineers perform verification checks on all engineering work throughout the development process to ensure production meets specifications and optimal functionality. their duties encompass crash testing, wireless connectivity, system electronics, and much more. many test engineers specialize in one area. they are assigned with developing a test case, running the test, and resolving any quality flaws to ensure the highest quality standards.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>automotive designer</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>this is another lucrative job for a car lover. with an average salary of $82,642 plus bonuses and profit-sharing, these creative workers have a great gig. </p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>automotive stylists need the highest level of technical know-how relating to mechanics, art, and dynamics. it is their job to integrate these elements to create a functional, aerodynamic, and appealing road machine. in the end, it is their job to seamlessly meld together a car’s interior and exterior design elements.</p> <p dir='ltr'>they work with production engineers and can work as consultants or full-time with car manufacturers.</p> <p dir='ltr'> </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>tayebmezahdia</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>automotive engineer </h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>automotive engineers on average earn $79,092 per year.</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>automotive engineers work in teams cooperating with process engineers and designers. they are the cogs that turn the wheels of the car manufacturers. they mainly assess project requirements, develop prototypes and incorporate result data. they work on design and creating a user-friendly driving experience. they also work in the marketing and after sales process, conveying complex technology in terms that an end user will understand.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img alt='auto repair, oil change, oil, auto, shop, repair, work' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>dokaryan</a>  / <a href=''></a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>auto body technician </h2> <p dir='ltr'>salary</p> <p dir='ltr'>these technicians make on average an estimated $37,850 annually. </p> <p dir='ltr'>work </p> <p dir='ltr'>with an eye for detail and steady hands you are bound to find career opportunities in this sector of the automobile industry. these technicians use a wide variety of tools to install new parts, repair damages, scrape off rust and old paint. with the resale market booming and sellers looking to repair their rides, this offers a steady work flow and wage. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>tire technician </h2> <p dir='ltr'>salary </p> <p dir='ltr'>on average, a tire technician makes $29,637 annually.</p> <p dir='ltr'>work</p> <p dir='ltr'>rolling wheels at high speed through mud, gravel and asphalt is bound to wear a tire down. tires are essential for performance and fuel efficiency so replacing and repairing them is never-ending. duties may include roadside work, but technicians usually work in a shop.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img alt='auto tires, wheel change, jack, car breakdown' src='' style='height:427px; width:624px' /></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>counselling</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>driver</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>depending on what you drive from a tow truck to a ride share you can make $45,000 to $52,500 respectively.</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>as the name suggests, the job is to drive. tow truck drivers are respected for saving people stranded on roads when their car breaks down. they safely transport vehicles to work and repair shops. </p> <p dir='ltr'>rideshare —drivers pick passengers up and drop them off, acting as an independent contractor. earnings vary widely. </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img src='' style='height:329px; width:494px' /></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>m&w studios</a> / <a href=''>pexels</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>auto sales manager</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>on average, they make $101,190 every year , but it isn’t unusual to make as much as $152,000.</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>auto sales managers lead a team of salespersons, devising strategies and promoting car sales. they interview, train, hire and motivate the team to reach their sales goal. they are critical to dealerships and essentially run the business. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>car detailer</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong><br /> there is a difference between washing and detailing a car. capitalizing on this difference, car detailers make $47,000 each year.</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>car detailers wash, vacuum and polish a car, cleaning the inside professionally. a good detailer removes any kind of odor from carpets and fabric and removes dust or ash stuck in vents and buttons.<br /> detailing also involves waxing and coating to protect the original paint. these jobs are becoming increasingly popular in suburbs. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>rental agents</h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong> </p> <p dir='ltr'>rental agents make around $27,836 each year.</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>agents are found at every airport and tourist spot. they communicate offers and document cars to be rented for temporary use. some specialize in offering chauffeured vehicles for weddings and vip parties</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img alt='hand, car car delivery, car keys, keys, sale, vehicle' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>jlamping</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>car salesperson </h2> <p dir='ltr'><strong>salary</strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>helping people choose the right car can land a salary of up to $55,000 per year.</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>work </strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>a car salesperson’s work begins by greeting customers as they enter the dealership. next, they need to adequately answer any questions the prospective customer has, to help them make the right choice. this is generally followed by a test drive. finally, they need to negotiate for a trade and review finance procedures. </p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em><img alt='autohandel, autokaufmann, car sales' src='' style='height:415px; width:624px' /></em></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><em>image credit: <a href=''>capri23auto</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>the takeaway</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the automotive industry is a gateway to turn your passion into a paycheck. basic knowledge and training can help you finetune your skills. automobile jobs are available in every city, many offering above average wages, making for a great career.</p> All categories Thu, 5 Aug 2021 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Transport | A Guide for Shipping Classic Cars <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='c:\users\kingdel\appdata\local\temp\4154322024_24d1c0d468_k.jpg' src='' style='height:416px; width:624px' /><br /> <em>image credit <a href=''>glen</a> / <a href=''>flickr</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>introduction</h2> <p dir='ltr'>classic cars and vintage vehicles serve as a link to the past of automobile production and technology. the task of how to ship these vehicles safely is a legitimate concern. although many of the same principles used to haul modern cars apply to the classics, there are some key differences. </p> <p dir='ltr'>primarily, a higher level of attention to detail is needed when shipping antique vehicles. shipping companies have guidelines for how long it will take to move a classic car from one location to another.</p> <p dir='ltr'>they also advise customers on the best method for shipping a vintage vehicle. this write-up will address some of the frequently asked questions that people have concerning the transportation of collectible vehicles.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><img alt='gt, ford, racing, sports, exotic, stripe, automotive' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>878598</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>methods of shipping classic cars</h2> <p dir='ltr'>vintage car shipping methods are classified based on the following basis.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>mode of transportation</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>mode of delivery</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>mode of transportation</h2> <p dir='ltr'>there are two methods for shipping automobiles based on the mode of transportation. they are open-air transport and enclosed auto transport. let us examine the difference between the two as well as the pros and cons associated with them.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>open-air auto transport</h2> <p dir='ltr'>this is the most common method of shipping modern-day vehicles. the cars will be arranged in a car trailer about 75 to 85 feet in length. the trailer has two levels. there are more rows of cars on the top level compared to the bottom.</p> <p dir='ltr'>this type of setup exposes the cars to rainfall, sunshine, and any external conditions. there is no overhead covering or side barriers on the trailer.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>pros</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>this transport method is the most cost-effective</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>the driver can inspect the vehicles at any time.</p> </li> </ul> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>cons</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>road debris, dirt, and any other external element will come in contact with the vehicle.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>enclosed auto transport</h2> <p dir='ltr'>this type of transport setup provides a roof and side barriers for vehicles. people who want to transport concours vehicles and luxury cars prefer this method.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>pros</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>the enclosed structure protects the car from road debris and adverse weather conditions.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>this transport method provides the maximum level of security for the vehicle.</p> </li> </ul> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>cons</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>it is harder for the driver to do routine checks on the vehicles during transportation.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>enclosed auto transport is more expensive.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>mode of delivery<br />  </h2> <h2 dir='ltr'>terminal-to-terminal shipping</h2> <p dir='ltr'>for this shipping method, you will drive your car to an auto transport terminal, which is a storage facility, typically situated close to a metropolitan area.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the carrier company will transport your car to the destination terminal center. statistics have shown the demand for terminal-to-terminal shipping has dropped over time.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>pros</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>if you want to drop and pick up your vehicle on specified dates and times, this method is good.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>people can arrange for another person to pick up their car from the terminal station.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>terminal-to terminal shipping is relatively inexpensive. the storage fee is the main offset that affects the price of this shipping option.</p> </li> </ul> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>cons</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>most terminal-to-terminal shipping companies don’t provide an enclosed space for transported vehicles.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>there is a significant time delay associated with this transport method. terminal-to-terminal car transport providers wait for a full batch of vehicles before transporting cars.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>door-to-door shipping</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the car transport company will bring the car to your doorstep. you will complete some documents providing your information and address. the address can be a home or business address.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>pros</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>it is convenient and stress-free. you don’t have to go anywhere to get your car.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>door-to-door delivery is good for luxury vehicles and other expensive cars.</p> </li> </ul> <h3 dir='ltr'><strong>cons</strong></h3> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>it is more expensive because the shipping company will come directly to your house.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>you have to be available in the designated location on the delivery date.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>if you live in a place with low-hanging trees, sloppy and muddy conditions, and residential zoning laws, you might have difficulty with door-to-door shipping.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>pricing variables for transporting classic cars</h2> <p dir='ltr'>several factors affect the cost of transporting an antique car. when you factor in these options, you can estimate how much it will cost to ship your car. when shipping a classic car, it's important to consider the logistics and ensure that your vehicle is properly protected with <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a>. those variables include:</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>shipping distance</h2> <p dir='ltr'>most car delivery companies have a chart or calculator on their site that tells you the shipping rate from one city to another. they will tell you the estimated transit time, distance, and cost. </p> <p dir='ltr'>the cost and delivery time rises as the required shipping distance increases. the pricing rate typically ranges from $1 to $3 per mile.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>season of the year</h2> <p dir='ltr'>during the winter, the weather and the road conditions are usually harsh. expect the price to be higher because it’s more dangerous to drive in the icy cold conditions. </p> <p dir='ltr'>most automobile transport companies lower their transport rates in the summer. however, the pricing difference between the two seasons might not be drastic. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>shipping method</h2> <p dir='ltr'>as earlier discussed, shipping methods affect the price of classic car delivery. door-to-door delivery costs more than terminal-to-terminal delivery. enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open-air transport.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>weight and size of the vehicle</h2> <p dir='ltr'>smaller classic cars are more compact and weigh less. they will consume less space on the trailer. the transport cost increases as the weight and size of the car increases. bigger vehicles will occupy more space and increase the fuel cost for the car transporting enterprise. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what is the best method for shipping classic cars?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>vintage cars, collector cars, and classic vehicles are unique and many have a high value. the best way to transport them is to cover them to protect them from theft and external conditions.</p> <p dir='ltr'>it is also optimal to get them to the exact destination you want. the best combination to transport a classic car is door-to-door transport and enclosed auto transport methods.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>can i put personal belongings in my classic car during shipping?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>most auto shipping companies will not allow you to put personal belongings in your car.</p> <p dir='ltr'>even if clients have <a href=''>insurance on their items</a>, transport service providers will still refuse because they don’t have the license to do it. they also don’t want heavy personal belongings to cause damage to the car.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>important steps to take while preparing your car for shipping</h2> <p dir='ltr'>there are some things you need to check before giving your car to a shipping company. they include:</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>leave some gas in your car</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the vehicle shipping company will not drive your car much during the transit process. however, you should fill your gas tank to 25% of its maximum capacity.</p> <p dir='ltr'>this is necessary to allow the carrier driver to load and unload your car during shipment. it is not advisable to have a full tank. a full tank will increase the weight of your vehicle and incur more expense.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>conduct a routine check on the vehicle</h2> <p dir='ltr'>if you are not an expert, do this with your mechanic. make sure that your car is in good driving condition before giving it to the shipping company. the vital things you should check are given below.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>make sure your tires are not flat. inflate them to the right pressure.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>the battery has to be charged sufficiently so that it won’t die while the car is in transit.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>take note of the mileage of the car before and after the shipping takes place.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>disable any anti-hijack system or security alarm that you might have installed in the car.</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>check to see if there is any fluid, oil, or radiator leakage. fill all the fluids to their right level.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>make a spare key for the carrier driver</h2> <p dir='ltr'>it is best to give a spare key to the carrier driver. keep the original copy with you. in case the driver loses the key, you will still have the original.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>clean your vehicle and take pictures of it</h2> <p dir='ltr'>wash your car before the carrier company comes to transport it. after washing, walk around the car and give it a thorough look. check for dents, bumps, scratches, and patches of discolored paint. take pictures of the car. </p> <p dir='ltr'>in case there are damages to your car after delivery, you can use the pictures as evidence. most professional car transport companies are not likely to dent or scratch your classic car during transit. they will likely give you a bill of lading to sign before transporting the vehicle.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the bill of lading indicates all the damages on the vehicle before transport. you and the driver will inspect the vehicle and take note of the damages on the car.</p> <p dir='ltr'>both parties will sign this document and agree on the state of the collectible car. after delivery, you will sign another bill of lading to indicate there was no new damage.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>can i track my car during shipping?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>yes, this is possible. nearly every company finds a way to let their customers track their cars during shipment. some of them will give you the driver's phone number so that you speak to them directly during transit. other companies use gps tracking to know the location of the vehicle along the way. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what are the factors to look out for before choosing a car shipping company?<br />  </h2> <h2 dir='ltr'>affordable cost</h2> <p dir='ltr'>you should select an auto shipping company with fair prices. don’t just go with the cheapest price. low prices don’t always equate to best value.. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>good customer service</h2> <p dir='ltr'>search for a company with a reputation for good customer service. responsiveness is important. the company should have a good logistics team and professional drivers. you won’t want to have a driver delaying you.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>reviews and testimonials</h2> <p dir='ltr'>take your time to research what people have to say about the shippers that you are considering. go to online review sites and check what people have to say about the company. client testimonials will often lead you to the right company.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>conclusion</h2> <p dir='ltr'>specialty vehicles demand a car transport service that specializes in the transport of collectible cars. whether you want your car delivered across town or overseas, , there are auto transport companies ready to serve you. just do your homework, when it comes to selecting the right one.</p> All categories Thu, 1 Jul 2021 00:00:00 -0800 History of Self-Driving Cars | Autonomous Cars Present & Beyond <p style='text-align:center'><img src='' /><br /> <em>image credit:  <a href=''>richard</a> / <a href=''>flikr</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>self-driving cars seem ready to make a debut onto our roads any day now, but the idea behind them goes back further than most would guess—nearly100 years, in fact! from the classic car displays of the world's fair in the 1930s to today, the public's fascination with cars that can take the driver out of the drive has had a long history. not just shiny new teslas, self-driving cars have actually existed in the form of famous collectible cars like firebirds. so, let's take a look at where these autonomous vehicles have been and where they might be going.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 1930s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the idea of self-driving cars has actually been around for quite a while. in fact, the 1939 world's fair sponsored by general motors showed off many famous and collectible cars, but there was also a display by norman bel geddes that included radio-controlled electric cars.the cars were included in a diorama of a city of the future in which these now vintagecars are controlled by dispatchers.bel geddes' concept didn't become a reality by the 1960s as he had predicted, but work on self-driving cars would continue to progress.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>1939 world’s fair and driverless cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>general motors at the 1939 world’s fair in new york city: video</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>when cars ruled the world’s fair</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>early self-driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>the world's fair future of 1939</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 1950s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the next major development occurred in the 1950s when in 1953, rca labs developed an arrangement that included a miniature car that was controlled by wires on the laboratory floor. this development inspired leland hancock and ln. ress, who both worked for the nebraska department of roads, to try out the system on a real highway.</p> <p dir='ltr'>an experimental full-size version of this system was installed at an intersection outside of lincoln, nebraska. the system was set up by burying a series of detector circuits in the pavement and pairing them with a series of lights alongside the road. the detector circuits sent impulses that guided the cars and determined the presence and velocity of the experimental cars on the road. this experiment occurred after an earlier test of the system in which the system was used as a traffic counter. </p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>self-driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>historical views of self-driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>the electric highway in lincoln nebraska</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>gm’s early vision of self-driving cars</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 1960s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>on june 5th, 1960, the system would be demonstrated again. this demonstration occurred in princeton, new jersey, at the headquarters of rca labs. </p> <p dir='ltr'>also, during the 1950s and 1960s, general motors, maker of both some of the world's most popular collectible cars and new driving technology, had an experimental car made from a firebird. this vintage car was said to have a guidance system that was supposed to work withouta driver.combining a classic car series like the firebird with self-driving technology made this experimental vehiclea fascinating detour in automotive history.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the next major attempt to develop an autonomous car was in 1960. like the previous major experiment, this attempt involved embedding devices in the roadway. in this case, the driverless cars were to be activated by the devices in the roadway. </p> <p dir='ltr'>in the 1960s,great britain got its own driverless,now antique car, avariant of thecitroen ds. this modified car made its share of automotive history by driving on a test track at a steady speed of 80mph in various types of weather, doing a better job than a human would.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>firebird concept cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>the driverless car in great britain</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>citroen ds self-driving car</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>rca and self-driving cars</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 1970s-1980s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the test continued into the 1970s,performed by the united kingdom's transport and road research laboratory on a road with magnetic cables embedded in it. these cables then interact with the car and are operated by communicators on the roadway, which sent computer messages. although the experiments continued for a while, they ended in the 1970s when funding was discontinued.</p> <p dir='ltr'>there was never a lot of demand for these types of self-driving cars. also, building the guided-vehicle roads necessary for some of these self-driving cars would have been incredibly today, they look like nothing but interesting yet impractical antique cars. but the interest in self-driving cars continued.</p> <p dir='ltr'>scientists would start to experiment with using computers to control cars. stanford university built robots that could follow white lines and avoid obstacles. research and experimentation would continue, and in the late 1970s,engineers at the university of tsukuba's mechanical engineering lab would test a self-driving car on japanese roads.</p> <p dir='ltr'>work would continue on developing self-driving cars. in the 1980s, a driverless mercedes-benz robotic van developed by ernst dickmann in munich, germany,reached 63 mph on the road without traffic.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>important developments in driverless car technology</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>history of mercedes-benz driverless vehicle technology</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>100 years of driverless cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>alvinn, a self-driving car</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 1990s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>carnegie mellon university became the leading competitor in the 1990s as people from countries around the world tried to build self-driving cars. there was increased success by the end of the 1990s with cross-country trips by self-driving cars in japan, germany, and the u.s. also, in 1995, aself-driving car drove up to 130 kilometers per hour and changed lanes without any help from humans.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>toyota and self-driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>self-driving cars in the 1990s</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>santro and his self-driving car</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>1990s research in driverless technology</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 2000s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>research would accelerate in the 2000s as the pentagon got involved in the race for autonomous the early 2000s, the defense advanced research projects agency ran competitions for american autonomous vehicles,which was successful in encouraging innovative research. these competitions occurred in 2004,2005, and 2005, there was a winning vehicle from stanford university. </p> <p dir='ltr'>this contest helped people see more potential in automated cars. no longer were self-driving cars the stuff of vintage sci-fi like the innovative but impractical antique cars that ran tracks at the world fair. however, the recession slowed down investment in this technology. although in 2009, google would start a project for self-driving cars. </p> <p dir='ltr'>this move by google created a lot of interest in self-driving, some by major companies. although, google's goal in starting this project was less to produce self-driving cars and more to start a service to help people who couldn't drive. after google started its project, a number of other companies acquired startups to obtain new technology in an attempt to develop self-driving cars.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>google's self-driving car project</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>stanford university robotic vehicle</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>self-driving family tree</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>carnegie mellon university robotic vehicles</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the 2010s</h2> <p dir='ltr'>another competition would take place in 2010 that would lead to more improvements in self-driving vehicles. it was the vislab intercontinental autonomous challenge. the challenge was 13,000 kilometers in length and would take almost three months. it went from parma, italy, to shanghai, china. </p> <p dir='ltr'>it involved four highly autonomous vehicles loaded with goods and showed that goods could be transported between continents with very little human help. this challenge showed that driverless cars could be nearly as safe and effective as driver-controlled cars. </p> <p dir='ltr'>it gave audi a chance to exhibit its audi tts, which had a system a lot like the autopilot on a plane. volkswagen had a similar system in its car that allowed the car to operate semi-autonomously. this car had a number of driver-assist functions, such as adaptive cruise control and ultrasonic sensors. but, the car allowed the driver to take over control at any time.</p> <p dir='ltr'>many major car companies were trying to develop self-driving cars by 2013 including, general motors and bmw. however, the goal proved difficult to achieve, and by 2020 the car companies were pursuing more practical goals. </p> <p dir='ltr'>although, they are still spending a considerable amount of money in attempting to develop true self-driving technology. no car manufacturer has truly succeeded in this yet, including tesla. in fact, the german government requested that tesla stop using the term full self-driving.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>stages of automation</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>tesla and self driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>audi tts</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>german court rules that tesla misled consumers</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>self driving cars today</h2> <p dir='ltr'>although there are no fully self-driving cars, many companies are still trying to develop one. tesla recently stated that they aren't sure that they will ever develop a fully self-driving car. but, they are still working on developing this technology and havemany self-driving cars available that require a driver. in fact, they are probably the most famous manufacturer of self-driving cars. </p> <p dir='ltr'>some cars today come close to being fully self-driving. these cars can handle some or all steering, brake if they sense an obstacle, and maintain posted speed limits. features such as these make the cars safer and easier to drive, but they are still meant to have human intervention readily available.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>current use of driverless cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>nearly fully self driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>great britain to allow self-driving cars on the road</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>fully self-driving cars may not be ready for a long time</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>the future of self driving cars</h2> <p dir='ltr'>although it's hard to say when self-driving cars will become commonplace, there are many advantages that could come with this technology. there would be fewer traffic deaths and potentially less traffic congestion. also, with cars driving themselves, senior citizens, people with physical disabilities, and young people would be able to travel more easily. fully self-driving vehicles with advanced road navigation systems and complex ai could make today's models look as simple as yesterday's computerless vintage cars.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>safety</h2> <p dir='ltr'>traffic fatalities should significantly decrease since most of these fatalities are the result of human error. there are approximately 1.4 million traffics deaths worldwide each year. if self-driving cars became common, many of these deaths would be prevented, which is a significant savings of lives.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>lower costs</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the decrease in traffic congestion would save a lot of time for the many people who are stuck in traffic every workday. less time wasted would mean less money wasted. this may even extend to insurance. whereas most <a href=''>modified car insurance</a> costs much more,tomorrow's car insurance could be lower due to fewer accidents.with self-driving modified cars, many wonder if we will need insurance at all.</p> <p>it's crucial to consider the insurance aspects and the need for specialized coverage when it comes to modified self-driving cars. <a href=''><strong>modified car insurance</strong></a> provides tailored protection specifically designed for these unique vehicles, including those equipped with self-driving technology.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>help for those who can't drive </h2> <p dir='ltr'>autonomous cars will also be a big help to those who can't drive themselves. it would allow more people with disabilities to enter the workforce. senior citizens would be able to get to medical appointments on their own, and young people could more easily get to activities. these cars would allow many people to participate more fully in society.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>self-driving cars increase safety</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>benefits of self-driving cars</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>self-driving car timeline</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>how self-driving cars cars could help the elderly</a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>final thoughts</h2> <p dir='ltr'>self-driving cars may only now be on the verge of being brought to market, but they actually have a long history behind them. from the 1930s to today, many inventors and engineers have dreamed of creating a car without the need for a driver. so, the next time you see a tesla driving on autopilot on the highway, think about the nearly 100 years of work that have brought us so far.</p> All categories Mon, 3 May 2021 00:00:00 -0800 History of Charles Richard Patterson – The First Black Automaker <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='charles richard patterson the first black automaker' src='' style='height:380px; width:624px' /></strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>the auto industry was growing rapidly towards the late 19th and early 20th centuries. several small automakers were working on developing the engine for the automobile and the automobile itself was making the lives of people easier. one black man, whose freedom was legally taken from him, decided and acted on preserving his own life. he escaped slavery, began a carriage company then transformed into an automobile company, and directed his life. we typically don't think of heroes as people who save their own lives. this is the story of one who did.</p> <p dir='ltr'>charles richard patterson was born into slavery on a virginia plantation in 1833. while still a slave, he worked with the plantation’s blacksmith before he escaped, skills he would later use to build his carriage business. charles escaped in 1861. he crossed the allegheny mountains, hiked through west virginia, then reached the ohio river, a station on the underground railroad. </p> <p dir='ltr'>charles married josephine outz in 1864 and had six children. he was a trustee of the greenfield african methodist episcopal church and an energetic sunday school teacher. he held leadership and operational roles as a member of the cedar grove lodge no.17 as a freemason</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='old photo of automaker factory' src='' style='height:340px; width:470px' /></strong></p> <p dir='ltr'>patterson began working for the dines and simpson carriage and coach makers company as a foreman once in ohio. j.p lowe owned a successful carriage company of his own and patterson later left dines and simpson and was employed as lowe’s foreman. he became lowe’s business partner in 1873. patterson took leadership over the company and it was renamed c.r. patterson and sons carriage company in 1893 with 10 employees.</p> <p dir='ltr'>carriages were not built completely from scratch. instead, parts were purchased from third parties’ businesses needed to build them. carriage makers built their carriage bodies and only created their parts when necessary. it’s believed patterson would have done this as many other carriage makers would have. </p> <p dir='ltr'>charles’ carriages were well known for their high quality. patterson had 28 carriage models in his catalog. they were carriages for different needs. some were simple. others were larger and more elaborate for doctors and other professionals. his “doctor’s buggy” was the most popular of his carriages due to his heavy advertising targeted to doctors. his carriages sold for about $120-$150. </p> <p dir='ltr'>frederick patterson, charles’ son, studied at ohio state university where he became the first black varsity football player. he also had the role of president in a college club and served as assistant business manager for the school newspaper, skills that would greatly help him steer c.r. patterson and sons.  </p> <p dir='ltr'>frederick, who worked under his father as a carriage builder and designer, took over his company after his father died in 1910. he married betty estelline postell in 1901. they had two sons who would eventually run their grandfather’s company.</p> <p dir='ltr'>carriages weren’t as high in demand by the 1900s and “horseless buggies”, the automobile, became a faster way to get around. horses only had so much “horsepower” to move carriages. with the engine becoming more efficient, it made the perfect fit to replace the horse.</p> <p dir='ltr'>these early cars became what we think of today as vintage cars. some people were skeptical of them at first. today, it is hard to believe the public would be wary of the automobile, an efficient, convenient machine that powers itself so a person can get from one destination to another. but the horse-drawn carriage was what many were accustomed to and as with anything new, some people tend to be concerned about technological change.</p> <p dir='ltr'>that said, not all were concerned. some were attracted to them as they were used for auto racing. henry ford, in his autobiography, wrote to prove your car’s worth, you had to enter it in a race.  also, many were attracted to cars; only the rich could afford them. </p> <p dir='ltr'>sales of the “horseless carriage” began to increase into the 1920s, particularly henry ford’s model t, a low-cost vehicle for the middle-class family which contributed to squeezing other automakers out of the industry. the 1920s are what historians call the “roaring 20s”. people had access to new consumer goods we can’t live without today like washing machines, stoves, and vacuum cleaners. these time-saving devices made room for more leisure time. people now had access to credit, allowing them to buy and pay for their purchases later. </p> <p dir='ltr'>according to statistics from this period, the ratio of cars to people was rising from year to year. frederick saw the increased demand for the automobile and pivoted his business to repairing it, educating his customer on how the “horseless carriage” worked. in 1915, frederick built his car, the patterson-greenfield, large enough for a family. its cost was $685. adjusted for inflation, today this car would have cost $18,190. frederick himself said this car was affordable and quality was not sacrificed.</p> <p dir='ltr'>with increased competition from car manufacturers that could build cars at greater speeds for less money, frederick pivoted away from building cars. he turned business back to repairs then later used his carriage building and designing skills to create bus bodies around the chassis of other car manufacturers like what a modified car is today. he also changed the name of his business to greenfield bus body company in 1921. frederick’s bus bodies were sold to school boards in southern ohio, the ohio transit company, and local businesses.</p> <p dir='ltr'>frederick’s sons, frederick jr. and postell ran the family business after their father died. reorganizing the business, they renamed it gallia body company. they continued the operation their father and grandfather built but the great depression, in 1929, took a lot of companies out of business as loans were difficult to receive. gallia body company weathered this storm but it was becoming challenging to continue. after 74 years, gallia body company closed in 1939.</p> <p dir='ltr'>you can find late 19th and early 20th-century vintage cars today in museums, but patterson cars and busses can’t be found among them; between 30-150 greenfield - patterson vehicles were built. very few patterson horse-drawn carriages are in existence as what could be considered collectible cars.what can be found are photographs and advertisements held by the greenfield historical society.</p> <p dir='ltr'>charles patterson saved his own life and paved the way for a better one for his children. his sons and grandsons continued the business, adopting the technological improvements of automobiles, weathering the competitive <a href=''>automobile industry</a>, financial turbulence, and racial discrimination. unfortunately, charles’ grandsons closed his company. one can safely assume he proud of it. c.r. patterson and sons remained in existence for nearly 100 years, and it was the gold charles created to rescue himself.</p> <p dir='ltr'> </p> <p dir='ltr'><em>featured image credit: by <a href=''>public domain</a>, <a href=''>cc by-sa 4.0</a><br /> in post image credit: everts & abbott / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></em></p> All categories Wed, 31 Mar 2021 00:00:00 -0800 6 Best Tips for Selling a Classic Car <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='tips for selling a classic car' src='' /></p> <p>classic cars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. they range from sporty models such as the cadillac to the more comfortable and spacious humber. if you are new to selling classic cars, you would be surprised to learn that they can offer incredible value if you find the right buyer.</p> <p>if you have a classic vehicle, but don’t have much knowledge about them, you may have a hard time selling it. when selling a classic car, it is important to spend a generous amount of time to learn about their value, so that you can sell it for the right price. while the internet is full of advice and tips about selling classic cars, people often tend to get confused because of some technical details.</p> <p>if you are one of those people, and are searching for easy to understand tips about selling classic cars, continue reading this piece, as it discusses some of the best tips you may come across. so without further ado, let’s begin!</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='tips for selling a classic car' src='' /></p> <h2>estimate your classic car’s value</h2> <p>there is no shortage of online and offline services that you can utilize to determine your car’s right value. sure, you may not get exact estimates as they could vary from one service to the next, but they will give you a rough idea. for instance, some buyers could be prepared to offer a price that is way higher than your vehicle’s priced simply because your classic car is rare or maybe because it reminds him/her of their first car.</p> <p>the following tips could help you sell your car for excellent prices:</p> <p><strong>- set your vehicle’s price a bit over its estimated worth. by doing this, you can get some leverage when bargaining with potential customers, making sure you don’t have to sell your vehicle for a loss.</strong></p> <p><strong>- local collectors generally tend to have online forums where you can see same or similar car models selling in places nearby</strong></p> <p><strong>- consider taking your classic car to professional assessors. most of these assessors may charge a fee to analyze your car but the price is usually worth it because they know what it takes to gauge your car’s value the right way. </strong></p> <h2>find suitable selling venues</h2> <p>you can significantly increase the odds of selling your classic car at high prices by choosing the right location. in some situations, opting for an auto auction could be an excellent choice, while in others, you would greatly benefit from online posting. the right venue can make all the difference when selling classic or any type of car for that matter.</p> <p>in case you don’t have the time and energy for choosing a suitable selling location, you can always acquire the services of a dealer to choose the best selling venue.</p> <p><strong>- you can either use a car dealer’s help or consign your car to sell it for a good price. sure, they may take their cut, but it will significantly eliminate a lot of hassle, saving some time in the process.</strong></p> <p><strong>- if you choose an auto auction for selling your car, know that you will need to pay a fair percentage to the auctioneer or the organizers once your car is sold. so, it would be best if you chose the auction wisely as a lot of them tend to keep massive cuts. </strong></p> <p><strong>- one of the most cost effective way to sell your vehicle is by making an online post about your car with its general information and description. once again, you may need to pay some fees for your post, but it will help you advertise your car to thousands of people.</strong></p> <h2>make your car stand out</h2> <p>selling classic cars requires more effort than modern ones, and for good reason. sure, some people may buy a classic car for sentimental value but others may not be convinced of it right away. therefore, you must make an effort to highlight some special features of your car like its color combination, make, engine etc to make it stand out. it would also help if you requested your car manufacturer to provide you with production numbers, which can greatly help you in research.</p> <p><strong>- believe it or not, history can play a massive role in increasing your car’s value. for instance, if your vehicle was used in a famous movie or owned by a celebrity, there is a good chance that you can sell it for an excellent price.</strong></p> <p><strong>- consider doing some research to learn about the times where your car was in the spotlight. doing this will help you increase your classic car’s value in the buyer’s eyes. </strong></p> <h2>study the international market</h2> <p>a lot of collectors living in your region may find your classic car to be desirable. however, there’s a high chance that it isn’t as exotic as you expect, especially if its production and distribution happened in your area. by studying the foreign markets, especially where your classic car could be rare, you can find people who would value your car more than the locals.</p> <p>that said, make sure that your classic car’s international worth is enough to justify transporting expenses while making you a profit.</p> <p>-<strong>consider taking a quick look at the emission and fuel standards of the countries you want to advertise your vehicle in. sometimes, even the most avid of collectors could pass on a classic car if the laws of their country don’t allow the type of vehicle you are selling</strong></p> <p><strong>- in case your classic vehicle has a worth estimated around 20,000 dollars, a lot of buyers may not even consider it to be a worthwhile option. this is because they would have to pay hefty international shipping fees that may not be in their budget.</strong></p> <h2>shine up your car</h2> <p>no matter how old your car is, it always helps to make it look new and shiny. appearances really matter, especially when it comes to selling cars. most buyers may try to negotiate the price in order to bring it down. they will find any reason they can to justify their argument, which is why it is important not to give them any reason to bargain the price. you can do this by making your classic car look as good as new.</p> <p>also, keep in mind that merely maintaining your car’s exterior is not enough, you should also focus on the interior and repair any faulty parts to make sure the vehicle is in excellent running condition. as far as the exterior goes, wax coats can go a long way in making your classic vehicle look like it was manufactured just recently.</p> <h2>don’t be hasty when advertising</h2> <p>contrary to popular belief, merely having an attractive or valuable car is not enough to sell it for a good price. advertising it the right way matters, and many people tend to be hasty when marketing their car. the most critical part of any car selling process is a comprehensive, well laid out marketing strategy.</p> <p>this could include things like highlighting your car’s positive attributes and justifying the rates you are asking. you should also consider advertising your vehicle on different forms of media to get as much exposure as possible.</p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>georgialens</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>in post image credit: <a href=''>theangryteddy</a>  /  <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Wed, 3 Mar 2021 00:00:00 -0800 What are the differences between classic and today’s cars? <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='bmw, techno classica 2018, essen (img 8995).jpg' src='' style='height:267px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <span style='font-size:10px'>image credit: matti blume - <a href=''>own work</a>, cc by-sa 4.0</span></p> <h2 dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'>what are the differences between classic and today’s cars?</h2> <p>in 2021, if you go to a car dealership, the sales person will probably try to sell you on some of the newest technology such as rear-view cameras, built-in gps functionality, and overall automatic everything. classic cars, however, were made with many different features and were much less mass-produced, which is what makes them so valuable today. read on for an outline of the differences between classic and today’s cars.</p> <h2>manufacturing materials</h2> <p>first and foremost, the materials used to manufacture classic cars differed greatly from those used today. for example, vintage cars may have wool seats, whereas a lot of upholstery in today’s vehicles is polyester or nylon. classic cars normally have laminated glass, whereas today’s cars normally feature tempered glass, at least in the windshield due to its ability to shatter into smaller pieces upon an impact (therefore reducing damage and injury). </p> <p>the bodies and frames of classic cars were oftentimes made of heavy steel sheet metal or iron, but today’s cars normally use mild steel, aluminum, glass reinforced polymer, and/or polypropylene. don’t be fooled by the lighter metals and composites in today’s cars, though. while classic cars oftentimes look much larger, wider, and heftier, the average weight of cars has actually increased over time. </p> <p>the tires you’ll find on a vintage car are also much different than the tires on today’s cars. tires on today’s cars are radial tires, whereas classic cars used bias-ply tires. both types have cords running through them, but at different angles. radial tires have steel cords while bias-ply tire cords are made of nylon. radial tires also normally feature some steel belts that help aid in better traction and more controlled handling of the vehicle. </p> <p>if you look around the streets today, you’ll see a slew of unremarkable vehicles, a lot of which look the same. auto manufacturers have conformed to today’s consumer demands (including suvs, which are no longer a specialty type of car) and all produce similar-looking vehicles. unfortunately, cars are not made with neon, pastel, or retro colors anymore; instead, they are all now mostly made with standard acrylic enamel in less “popping” colors. a vintage car undoubtedly sticks out and is much more noticeable and eye-catching.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='file:ford focus versus ford explorer crash test iihs.jpg - wikimedia commons' src='' style='height:350px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <span style='font-size:10px'>image credit: brady holt- <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a>, cc by-sa 4.0</span></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>safety features</h2> <p>a massive and quite obvious difference between classic/vintage cars and today’s cars is safety. today’s cars are undoubtedly safer and more reliable, even just with “simple” standard features such as airbags. several auto manufacturers scoffed at the idea of airbags prior to the 1990s, but a 1991 law was passed stating vehicles made in or after 1998 are required to have an airbag system built in. airbag technology has since expanded, with various automakers placing airbags in different areas of vehicles and some manufacturers (e.g., volvo) even experimenting with external airbags to protect pedestrians in case of a collision. </p> <p>today’s cars no longer have bench seats in the front seat, as today’s central consoles prevent drivers from the risk of sliding across the entire car while driving. for obvious reasons, rear-facing seats are also obsolete. of course, today’s standard safety features like the rear-view camera, forward collision warning, and backup alert also continuously save many people from dreaded accidents. </p> <h2>technologies and features</h2> <p>classic cars lack so much of today’s new technologies that can make vehicles more enjoyable, including all of the “smart” technology that includes wi-fi and allows us to utilize apps and connect with other people while we’re driving. some features today’s cars lackinclude spare tires, visible antennas for the radio signal, ashtrays, and spacious seats and trunks. as time goes on, less and less cars are being made with cigarette lighters; in fact, many of today’s young people have no idea what they are. of course, newer cars come without keys and instead simply have a fob. </p> <p>looking for multi-function steering wheels? definitely don’t look at a classic car. automakers started toying with steering wheel functionality more towards the 1990’s, starting with cruise control as well as radio station and volume functions. today, it seems mundane to be able to make a phone call from our steering wheel, but it wasn’t even thought of at the time vintage cars were being built and having a “car phone” back then made car owners cool. </p> <p>today’s cars come with an interactive dashboard and oftentimes have a touchscreen in the console. no longer is there a need for cds and cassette tape players, as nowadays we can just plug our smartphones in and tell them to play what we want to listen to. seatbelts have also changed, with newer cars lacking the automatic seatbelts from some of the older years that didn’t give us the option to wear them or not. </p> <p>lights have changed, too. from the 1950’s through the 1970’s, classic cars were made with a “foot dimmer” switch that would allow drivers to adjust their headlights without having to take their hands off the steering wheel. of course, today’s cars can just sense the amount of light needed (if any) and adjust for us automatically. </p> <h2>repairs and maintenance</h2> <p>repairs in most (but not all) classic cars were theoretically simpler than today’s cars, seeing as they were made with less parts and tools while also not being as computerized. today’s repairs can be extremely costly due to the intricate manufacturing and the technologization of almost every part in it. instead of simply being parts, new cars have many different computer systems within them and they can each leave you with a big bill when they break. </p> <p>having a big repair bill is always a hassle, but on the contrary, these computer systems also work magic to keep you from needing repairs regularly. for example, self-adjusting valves are extremely useful and it’s nice when the car tells you it’s time for an oil change. owners of new vehicles don’t have to do any sort of regular lubrication and don’t have to check the air in the tires regularly. today’s cars tell us what’s wrong and oftentimes are able to make adjustments themselves, saving us dreaded trips to the auto shop or dealership for maintenance. </p> <h2>insurance</h2> <p>of course, regardless if you have a vintage car, a new car, or a modified car, you’ll need insurance. classic cars are rarer and there is a lesser supply of them, meaning a lot of auto buyers assume insurance prices will be higher on them. this is not necessarily true due to insurance options and, sometimes, state guidelines. </p> <p>depending on the specific car, the state the car is registered may put some limitations on how far it can go, where it can go, and when it can be driven. many insurance companies actually give discounts for such vehicles because they surmise the vehicle has a smaller chance of having an accident if it is driven less and stays close to home. if the car is on the road less and not going far distances, there is likely a lesser chance of a potentially costly insurance claim. </p> <p>on the contrary, insurance companies may need to charge a premium on certain classic and modified cars because of the specialized parts that may be hard to find (and cost a lot). most of us don’t make any crazy changes to our cars after we buy them, but insurance companies may adjust rates for those who do. want that custom paint job, those chrome rims, and a turbocharger? you just might pay more for the insurance. bear in mind, though, that some car insurances will actually decrease rates if basic safety upgrades are completed.</p> <p>classic cars appreciate in value compared to today’s mass-produced cars, and some insurance companies understand this and offer “<a href=''>collectible car insurance</a>” or something similarly named. this is different than what we normally think of when it comes to car insurance, as collectible car insurance involves owners reaching an agreement with the insurance company on the actual value of the vehicle as opposed to basing the value on its depreciation. </p> <h2>conclusion</h2> <p>classic car buffs will tell you that vintage cars are the way to go when choosing a vehicle, but there are so many pros and cons to both vintage and new vehicles. while driving classic cars may be more intriguing than one of today’s standard vehicles, new vehicles have much more technology in them that many of us take advantage of. with the possible surge in electric vehicle manufacturing, it is expected that newer cars will certainly change the auto world in even more ways. </p> All categories Wed, 10 Feb 2021 00:00:00 -0800 Will Gasoline Cars Become Obsolete? <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='3d technology' src='' /><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href='' title='user:rderijcke (page does not exist)'>ruben de rijcke</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></span></p> <p>with climate change being a highly discussed topic worldwide, we see a big push towards electric vehicles.</p> <p>some countries give consumers various incentives such as subsidies or tax breaks to stimulate the purchase of electric vehicles. in contrast, fossil-fuelled cars and gasoline are being taxed and restricted more than ever before. the main two factors that inspire people to buy an electric vehicle are to save money and save the environment. but are those incentives enough to make millions of gas-powered cars obsolete?</p> <h2>getting combustion engines off the road</h2> <p>if you’re reading this, it’s doubtful that you’ll see the complete removal of gasoline-powered cars in your lifetime. we expect electric vehicles to become the majority over the next decade, but gas cars won’t be going away anytime soon.</p> <p>the states and countries that have placed restrictions on gas-powered cars mainly focus on new production. that means, as of now, no one will be forced to give up their current car. and the sale of pre-owned gas-powered vehicles won’t be restricted.</p> <p>as the push towards electric vehicles progresses, we will likely see taxes and additional registration fees for gasoline vehicles. that will encourage drivers to make the change towards electric, but won’t be 100% effective. even if the production of combustion engines stopped today, they would continue to be driven for at least 60+ years, and likely longer. it’s estimated that there are thousands of ford model t’s still considered to be roadworthy, even 90+ years after production stopped. so car enthusiasts will hold onto their <a href=''>classic cars</a> long after they’re considered to be outdated.</p> <p>millions of people love vintage cars. it would be near impossible to convince people to switch over to an electric vehicle. electric engines will never replace the sound and feeling of starting up a big v-8 engine. and if the production of new combustion engines was stopped, the last models produced would likely become a collectible car that’s held onto for a long time.</p> <p>it might be easy to get 80-90% of gas-powered cars off the roads, but to make gas-powered cars obsolete seems highly unlikely.</p> <h2>charging electric vehicles</h2> <p>the main hurdle that electric vehicles need to conquer is the charging dilemma. as of today, it’s not convenient to charge an electric vehicle unless you’re at home. it’s much easier to stop by the gas station and fill up.</p> <p>the average electric vehicle can take 8-10 hours to fully charge, which isn’t convenient if you plan on driving around all day. long charging times and limited driving range might not be a problem for the average american, who typically drives less than 50 miles per day. but there will need to be a better solution before evs become mainstream.</p> <p>charging up your car battery may not be a problem for the stay-at-home mom, who drives 20 miles a day, or the employee who has a charging station at the office. still, millions of taxi drivers, delivery drivers, and people who take long road trips can’t afford to spend hours charging their car.</p> <p>the ev charging station infrastructure is still in its infancy. tesla is working hard on this issue, with 2,000+ public <a href=''>supercharger stations</a> around the world, which can give you a quick charge while you stop for a meal or coffee. the number of superchargers doesn’t come close to the 168,000 gas stations in the us alone. before gasoline vehicles become obsolete, electric vehicle charging will need to become faster and more widely available, and thousands of gas stations would need to disappear.</p> <h2>how much does an electric car cost?</h2> <p>in recent years, tesla has sold the majority of electric vehicles. tesla is also the most valuable car company and are paving the future of electric vehicles. a brand new model 3 has a $37,000 price tag, the chevy bolt starts at $36,500, and a nissan leaf will cost you $31,600. that isn’t much different than the kelly blue book’s average new car price of $33,000.</p> <p>ev owners will also enjoy some money savings at the pump. tesla estimates that if you use their superchargers, a 500-mile trip costs $41, compared to $49 at the gas station. charging your car at home will vary depending on your electricity rates per kwh. the department of energy estimates that charging your car at home will cost between $0.04-0.07 per mile. if you compare that to a gas vehicle, charging your ev is around half the price.</p> <p>as more car manufacturers focus on producing electric vehicles and building infrastructure to support fast, efficient charging, we expect an electric vehicle’s cost to drop. the average driver wouldn’t save a tremendous amount of money, which makes the main reason to go electric environmental.</p> <h2>are ev batteries causing more harm than good?</h2> <p>some arguments claim the manufacturing of evs to cause more harm than good. the chemicals and resources needed to make millions of lithium-ion car batteries might outweigh the benefits of lower emissions.</p> <p>studies have shown that electric vehicles are far less polluting than their combustion engine counterparts. and as ev technology becomes more mainstream, they are likely to become more efficient and sustainable. the increased popularity of electric vehicles will benefit manufacturing by providing better infrastructure, more efficient manufacturing, recycling options, and reducing the need for the mining of new materials.</p> <p>today, electric vehicles are helping more than they’re hurting, and that will only continue to increase. in coming years, electric vehicles will have increased ranges and longer-lasting batteries, just like today’s cars are safer and more fuel-efficient compared to the classic cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s.</p> <h2>final thoughts</h2> <p>there are clear benefits of switching from a gas-powered car to an electric vehicle. the average person would save money and cause less harm to the environment when they buy an electric vehicle.</p> <p>however, the money savings are relatively limited. with the added inconvenience of not being able to fuel up in 5 minutes, it’s clear that gasoline cars won’t disappear from the roads anytime soon. we will see the continued increase and popularity of evs, and they will likely become a majority in the next decade.</p> All categories Sat, 28 Nov 2020 00:00:00 -0800 Firewood Powered Vehicles – The Original Alternative Fuel <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='3d technology' src='' /><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: bundesarchiv, bild 183-v00670 /<a href=',_berlin,_pkw_mit_holzgasantrieb.jpg'> wikimedia commons</a></span></p> <p>we are all familiar with fueling up our cars at the gas station as well as the expanding electric battery-powered vehicle technologies, but there used to be a different type of vehicles cruising the streets: firewood powered (also called producer gas powered) vehicles. while the process of “gasification” was likely developed in the 1830’s, the first documented record of wood gasification is from the 1870’s when scientists discovered how to use the process to generate power for streetlights and cooking appliances. around the 1920’s, a german scientist found a way to use wood to fuel vehicles, and his invention later became known as the imbert generator, which ended up being used in around 10,000 cars by the end of the 1930’s. </p> <p>while using gasification for wood powered vehicles was a fun and innovative method of fueling a car when it was invented, petroleum supply became low during world war ii and caused a serious need for other ways to fuel vehicles. wood gas generators became widely used, including in the united states and europe, and the process of gasification was used to convert firewood (and coal) into fuel for vintage cars. this included the renowned volkswagen beetles, which were “refueled” through a hole in the hood of the car.</p> <p>by 1945, it was estimated that 1 million vehicles in europe ran on wood. finland alone had seventy factories that prepared wood for vehicles, and other countries such as italy were looking for alternative fuel sources because of trade embargos. germany’s oil supply was sharply reduced during the war due to the military needing it, so gasifiers were made mandatory, heavily advertised, and utilized. (little known fact: there was a so-called <a href=''>“black market”</a> for petroleum and it is estimated that 8% of petroleum was purchased illegally during the war.)</p> <p> </p> <p>back in wartime, wood also powered buses, trucks, tractors, and boats throughout the world, mainly in europe. at the end of the war, petroleum availability returned, and manufacturing of these vehicles basically vanished so wood-powered vehicles quickly become collectible cars. nevertheless, gasification is currently still used for heat, electricity, and renewable energy, and it has not been forgotten about in regard to wood. in 1989, the federal emergency management agency (fema) even released an <a href=''>instructive guide</a> to building a “simplified wood gas generator” in the case of a “petroleum emergency.”</p> <p> </p> <p style='text-align:center'><br /> <img alt='3d technology' src='' /><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href=''></a></span></p> <p>the u.s. forest service also has not considered wood power a thing of that past, as a <a href=''>2010 experiment</a> was “investigating ways to use small diameter or low-value trees to produce wood gas for heating and cooling and to generate electricity.” while the journal noted the limitations and problems that may arise from wood power, it has not been completely ousted as an option. certain countries like russia and china still produce wood gasifiers that are used to run small and large industrial machines.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><img alt='3d technology' src='' /><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href='' title='user:kopiersperre'>kopiersperre</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></span></p> <p>in simple terms, gasification converts any carbon-based, raw material including firewood into fuel gas. gasification is carried out in a gasifier, which combines high-temperature (around 2,500 degrees fahrenheit) oxygen and steam with the material that will convert into synthetic natural gas, which can then be used in machines including vehicles.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='' src='' style='height:654px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href=''></a></span></p> <p>while antique cars couldn’t go very far on one fueling, they had gasifiers attached to them that would get people from a to b as needed. rumor has it that firewood powered vehicles can possibly be modified to offer a mileage range similar to that of today’s electric vehicles. </p> <p>wood gas generators look very similar to today’s water heaters and can be placed in various places on vehicles including in the trunk, on a trailer, in the bed of a truck, or on a platform on the front or rear of the vehicle. during wartime, some vehicles were engineered with gasifiers that were unable to be seen, but most of the time they were quite noticeable. these can weigh hundreds of pounds even when they are empty and have the potential to take up a lot of space and block drivers’ views.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='' src='' style='height:392px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href=''></a> </span></p> <p>in general, a wood gasifier works to convert wood into wood gas, which consists of gases including hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, and others that can collectively work to power an internal combustion mechanism in a vehicle.</p> <p>in the gasifier systems of the olden days, wood would be inserted into the stove-like mechanism and the high heat would break it down and create smoke before pushing through a layer of charcoal and into a tube under the vehicle. this allowed the power generated to fuel the car and make it run. once the wood runs out, ash is removed from another hole, normally at the bottom of the stove-like mechanism. ultimately, the process of wood creating gases that are sent into the engine cylinders is comparable to today’s cars’ gasoline and air process. </p> <p>firewood powered vehicles certainly served their purpose in the 19th and 20th centuries, and while petroleum regained ownership of the vehicle fueling industry, researchers and scientists have begun to renew their interest in alternative fueling options. in the 1990’s, many felt hydrogen would be the alternative fuel that would end up being superior to others, but today auto manufacturers have begun to invest more in electric vehicles and other methods. european countries, specifically sweden and finland, have been expanding research into wood gas cars since the 1950’s in case of an unforeseen oil shortage. </p> <p>in terms of being eco-friendly, firewood powered vehicles probably do a better job than gasoline. while the utilization of gasifiers would inevitably increase electricity use due to higher consumption, wood is a renewable fuel and gasoline is not. aside from actually slicing the wood, firewood powered vehicles also do not require the energy used to produce and refine the fuel we are putting in our vehicles today, making them carbon neutral. the closed carbon cycle does not cause as much harm to the environment as typical cars today. </p> <p>wood powered cars also do not require a chemical battery and also emit less air pollution than gasoline-powered ones; in fact, emissions from a wood powered vehicle are close to those emitted from burning natural gas. </p> <p>despite the pros and the promising outcomes “woodmobiles” could offer, they certainly aren’t “hot rods.” using wood instead of gasoline greatly hinders the combustion engine’s output and therefore doesn’t allow for quick acceleration and high speeds. the main difference is that wood gas is made with a lot of nitrogen, which plays no part in combustion and leaves other slow-burning gases to do all the work. wood-powered vehicles also use carbon monoxide, which can be very dangerous to humans in certain amounts if it goes undetected. of course, carbon monoxide detectors have improved greatly and are much more reliable now. </p> <p>as the technology stands, firewood powered cars would potentially be a nuisance to impatient people because they can take approximately ten minutes to heat up, which may cause an inconvenience that we don’t experience with our current vehicles. also, vehicle gasifiers must be cleaned before every fill to remove ashes and minimize the amount of tar that forms. this could be offset, however, by automation, as a former prime minister of finland recently developed a prototype for a vehicle with a fully automated gasification system using a computer. also, the discarded ash can be used as a fertilizer instead of going to waste. </p> <p>woodmobiles need a significant amount of wood, seeing as a commonly-referenced manual from the 1930’s noted that a truck would need a whopping 220 pounds of wood to drive 62 miles. the wood also must be dry, which can take up to six months if left untouched and untreated. the type of wood matters, too. woods that contain a lot of resin are normally not recommended for gasifiers; instead, hardwoods like birch are more productive. </p> <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='file:woodgas farm truck.jpg - wikimedia commons' src='' style='height:468px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href='' title='user:ky metro (page does not exist)'>ky metro</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></span></p> <p>today, however, some enthusiasts have built their own gasifiers that require less wood, including a pennsylvanian who can drive 20 miles in his suv on 25 pounds of wood. it is believed that north korea sometimes uses wood powered vehicles due to sanctions on the oil and gas imports into the country. </p> <p>of course, the issue of deforestation would undoubtedly arise if firewood powered vehicles were manufactured again, especially on a large scale in areas where forests are already in danger. france learned this the hard way during the war when much of its forestland was destroyed, and it is widely hypothesized that making every car wood-powered is simply not sustainable. perhaps a hybrid could be created, but there have not been any solid experiments conducted on the feasibility.</p> <p>automotive manufacturers have steered clear of wood powered vehicles for decades now due to the downsides and problems they pose. however, humans have undoubtedly made incredible technological advances since the advent and disappearance of firewood powered vehicles. is it implausible that we could develop a more efficient, eco-friendly way to use wood to fuel our cars in the future? time will tell.</p> All categories Fri, 27 Nov 2020 00:00:00 -0800 3D Printed Classic Car Parts to Restore Your Collectible Car <h1><img alt='3d technology' src='' /></h1> <p>3d printing technology has come a long way over the past few decades. these days, you can purchase an entry level 3d printer for just a few hundred dollars. this price tag can get you started on the hobby at home. however, if you plan to use your printer for professional purposes expect to pay $4,000 or more. 3d printing works by overlapping thin layers of a substance, usually plastic, silicone or carbon fiber, into a particular shape.</p> <p>this technology has been around for decades, but it’s only now gaining mainstream popularity. 3d printing is now being used by industry leaders in healthcare, aerospace and auto manufacturing. the process is faster and less expensive than machining, making it perfect for those smaller quantity items or for creating inexpensive prototypes of parts for testing.</p> <p>as 3d printing grows in popularity amongst major industries, consumer demand has grown as well. many public libraries are making 3d printers available for use to the public. stores such as staples and ups are offering 3d printing services to their customers, both in-store and online. the printers are getting faster and less expensive to run, which will only make the technology more popular as time goes on.</p> <p>back in the 1980s this technology was still in its infancy. most people believed 3d printing was only useful for rendering aesthetic prototypes of models and parts. thirty years later, the process has advanced to the point that some 3d printed parts are considered viable for industrial strength production. 3d parts have become so high quality, and the technology has become so easily accessible, that many hobbyists are creating their own auto parts to restore their collectable car.</p> <h1><img alt='3d technology' src='' /></h1> <h2>3d printing classic car parts</h2> <p>in 2014, the swedish automaker koenigsegg built the urbee, a supercar with the bodywork and windows created by a 3d printer. later that year, local motors debuted the strati, a functioning vehicle that was entirely built out of 3d printed plastic and carbon fiber parts for everything except the powertrain.</p> <p>vintage car restoration has its own set of challenges. one of which is locating rare or obsolete parts. you may have <a href=''>classic car insurance</a>, but that won't help you locate a discontinued oem replacement part. 3d printing is now providing auto collectors a way to create their own parts for their modified car. even with the advent of internet marketplaces, some <a href=''>classic car parts</a> can be incredibly difficult to track down. even if you do succeed in finding the part, often it will be extremely old or used. 3d printing allows you to custom make a brand new part to your exact specifications.</p> <p>of course, certain auto parts like engine blocks or wheel bearings cannot be 3d printed at home. these parts are subjected to significant heat and weight, therefore they must be manufactured using industrial machining processes. however, 3d printing is ideal for recreating those smaller plastic accessories such as door handles, knobs, dash pieces and cup holders. these are often the parts that break easiest and are hardest to find.</p> <h2>3d printed antique car parts</h2> <p>the process of 3d printing starts by scanning the entire body of the entire antique car. this detailed scan creates records of every curve and line of the vehicle. this scan is then fed into a computer and turned into a series of cad drawings. a 3d printer can use these drawings to create the modified car part. the laser inside the printer then fuses together multiple layers of plastic, metal or carbon fiber to create an identical copy of the antique car part, accurate to the exact specification.</p> <p>in a recent project, artec 3d was able to scan a 1937 ford eifel inside and out to create a cad duplicate model. this was later used to create replacement parts without even referring to the manufacturer's specs. that is how accurate 3d printing has become. artec was able to create a new convertible top for this rare and valuable classic car. artec 3d is now working to scan more vintage cars. their goal is to build an archive of data so rare collectible car parts can easily be 3d printed based on their specifications. it’s smart to have modified <a href=''><strong>vintage car insurance</strong></a>, but it’s also great to have access to 3d printing technology to create those hard to find parts.</p> <p>porsche is one automaker that has embraced the idea of 3d printing. porsche has a cult following of enthusiasts who like to build and restore some of their classic models. porsche still carries spare parts for their vintage cars, but their stockpile is steadily dwindling. certain components have become extinct over the years and now porsche has turned to 3d printing to manufacture nine of their previously discontinued parts for certain limited production models. these models include the porsche 959, 964 and the 911 speedster. porsche is still stringent with their quality control and all the parts are tested to make sure they meet oem standards. porsche has been happy with the results thus far and they’re already planning to expand their 3d parts printing operation.</p> <h2>where to buy 3d printed modified car parts</h2> <p>whether you want to print your own car parts or purchase those rare parts from another printer, there are several reputable online marketplaces for you to explore. here’s a list of the top three options right now.</p> <h3><a href=''>shapeways</a></h3> <p>shapeways offers a 3d printing service for almost any part you could want. they also have a marketplace with thousands of classic car parts. their goal is to become the one-stop-shop for all your 3d printed needs. if you don’t want to experiment with printing your own parts, shapeways is a great option. ttheir service will cost more than doing it yourself, but you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality available in a 3d printed part.</p> <h3><a href=''>myminifactory</a></h3> <p>myminifactory has a database of collectible car models ready for 3d printing. here you’ll be able to download their models and use them to create parts for your own projects. it’s important to note that physical parts are not available for sale on the site. they only offer models so you can print your own.</p> <p>if you have access to a fdm 3d printer, you will be able to manufacture any of these parts from the comfort of your own home. the best part of myminifactory is the price. it’s completely free to download, use and distribute their 3d models. however, they do give you the option to donate a few bucks for their service, which is always a nice gesture. the site has a lot more than just car parts. it’s a great free resource for 3d printing hobbyists.</p> <h3><a href=''>thingiverse </a></h3> <p>thingiverse is an extremely popular website in the 3d printing community. the site features a huge selection of 3d printed modified car parts and other car related accessories. the site has virtually every kind of “thing” you can imagine and it’s a must visit if you own a 3d printer.</p> <h2>the future of 3d printing</h2> <p>one thing is for certain, 3d printing is here to stay. we’re only seeing the beginning of this technology and we will continue to see rapid advancements in the coming years. 3d printed parts will become cheaper and higher quality, giving antique car owners access to all the hard to find parts.</p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>pxfuel</a></p> <p>in post image credit: <a href='' title='user:kholoudabdolqader (page does not exist)'>kholoudabdolqader</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> All categories Thu, 12 Nov 2020 00:00:00 -0800 Modified Car Insurance: 3 Important Facts You Should Know <p style='text-align:center'><strong><img src='' style='height:415px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>pexels</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>the term “<a href=''>modified car</a>” means nothing to some people, but for others, it’s a way of life. many of these die-hard fans choose to express their passion by personalizing their rides beyond a stock build. aesthetically, these upgrades include things like custom wheels, audio systems, or body kits (to name just a few). for the hard core enthusiast, options are endless. think superchargers, turbos, suspension upgrades, blowers, and much more. </p> <p dir='ltr'>the issue is that when you’re spending thousands of dollars on custom upgrades, you don’t want to lose that investment, in the event of an accident. <a href=''>modified car insurance</a> protects you from just that. following are a few of the most common questions asked about modified car insurance.</p> <h2>what is a modified car?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>a modified vehicle is one that’s been enhanced or altered in some way, usually through aftermarket parts or aesthetic upgrades. here are a few of the <a href=''>most common mods</a> that might be worth reporting to your insurance provider:</p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>mechanical modifications</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>engine (superchargers, turbos, blowers)</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>brakes (performance calipers, rotors) </p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>suspension/chassis (anti-roll bars, struts, springs, dampers, bushes, coil-overs)</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>exhaust (headers, downpipes, mufflers, tailpipes, catalytic converters)</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'><strong>aesthetic modifications</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>exterior paint job (racing stripes, wraps, professional paintwork)</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>aftermarket body parts (hoods, hood scoops, fenders, bumpers, spoilers, sides skirts)</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>interior upgrades (seating surfaces, sound/infotainment/security systems)</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'><strong>additional modifications</strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>auxiliary lighting (ditch lights, fog lights, led bars, spotlights, under-car accents)</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>vertical doors</a> (sometimes referred to as “lambo-style”)</p> </li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'>now that you know what makes a car “modified.” let’s look at how these alterations affect your insurance premiums.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>do modifications increase insurance premiums?</h2> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><strong><img src='' style='height:352px; width:624px' /></strong><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>pxfuel</a> / <a href=''>creative commons zero - cc0</a></em></p> <p dir='ltr'>there are several reasons mods might increase premiums.  </p> <p dir='ltr'>one reason is they’re more likely to get stolen. things like custom wheels, audio systems, and catalytic converters are quick to remove and fetch a high price on the open market.</p> <p dir='ltr'>next, if your car is in a collision, aftermarket parts could very well be a lot more expensive for the insurance company to replace than original equipment from the factory.  replacing a simple factory shock versus an adjustable coilover can be a big difference in cost to the insurance company.  the same goes for a body kit.</p> <p dir='ltr'>another reason is fairly obvious:  an increase in performance means things can go bad more quickly, and in a bigger way.  greatly increased power can mean speeds increase so quickly the driver must be extra-vigilant to maintain control.  lastly, great big wheels with low aspect-ratio tires mean less sidewall to cushion the wheel when it collides with a pothole (yes, that is a collision and a cracked or flatted wheel is an insurable loss).</p> <p dir='ltr'> now that you know why insurance companies may charge an added amount for modifications. let’s look at whether you have to report them or not.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>do i have to report car modifications?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>not informing your insurance provider about any car mods may result in several adverse outcomes.  the first is that in the event of an accident (whether a collision or mechanical failure), your claim might get rejected (or only partially paid). could you imagine having $4,000 worth of add-ons and losing your entire investment?  how about if you injure someone else and they have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills?</p> <p>the second issue is that you might get flagged for “<a href=''>material misrepresentation</a>.” if this happens, finding coverage in the future becomes much more difficult.   and you forfeit the coverage you paid for… after an accident when you need it most.</p> <p>let’s say your premiums increase by $66 per month (10% on $4,000 worth of mods paid every 6 months). you would have to own your car for 5 full years before reaching the amount you originally spent on the add-ons.  but if you are shopping for modified insurance, you want to get a better rate than 10% of value per year (and you can find it).</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what is a racing exclusion and how might it affect me?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>a racing exclusion means that if an accident or mechanical failure occurs while racing, you’re likely to have your claim rejected.  you don’t have to specifically be on a racecourse for this to happen. racing can take place either on or off a track.  </p> <p>however, the stance as to what “racing” actually means with each provider, differs. the same goes for your state of residence. in some places, you can take your modified car on a track and go as fast as you like, and so long as you aren’t “racing,” you’re covered.  however, in the years since this sort of on-track claim was first attempted, almost all insurance companies have now excluded any form of off-road or on-track event, regardless of whether it is a race, or timed, or anything else.   </p> <p dir='ltr'>for this reason, it’s best to consult with your insurance company as to what their policy says about racing before you crank up the rpms.  </p> <h2>more questions? check with your insurance company</h2> <p>that’s the best advice we can give. the last thing you want is to lose out on your hard-earned dollars due to an unfortunate event.  why even take the risk in the first place? instead, make a few calls and inquire about custom car coverage.  </p> All categories Fri, 21 Aug 2020 00:00:00 -0800 Investing in Classic & Collectible Cars | Facts & Tips <p style='text-align:center'> </p> <p style='text-align:center'><span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href=''>bull-doser</a> at <a href=''>english wikipedia</a></span></p> <p dir='ltr'>over the past decade or so television has introduced viewers to all sorts of new possibilities. from flipping old homes to ”flipping” <a href=''>vintage cars</a>, the lure of quick and seemingly easy money appeals to the masses. but for the uninitiated, these activities are seldom easy and often fraught with risk. sadly, what begins with high hopes can sometimes end in financial disaster. </p> <p dir='ltr'>one key to avoiding failure is to do your homework. this way you can understand the risks before you put your savings on the line. with that being stated, here are some tips and information about the potential perils of classic car investing for anyone interested in this activity. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what is your investment strategy?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>to begin with, it is important to understand what you want to get out of this investment. are you looking to buy an older car that you can drive now and sell for a profit in a few years? are you looking to buy a new car hoping it will become a classic and fetch a small fortune someday? do you want to invest in cars that appeal to the average american car collector? or do you want to invest in rare exotics unique to the high-end collector market? </p> <p dir='ltr'>the answers to all of these questions will determine what type of car(s) you buy, where you can find them, and how much you will have to spend. the answers to these questions will also determine the potential return on your investment.</p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><strong><img alt='file:ford gt 2018 and ford gt 1968 at legendy 2019 in prague.jpg ...' src='' style='height:384px; width:576px' /></strong></p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align:center'><span style='font-size:9px'>image credit: <a href=''>jiÍ sedlÁek</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></span></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>know what makes a car collectible</h2> <p dir='ltr'>clearly aesthetics play a big part in a car’s collectability. a nicely appointed classic car with clean lines and an appealing color will likely attract attention at auction or a private sale. but is not the only factor that drives collectability. </p> <p><strong>collector cars also tend to have: </strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>some historical significance</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>a racing pedigree</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>ties to a well known designer or builder</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>past celebrity ownership, especially if the past owner(s) were also car enthusiasts</p> </li> </ul> <p>the cars that tend to be most collectible are those with all of these characteristics. the cars that tend to be most collectible are also those that remind a buyer of his or youth. in other words, collectors will often be drawn to cars that they owned or dreamed of owning when they were younger.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>know what to look for and what to avoid</h2> <p dir='ltr'>when it comes to buying a car that you eventually hope to sell – either privately or at auction – there are certain things to look for and certain things to avoid. </p> <p>experts advise novice investors to avoid any vehicle with obvious signs of serious rust. although a rusty vehicle can be restored, it can also be a money pit. in other words, depending on the extent of the problem, you may have to put more money into the restoration than you could ever recoup in a sale. </p> <p><strong>look for: </strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>vehicles with low mileage</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>unique/rare models (only a few of the same model built in any given model year) </p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>vehicles you would be thrilled to own or drive</p> </li> </ul> <p>vehicles with “matching numbers” also tend to bring bucks. but what does this mean?  these are vehicles with major components that share the same identifiers found in the vehicle identification number, or vin. the parts that should share these identifiers include the engine, the transmission, and the rear axle.  </p> <p>in most cases, the last six digits of the vin are stamped on the engine, so that is easy to verify. you will not necessarily find these identifiers on the transmission or rear axle, but you should be able to find date codes there. you can use the date codes to see if the parts share any identifiers in the vin. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>tastes and trends change</h2> <p dir='ltr'>there will always be muscle car enthusiasts and buyers for high-end european sports cars. however, it is important that you do not put all of your proverbial eggs in one basket. </p> <p>as a case in point, japanese interest in ferraris in the mid- to late 1980s created a huge price spike. when their interest waned, the bubble burst and the prices dropped accordingly. </p> <p>consider the dodge viper as another case in point. originally built in the early 1990s, they boasted 400 horsepower. this coupled with its unique appearance likely made them appealing to a certain set of investors banking on significant appreciation.  unfortunately for them, that never happened. in recent years, you could get an original viper for less than $40,000. that is $10,000 less than the sticker price when they were brand new.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>investing in classic cars is expensive</h2> <p dir='ltr'>collecting or <a href=''>investing in classic cars</a> is expensive. because these vehicles are legally classified as tangible personal property, you will have to pay capital gains tax if you make a profit on any of your cars. </p> <p dir='ltr'>do you have one or more cars that are not in tip-top shape? in addition to the purchase price, you may have to pay some hefty restoration costs. for example, the cost of bringing an older car to mint condition using original or exact recreations of parts, paint, and bodywork — is easily $1 million or more. </p> <p><strong>you will also have to shell out money for: </strong></p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>maintenance</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>insurance</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>storage</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>any fees associated with sales transactions</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>you can find a wealth of information online</h2> <p dir='ltr'>as we noted earlier, doing your homework is important for any investor. if you want to dive into the classic car market, the internet makes this easier than ever. as one expert puts it, all you have to do is put just about any make or model name into a search engine along with the words “sold for.” a slew of information will come up that you can then delve through to help you decide if a specific purchase is worthwhile. </p> <p>at the end of the day, however, you are the one responsible for an accurate assessment of the vehicle’s condition. many experts do this based on a scale that ranks vehicles from fair to perfect. as far as one expert is concerned, anything that could be classified as less than fair simply isn’t worthwhile. </p> <p>while car experts can offer advice from their perspective, it is also important to get proper legal and financial advice. contact us online or call us to learn more about how we can help you, today.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best collector car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how much does insurance cost on a classic car?​</a></p> All categories Wed, 5 Aug 2020 00:00:00 -0800 Will Modifying Your Car Void The Warranty? <h1 dir='ltr'><strong><img alt='subaru uk300 at death valley, subaru uk300, look alike' src='' style='height:359px; width:624px' /></strong></h1> <p dir='ltr'>making modifications to a car can help improve its performance out on the road. many car enthusiasts now choose to modify relatively new cars or <a href=''>classic cars</a> to get better value from their vehicle. however, modifying your car can affect the warranty, which is something that stops many people from making helpful changes to their vehicles. </p> <p dir='ltr'>since cars are such a large purchase, many people rely on their warranties for peace of mind. if damage happens within the first few months after purchase, you’ll want to feel comfortable knowing that you can get your vehicle repaired. there has been plenty of confusion around how car companies address <a href=''>warranties for modified cars</a>. many drivers avoid aftermarket parts and other modifications out of fear that they won’t qualify for warranty service is they experience an issue with their car. </p> <p dir='ltr'>however, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to this situation. it depends on what type of car you have, how you modified it, and what exactly caused the damage to your car. car companies go through a long assessment checklist to determine whether or not your warranty covers repairs. while this process differs slightly from company to company, here’s a general overview of how car manufacturers assess warranty eligibility for modified cars. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what is a warranty and why is it so important? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>a warranty is essentially a contract with your car manufacturer that covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle if it is damaged within a certain time frame after purchase. a warranty is intended to protect the consumer financially - if the car is damaged right after purchase due to a manufacturing error, the warranty allows the consumer to take the vehicle in for repairs without any additional cost. most vehicles come with warranties, and many car companies offer the option to purchase extended warranty coverage for even more security. </p> <p dir='ltr'>although you’re probably not thinking about repairs right after purchasing a new car, it’s still very important to consider the possibility and keep the warranty in mind when working on your car. there are certain circumstances that will void your warranty - for example, most warranties won’t cover any repairs if your car is totaled, and they won’t cover damage for misuse of the vehicle. in some cases, neglecting to maintain your car appropriately can also void your warranty. understanding what your warranty does and does not cover is key when making a new vehicle purchase. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>are your aftermarket parts covered? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>there are some instances where your warranty may specifically cover the addition of certain aftermarket parts to your vehicle. for example, some ford vehicles have a ford performance warranty, which means that certain high-performance and racing parts from the brand are included in the warranty. if this is the case for you, your repair technician will confirm this before moving forward with other diagnostic checks. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>could the damage have been caused by modifications?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>in most cases, your warranty status will be determined by whether or not the modifications caused the damage. if you modified your car, but ultimately the damage was caused by an internal function that was already in place, then your warranty will likely still apply. if your repair technician suspects that damage was caused by installing an aftermarket part, they will look at specific data points and determine whether or not further investigation is needed. some points they will look at include engine knock, instances of misfire, increased catalyst temperature, and air-fuel ratios. this information will indicate to your repair technician whether or not modifications have been made and if they could have caused damage. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>has the car’s software been modified? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>one way that technicians will assess a car for <a href=''>aftermarket parts</a> is to look at the software itself. the car’s software is an easy indicator of whether or not new parts have been installed. many cars use ignition counters, which track the number of times the engine has started. these counters will usually reset to zero when aftermarket parts are installed. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>is the damage internal? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>your technician will then conduct a thorough audit to see if your car is damaged internally. engine damage can come from a variety of sources, and isn’t necessarily an indicator of modifications. however, if the cylinder walls aren’t in good condition or the spark plugs have broken down, this could be an indication to your technician that the car has been modified and that continued investigation is needed. internal damage isn’t always the result of modifications, so don’t panic if your engine isn’t in pristine condition - this doesn’t necessarily mean the warranty will be denied. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>has the transmission been damaged? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>another key factor that your repair technician will look at is the transmission. in particular, they will look at the torque converters to see if they have been modified for increased power. when high-power modifications have been applied to a car, they can wear out the torque converters faster, leaving visible spots of increased heat. power modifications can also cause damage to the driveshaft and clutch, so your technician will also look at these key points. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>how can i avoid warranty denial? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>when putting any modifications on your car, it’s important to consider how they will affect the warranty. keep in mind that auto professionals are very familiar with the possible modifications for many different types of cars. the auto manufacturers themselves may also specify certain modifications to look out for that could null the warranty. </p> <p dir='ltr'>this doesn’t mean you should avoid modifying your car, but rather that you should be very careful with how you do so. when modifying, keep in mind what these car companies look at during warranty inspections, and take extra precautions to avoid damage. be selective with the aftermarket parts you choose to install, as low quality parts are more likely to cause damage to your vehicle. they can also be a dead giveaway to your manufacturer that your vehicle has been modified if you do need to take it in for repairs. </p> <p dir='ltr'>there are a few other things that will immediately give away a modification to a repair technician. the first is putting any kind of decal or sticker on your car that’s related to your modifications, whether that’s on the rear exterior of the car or on the dashboard. with a decal, you’re essentially advertising for your aftermarket parts company or modification shop.  </p> <p dir='ltr'>if you’ve already added aftermarket parts to your car, you may be tempted to quickly switch them back out for stock parts if you need to take the vehicle in for a repair. while this seems like an easy fix, it can backfire, so it’s something to avoid. in most cases, your repair technician will be able to tell how long the part has been in the car by the wear on it - or lack thereof. </p> <p dir='ltr'>one of the best ways to avoid having your warranty denied is to stick to manufacturer-sanctioned parts when making your upgrades. many car manufacturers have recognized the appeal of user modifications to their vehicles, and have adjusted their approach accordingly. many car manufacturers produce a wide range of parts that can be used on their vehicles or sanction certain modifications from other aftermarket part manufacturers. </p> <h2 dir='ltr'>are modifications worth it? </h2> <p dir='ltr'>upgrading your car is a big investment, so it’s important to make sure you’re spending money on parts that are really worth it. while the use of aftermarket parts won’t necessarily void your warranty, there is always the risk that you won’t get the coverage you need. modifications should always be made with caution, and the benefits should outweigh the potential financial losses of voiding your warranty. </p> <p dir='ltr'>on the other hand, if you really want to make a change to your car, the warranty shouldn’t be the only thing stopping you from doing so. your warranty won’t be immediately voided with aftermarket parts - in many cases, you’ll still receive repair coverage as long as the parts themselves did not cause any damage. </p> <p dir='ltr'>certain types of modifications are more likely to be warranty-approved than others. generally, car companies will accept modifications that alter the style of the car as long as they don’t offer the performance. that is why wheel upgrades, paint jobs, and interior upgrades are so popular - they allow you to tweak the way the car looks without actually interfering with its performance. </p> <p dir='ltr'>when searching for a new car, it’s important to thoroughly research the warranty to understand what it does and does not cover. while you likely aren’t anticipating any problems with your vehicle at the time of purchase, it’s important to be prepared. if you’re interested in making extensive modifications that your warranty doesn’t cover, consider switching to a different model that has more of the features you are looking for.</p> <p dir='ltr'><span style='font-size:11px'>image credit: <a href=''>anonymoustraveller</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></span></p> All categories Thu, 11 Jun 2020 00:00:00 -0800 Geospatial Data – Importance in Logistics and Transportation <h2>what is geospatial data?</h2> <p>geospatial data, also known as geomatics, encompasses several industries and technologies related to the collection, analysis, processing, and distribution of geographic information.</p> <p>almost everyone is familiar with gps, or global positioning systems, which power our online maps and navigation. another acronym commonly used is gis, or geographic information systems.</p> <p>these systems have become essential in many varied industries including retail, healthcare, finance, defense, urban development, food and water security, and risk assessment, among others, and has become one of the fastest growing sectors in technological information.</p> <h2><a name='_pb7m5xfwhqkm'></a>how is geospatial data used?</h2> <p>while the most common use of geospatial data is maps and navigation for transportation, digital maps are taking on additional importance as they become a richer source of information for today’s economy.</p> <p>one can pinpoint the location of their customers and design targeted marketing, or predict the areas of most dire need for vaccines and ensure their efficient distribution. by predicting weather patterns, local businesses can make sure to have the correct inventory at the correct time of year.</p> <p>recent advances in data mining mean that more information is available than ever before. the widespread use of geospatial data has impacted how almost all companies and organizations operate around the globe</p> <h2><a name='_jeg2fluzrvgi'></a>geospatial data in logistics and transportation</h2> <p>outside the basic use of gps, geospatial data has become associated with several new applications that provide deeper insight and understanding of local, national, and global landscapes. business today requires constant effort towards decreasing costs while maintaining the quality of delivered goods and services.</p> <p>companies use geospatial data to improve delivery schedules in order to track and expedite shipments. they are also able to increase the efficient inventory of goods by mapping transit routes and warehouse locations. the result is improved customer satisfaction and productivity, with decreased overall cost.</p> <p>with the use of geospatial data, companies are also able to better target their expansion efforts to effectively grow their business. information on land use, population density, geography, customer income, traffic patterns, and surrounding business performance can be factored into investment decisions to provide information on things like where to open a new retail location.</p> <p>careful analysis of geospatial data is an invaluable resource for the efficient operation and expansion of any business.</p> <h2><a name='_1f4zq26g0iky'></a>geospatial data and risk management</h2> <p>geospatial data is also commonly used in the insurance and financial industries to evaluate risk. have you ever wondered why <a href=''>car insurance</a> is higher in one area than another? companies take into account both social and geographic factors to evaluate the risk to life and property to determine rates based on your address.</p> <p>social factors have an impact on risk. insuring a vehicle in an area with high crime comes at a greater cost to the insurer than the same car in a safer neighborhood. companies use crime rates as well as other geospatial data like average local income, traffic patterns, and property values to determine the level of risk at a certain location.</p> <p>geographical information also plays a major role in risk assessment. different locations are more prone to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and landslides. companies use geospatial data related to geography as well as historical records to assess the relative risk of one location over another.</p> <h2><a name='_898h8s5r321j'></a>geospatial data in the future</h2> <p>the uses of geospatial data are vast and continually expanding. where, in the past, you would have to send a team “on the ground” to investigate a new investment or business opportunity, careful examination of geospatial data can provide the same, or even more insight.</p> <p>the development of increasingly sophisticated map systems means that organizations have access to the specific information essential to their operation. raw data can be visually represented in layers on a map, such as property value or the precise location of certain customers, then integrated in a clear visual representation of the information most pertinent to profitable business decisions.</p> <p>companies the world over are already utilizing geospatial data in increasingly diverse ways. the use of geospatial data is likely to continue to expand and have an even greater impact in the future.</p> <p>unlock your potential savings today! get personalized <a href=''><strong>stated value insurance</strong></a> solutions now! click here to protect your classic car with the coverage it deserves.</p> <h3>related resources</h3> <ul> <li><a href=''>about geomatics</a>: learn about the history and the disciplines that are involved in geomatics, including environmental studies, navigation, forestry, planning, geology, engineering, and geophysics.</li> <li><a href=''>geomatics information center</a>: here you will find lecture notes, answers to common geomatics questions, and research about geomatics for professional land surveyors, geomatic engineers, and students entering the field of geology.</li> <li><a href=''>geomatics and land information systems</a>: find information about cutting-edge technology being used, as well as photographs of work being done in the field of geomatics.</li> <li><a href=''>engineering development of geomatics</a>: learn about several of the disciplines that consist in geomatics, including geodesy, positioning and navigation, digital imaging, geographical information systems, and land tenure systems.</li> <li><a href=''>geomatics engineering</a>: definition and information can be found here about several aspects of geomatics and the disciplines used by a geomatics engineer.</li> <li><a href=''>the study of geomatics</a>: find information on the career areas in geomatics, including geographic information systems (gis), remote sensing, surveying and mapping, and 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<li><a href=''>international federation of surveyors</a>: history of measurement and surveying, as well as a guide on the subject.</li> <li><a href=''>high-tech career in surveying</a>: find out how you can become a surveyor and what it’s like to be a professional surveyor.</li> <li><a href=''>the study of surveying</a>: introduction and video on surveying, as well as information on how to become a surveyor.</li> <li><a href=''>surveying and spatial sciences</a>: photographs and information on the growing disciplines involved in surveying.</li> <li><a href=''>what surveyors and mapping technicians do</a>: find out what these careers entail and the working conditions involved in this type of job.</li> </ul> All categories Thu, 31 Oct 2019 00:00:00 -0800 Collector Car Trends For 2020 <p><img alt='collector car trends for 2020' src='' /></p> <p>for many people, cars are more than just a functional item - they’re also something to collect, trade, and admire. as vehicle technology evolves, collectors start to look for new and different items to add to their collection, which drives new vehicle trends. 2020 is poised to be an exciting year for car collectors as technology evolves and new items are released. here are some of the most exciting collector car trends we’re anticipating for this year.</p> <h2>3d printing will hit the mainstream for car development.</h2> <p>manufacturers have been working on the idea of using 3d printing to create replacement parts for years, but nothing has hit the mainstream yet. we’re quickly learning more about 3d printing and starting to understand the range of possibilities that it offers for car enthusiasts. this year, we’re predicting that 3d printed parts for cars will become much more accessible. 3d printing can be used to create replacement parts that are no longer made by their original manufacturers, which is hugely beneficial for collectors who need to maintain and make repairs on vintage cars.</p> <h2>younger collectors are driving an interest in trucks and suvs.</h2> <p>over the past few years, we’ve seen millennials start to generate enough earning power to become car collectors. however, their tastes have been quite different from previous generations - they are particularly interested in larger vehicles, like trucks and suvs. these cars were popular when millennials were growing up, so they want to collect them now. we already noticed increased interest in these types of cars during 2019, and we can expect this trend to continue to grow in 2020.</p> <p><img alt='cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s will be the most sought-after' src='' /></p> <h2>cars from the 70s, 80s, and 90s will be the most sought-after.</h2> <p>millennials and young car collectors are also particularly interested in vehicles from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. all vehicles from this generation will be sought after, from the aforementioned trucks and suvs to smaller sedans and niche models, with a particular interest in the japanese imports that were popular during this time period. aftermarket parts manufacturers will also begin to stock more of the parts for these cars to keep up with demand.</p> <h2>eco-friendliness will become a consideration for collectors.</h2> <p>it’s only been over the past decade or so that hybrid and electric cars have become mainstream. however, the pressing nature of climate change has meant that more drivers are valuing eco-friendly cars. many collectors are taking older cars and retrofitting them with fully electric or hybrid systems, so they can drive them without any guilt or concern over the car’s environmental impact. many old cars do not meet modern emission standards and get very little gas mileage. by converting these cars, collectors can enjoy the fun of driving an older vehicle without worrying about the environmental repercussions.</p> <h2>high-value cars will make up a smaller percentage of auction sales.</h2> <p>over the past few years, car collectors have noticed that it’s much harder to find high value cars at auctions, particularly those in the multi-million dollar range. there are a few reasons why this trend is happening. the first is that younger millennial buyers are making up an increased share of the market, and they usually have smaller budgets than the car collectors of the past. this is due mainly to the economic conditions of the past few decades - even the most successful millennials don’t have the purchasing power that baby boomers did when they were starting to build their collections. another reason why we’re seeing fewer of these high value sales is that sellers are very conscious of a potential economic downturn. they will want to protect their investments, making them more likely to hold onto the cars or sell them privately. collectors are also shying away from auctions specifically because they can negatively affect the overall value of the car if the auction doesn’t go well. selling cars privately to another collector is a much safer and more secure way for these older, wealthy collectors to trade their exotic cars.</p> <h2>while electric cars won’t completely dominate, they’ll become much more mainstream.</h2> <p>it’s only in the past few years that fully electric cars have become a viable option for drivers. with charging stations conveniently located in most major cities and suburbs, driving an electric car is a realistic way for consumers to reduce their environmental impact. electric cars have slowly been increasing in terms of market share, and they’re becoming increasingly interesting to car collectors. we can expect to see a larger range of electric cars become available, and we’ll see an increased interest in them among all demographics as they slowly become more accessible.</p> <h2>we’ll see fewer traditional auctions and car events.</h2> <p>we’ve already discussed the fact that high-value car sellers and buyers are moving away from traditional auctions. in 2020, we can expect to see the entire industry change the way they hold events. auctions and events are very expensive to host and attend, which creates a barrier to entry for those who are interested in collecting cars. this year, we can expect to see sellers move towards online auctions, which are much more affordable to set up and are an easy way to connect with a larger global market. tools like 360 degree photography and virtual reality allow potential buyers to get a feel for the car just using their computers. we’ll also see an increase in sellers using social media to connect with potential buyers. instagram is a great platform for car collectors to share pictures and information about the models they’re selling. facebook groups and other social media networks make it easy for classic car enthusiasts to find each other and discuss potential trades.</p> <h2>the car collecting industry will change, but it won’t die out.</h2> <p>society’s collective focus on climate change and environmental consciousness has made many people wonder if car collecting will slowly disappear as a hobby. many people are shifting away from using cars as their primary mode of transportation and are instead relying on public transit, bicycles, and walking to get around. we’re also seeing the rise of autonomous vehicles, which could hit the mainstream market in the next decade or two, and could completely change the car collection industry. all of these factors will change the way people collect cars, but it won’t necessarily detract people from doing so. there will always be people who are interested in collecting vehicles, particularly niche and vintage cars.</p> <p>the automobile industry is constantly changing and evolving, which means that collectors will always be seeking out new and different things. for 2020, we can expect to see car collecting trends continue down the path they’ve been on the last few years, with millennials exerting greater influencer on the market. changing technologies like electric cars and 3d printing will also change the way people shop for cars.</p> <h2>insurance for old cars</h2> <p>just because your car isn't new, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need insurance. in fact, <a href=''>insurance for old cars</a> is often more important than insurance for new cars. as parts become harder to find and mechanisms go out of production, <a href=''>repairs on older vehicles</a> can quickly get expensive and require specialist expertise. our insurance for old cars makes sure that your vehicle is getting specific coverage rather than a catch-all option.</p> <p> </p> <p>popular questions:<br /> <a href=''>what kind of insurance do i need for an older car?</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>alardson</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a><br /> in post image credit: <a href=''>netsyscom</a>  /<a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Mon, 28 Oct 2019 00:00:00 -0800 Street Rods vs. Rat Rods vs. Hot Rods – What’s the Difference <p><img alt='street rods vs. rat rods vs. hot rods - what' src='' /></p> <p>like most words formed and shaped through popular culture, the classic “hot rod,” as well as the “rat rod,” and “street rod,” are the beneficiaries of a confusing and sometimes contradictory naming system. what defines these categories often depends on who you ask and which country or state you are in.</p> <p>we are going to look at the commonly accepted and understood variations of these terms to better understand where they differ and where they overlap. by the end of this article, you should be able to look at and determine which phrase would best describe any of these classic custom cars.</p> <p>table of contents:</p> <ol> <li><a href='#_bqj8eifzyn4y'>what is a hot rod?</a></li> <li><a href='#_b2n8zej2xys8'>what is a street rod?</a></li> <li><a href='#_5c9t3vwoaeyt'>what is a rat rod?</a></li> </ol> <h3><a name='_bqj8eifzyn4y'></a>what is a hot rod?</h3> <p>there is no consensus on where the phrase “hot rod” came from, but it came into widespread usage sometime in the mid-’40s (hot rod magazine launched in 1948). since the 1920’s bootleggers and car enthusiasts had been customizing and enhancing their vehicles. this custom car culture eventually morphed into the first hot-rodders and gained wide acceptance and popularity up until the ’60s. the traditional look of a hot rod comes from the vehicle styles of this era. once the muscle cars of the 60’s arrived the hot rod wained in popularity for a time.</p> <p>the “hot rod,” became a term generally used for vehicles customized for performance.</p> <p>hot rod</p> <p>“a car that has been changed so that it can be driven</p> <p>and raced at very fast speeds.” </p> <p>― <a href=''>merriam-webster</a></p> <p>while the official definition doesn’t specify a type of car, most understand in everyday parlance that hot rods are old or classic american cars with modified engines. the national street rod association defines a hot rod as an “automobile of 1948 or earlier that has undergone some modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else. a hot rod... is designed for racing.”</p> <p>so in official street rodder terminology, a hot rod is a vehicle from 1948 or earlier explicitly made for racing i.e., not made for general street usage</p> <h3><a name='_b2n8zej2xys8'></a>what is a street rod?</h3> <p><img alt='what is a street rod' src='' /></p> <p>unlike a hot rod, a street rod is made for the street (hence the name). most states have different definitions for just what exactly constitutes a street rod.  for example, in kentucky, a street rod is defined as a vehicle weighing less than 10,000 pounds and manufactured before 1949 or has at least been reconstructed to “look like a vehicle from that period.” in pennsylvania, a street rod is any vehicle that is a 1948 model (or older) and has custom parts. you will have to look up the laws in your home state to figure out what rules apply in your area.</p> <p>the national street rod association describes street rods as a vehicle of 1948 or earlier that has had modernization to the engine, transmission, interior, or anything else and is a non-racing vehicle used mostly for general enjoyment. “the more family-friendly version of the hot rod.”</p> <p>the “street machine” division of nsra is for ’49 and newer cars.</p> <p>so generally a hot rod is built for racing, while a street rod is made for the street. both types of vehicles, however, are based on the classic american body styles of the first half of the 20th century.</p> <h3><a name='_5c9t3vwoaeyt'></a>what is a rat rod?</h3> <p><img alt='what is a rat rod' src='' /></p> <p>eventually, collectors begin labeling classic custom cars as ‘actual’ hot rods and eliminating others. prices went up for the cars and parts and a counter culture of sorts formed. rat rods are vehicles made in the ‘spirit’ of classic hot rods but in a more accessible, frugal, and creative fashion.</p> <p>a rat rod is typically built for the street, but unlike your standard street rod, they have much looser practices and may not even use custom items from the same era.</p> <p>most don’t consider rat rods a real category, but rather a term used for all hot rods that are either unfinished or have a less refined (or even hodge-podge) look about them.  others say that rat rods are cars that imitate hot rods but are not an accurate re-creation or period-correct restoration of a classic hot rod or street rod. both usages are relatively common.</p> <h3><a name='_7su74epq9o4d'></a>any other ‘rod’ style vehicles?</h3> <p><img alt='any other ‘rod’ style vehicles' src='' /></p> <p>while the history of the usage of the term “rod” for these grouping of vehicles is unknown, it seems to have been agreed to upon that a car type that ends in “rod” has been customized beyond its original construction at some point. using this as a basis, the university of arizona decided to challenge their students to create a “hi-tech rod.” the students stress tested and formed their owned custom parts to create their vision of the ultimate modern hot rod.</p> <h2>collectors car insurance</h2> <p>owning a classic car is a unique privilege that comes with its own unique responsibilities. here at leland west, we’re conscious of the fact that not every vehicle is bought to be the family car. most of the time, a classic car is bought as an investment or to be displayed, and therefore requires specific coverage to suit those occasions. that’s why our <a href=''>collectors car insurance</a> is specially designed to suit classic car ownership, helping you to meet those unique responsibilities. when it comes to owning and enjoying street rods, rat rods, or hot rods, ensuring proper insurance coverage is crucial. <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> and <a href=''><strong>modified car insurance</strong></a> provide specialized protection tailored specifically for these custom-built vehicles.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best collector car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how much does insurance cost on a classic car?​</a></p> <div> <hr /></div> <p>images credits: (all public domain)</p> <ul> <li><a href=''></a></li> <li><a href=''></a></li> <li><a href=''></a></li> <li><a href=''></a></li> </ul> All categories Sat, 26 Oct 2019 00:00:00 -0800 9 Classic Cars that were Way Ahead of Their Time <p>most of the time we love a vintage car because it’s vintage. they’re special because they’re rare, out of use, nostalgic. but often the best thing about a classic car is that it’s unique, and sometimes being unique means thinking ahead of the curve. these are some antique cars that were years ahead of their competitors in terms of tech and design, and still hold up as unique, must-have vehicles.</p> <h3>aston martin lagonda</h3> <p><img alt='aston martin lagonda' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>charles01</a> / <a href=''>cc by-sa 3.0</a></p> <p>it’s one of those cars that you either love or you hate. i quite like it. series 2 models were one of the first widely-available cars with a digital touchscreen display. yes, the screen didn’t really work, and aston martin abandoned the idea after a couple of years, but that doesn’t change the fact that the lagonda was definitely looking forward, not backward.</p> <h3>general motors ev1</h3> <p><img alt='general motors ev1' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''> wikimedia</a> / <a href=''> rightbrainphotography(rick rowen)</a></p> <p>speaking of firsts, you can’t get much better than the ev1, the first mass-produced, mainstream electric car. back when tesla was a twinkle in elon musk’s eye, general motors was leasing this car to an exclusive club of adventurous owners. gm ended up crushing most models as it thought electric cars would never be commercially successful, so if you come across a survivor know you’ve found a collector car.</p> <h3>porsche 959</h3> <p><img alt='porsche 959' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=',_21._m%c3%a4rz_2013,_d%c3%bcsseldorf.jpg'>m 93</a></p> <p>it’s scientifically impossible to have a list of classic cars without bringing up porsche. they’ve made some beautiful cars over the years, but the 959 is not just a pretty face. when it rolled onto the roads in 1986 it was called the most technologically advanced mainstream car ever made. it started life out as a rally car, which explains it’s top speed of 197 mph (317 km/h), but porsche decided to produce a limited number of road-safe models and has inspired pretty much every sports car made since.</p> <h3>honda insight</h3> <p><img alt='honda insight' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>joachimkohlerbremen</a></p> <p>honda took a page out of gm’s book with the insight and created a classic car with a not-so-classic engine. along with the prius, the honda insight was the first mass-produced hybrid car in america, though it never made it the bigtime like it’s toyota cousin. despite its smart engine and sleek design, the insight was discontinued in 2006, making it a collector car with a special place in automotive history.</p> <h3>pontiac aztek</h3> <p><img alt='pontiac aztek' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''> alexander migl</a></p> <p>ok, i’ll admit, when i picture a vintage car the pontiac aztek is not the first car i think of. it may look like a knock-off transformer, but the aztek was a crossover car before they were cool. also, it came with a removable console that doubled as a cooler, and an attachable tent, so that’s something. now, no one is going to say the aztek is the best classic car, but if it’s good enough for walter white it’s good enough for me.</p> <h3>citroËn ds</h3> <p><img alt='citron ds' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>charles01</a></p> <p>this classic car is a two-for-one because citroËn came up with two ways to be ahead of the game. way back in 1955, the ds was the first car to have hydraulic suspension and the first mass-produced car to have disk brakes. all in a smooth and sophisticated body that makes you feel like you’re in the jetsons. to this day, the citroËn ds turns heads as one of the most exotic cars on the road.</p> <h3>tucker ‘48</h3> <p><img alt='tucker ‘48' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>sicnag</a></p> <p>seven years before the ds, american entrepreneur preston tucker had a dream. tucker dreamed of a car with disk brakes, a rotating headlamp, and seatbelts, which were quite the innovation back then. but the dream never really made it to reality. tucker ceased production after only 50 units before an accusation of fraud led to a well-publicized investigation and trial; tucker was acquitted, but the trial scared off any potential buyers. but the limited run made the tucker ‘48 into an instant classic car: one tucker ‘48 was sold at auction for just under $3 million.</p> <h3>audi a2</h3> <p><img alt='audi a2' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>charles01</a></p> <p>the audi a2 is twenty years old this year, but it’s so modern it could have been released yesterday and no one would bat an eyelid. a lightweight and efficient daily driver, the a2 was one of the first cars with an aluminum body, but it failed to take off when it was first released. this classic car only found its audience in the second-hand market, where drivers discovered how ahead of its time the a2 really was.</p> <h3>lamborghini miura</h3> <p><img alt='lamborghini miura' src='' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''> jÖrgens.mi / cc by-sa 3.0</a></p> <p>last but not least, the car that some call the world’s first supercar. as the first example of its kind with a mid-engine, the lamborghini miura went on to inspire countless supercars. like the porsche 959, it was the fastest on the road when it was released, and has a silhouette you’re not likely to forget in a hurry. it occupies that enviable niche of classic cars: old enough to look vintage, but innovative enough to always feel new.</p> <h2>insurance classic cars</h2> <p>here at leland west, we are experts in the particular kind of <a href=''>insurance classic cars</a> need. we know that collectible vehicles are often bought as investments or showpieces, and therefore carry a higher price tag than the average car. we also know that, when damaged, classic cars might need expensive or <a href=''>bespoke parts and specialist care</a>. that’s why we’ve developed insurance with classic cars in mind, so you can be sure your investment or showpiece is covered.</p> <p>suppose you're a proud owner of one of these forward-thinking classic cars or are planning to acquire one. in that case, securing reliable, <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> is crucial to protect your investment. leland-west specializes in providing comprehensive insurance coverage tailored for classic cars, ensuring that your exceptional vehicle is safeguarded against unforeseen events or damages.</p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best insurance for classic cars</a>?<br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work</a>?</p> All categories Sat, 26 Oct 2019 00:00:00 -0800 Best Classic Car Insurance | How to Find the Right One <p><img alt='how to find the best classic car insurance' src='' /></p> <p>your classic car is your pride and joy. you spend time caring for it and maintaining the pristine beauty. whether you drive it to local car shows or you have it sitting in the garage, you still need to find the <a href=''>best classic car insurance</a>. otherwise, your investment isn’t adequately protected.</p> <p>thankfully, most classic car insurance rates are cheaper than your daily car insurance. that’s because these cars don’t spend nearly as much time on the road. still, there might be some mileage restrictions or additional rules about where the vehicle is parked.</p> <p>let’s take a look at some facts about <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a>, so you can find the policy that fits your needs.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>classic car insurance qualifications</span></strong></p> <p>age isn’t the only factor that makes a vehicle a classic when it comes to insurance. if you have a worn-down car that’s covered in duct tape, you will have trouble finding a provider. many insurance companies require an appraisal. if they don’t, there are still some qualifications to meet.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>car qualifications</span></strong></p> <p>while the requirements will vary, here are some general guidelines regarding your car.</p> <p><strong>condition </strong>– insurance companies expect that your classic car will be well-maintained. it’s possible to get your vintage car covered during restoration with a few companies.</p> <p><strong>age </strong>– for most insurers, your car must be at least ten to 20 years old for insurers to consider it as a classic or 25 years to be classified as antique. however, each provider has different guidelines, and some classic car insurance companies will insure new cars if they come into the market with a known pedigree.  examples would be a new porsche, corvette, ferrari or similar exotic cars.</p> <p><strong>use </strong>– classic car and classic truck insurance doesn’t cover your daily driver. most policies specify some type of occasional use.</p> <p><strong>storage </strong>– insurers also have requirements for the storage of your classic car. most specify that your vehicle remain in a locked garage. if an insurer does accept a driveway or carport, expect your rates to be higher.</p> <p><a name='_goback'></a><strong>modifications </strong>– some classic car insurance companies aren't comfortable with vehicles that are modified.  others are perfectly fine with mods, and cover them just like stock parts, so long as they are disclosed at time of application.  if you have a modified car, be sure to ask about this and above all fully disclose your changes.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>driver qualifications</span></strong></p> <p>in addition, there might be some stipulations on the policyholder.</p> <p><strong>age/experience</strong> – your insurance provider will want you to be at least 25 years old and have maintained five to ten years of driving experience.</p> <p><strong>good driving record</strong> – it’s not enough that you’ve been driving; you must have a clean driving record as well.  usually, this means having no accidents or major violations for at least three to five years.</p> <p><strong>other cars</strong> – to cover a classic car, you will need to show that you have a regular daily driver. this guarantees that you aren’t planning to use the covered vehicle as your commuter.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>finding classic car insurance: key features</span></strong></p> <p>we all know how important muscle cars and hot rods are to their owners. many treat their little sports cars like a baby. that’s why you want to cover your car with some special insurance features. ask your classic car insurance company if they offer any these additional protections:</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>restoration coverage</span></strong></p> <p>if you are currently working on a classic car, you want to cover it during the restoration. not every company offers this protection, so you might need to shop around. of course, you might have to adjust the coverage amount as you move through the process. as the value of your vehicle goes up, so should the plan.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>spare parts coverage</span></strong></p> <p>if you’ve worked on your car at all, you know how pricey the parts become. that’s why many classic car insurers provide parts coverage to customers. ask if they provide coverage to protect any stolen or lost parts.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>agreed value</span></strong></p> <p>when you insure a regular car, the provider pays the actual cash value of that vehicle at the time of loss. due to depreciation, this is usually less than what you paid for your vehicle. that model doesn’t work for collector cars. the reason is because the value of your vehicle will ideally rise, rather than depreciate,  as time goes by.</p> <p>that’s why car insurance companies use an <a href=''>agreed value car insurance</a>. you and the provider agree on an amount in advance. then, you are guaranteed that amount, minus your deductible, if something happens.</p> <p>whatever you do, make sure you read the fine print to ensure you are going to receive that agreed value. if the wording says, “stated value,” you will not receive what you think.  <a href=''>stated value insurance</a> pays out the actual cash value or the stated value, whichever is less.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>find savings on classic car insurance</span></strong></p> <p>there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a classic car insurance provider. you might need to do a little shopping, but there are ways to keep the cost down. make sure you compare all of the quotes, paying close attention to the coverage and deductibles. ask the company if they offer any special programs. here are a few to look for.</p> <p><strong>multiple vehicle discounts</strong> – if you insure more than one car with the company, there might be a discount available. this is especially helpful if you have a classic car collection.</p> <p><strong>higher deductibles</strong> – if you have the money to cover an incident, consider raising the deductibles to keep your premiums lower.</p> <p><strong>low mileage restrictions</strong> – it might sound good to have unlimited mileage, but you don’t want to pay for that if you only drive to a few car shows. if you drive minimal miles, save more with restrictive policies that better match how you actually use the car. club memberships – if you belong to some car clubs, you might be able to qualify for additional discounts.</p> <p><strong>anti-theft devices</strong> – discounts are offered by many providers if you install some anti-theft protection, or if it came with the car from the factory.</p> <p><strong>safe-driving courses</strong> – if you take a driving course, you might be able to further reduce your premiums.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>protect your classic car</span></strong></p> <p>above all, make sure you take your time and do your homework. after all, you didn’t just go out and pick the first classic car you saw for purchase. you did research and made sure it was the right fit for you. do the same thing when you decide what car insurance company to use. you want to make sure your collectibles are adequately protected for the long haul.</p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>qimono</a>  / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?</a><br /> <a href=''>how to find the best classic car insurance​?</a></p> All categories Mon, 30 Sep 2019 00:00:00 -0800 7 Classic Cars You Can Buy Under $5,000$5000 <h1><img alt='7 collectible cars you can buy for under $5,000' src='$5000.jpg' /></h1> <p>image credit: <a href=''>terovesalainen</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <h2>what classifies a car as collectible?</h2> <p>the term “collectible car” can mean something different from one person to the next.  some picture a chrome-laden beauty from the 1950s.  others, envision anything 2-door with a v8 under the hood, common in the ’60s and ’70s.  regardless of what you think of when you hear the word “collectible,” most would love to say they have one of their own.  many, however, see this as an expensive luxury and write it off for later in life.  the truth of the matter is that anyone can have a collectible car sitting in the driveway.   </p> <p>for the sake of this article, we'll set the meaning of "collectible," as being a car well-received by the public.  we'll specifically focus on <a href=''>classic car models</a> that were ahead of their time concerning design and innovation.  we'll also set a price cap to show that owning a collectible you’d pass down to your kids is not outside the realm of possibility.  without further ado, here are seven collectible cars that you can buy for under $5,000.</p> <h2>mazda miata (1990-2006)</h2> <p><img alt='>mazda miata (1990-2006)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href='' title='user:bull-doser'>bull-doser</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>the miata first arrived in america back in 1989, it was offered in only three colors and powered by a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder.  what it lacked in power though, it made up for with elegant styling and unmatched handling.  30-years later, the miata has secured itself as a pure driver’s car worthy of being called a collectible.  if you’ve never owned a ride you felt was worthy of an outdoor car cover, the miata might be the inspiration you need.  we’ve included it on the list because it’s one of the most beloved enthusiasts' cars you can find for under $5,000.  you should have no issue finding a late ‘90s or early ‘00s model with decent mileage and a clean title.</p> <h2>ford mustang (1985-2006)</h2> <p><img alt='ford mustang (1985-2006)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href='' title='en:user:bull-doser'>bull-doser</a>/ <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>ah, the mustang, one of the most american cars ever produced.  within two years of being on the market, ford sold around a million units, solidifying it as an instant collectible.  if the combination of 2-doors and plenty of power seem appealing to you, then the mustang is a fantastic choice.  with a budget of $5,000, you should have no issue finding a late ‘90s or early ‘00s model with a 6-cylinder.  for a little more pep, the late ‘80s or early ‘90s models can be found with a v8.  be sure to look at the vehicle’s history though, since muscle cars like this often bring out a person's inner animal.</p> <h2>chevrolet camaro (1984-2002)</h2> <p><img alt='chevrolet camaro (1984-2002)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href=''>dennis elzinga</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>another example of american muscle, the camaro, is one of the best-known collectibles of all time.  this bowtie wielding 2-door has come a long way since its debut back in 1966.  though the design has evolved over the years, there's no mistaking a freshly waxed camaro showing off its coat.  a $5,000 budget will go a long way here if you stick with the mid-'80s - early '00s models.  in 2002, production stopped for a while but started back up again in 2010.  be careful with anything after 2010, if it's under $5,000 there's a good chance it has a salvaged title.</p> <h2>cadillac deville (1991-2005)</h2> <p><img alt='cadillac deville (1991-2005)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href=''></a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>the cadillac deville first started as a trim package on the 1949 2-door coupe de ville.  later models are best known for being 4-door, full-sized luxury sedans.  the deville makes our list due to its simplistic design and an unmatched level of comfort - the perfect mixture of appeal to stand the test of time.  for a more retro look, $5,000 will get you a clean model from the early '90s.  for those looking for an unparalleled quality of ride, $5,000 will likely find you a well-maintained model as late as 2005.  if you’re lucky, you can even find one with the legendary northstar v8.</p> <h2>pontiac firebird (1989-2001)</h2> <p><img alt='pontiac firebird (1989-2001)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href='' title='user:ifcar'>ifcar</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>our third muscle car on the list, the pontiac firebird, is the very definition of what a collectible car should be.  the firebird lasted for six generations, the first being in 1967 as a rival to the ford mustang.  while mechanically similar to the camaro, the firebird had enough unique parts to stand out on its own.  with a budget of $5,000, you’ll find yourself a decent number of options so long as you stick with generations three through six.  even with a lower budget, you should be able to find several v8 options.  remember to look at the history and mechanical background to ensure it wasn't rallied.</p> <h2>audi tt (2000-2004)</h2> <p><img alt='audi tt (2000-2004)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href='' title='user:vauxford'>vauxford</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>while some might not see the audi tt as collectible, its innovative design when it first arrived in 2000 was influential enough to make our list.  this modern collectible featured a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine and was available as either a hardtop or soft-top convertible.  you’ll be hard-pressed to find a sportier little car than the tt for a price range under $5,000.  you probably won’t find anything newer than a 2004 model for the price though, and you’ll want to be careful of high mileage due to repair costs.  if you’re after something fun to drive for a weekend getaway, you’ll for sure want to consider a tt.</p> <h2>lincoln ls (2000-2006)</h2> <p><img alt='lincoln ls (2000-2006)' src='' /></p> <p>image credit: <a href='' title='user:ifcar'>ifcar</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p>the lincoln ls, which stands for “luxury sport,” first arrived in 2000 and lasted until 2006.  the ls has the look and feel of a collectible, and for the price point, it’s an absolute bargain.  it was available in both v6 and v8 variants, with the v8 being mechanically similar to jaguars popular aj-v8.  you’ll for sure want to have it looked over by a mechanic since repairs can be pricey.  if you’re looking for a collectible that features the perfect mix of comfort, style, and power, the ls is a great option to consider for under $5,000.</p> <p>owning a collectible car is easier than you think</p> <p>just because owning a collectible seems too good to be true, doesn’t mean it is.  everyone deserves to have a little pride in their ride, something to wax, something to care for, something to hide under an outdoor car cover.  we hope you’ve enjoyed our list of 7 collectible cars you can buy for under $5,000.  good luck on your search and remember to check with a mechanic to be sure you don’t end up with a headache.</p> <h2>collectible car insurance</h2> <p>finding the right <a href=''>collectible car insurance</a> can be like finding a needle in a haystack. there are hundreds of providers out there but so many of them lack the specific expertise to craft dedicated insurance cover for classic and collectible cars. leland west, on the other hand, has been offering collectible car insurance for 25 years; we’re the needle you’ve been looking for.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>who has the best classic car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?</a></p> All categories Sat, 7 Sep 2019 00:00:00 -0800$5000 Classic Car Dealers <p><img alt='classic car dealers' src='' style='height:380px; width:602px' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>alden jewell</a> / <a href=''>wikimedia commons</a></p> <p><a href=''><strong>vintage car collector</strong></a><strong> - </strong>let us help you find the car of your dreams! vintage car collector is your source for expert classic car advice. we buy and sell classic cars throughout the united states call us today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic car center</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car center of fredericksburg, inc. 3591 lee hill drive fredericksburg, virginia 22408 phone: (540) 370-4474 business hours: monday - friday 9 - 5 saturday 10 - 4sunday by appointment classic of the week 1979 volkswagen super beetle convertible by karmann since german-built beetle production ended with the 1979 model, the 1979 vw ‘€¦ continue reading home</p> <p><a href=''><strong>donovan motorcar</strong></a><strong> - </strong>donovan motorcar service lenox, ma, fine automobile sales and service, classic car restoration, classic car sales, vintage cars for sale, classic and vintage car repairs, classic and vintage car storage, used classic and vintage cars for sale and the donovan jaguar racing team located in the berkshires of western massachusetts, with customers throughout the united states and europe.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>callaway classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car and truck dealership</p> <p><a href=''><strong>brown's performance motorcars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>browns' performance motorcars in glen burnie is maryland's first and only hot rod, muscle and classic car dealer. visit us from washington dc, baltimore md, annapolis or linthicum.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>west coast classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car dealership located in southern california. we buy, trade and sell classic and collectible american and european cars.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>flemings ultimate garage</strong></a><strong>- fleming’s</strong> ultimate garage has a unique inventory of classic cars for anyone! our services extend far beyond sales. located in rockville maryland come see our wide and best selection of classic cars in maryland</p> <p><a href=''><strong>fast lane cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we buy, sell, trade, and consign classic cars. expert automotive service, automotive detail, and automotive restoration. plan your event in our unique event venue.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>garage kept motors</strong></a><strong> - </strong> garage kept motors, llc specializes in classic and specialty online auto sales. for consignors, they offer a transparent sale disclosure. this means, when a car sells, they provide an exact copy of the bill of sale. that way, clients know exactly who bought their car, where it went, and most importantly how much it was sold for.<br /> for buyers, vehicles are listed on the internet, with over 100 photos, including undercarriage pictures, and walk-around videos of the vehicles running plus a narrative-style write-up of the cars history and features. international exposure gives visibility across the globe. they pride themselves on honesty and consistency in photos and descriptions, a “no surprise” approach, so buyers can invest with confidence sight unseen. vehicles can be seen locally by appointment and potential buyers are given undivided attention.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>legendary motorcar</strong></a><strong> - </strong>view our current classic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars and performance cars for sale.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>beverly hills car club</strong></a><strong> - </strong>looking to buy or sell classic cars and collector autos? learn more at beverly hills car club, a top vintage and classic vehicles dealer.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic auto mall</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic auto mall is a world class consignment house located in south-eastern pennsylvania with indoor showroom space for up to 1,000 collectable and special interest vehicles offered for sale. we are conveniently located just west of philadelphia.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>vanguard motor sales</strong></a><strong> - </strong>find classic cars for sale at vanguard motor sales in michigan - we ship worldwide! browse inventory or visit our 60,000 sq. ft. showroom.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>southern motors</strong></a><strong> - </strong>southern motors</p> <p><a href=''><strong>sunnyside classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>welcome to sunnyside's sports, muscle, & classics! this is an area of our dealership where our passion for old cars rule and quality and fun is the whole intent. having been initiated by greg pawluk, operating partner here at sunnyside chevrolet, our goal is to buy, sell, show and simply enjoy the old car hobby and the great people who come along with it. with 30 plus years of old car collecting and trading, we strive to offer great quality cars at reasonable values to the areas car collectors and people who just plain appreciate everything from a classic numbers matching survivor to an all out muscle car or hot rod that is borderline outrageous. we love them all and would be glad to help you own, trade or sell us one. we love our classics so much that we will buy the"right car" regardless of whether you are buying something off our lot or not! stop in any time and let’s talk old cars!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gr auto gallery</strong></a><strong> - </strong>gr auto gallery is the leading special interest vehicle dealer in the world. with 4 locations and over 500 cars available, you've come to the right place.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>atomic motors</strong></a><strong> - </strong>atomic motors is a new & pre-owned dealer of classic cars and motorcycles located in henderson, nv. atomic motors carries the latest dirico models, as well as rentals, service and financing near the areas of las vegas, boulder city, paradise, and enterprise</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gullwing motor cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>gullwing motorcars is a classic, collector, and antique car dealer located in new york. we specialize in buying and selling classic, collector, and antique cars. visit us today!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>braatens</strong></a><strong> - </strong>we buy and sell classic cars, classic trucks, muscle and project cars - rochester, mn</p> <p><a href=''><strong>corvettes and muscle cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>used cars north canton oh at ohio corvettes and muscle cars, our customers can count on quality used cars, great prices, and a knowledgeable sales staff.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hollywood motors</strong></a><strong> - </strong>if you are looking to buy or sell classic cars, muscle cars and collectible cars on long island, look no further than hollywood motors of babylon.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>earth motorcars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>visit earth motorcars to shop our pristine 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studio is a full service classic car sales and restoration company in st. louis, missouri.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>crevier classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>orange county's premier classic and exotic vehicle sales, storage, and event venue.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>american dream machines</strong></a><strong> - </strong>american dream machines is located in the heart of the midwest, des moines, iowa, and is one of the largest full service shops for classic cars in the country.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>high octane classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic car dealer auburn ma | boston | high octane classics visit high octane classics for all of your classic car needs in auburn, ma. shop cars for sale, browse lease deals, or schedule service.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>hyman ltd</strong></a><strong> - </strong>here at home, hyman ltd classic cars we currently have all you could need when it comes to classic cars. contact us today for more info!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>foxtail classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>foxtail classic cars, a maine classic car dealership, offering used classic / muscle cars and trucks. located in vassalboro/augusta maine. formerly known as england battery & tire.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>ellingson motorcars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>the best classic car dealership in minnesota to buy, sell, & consign your collectible classic car or vehicle. located just outside minneapolis in rogers, mn.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>past & present motor cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>classic and muscle cars available</p> <p><a href=''><strong>precious metals</strong></a><strong> - </strong>due to our combined 70 years of automotive experience, for over ten years precious metals has had the distinct honor of offering our patrons a superior level of service to address all of their specialty interest vehicular needs. we are excited to announce the re-structuring of precious metals fine motorcars of san diego, 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href=''><strong>gio cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>web site created using create-react-app</p> <p><a href=''><strong>duncan imports</strong></a><strong> - </strong>duncan imports & classic cars offers the largest inventory of japanese domestic right-hand-drive vehicles in the u.s. and canada. view our selection here.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>dragone classic motorcars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>dragone classic motorcars</p> <p><a href=''><strong>streetside classics</strong></a><strong> - </strong>streetside classics is the largest source of classic cars for sale with 6 locations nationwide in atlanta, charlotte, dallas (fort worth), nashville, phoenix and tampa. buy or sell your mustang, camaro, corvette, chevelle, any classic truck or car.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>gateway classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>welcome to gateway classic cars. we are the largest classic and exotic car sales company in the world specializing in classic, collector, antique, exotic and 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drive something unique!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>smoky mountain traders</strong></a><strong> - </strong>offering a large inventory of classic cars, muscle cars, and street rods for sale. located in tennessee we provide quality classics for a great price!</p> <p><a href=''><strong>classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>there are 422 classic vehicles for salein virginia today on more listings are added daily. email alerts available.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>auto barn classic cars</strong></a><strong> - </strong>offering a large unique inventory of classic cars, muscle cars, and used classics for sale. located in concord north carolina we provide quality classics for a great price!</p> <p><strong>disclaimer: by providing links to other sites, <em>leland west</em> does not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on these sites.</strong></p> All categories Tue, 11 Jun 2019 00:00:00 -0800 Guide to Insuring Classic Cars and Aftermarket Parts <p><img alt='guide to insuring classic cars and aftermarket parts' src='' /></p> <p>choosing a company that will cover a <a href=''>modified car insurance</a> can be tough. the definition of ‘classic’ or ‘custom’ or ‘modified’ vehicles can vary from one insurance company to another. sometimes it is defined by the year, the condition or if the frame or engine has modifications.</p> <h2>how do insurance companies typically define a classic car?</h2> <p>a classic car can be defined as a vehicle older than 15 – 25 years that is as close to factory original as possible.</p> <p>one of a kind vehicles, kit cars, and reproduction vehicles could be classified separately as “custom vehicles” and require a special policy. custom vehicle policies do not come with age restrictions, but may include guidelines on what percent of a vehicle needs to be modified to be considered custom.  however, most mainstream classic car insurance providers recognize a variety of vehicle classes that allow these and other types of specialty and exotic vehicles to all coexist on the same policy, with the same coverages and limits.</p> <p>additionally, there may be in-between vehicles, sometimes referred to as modified classic cars.  these are old enough to be a classic vehicle, were built in the factory, but have been modified or customized greater than a percent of the value of the vehicle.</p> <p>many modified classic cars will only be customized in one area, they may have a performance engine but a classic factory interior or they may have a one of a kind paint job with a classic engine and interior.</p> <p>regardless of the specifics, some classic car insurers are less concerned than others about modifications.  in all cases however, the essential thing for the collector to do is to disclose the modifications and let the insurer class the vehicle properly so the modifications will be expressly covered - just like the stock parts - and there is no concern over coverage eligibility.</p> <p><img alt='do classic car policies cover everything necessary to be road legal? ' src='' /></p> <h2>do classic car policies cover everything necessary to be road legal?</h2> <p>some insurers only cover the physical damage to your classic car on the classic car policy. others cover both your vehicle and your legal liability.the former case is very rare unless the car is unregistered.</p> <p>find out if the quotes you receive have liability (you hit someone else), uninsured motorist (someone without insurance hits you and hurts you)coverages and verify that the policy limits are the same that you carry on your other vehicles.</p> <p>if you have an excess liability policy or umbrella policy, call your agent and verify that they will accept the collector car policy as an underlying policy without surcharge.  better yet, ensure the information you are told is correct by reading the underlying coverages section of your umbrella – the terms for accepting a third party policy are listed there and definitive.</p> <h2>are there mileage or use limits placed on classic car policies?</h2> <p>many insurance carriers will place a limit on a classic car policy that the vehicle can not be driven more than 3,000 – 5,000 miles per year. is that adequate for you?  can this mileage be increased (which costs more) or decreased (which saves you money) if you seldom drive the car?</p> <p>all classic car insurers also limit how you use the the least, they require 'use consistent with owning a classic auto' or similar.  that means no errands around town, or commuting (some will let you buy back into commuting with an endorsement).  they may restrict coverage if the vehicle is used in performance competitions, road and track meets on public roads. make sure the exclusions don’t matter to you in how you already use your car.  you should never buy a policy that excludesactivities you engage in!</p> <h2>specialty coverages</h2> <p>towing and roadside assistance services included in <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> may guarantee a rollback with soft nylon straps and assist in locating a shop that can work on your special vehicle. if you travel with your specialty vehicle away from your home having a national network or towing companies and repair shops at your finger tips can be a wonderful resource.</p> <p>coverage for hotel, food, and incidental expenses if your vehicle breaks down away from home at a car show and you have to wait on parts to come in is another perk often included in specialty vehicle policies. while these perks are not things you will use often, if you do travel with your vehicle having your insurance company dealing with the hotel, rental car, dinner expensesinstead of you can make a tough day easier.</p> <h2>how do insurance companies value vintage vehicles?</h2> <p>the standard auto policy offers coverage for your vehicle at actual cash value, meaning that the policy would pay you the value of a standard vehicle without any modifications. this coverage is woefully inadequate for classic and collector cars.</p> <p>an “agreed” or “guaranteed value” policy covers your vehicle at a value that you and the insurance company agreed upon prior to purchasing the vehicle. this valuation is designed for unique vehicles to protect the consumer.</p> <p>stated value is a once-popular valuation for classic cars that has fallen well out of favor with the proliferation of <a href=''>agreed value insurance</a> policies over the last few decades. these policies allow you to choose the amount of insurance you want on your vehicle.  unlike agreed value, where the agreed value is the amount you will be paid after a total loss, stated value is simply used to determine how much you pay in premium.  when it comes time to pay a claim, the insurance company pays you the stated value or the actual cash value… whichever is <strong><u>less</u></strong>.  in many cases stated value policies are less to purchase than agreed value but remember they do offer significantly less coverage.</p> <p>stated value can be a valuation compromise if you inherited your vehicle and are not interested in recouping the replacement value of the vehicle but still want it to be insured at a fair value.  however, an agreed value is always better – even if it’s a lesser value – since with stated value the insurance company has no obligation to pay any attention to said value when it comes time to decide what to pay you.</p> <p>some insurance carriers will offer a standard actual cash value policy with customized equipment coverage. these policies can be less expensive, but the coverage will pay for your vehicle and the customization or custom equipment at the cost to replace it minus the depreciation.</p> <p>placing a value on a 2019 nissan maxima is easy, pick up the paper and look at car ads or look in the kelley blue book. valuing a classic vehicle such as a 1970 chevrolet corvette with a performance-built engine, one of a kind paint job, and restored interior requires a value to be agreed upon and careful documentation of the value.</p> <p>on a stated value policy it is important that you keep careful records of the value of your vehicle. an annual appraisal could be an option.  since with an agreed value policy the payment of the agreed value is etched in stone, contractually, there is no need for appraisals once the value is accepted by the carrier and the policy is written.  further, most specialty insurers take it upon themselves to re-value your vehicle at intervals… they may approach you for an increase or decrease annually as the market fluctuates.  to do so is best for everyone involved and specialty insurers are accustomed to value changes that are reflective of the current marketplace (and since the rise of the internet, auction prices and even many private sales are widely available and easily obtainable). </p> <p>dyno records, concours judges' receipts and similar show records can help prove the condition of your vehicle, along with very detailed photos of the interior, exterior, engine bay, wheels, and underbody are important to prove the condition.  if you have a stated value policy, its best to keep a copy of your valuation information in a fireproof safe.  you may need it desperately someday.</p> <p>if your insurance company does require an appraisal, there are some steps you can take to ease the process.  as you think about your value of your classic car and get ready for the appraisal gather all of the receipts and documentation of parts purchased or work you have had done on the vehicle. if you do the work yourself make sure the valuation includes the cost of a mechanic, in the event of an accident you may not be able to repair your own vehicle.</p> <p>many consumers often forget about the value of restoring their wheels. if you restored the wheels on your vehicle, make sure you keep the receipts and maintain documentation of the condition of the wheels</p> <p>if you have custom wheels or aftermarket wheels keep receipts for the entire set. find out how the insurance company would handle replacing only one wheel if the entire set isn’t damaged. would they replace it with something close in appearance if it can’t be repaired or an exact match sourced? replace the entire set so they match?</p> <p>does your vehicle still have an original factory paint job? find out how the paint would be sourced for repairing or if the company would pay for the entire vehicle to be repainted</p> <p>have an aftermarket paint job in a tough to find color? have a hand drawn one of a kind airbrushed paint job? properly valuing your paint job isn’t just about the paint, make sure you include the value of the artist to draw the designs again, the airbrush artist, booth rental. many times, the miscellaneous costs get forgotten and they can add up to a total loss claim.</p> <p>fairly valuing the engine is not just about the performance parts. remember the chrome or custom paint. make sure you have a current dyno for the engine to prove the performance</p> <p>when you value your engine include any custom parts machining.</p> <h2>are there requirements for where a vehicle is stored?</h2> <p>some companies require vehicles to be stored in a locked, enclosed garage. some require covered and fenced at a minimum. verify the policy clause and that your storage space is adequate. if you have to rent storage space for your vehicle your insurance company may need photos of where the vehicle is stored and proof of how it is stored.</p> <p>verify if you drive the car to a show and it’s damaged in a hotel parking lot the following night or stolen from walmart when you run in to get snacks for the show that it will be covered.</p> <p>not all companies cover vehicles in tow on a car trailer towed behind your private vehicle. if you tow your vehicle to shows or events, make sure your policy covers the vehicle while it is on your trailer or a friend’s trailer.</p> <h2>how does one choose a company to insure an antique or classic car?</h2> <p>the most important considering when choosing an insurance company is the policy terms – do they fit your needs and give you the coverage on your vehicle to protect you? also consider the financial strength of the company, if it is a non-admitted or admitted carrier, cost, if you are purchasing through an agent or online are important considerations.</p> <p>ask detailed questions about the policy terms and guidelines. the insurance company or agency should provide you with a copy of the policy terms before you purchase. read them carefully and ask for clarification on any differences in verbal promises or information on the quotes. if the agent or company assures you that what they are telling you is correct make sure you have documentation in writing and keep it with your policy.</p> <p>you can check an insurance company’s financial grade through a.m best. a.m. best rates insurance companies much like the health department rates your local restaurant. you want to verify that the insurance company is “a” rated and that the financial outlook is not negative.</p> <p>as you get quotes you may hear different terms like “admitted” and “standard carrier” or “non-admitted” and “excess lines carrier”.  admitted carriers are insurance companies licensed by your state’s insurance department, non-admitted carriers are insurance companies that are not governed by your state’s insurance department.</p> <p>admitted carriers are governed by the state laws and participate in a guaranty fund that would pay claims if the insurance company becomes insolvent. the department of insurance in your state can become involved and require specific performance, or even sanction them if they determine the company is acting against the public interest, in violation of statute or is in some way not adhering to the insurance contract.</p> <p>non-admitted carriers are insurance companies that do business in states without going through the same approval and oversight process. they have greater flexibility in the policies they can write, but in states that have them, there is no guaranty fund if they become insolvent.</p> <p>one of the largest specialty insurers in the world, lloyds of london, is a non-admitted carrier. it doesn’t mean that the carrier is not a quality insurer or that they can’t pay their claims.</p> <p>the choice between non admitted and admitted should come down to financial strength, policy terms, am best rating, and competitiveness of price.</p> <p>if you have a multi-million-dollar high value custom vehicle that is essentially a piece of static art, is never driven and kept on display in a shopping mall,a non-admitted specialty company like lloyd’s of london will have more experience covering one of a kind situations. if you have a classic vehicle, and particularly if you want to be able to drive it on public roads, an admitted company that specializes in classic vehicles will give you the best coverage.  almost all consumers will never have any reason to even look at a non-admitted carrier, and in fact many states require your agent to be declined in writing from at least two admitted carriers before they are even allowed to consider a non-admitted option.</p> <p>finding a local agent with classic car experience can make the process go smoother. an agent will know and understand the policy, can help you assess your vehicle and classify it, help you understand terminology, and be an advocate for you if something happens.</p> <p>there are few things more fun than tinkering with a classic car, taking it to a show, and enjoying introducing a new generation to the fun cars we grew up with. protecting your vehicle and your liability can be challenging, with any hobby or specialty product it is important that you understand what you need to protect and how best to protect you!</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is agreed value and stated value?</a></p> <p> </p> <p>featured image credit:<a href=''>jill111</a>/ <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>in post image credit: <a href=''>goldie1802</a>/ <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Sun, 28 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0800 4 Collector Cars to Watch in 2023 <p><img alt='4 collector cars to watch in 2019' src='' /></p> <h2>4 collector cars to watch in 2019</h2> <p>becoming a collector isn't something many car enthusiasts set out to do. it usually just sort of happens. you fall in love with one vehicle, and you want to get it a friend, then they need someone to honk at together -before you know it you're researching rental garage space around town. they say that once you skip past three and into four of something you have begun a collection. at 4 or 5 vehicles many start to branch out and broaden their collection- this is also where collectors let themselves get a little impulsive.</p> <p>if you found yourself clicking onto this page looking for that fourth or fifth vehicle well, then you are in good company. 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for more unique and diverse finds. you will find on our curated list a selection of some of the more interesting classical cars being sold that will give you a beautiful and unique driving experience, those moments we are all looking for, and won't set you back very far in your account. while you won't be able to afford these cars flipping burgers, you also won’t have to be holed up in a mountain lair with a helipad.</p> <h2>a note</h2> <p>every real collector knows you need a place to maintain and preserve your vehicles; lawn carcasses are a sad end for any car. make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew and find yourself either with a deteriorating vehicle or one you have to resell immediately for lack of space.</p> <p><strong>table of contents</strong></p> <div> <hr /></div> <ul> <li><a href='#_y5qs40jdhn0j'>1979-1985 mazda rx-7</a> <ul> <li><a href='#_yr0z00bz77ai'>engines</a></li> <li><a href='#_lqkrxgfkxbvl'>layout</a></li> <li><a href='#_tdr69a8mk6le'>production</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href='#_uc1dq2yqcqsh'>fiat x1/9</a> <ul> <li><a href='#_ruoxa7naddxz'>engine</a></li> <li><a href='#_efvzlpdh8jmq'>layout</a></li> <li><a href='#_r3pjmgqdju22'>production</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href='#_4vzbzzmtxmc1'>ika-renault torino</a> <ul> <li><a href='#_9t99qx9drn4l'>engine (all argentina built)</a></li> <li><a href='#_xdxexkxvd7gr'>layout</a></li> <li><a href='#_venmwm73kz16'>production</a></li> </ul> </li> <li><a href='#_laz5v7b4e16w'>triumph tr6</a> <ul> <li><a href='#_xkb76ho1bfr6'>engine</a></li> <li><a href='#_5xuveo9hatjt'>layout</a></li> <li><a href='#_cy6wqt29furj'>production</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> <div> <hr /></div> <h2><a name='_y5qs40jdhn0j'></a>1979-1985 mazda rx-7</h2> <p>when the ’70s were wrapping up a whole new bevy of safety and emission regulations were put into place and the roadsters of the time were not having an easy go of it adapting. the rx-7 was the first rotary-powered coup to catch on in the new market.</p> <p><img alt='1979-1985 mazda rx-7' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p><strong>in 2004, <em>sports car international</em> ranked this mazda seventh on their </strong><a href=''><strong>top sports cars of the 1970s</strong></a><strong> list. </strong></p> <p>the lead designer for mazda in that era was matasaburo maeda (his son designed the rx-8) he helped to transition the company into the sports car arena. matasaburo kept the focus on the rx-7 on minimizing size and weight, allowing the compact rotary engine to be placed behind the rear front axle. this led to a beautiful result of improving both the speed and balance of the vehicle. you may come to find yourself loving the tiny unique quirks of this rotary</p> <p>the rx-7 comes in around 2350 pounds and came with a 1.1-liter engine that hit 100 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque. that combination was enough to reach 60 mph in under ten seconds -solid for the time. the sales of the first-generation rx-7’s were good. over 470,000 were produced, and over 375,000 were eventually sold in the united states.</p> <p>in 1982 motor trend compared the rx-7 to a nissan 280zx and toyota supra. the mazda came out on top in handling, steering, enjoyment, and “sportiness”.</p> <h2><a name='_yr0z00bz77ai'></a>rx-7 first generation (sa22c) engines:</h2> <ul> <li> <ul> <li><a href=''><em>12a</em></a> (1.1 l): 1,146 cc</li> <li><a href=''><em>12a</em></a> turbo</li> <li><a href=''><em>13b-resi</em></a> (1.3 l): 1,308 cc</li> </ul> </li> <li><a name='_lqkrxgfkxbvl'></a>layout <ul> <li>front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive</li> <li><a name='_tdr69a8mk6le'></a>production</li> <li>1978–2002: 811,634 produced</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <div> <hr /></div> <p><em>in 1985 mazda came out with the the limited edition rx-7 finale to the australian public. the car also had a brass plaque with its release number and the quote: "last of a legend."</em></p> <div> <hr /></div> <p>by the time you get to the series 3 (1984–1985), you will see both the gsl and gsl-se package being offered. north america is the only market to have gotten the rx-7 with the fuel-injected <a href=''>13b</a>, model gsl-se.</p> <p><img alt='1979 mazda rx-7' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p>the 1984 rx-7 gsl gets around 30 mpg on the highway and can accelerate 0 to 50 in 6.3 seconds.</p> <p>the 1985 rx-7 finale was released in australia and only a limited number were made. in addition to the power options and some minor cosmetic changes, the car also had a brass plaque with it’s the serial number and the quote: "last of a legend."</p> <p>a great piece of 70’s engineering and history you can still make use of today.</p> <h2><a name='_uc1dq2yqcqsh'></a>fiat x1/9</h2> <p><img alt='fiat x1/9' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p>the fiat’s x1/9 is a mid-engined italian sports car envisioned by a celebrated design house. a rare case of someone getting something right on the first go. the x1/9 remained relatively unchanged for almost two decades following its release in 1972. it was one of the earlier mid-engine production sport vehicles and has since become one of the most enduring of its age. it is underrated for its ability to bring you an authentic vintage european sports car experience, at a very reasonable entry cost.</p> <p>the fiat x1/9 is a very stiff vehicle since it had to accommodate new safety regulations. the result is a heavy and safe sports car for the era that can handle a larger engine for its size. it is a tiny car that requires a bit of maneuvering to get into, though once you are inside, there is plenty of legroom. fiat’s initial front-drive 128, made in 1969, was initially found in the sedan.</p> <h4><a name='_ruoxa7naddxz'></a>engine</h4> <ul> <li><a href=''></a><a href=''> i4</a> 1,290 cc</li> <li><a href=''>138.a2/a4</a> i4 1,498 cc</li> </ul> <h4><a name='_efvzlpdh8jmq'></a>layout</h4> <ul> <li>transverse mid-engine, rear-wheel drive</li> </ul> <h4><a name='_r3pjmgqdju22'></a>production 1972–1989</h4> <ul> <li>140,500 produced (fiat)</li> <li>19,500 (bertone)</li> </ul> <p>the acceleration and top speed are nothing to write home about, but the weight distribution and handling has been beloved by fans of the fiat x1/9 for decades now.</p> <p><img alt='1974_fiat_abarth_x1-9' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <h2>inexpensive to maintain, full of character, great to drive!</h2> <p>all in all, this is an excellent find for those looking get their hands on a classic italian sports car. good x1/9’s are still pretty easy to find if you look. the same goes for spare parts.</p> <h2><a name='_4vzbzzmtxmc1'></a>ika-renault torino</h2> <p><img alt='ika-renault torino' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p>the ika torino, later named the renault torino (ika was bought out by renault in 1975), is a mid-sized vehicle made by industrias kaiser argentina (ika) under an agreement with american motors corporation (amc) in 1966. they wished to make a car that combined "combined american ruggedness and european style." it was made in both two-door hardtop and 4-door sedan variants and production continued until 1981. the ika-renault torino has been called argentina's national car.</p> <p>from 1970 until 1976 the torino was touted as a luxury vehicle. this marketing drive led to some notorious and famous owners including fidel castro, leonid brezhnev (the fifth leader of the soviet union), muammar al-gaddafi and juan manuel fangio (an argentine driver who dominated the first decade of formula one) — making this a real historical collector's piece.</p> <p><img alt='adguez_canedo_1967' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p>the torino hit the stage at the municipal racing circuit of buenos aires in november of 1966 and was first available as the torino 380 w. the torino 380 w produced 176 hp and came with weber two-barrel carburetors, a floor mounted four-speed shift and an electronic wooden instrument panel. there were also leather accouterments making it a unique hybrid of features at the time.</p> <p><img alt='ika_torino_380_coup' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <div> <hr /></div> <p><em>in the ’70s the torino was a popular luxury vehicle. famous owners included dictators such as fidel castro and muammar al-gaddafi. making this a real historical collector's piece.</em></p> <div> <hr /></div> <p>italian auto stylists designed the lines of the car at pininfarina since the argentinian buyers were more partial to european rather than american design. the car’s badge is the city of turin’s coat of arms, a prancing bull, and is purposefully reminiscent of the ferrari stallion.</p> <h4><a name='_9t99qx9drn4l'></a>engine (all argentina built)</h4> <ul> <li><a href=''>i6</a> tornado special</li> <li><a href=''>i6</a> tornado interceptor</li> <li><a href=''>i6</a> torino 233</li> <li><a href=''>i6</a> tornado interceptor</li> </ul> <h4><a name='_xdxexkxvd7gr'></a>layout</h4> <ul> <li>front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout</li> </ul> <h4><a name='_venmwm73kz16'></a>production</h4> <ul> <li>1966–1981 | santa isabel, cÓrdoba province</li> </ul> <p>in the 84-hour race in nÜrburgring, germany the no. 3 torino covered the most laps of any competitor. though they came in third due to time violations accrued, the torino proved it had the gumption to take on the european vehicles. afterward, the torino became "the pride and joy of argentine car enthusiasts" that no. 3 car is now on display in a museum in argentina. still today many argentines love the torino, and it has remained popular enough to ensure that you have can find parts and advice pretty readily.</p> <h2><a name='_laz5v7b4e16w'></a>triumph tr6</h2> <p><img alt='triumph tr6' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p>the triumph tr6 was produced from 1968 until 1976 and was in its time the most successful of the tr range of sports cars. the british triumph motor company produced 91,850 tr6s and exported of 80,000 of those. it ranked as one of the most famous british cars for everyday transport.</p> <p>the tr6 sports a manual 4-speed transmission and an optional electrically switched overdrive, independent rear suspension, bucket seats and a walnut veneer dashboard to start. from the tr5 to the tr6 an anti-roll bar and wider wheels were added making the car look lower and leaner. there was an optional hardtop that required two or more people to take on and off. (i recall watching my father’s tr6 hardtop swaying widely from atop our family garage during an earthquake in california!)</p> <p>a uk version of the tr6pi was noted in autocar magazine with the ability to go from zero to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds with a top speed of 120 mph.</p> <h4><a name='_xkb76ho1bfr6'></a>engine</h4> <ul> <li><a href=''>2.5-litre straight-6</a></li> </ul> <h4><a name='_5xuveo9hatjt'></a>layout</h4> <ul> <li>front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout</li> </ul> <h4><a name='_cy6wqt29furj'></a>production</h4> <ul> <li>1968 – 1976 | coventry, england</li> </ul> <p><img alt='triumph_tr6_roadster_-_1974' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p><img alt='riumph_tr6_roadster_-_1974' src='' /><br /> image attribution: <a href=''></a></p> <p>triumph's 2.5-liter straight-6 powered all of the tr6s. this was an evolution of the standard wet liner inline-four engine. interestingly this 2,088 cc inline four-cylinder petrol engine was developed for the ferguson te20 tractor.</p> <p>in general, the tr6 drivetrain is pretty stable and there are plenty of mechanical parts available for the tr6, from numerous suppliers. these british engines can be very temperamental though once one aspect starts showing signs of its age. don’t let any problems linger or you can find yourself back in the shop again and again.</p> <h2>car insurance for classic cars</h2> <p>if you’ve recently bought a classic car, it’s important to get it insured straight away. <a href=''>car insurance for classic cars</a> is different from regular insurance both in price and what it covers, making it perfectly suited to collectible cars bought as investments or showpieces. for that reason, car insurance for classic cars will depend on what you intend to use the vehicle for.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?</a><br /> <a href=''>what is the best insurance for classic cars?</a></p> All categories Sat, 13 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0800 8 Classic Cars That Define Beauty <p><a href=''>classic cars</a> are typically automobiles 15 years old or older. some have more historical significance or allure, so the personal or financial value of the vehicle is worth restoring and bringing the classic to its original condition.</p> <p>these vehicles are captivating because of their engineering, their rarity, and most importantly their beauty. oxford dictionary defines beauty as “a combination of qualities such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. from the frame to what is under the hood, collectors of these rare vehicles become enamored at their sight. there are a lot of great looking classic cars out there, but most would agree that these 8 classic cars fulfill the definition of beauty.</p> <p><img alt='1959 plymouth sport fury convertible' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>1.</strong><a href=''><strong>1959 plymouth sport fury convertible</strong></a><strong> – </strong>this was plymouth's top of the line vehicle in 1959, offered as a coupÉ and a convertible. the sport fury has rear fins, beautiful curves, a wraparound belt line, and swivel buckets seats but the imitation rear spare tire cover is what stands out as far as the physical appearance of this dynamic car. in 1959, plymouth replaced the 350 v8 with a 361-version giving this car remarkable power. imagine having this beauty out on a sunday drive with the top down.</p> <p><img alt='1973 porsche 911' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>2.</strong><a href=''><strong>1973 porsche 911</strong></a><strong> carrera rs </strong><strong>–</strong> this german sportscar is incredibly distinctive, being in fact an actual race car only sold to the public to homologate it for use in the group 4 gt class of the european gt championship. the carrera rs had wider body panels, bigger tires, and a beautiful ducktail rear spoiler, further adding to the classic car’s streamlined beauty. the fact that under that skin are all the trappings of a top-tier, street legal race car gives this car a rare inner beauty few others can equal let alone surpass.</p> <p><img alt='1947 lincoln continental cabriolet' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>3.</strong><a href=''><strong>1947 lincoln continental cabriolet</strong></a><strong> –</strong> edsel ford designed this beauty because he wanted to have a high-end, sophisticated vehicle to compete with what was coming out of europe. classic cars of america recognizes this vehicle as a true “classic” and is one of the last cars to get this recognition. this amazing convertible was one also one of the last cars built that had a v12 engine and had new walnut trim. this is a rare find and would make your garage a thing of beauty.</p> <p><img alt='1958 pontiac bonneville' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>4. </strong><a href=''><strong>1958 pontiac bonneville tri-power sport coupe</strong></a><strong> – </strong>was first introduced in 1957 and stayed in production until 2005 but the 1958 bonneville was so special that it was the pace care for the indianapolis 500. the 1958 model offered consumers the option of a hardtop or a convertible and had a lower cost than previous models. the engine consists of a 300 hp v8. this is a classic vehicle that turns heads at every corner.</p> <p><img alt='1947 mercury eight club' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>5. </strong><a href=''><strong>1947 mercury eight club convertible</strong></a><strong> – </strong>mercury was a major manufacturer that helped the middle class get back on the road after wwii. the 1947 model had some fantastic adjustments made to make the vehicle more appealing to the masses. they added more chrome, the parking lights were rectangular in shape, the grille was re-designed and looked like the zephyr, and mercury boasted about the increase in head room. this was a very popular vehicle in the 1940’s and is still considered a beautiful machine today.</p> <p><img alt='1956 jaguar' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>6.</strong><a href=''><strong>1956 jaguar </strong><strong>xk120</strong><strong> roadster</strong></a><strong> – </strong>this vehicle is one of the most gorgeous cars ever created. after wwii jaguar, like all other manufacturers, began producing autos again and the jaguar roadster was one of the best creations by far. this vehicle was not only a thing of beauty, but it was able to top out at 124 mph and was driven during many auto racing events. hollywood actor clark gable adored his jaguar xk120.</p> <p><img alt='1955 chevrolet 210 two-door hardtop' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''></a></p> <p><strong>7. </strong><a href=''><strong>1955 chevrolet 210 two-door hardtop</strong></a><strong> – </strong>the 1955 chevrolet 210 was the first to introduce chevrolet’s new chassis and the small block v8. this classic has smooth edges and straight panels. the launch of this model was also a turning point for chevrolet as it was a major success. it is famous as a car in the movie “american graffiti” and has been in demand by classic car enthusiasts around the world.</p> <p><img alt='1940 ford deluxe convertible' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p><strong>8. </strong><a href=''><strong>1940 ford deluxe convertible club</strong></a><strong> – </strong>this beautiful ford is probably one of the most exciting that we are discussing in this list. the 1940 ford deluxe convertible club has been named by many as the best-looking car to come from the 1940’s era. it is very recognizable with its smooth curves, tail, tail lights and distinguished grille. this was a very popular car back in the day for the moonshiners because of its large trunk and strong rear suspension. it also came with a v8 engine which gave it plenty of power to carry such a load.</p> <p><img alt='the late 1940’s' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>the late 1940’s through the end of 1950 was an important time in world history, as wwii had ended which put the steel plants back in the hands of the automobile makers they were extremely excited to have the opportunity to once again design and build automobiles which is why most car enthusiasts love the beauty of the vehicles made during this era. the manufacturers pulled out all the stops to create lines of vehicles that would get americans back in the driver’s seat this list could have continued as narrowing down to just 8 beautiful classic cars was a difficult task. auto enthusiasts will agree that making a list like this takes time and research as you much consider the different era’s, their design techniques, as well as the combination of shape, form, and color, and if it pleases the sight. classic car collectors all over the world will travel for the opportunity to take these types of vehicles into their possession and will spend countless hours making sure whichever classic car they choose it is in pristine condition. the year, make, and model of classic cars will change for the next generation, but most will agree that automobiles from this era were and always will be beautiful.</p> <p>article by matt robertson</p> <p><img alt='matt robertson' src='' /></p> <p>matt is managing partner at <a href=''>leland-west classic car insurance</a>. matt is a classic car enthusiast and you’ll usually find himwrenching in his garage. otherwise, you’ll find him at any number of classic car events :) you can reach him at matt at lelandwest dot com.</p> All categories Thu, 14 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0800 How can I Find My Old Car? | Use These 6 Proven Ways <h2><img alt='how to find your old car' src='' /></h2> <p>sometimes we hit a point in life where we have to let go of the things that we cherish. whether your decision was motivated due to financial reasons, lack of time, or even lack of motivation it’s always hard to let go of a prized possession.</p> <p>if you’ve ever sold a vintage car that you deeply cared about, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. for many car enthusiasts parting with a vintage vehicle that they’ve owned for years can feel very much like parting with an old friend.</p> <p>thankfully there are several ways you can go about finding your old car even if you sold it many years ago.</p> <h2>search using the former vin number</h2> <p>one of the first steps you should take when tracking down your old car is to us the former vin number (vehicle identification number) associated with the vehicle. many online databases will accept your vin as a valid search parameter, and frankly, if you have this information, there’s an excellent chance you’ll find the vehicle you’re searching for.</p> <p>sites such as <a href=''>lost car registry</a> are perfect for reconnecting with old vehicles. the site is free and simple to use. be mindful that vin numbers before 1981 may not come in the 17 character format common for standard vins. if that’s the case, you may run into possible issues during your search.</p> <p> </p> <h2>what should you if your initial search doesn’t turn up your old vin?</h2> <p>simply put, finding your old vin number is the best shot you have at reconnecting with your old vehicle without turning to other useful, yet less effective tactics. if your initial search doesn’t turn up the vin number than we recommend you search through old files.</p> <p>search through old repair invoices, vintage car insurance policies, and accident reports. vin numbers are commonly listed on auto-related paperwork.</p> <p>if you’re thinking of turning to the dmv, prepare to be disappointed. the <a href=''>driver’s privacy protection act</a> (dppa) prohibits the dmv from releasing personal information about a driver to any unauthorized individual.</p> <p>dppa was the government’s response to instances in which stalkers would find the location of their victims by requesting their information through the dmv. digging through your old paperwork is your best option when it comes to finding your old vin number.</p> <h2>trace the person who you sold the car to</h2> <p>one of the easiest ways to find an old vehicle is to contact the person who you sold it to in the first place. if you happen to have their old contact information your job will be that much easier. however, if that information is no longer available (or if they changed their phone number or moved to a new address) turn to other methods of contact such as social media or email.</p> <h2>turning to search engines</h2> <p>if your vin number comes up during your search one of the first things you should do is whip out your phone and run it through a google search (or any other search engine of your choosing). if your old vehicle has been listed online for sale or if it’s being auctioned off then there’s a good chance it’ll pop up.</p> <p>if your search comes up fruitless try searching the databases of the larger auction houses such as gooding & company and mecum. vehicles available for auction should have all of its background information available for potential buyers.</p> <h2>turn to social media</h2> <p>never underestimate the power of social media. put your message out there and see what happens. you never know who will read your post (especially if it’s shared by multiple readers). if you want people to share and read your post, then you should keep your message short and concise.</p> <p>tell your story, share as much information as you can about the vehicle, and make sure to leave contact information. while there’s certainly no guarantee you’ll find your vehicle through a social media post you never know how many people you’ll reach. you certainly have nothing to lose by trying!</p> <h2>take your case to forums that specialize in classic cars</h2> <p>if anyone can help you find leads on your long lost vintage car than it’s going to be the type of folks who hang out in automotive forums that specialize in classic cars. while many of these individuals may not know where your vehicle is personally, they may be able to point you in the right direction.</p> <p>the classic automotive community is a small, tight-knit group. there’s a possibility that your vehicle may be floating around somewhere in this community, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to appeal to the enthusiasts.</p> <p>another benefit of visiting an automotive forum is that the members will likely give you all kinds of tips on how you should hunt down your vehicle. many members have likely been in similar situations and may be able to offer some advice on how you should proceed.</p> <p>don’t worry, classic car enthusiasts are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. they know the plight of someone who’s desperately trying to hunt down an old vehicle and will likely go out of their way to offer some great advice!</p> <h2>persistence is key</h2> <p>it may sound clichÉ, but finding a long lost takes persistence. don’t give up if the initial search doesn’t turn up the vin number. turn to the online community to see what may turn up. you never know – it may take more than a year before the right person sees your social media post or forum inquiry and reach out to you with information that will reunite you with your old ride.</p> <p>do you own a vintage vehicle? then it’s vital that you invest in <a href=''>classic car insurance</a>. leland west has been around for more than twenty years and provides classic insurance for a wide range of classic cars, replicas, specialty vehicles and much more. don’t be caught on the road without the right type of coverage. contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.</p> <h2>old car insurance</h2> <p>just because you have an old car, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need insurance. in fact, <a href=''>old car insurance</a> is often more important than new car insurance. repairs on older vehicles can quickly get expensive as parts may be out of production and mechanics might need specialist expertise. whether you have an old car or something hot off the production line, it’s important to <a href=''>check your eligibility</a> to take out a dedicated insurance policy.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>are older cars more expensive to insure?</a><br />  </p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>michaelgaida</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>in post image credit: <a href=''>geralt</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Thu, 3 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0800 Collector Car Market Trends 2019 <h2><img alt='collector car market trends 2019' src='' /></h2> <p>a whole new year is upon us. will it bring along new trends for the collector car market? from the surface, the market seems to be slowing down. this is despite the increase in attendance of collector car shows in 2018.</p> <p>frankly, research on trends in the collector car market can be confusing. some news is positive, while a good bit of it is negative. some even believe that the collector car market has hit a peak. whatever the case, looking at the numbers should help us to identify the trends for the 2019 collector car market. if you're a proud owner of a collector car, contact leland-west to fully understand about collector<strong> </strong>car insurance in the usa.</p> <h2>investments of passion</h2> <p>collector cars have long been considered investments of passion (such as art, wine, and the like). this fact is emphasized by a report published by the realtors knight frank, which states that the collector car market has made returns of 288% over the past ten years.</p> <p>in terms of current trends, classic vehicles going for $100k and under have been on the radar of many buyers. many of the big ticket cars (those with multimillion dollar price tags) have seen a significant decrease in sells.</p> <p>this may be because big-ticket cars have always resided in the smallest segment of the collector car market and have always been seen as a haven during tough economic times. however, with the economy sitting relatively strong at the end of 2018 and going into 2019, these big-ticket vehicles have seemingly hit a roadblock, and the vehicles that sit in the mid to low range are starting to surge in sales.</p> <h2>market trends</h2> <p><img alt='market trends' src='' /></p> <h2>1950s american</h2> <p>american cars from the 1950s have slowly been suffering. this is especially the case for vehicles that aren't in mint condition, as these have slipped as much as 30 percent in value since the past year. examples of this vehicle category include the 1953 cadillac eldorado convertible, the 1959 cadillac eldorado biarritz, and the continental mark ii. </p> <h2>blue chip</h2> <p>blue chip cars have remained stagnant for the most part over the past few years. stability, it seems, has become the new norm for vehicles that sit in the uppermost echelons of the collector car market. despite this, as of 2018 blue chip cars still sit at an all-time high. examples of blue-chip classic cars include the ferrari 250 gto, the aston martin db4 gt zagato '2 vev', and the mclaren f1.</p> <h2>british cars</h2> <p>british cars have most definitely been suffering when it comes to value. however, the british market has been making a comeback. the comeback is slow (there has only been a 4% increase in value since 2014 for specific vehicles), but at least the market is trending in the right direction. examples of british cars that fall into this category include jaguar e-types and the sunbeam tiger.</p> <h2>ferrari</h2> <p>ferrari hasn't seen much change over the course of the past year. as we've discussed, collectors aren't as interested in purchasing higher-end vehicles right now. cheap classics seem to be the way to go for the vast majority of the market and ferrari has fallen into a catatonic sleep that it hasn't experienced for more than a decade. a prime example of a classic ferrari is the 246 gts dino spider.</p> <h2>german collectibles</h2> <p>german collectibles have been enjoying a slow, yet steady upward trend in value. many german collectible cars, such as the 1986-89 mercedes-benz 420sel  and the 1986-92 560sec, are shining examples that collectors are more interested in vehicles that are affordable, stylish, and reliable than any other category of classic cars.</p> <h2>muscle cars</h2> <p>it's safe to say the muscle car market has grown stagnant. three years was the last time the market even made a one percent movement in any direction. thus, muscle cars have been sitting rock steady for quite a while now. only time will tell where this market will go.</p> <h2>affordable classics</h2> <p>affordable classic vehicles have seen the most significant rise out of all of the vehicle categories. this highlights one fact for the collector car market as a whole -- during times of unease, people are more interested in cheap fun than more expensive and risky investments.  examples of affordable classics are the porsche 914 and the volkswagen beetle.</p> <h2>old vs. new collectors</h2> <p>one aspect that's often overlooked in the classic car market is the habits of old vs. new collectors. for example, the older generation is more interested in buying classics they can showcase at their garage or during car shows.</p> <p>on the other hand, younger collectors are more interested in using their vehicles as daily drivers. with social media being so prevalent, the younger generation is more interested in being seen in their vehicle as they post pictures to facebook, instagram, snapchat, and other social media platforms.</p> <p>despite their obvious differences in taste, every generation of car collectors have one thing in common -- they all tend to purchase vehicles they grew up with. for example, younger collectors tend to prefer the 80s and 90s vehicles. older collectors tend to favor vehicles from the 50s, 60s, 70s, or earlier.</p> <p>frankly, what may interest to a 32-year-old collector may not appeal to a 50-year-old collector. as a new generation of collectors takes to the stage, the types of vehicles sold will begin to shift slowly, thus causing waves in the industry.</p> <h2>how does the market trend look for 2019?</h2> <p>cheap and safe seems to be the trend going into the new year. however, this trend may change depending on the strength of the economy. if the economy is strong more collectors will feel at ease when considering big ticket purchases. if the economy feels uncertain then more affordable and safe purchases will continue to prevail. only time will tell.</p> <h2>collector car insurance</h2> <p>owning a classic car is a unique privilege that comes with its own unique responsibilities. <a href=''>classic car enthusiasts</a> will tell you that owning a collectible entails a burden of care far greater than any regular vehicle, especially if you intend to safeguard the vehicle’s value as an investment. that’s why our <a href=''>collector car insurance</a> is specially designed to suit classic car ownership, helping you to meet those unique responsibilities.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best collector car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how much does insurance cost on a classic car?</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>schlappohr</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a><br /> in post image credit: <a href=''>pixabay</a> / <a href=''>openclipart-vectors</a></p> All categories Tue, 11 Dec 2018 00:00:00 -0800 20 Best Classic Cars that can be Used as Daily Drivers <div class='wrapper'> <p><img alt='classic cars to drive daily' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>there's a bit of a rumor out there that classic vehicles that you can use as daily drivers are rare and expensive. nothing could be further from the truth. there are plenty of classic cars that you can still use on a daily basis that are just as affordable as they are reliable.</p> <p>before you hop into the market looking for your next classic vehicle, there are a few things you have to ask yourself: how rare is the vehicle? how expensive is it? <a href=''>how does a classic car insurance work</a>? how available are parts if something goes wrong? how much fun is it to drive?</p> <p>to help you narrow your search, we've compiled a list of the top 20 classic cars to drive daily. let's take a look.</p> <h2>1.mazda miata mx-5</h2> <p><img alt='mazda miata mx-5' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>the miata mx-5 is a fun classic that'll give you an excuse to get out of the house every day. this sports vehicle has been around for two and a half decades due to its responsiveness on the road as well as its affordability. you can think of the miata mx-5 as the "average man's" sports car which makes it a fun little daily driver to zip around town.</p> <h2> 242</h2> <p><img alt='volvo 242' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>volvos are known for their safety and reliability. not only is the 242 reliable and safe, but they're also stylish. also, they're highly durable. just think of the 242 as a tank that you can take to the store when you're running low on groceries.</p> <h2> fj60</h2> <p><img alt='toyota fj60' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>the fj60 is the perfect daily driver for off-road warriors. durable and reliable, the fj60 is an all-weather vehicle that you can drive in practically any environment. it's predecessor, the fj40 land cruiser, is also a reliable vehicle, but the fj60 is considered the superior choice due to its advanced design. you can't beat being able to drive off the beaten track whenever you want.</p> <h2>4.saab 900 turbo 16</h2> <p><img alt='saab 900 turbo 16' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>the saab 900 is a true workhorse. it's practically the epitome of the "every day classic vehicle". the saab 900 is slow to rust, has a turbo that really pushes it down the road, and a tough interior to boot. the unique styling has created two camps - those who absolutely adore this car or those who outright hate it. there's rarely an in-between. though as of this time, there seems to be more lovers of the saab 900 than haters. simply care for your saab 900 like you would care for any other vehicle that you would drive on a daily basis, and you should be satisfied with its performance.</p> <h2> mustang (1964½-1966)</h2> <p><img alt='ford mustang' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>yes, we're talking about the original pony car. when you think of a daily driver, the original ford mustang likely doesn't come to mind. in fact, it's probably not even a consideration for most people, but hear us out on this one. though nowhere near as powerful as later mustang generations, this is the vehicle that started a legacy that has lasted for generations. it's small, light, fast and most importantly, stylish. furthermore, this classic car is surprisingly affordable making it a top contender as the perfect classic daily driver.</p> <h2> 240z</h2> <p><img alt='datsun 240z ' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>this japanese made sports car has a lot to offer. with its rear-wheel drive and tough looking aesthetics, enthusiasts around the world view the 240z as the epitome of japanese sports vehicles for the common man. it's fast, reliable, and you can own one today at affordable rates. just imagine yourself driving around town in a classic japanese sports car. the experience would be unique to say the very least.</p> <h2>7.mercedes-benz w113</h2> <p><img alt='mercedes-benz w113' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>though still considered to be a class act to this day, the mercedes-benz w113 can still be used as a daily driver. it's classy enough that your neighbors will compliment you every time you drive down the street, but not so much so that you have to worry about parking it somewhere and returning to find it stolen. you can put around 250,000 miles on the engine before you have to worry about a rebuild.</p> <h2> cr-x</h2> <p><img alt='honda cr-x' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>if you're looking for one of the most reliable classic vehicles that you can get your hands on, then look no further than the honda cr-x. it's not the fastest vehicle in the world, and some people claim that it doesn't have a "soul", but you'll be able to turn the key every morning and know that it'll get you back and forth to work every day. plus, it's still fun to drive. honda has an excellent reputation for reliability and superb manufacturing.</p> <h2>9.bmc mini</h2> <p><img alt='bmc mini' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>this bite-sized classic vehicle is a top contender as a daily driver. for one, it isn't terribly expensive. second, there's great fun to be had when you take one of these on the road. finally, who doesn't love the bmc mini? sure, they're not quite as reliable as other cars on this list, but that's offset by the fact that this vehicle is so fun to drive.</p> <h2>10.vw golf mki (or ii)</h2> <p><img alt='vw golf mki' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>it isn't a surprise that the vehicle built to replace the iconic beetle made this list. vw harnessed auto union's innovative technologies (water-cooled cars and front-wheel drive) to create the golf. just like the mini, the golf is a blast to drive. furthermore, due to its tight engine and transaxle, there's plenty of room for passengers. don't be surprised if a grin spreads across your face every time you go out for a drive.</p> <h2> e30</h2> <p><img alt='bmw e30' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>over the years the e30 has become somewhat of an icon. its affordable pricing and superior performance have made it the perfect choice as a daily driver for many enthusiasts. you'll commonly find the e30 at raceways. you could say that you should start with the e30 if you're unfamiliar with the world of performance vehicles, but of course, simply driving it due to its reliability is also a good reason to make the investment. with parts plentiful and an overall simple design, the bmw e30 is among the most affordable classic vehicles not only to purchase, but also to upkeep.</p> <h2>12.vw beetle</h2> <p><img alt='vw beetle' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>would you believe me if i told you that adolf hitler himself was the sole reason that vw beetles existed in the first place? ferdinand porsche developed the beetle at hitler's request. it was originally designed as the ultimate "people's car". despite its somewhat controversial origins the beetle has proven to be exactly what hitler envisioned it to be all those years ago - a common car for people to use on a daily basis. with 21 million units pressed into service while it was still in production, the beetle isn't going anywhere anytime soon. that also means that there are plenty of spare parts out there to keep repair and maintenance fees low. if you're looking for true german ingenuity at its finest, the vw beetle is an excellent choice.</p> <h2> p1800</h2> <p><img alt='volvo p1800' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>feats of extraordinary renown  have been accomplished with the volvo p1800. the most notable being the time that irv gordon of long island took his p1800 on a 3 million mile road trip across america on a single engine. if that doesn't communicate the true reliability of this vehicle then we don't know what will. as a side note, don't expect <em>your</em> p1800 to crank out 3 million miles without severe consequences. still, there's no denying that if you take care of this vehicle, it will most certainly take care of you. the four-cylinder volvo engine doesn't pump out much in terms of speed (unless you consider 100 horsepower to be fast), but it'll get you where you need to go. what more can you ask of a daily driver?</p> <h2>14.alfa romeo 105/115 series</h2> <p><img alt='alfa romeo 105/115 series' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>just one look at one of these classic vehicles will likely make you think "out of my price range". well, you're still in luck because this italian car is quite affordable. also, it's known for its reliability so that you can use it on a regular basis. we'd be remiss not to mention how pleasurable the rumble of the engine is when you fire it up in the morning. the alfa romeo sounds just as tough as it looks. you can't beat that.</p> <h2>15.rover vitesse</h2> <p><img alt='rover vitesse' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>initially, this performance coupe didn't have a great reputation. the sd1 was known for rusting over time and not being the most reliable car out there. however, when the vitesse version of the vehicle launched, all of those past mistakes were corrected. and even if you ran across someone with one of those troublesome sd1's there's a good chance that the owner went out of their way to clear out the rust and ensure that the vehicle received the due care that it deserved. if you're able to find a rover vitesse today in targa red or moonraker blue then prepare to receive some stares of admiration.</p> <h2>16.porsche 924s</h2> <p><img alt='porsche 924s' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>you didn't think that you'd find a porsche on this list, did you? though the 924s had a fairly high price tag during its initial launch, it's much more affordable in today's classic car market. that's mainly because the 924s was more of an "entry-level" porsche. people bought this car to discover what porsche's were capable of before moving on to something else up the ladder. for the sake of clearing up any confusion, understand that there's a difference between the porsche 924 and the 924s. the 924s, the latter of the two models, was capable of better torque, had a nice build quality, and was in overall better shape. this is a fun vehicle to drive. with excellent fuel economy, the porsche 924s would make a great daily driver.</p> <h2> 528i (1981)</h2> <p><img alt='bmw 528i' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>the bmw 528i looks very similar to its 1972 predecessor, however, the difference between the two vehicles is where it should count the most; underneath the hood. the 528i sported the latest and greatest technology at the time, putting it leaps and bounds above its predecessor in that regard. the 528i runs great in nearly all categories and it can potentially get 30 mpg. also, you can push it to around 120 mph, making it loads of fun to drive around town.</p> <h2>18.opel manta</h2> <p><img alt='opel manta' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>the opel manta is an excellent car to use as your every day vehicle. this coupe is slowly moving up in terms of value, so if you're going to buy one, it's now or maybe never (unless money isn't an issue). the manta is a mean looking classic vehicle with the toughest drive train you've likely ever seen. the body has been known to suffer from corrosion, but if you're able to find a later model in good condition then you've likely found your next daily driver.</p> <h2> granada injection</h2> <p><img alt='ford granada injection' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>not the cheapest classic vehicle on this list, but it's most certainly worth the price if you're looking for reliability. the granada injection is one of those classic vehicles that's perfectly suited for everyday use. with its rubber chin spoiler, trx wheels, and forward facing spotlights this vehicle has a lot to offer. let's not forget about the interior with its recaro seats and charcoal-hued liner. reliable and stylish, the granada injection is an excellent choice as a daily driver.</p> <h2> ls400</h2> <p><img alt='lexus ls400' src='' /><br /> image source : <a href=''>wikimedia</a></p> <p>toyota is no stranger to building reliable cars. it's common for a toyota to have hundreds of thousands of miles on the engine before things start to go wrong. with that being said, the luxurious lexus ls400 has a nearly infallible track record of reliability. the overall build quality is top of the line. furthermore, it sports the 4 liter 1uz-fe v8 engine. what that all means is that no matter how much you drive this beautiful classic (and as long as you take care of it), the lexus ls400 will feel like new every single time your foot presses down on the gas. relatively affordable, reliable, and luxurious the ls400 has you covered on all fronts. </p> <h2>insurance for classic cars</h2> <p dir='ltr'>anyone who owns a collectible vehicle knows that taking out <a href=''>insurance for classic cars</a> is essential. but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. classic and collectible cars make up a fraction of all vehicles in the united states, which is why most big-name insurance providers aren’t set up to provide specific coverage. leland west specializes in insurance for classic cars because we know that collectibles require unique care and attention, not a catch-all policy.</p> <p dir='ltr'> </p> <p dir='ltr'><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best insurance for classic cars?</a><br /> <a href=''>when can i get classic car insurance?</a></p> </div> All categories Sun, 2 Dec 2018 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car VIN Lookup: How to Search a Classic Car VIN <h2><img alt='how to locate a classic car vin' src='' /></h2> <p>vehicle identification numbers (vin) have been a requirement for all vehicles within the united states since 1954. in the early years, vins were determined by the vehicle's manufacturer. there was no set standard in terms of character type, length, number sequence, etc.</p> <p>however, this policy changed for 1981 models when the national highway traffic safety administration (nhtsa) created a standard when it came to the assignment of vins. from that point onward, all vehicles were required to have vins that were 17 characters in length that consisted of numbers and letters.</p> <h2>the importance of vins for older vehicles</h2> <p>there are a number of reasons why you may need to know the vin of an older vehicle. some of the more common reasons often include:</p> <ul> <li>finding production numbers for special edition or rare vehicles.</li> <li>searching for an old automobile you used to own.</li> <li>learning the actual value of your value if you decide to sell.</li> <li>learning the history of a vehicle, you may own.</li> <li>ensuring the authenticity of an older vehicle before you make a purchase.</li> </ul> <p>you should make it a point to know as much information as possible when you're researching an older car or truck. this includes history, value, and more. generally, rare older vehicles tend to have a heftier price tag and come with more risk as a result. knowing as much about the vehicle as possible will help you make the right decisions when it comes to buying or selling.</p> <h2>finding the vin for older vehicles</h2> <p>if you're searching for an older vehicle or if you're digging into the history of an older vehicle you're interested in buying (or already own), the first step is to locate a vin or serial number. if you find yourself in a situation where the vin stickers and plates are missing from the vehicle in question, there are several alternate methods you can employ to locate the vin of the vehicle. these include:</p> <ul> <li>checking the repair records from the car dealership where you bought the vehicle. you can also try checking repair receipts.</li> <li>loan papers may also have the information you seek. banks often keep this information on hand when they assign loans.</li> <li>checking classic car insurance cards and old registration.</li> <li>checking insurance claims and/or police reports. if your vehicle was involved in an accident, you might find the vin information on file.</li> <li>checking the records of previous insurance companies. you can either check with your current insurance company or check with the previous owner's.</li> </ul> <h2>finding vin information with photos </h2> <p>the above methods may not always work when you're attempting to track down a vehicle's vin. if that's the case, you can try searching through old pictures. the following methods may not directly lead to the discovery of a vin, but they may lead to information pertaining to the history of the vehicle.</p> <p>old photos can reveal a wealth of information. these include:</p> <ul> <li>the original color of the vehicle.</li> <li>information pertaining to the interior design of the vehicle.</li> <li>license plate numbers.</li> <li>information pertaining to transmission type, original body, and engine.</li> </ul> <h2>starting a vin search for an older vehicle</h2> <p>whether you have a vin or not, it can still be challenging to locate an old car or truck. if you do have a vin or serial number on hand, you can begin your search in a couple of ways. these include:</p> <ul> <li>running your vin through a search engine such as google, bing, or yahoo.</li> <li>running a search on a vin check site that has an extensive database of older vehicles.</li> </ul> <p>actually having the vin on hand makes the search much simpler. however, if you don't happen to have the vin or serial number, you can try the next best thing -- posting a search history on the vehicle. a search history is an ad that you create that usually features a short description or story that relates to the vehicle in question. you can post a search history to a number of online sources:</p> <ul> <li>social media platforms such as facebook</li> <li>message boards for enthusiasts</li> <li>a self-made blog</li> <li>car club websites and newsletters</li> </ul> <p>posting a search history may or may not provide the information you're seeking, thus it's a good idea to also contact the previous owners of the vehicle to see if they have further useful information. if you happen to have the name or address of the previous owner, you can try contacting them through social media. if you only have their name you can try running a public records search to see if you can ascertain their contact information.</p> <p>searching online through various sources can often lead to essential information such as the vin of the vehicle, the license, and more information that will help you to continue conducting your search.</p> <h2>classic auto insurance</h2> <p><a href=''>classic auto insurance</a> is not the same as regular car insurance. whereas ordinary auto insurance is designed for cars on the road, classic auto insurance is specifically intended to protect classic and vintage vehicles that aren’t in regular use. this means that most insurance brokers require <a href=''>specific conditions to be met</a> regarding how often the car is used and where the car is stored. speak to a member of our customer team to see if your vehicle meets these conditions.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best classic car insurance company?</a><br /> <a href=''>how much does insurance cost on a classic car?</a><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>paulbr75</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Sat, 10 Nov 2018 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car 1-6 Condition Rating System <h2><img alt='classic car rating system: what the numbers mean' src='' /></h2> <p>classic cars are given a rating of 1 - 6 to classify their condition. understanding what these ratings mean can help you understand the true value of a vintage vehicle.</p> <p>the numerical grading system began in the mid-1970s by a magazine publisher named chet krause. prior to the adoption of the system, ratings such as 'good, 'fair, and 'excellent' were used to rate the condition of a vintage vehicle. the problem with a 'fair' or 'good' rating is there were often disagreements on what 'fair' or 'good' actually meant. to rectify the issue, krause reasoned that vintage vehicles needed a better rating system that the community would be willing to adopt.</p> <p>when the numerical rating system was initially adopted, there were only five classifications because vehicles that were considered 'unusable' were not given an evaluation. problems began to arise when appraisers that lived in states with personal property tax laws began to exploit the system by purposefully overstating the value of their vehicles. therefore, a sixth and final rating classification was created to account for 'parts cars.'</p> <p><img alt='the value of each rating' src='' /></p> <h2>the value of each rating</h2> <p>under krause's numerical rating system, lower numbers (1-3) indicated higher quality and higher numbers (4-6) indicated lower quality. let's take a more in-depth look at each of these classifications.</p> <h3>no. 1: excellent</h3> <p>a perfect original vehicle with components that either look like new or operate like new or a perfectly restored vehicle in the same condition. this is a show car that's rarely driven. contact us now to find an insurance quote to fully understand your coverage and know more about classic car insurance.</p> <h3>no. 2: fine</h3> <p>an original that is considered to be in 'excellent' condition or well-restored though not quite at the level of a classic vehicle rated at number one. the vehicle should be well cared for and displays minimal wear and tear.</p> <h3>no. 3: very good</h3> <p>a vehicle that shows a good bit of wear, yet still operable. the vehicle is presentable for an amateur restoration though it wouldn't quite meet professional standards.</p> <h3>no. 4: good</h3> <p>a vehicle that can still be driven though it likely needs minor work (such as a brake job). the vehicle is likely a poor amateur restoration or a restoration that has deteriorated over time. the car is still usable 'as is' but it certainly needs work.</p> <h3>no. 5: restorable</h3> <p>the vehicle is in need of a complete restoration regarding the interior, chassis, and body. the car may or may not run. despite this, it's still in good enough condition that it can be restored.</p> <h3>no. 6: parts car</h3> <p>as the name implies, the vehicle is in a state where it's only useful for parts and nothing else.</p> <h3>another way to view the rating system</h3> <p>the above is just one way to look at the rating system, but there are easier ways to visualize how it works. you can also view the system in the form of a pyramid where number one rests at the top and number six sits at the bottom. as with any pyramid, the tip is narrow and only fits one or two of the best vehicles from a particular model. one level down the pyramid widens ever so slightly allowing for the addition of a few more cars. the trend continues the further you travel down the pyramid.</p> <p>therefore, the cars at the top tier of the pyramid are the best of the best. they're most likely to take home 'best in show' at every car competition they enter. cars of this caliber are rare because of the massive amount of work and money it takes to keep them in such pristine condition.</p> <p>on the second tier, the number of cars increase as the quality ever so slightly decreases. they're likely the same model as the cars at the top rank, but their condition isn't quite what would be considered 'perfection.'</p> <p>the next level down the pyramid widens, and more vehicles are able to occupy the space. these vehicles are nice to look at, but there are a few flaws here and there. they've likely been restored some time ago, but they don't look quite as nice as they used to.</p> <p>on the fourth tier down we begin to see more wear and tear. these vehicles still run, but it's highly advised you let your mechanic have a look at it before you make the vehicle your daily driver.</p> <p>cars that occupy the last two rungs of the pyramid are the type you'd find rusting away in someone's driveway or backyard. they're the kind you would find at a 'pick-a-part' lot when you're searching for those hard to find pieces as you restore one of the vehicles in the upper levels of the pyramid.</p> <p>the numerical rating system for classic vehicles isn't terribly difficult to understand. knowing how the system works allows you to truly understand the value of a vintage car and should guide any purchase decisions you may make in the future.</p> <h2>classic cars insurance</h2> <p>if your vehicle is an antique or collectible, you might want to consider <a href=''>classic cars insurance</a>. we at leland west offer dedicated cover for classic cars, specifically designed for show vehicles and investment purchases. the higher price of the vehicle is mitigated by the extra level of care necessary to preserve the vehicle and includes <a href=''>minimal use and long-term storage</a>. if you are looking to keep your collectible in pristine condition, consider classic cars insurance. <a href=''><strong>antique car insurance</strong></a> or <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> offers specialized protection tailored to these cherished vehicles' unique needs and value. ensure your classic car is protected with the right insurance coverage, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your investment.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what is the best insurance for classic cars</a>?<br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work</a>?</p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>smarko</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a><br /> in post image credit: <a href=''>u.s. air force photo by alex r. lloyd</a></p> All categories Fri, 15 Jun 2018 00:00:00 -0800 What is a Matching Number Classic Car & Why is it Important? <h2><img alt='classic car' src='' /></h2> <p>if you're new to the world of classic automobiles, you might not be familiar with the term 'matching number' or 'number matching'. knowing the meaning of this phrase may influence the amount that a buyer is willing to pay for your classic automobile, or, just as importantly, how much <em>you're</em> willing to spend on a classic vehicle.</p> <p>ultimately, number matching is important because it doesn't just influence the value of your vehicle, but also its collectability and rarity.</p> <h2>the definition</h2> <p>matching numbers refers to the number of parts that a vehicle was originally manufactured with. keep in mind that this definition may change depending on who you ask. all parts are considered during an inspection for a matching numbers vehicle. this includes major components such as the engine and even seemingly insignificant parts such as nuts and bolts.  </p> <p>though this may sound simple enough, it really can be quite challenging to find a true matching numbers classic automobile. the longer you keep a car the more likely you'll have to repair or outright replace a failing part or two.</p> <p>even the most hardcore classic auto collectors recognize how impractical it can be to find a vehicle that still maintains 100% of its original parts. therefore many collectors find it acceptable if all of the components on a vehicle are from the original assembly line, even if a few parts had to be swapped out at some point. it's also acceptable for vehicles to have 'like new' stock parts.</p> <p>often times factories have extra parts lying around and end up sending them to a warehouse to be inventoried. these parts can then be ordered by a dealership when needed.</p> <p>in most cases, those who use the term 'matching numbers' are referring  to the fact that the transmission and the engine have the same sequence numbers as the vin (vehicle identification number) assigned to the chassis. keep in mind that the casting number, rear axle, and differential date code must also belong to the vehicle.</p> <p><img alt='what is a matching number classic car and does it matter?' src='' /></p> <h2>vins and their importance</h2> <p>the vehicle identification number is very important when determining when a vehicle was manufactured. today, vin numbers are often easy to find because they're mostly located in the same area in most vehicles -- the inside of the driver's side windshield.</p> <p>american auto makers began using vin numbers in the mid-1950s to properly identify and describe a vehicle and its parts. as automobiles were mass produced, vin numbers were used more and more.</p> <p>back during those times, every manufacturer utilized their own variations. for example, ford would have a different vin number variation than general motors. therefore, if you're familiar with each of the vin variation types, you should be able to easily identify the manufacturer.</p> <p>at one point factories began labeling every single one of its parts with vin numbers. this helps the manufacturing process along greatly. as you can very well imagine, some vehicles had longer build sheets than others.</p> <p>you can use vin numbers to identify whether or not a particular component of a classic automobile is actually an original part. there are a number of essential parts of a vehicle you should check for a vin number:</p> <ul> <li>ignition distributor</li> <li>alternator</li> <li>generator</li> <li>transmission</li> <li>engine</li> <li>rear axle</li> <li>cylinder heads</li> <li>water pump</li> </ul> <h2>do your research</h2> <p>classic automobiles aren't like today's vehicles. they generally lack uniformity which makes them unique, but might present problems when you're trying to figure out if the vehicle is 100% original. you can visit leland-west – a <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> company to learn more about your classic car.</p> <p>when it comes to investigating a matching numbers automobile, you have to identify the numbers that you need to verify and then you have to figure out where they're located on the vehicle.</p> <p>this will take some digging and likely hours of online research. if you have the cash, bringing along a pro who knows what to look for can save you hours of searching. if you're not interested in bringing someone along with you, they could always show you where to look, but nothing beats having a professional doing the heavy lifting for you.</p> <p>you can always look online for the information that you need, but there are also car clubs that focus on a specific makes and models of specific vehicles. if you present yourself in a friendly way, you should be able to get the information that you seek from one of the members.</p> <h2>why doing the research matters</h2> <p>calculating the numbers and doing the research is indeed very important if you're looking to get the best price for the vehicle. typically, the more original the vehicle, the more valuable it is. it can be difficult to determine the market value of a classic car, but it certainly helps if you can prove its originality.</p> <p>so yes, doing the research and determining how original the number matching vehicle is completely matters when it comes to getting the most money during a sale. keep that in mind, and you might just be surprised at the value of your vehicle.</p> <h2>agreed value auto insurance</h2> <p>when it comes to insuring <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a>, we say <a href=''>agreed value auto insurance</a> is your best option. this type of policy is only offered by specialist auto insurance companies because we know it makes sense for classic car owners. rather than actual cash value, agreed value auto insurance will make sure you don’t have to negotiate the payout from your insurer when making a <a href=''>claim</a>.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what does stated value mean?</a><br /> <a href=''>is agreed value worth it?​</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>rex gray / wikipedia</a></p> <p>in post image credit: <a href=''>joe ross / flickr</a></p> All categories Tue, 1 May 2018 00:00:00 -0800 Classic Car Restoration vs. Restomod: The Great Debate <p><img alt='restomod vs. restore: the great debate' src='' /></p> <p>there's something about classic vehicles that draw people in like moths to a flame. no one can explain it. newer cars have better mpg, tend to run smoother, and have better technology amongst other advantages. why would anyone want a classic vehicle in the first place? they even cost more money to acquire and maintain!</p> <p>though your average joe may call this lunacy, nothing would please a classic car enthusiast more than to trade in their modern day vehicle for a classic beauty. plus, some classic vehicles have yet to be outdone by anything from this day and age.</p> <p>thus, if you run into a classic vehicle that you'd like to turn into a project you have a very important decision to make -- do you restomod or do you restore the vehicle?</p> <p>first, let's start with a definition:</p> <p><strong>restoration</strong> - refers to bringing back a classic car to its former glory by only using all (or mostly) original factory parts. the vehicle undergoes a complete makeover both externally and internally. when the restoration is complete, you should have a vehicle in pristine condition that looks just as good as it did when it was manufactured all of those years ago.</p> <p><strong>restomod</strong> - this is a process where you perform a restoration on a classic vehicle, but incorporating modern day technology to improve the performance. with most restomod projects, the outer appearance of the vehicle retains its classic appeal, but the inside is replaced with the latest technology to truly give you an improved ride.</p> <p>though both sides have valid points when it comes to choosing one over the other, the one deciding factor that usually tips the scale for most people is value. a restored classic vehicle with original parts will often fetch a higher price at auction. however, the process of restoration will also be far more expensive. hunting down parts that are no longer in production can be an expensive endeavor indeed.</p> <p>though a restomod project won't hold the same value as a restored classic vehicle, the improvement in performance may compensate for the deficit in value, at least for some people. restomod vehicles have the same appearance as an original classic, but with all of the modern conveniences provided by current technology.</p> <p>it all comes down to two factors -- your purpose and your budget.</p> <p>if you plan on using your classic vehicle as a daily driver and want something that is reliable and safe, a restomod project will be exactly what you're looking for.</p> <p> however, if your budget is large and you're looking for a showpiece car that will only be brought out on special occasions, a restoration may be the route you're looking for.     both projects hold merit. it comes down to what suits you best.</p> <h2>a deeper look at the debate - traditionalists vs. modernists</h2> <p>the debate goes deeper still. there are classic car purists or traditionalists out there that view modernizing a classic vehicle as a sacrilegious act. for the traditionalist/purist, restoration is the only proper action.</p> <p>from the flip side of the coin, those who favor restomods want to maintain the classic look of the vehicle while improving performance, safety, and comfort while driving. it may be a classic on the surface, but it's a completely different vehicle beneath the hood. restomodders favor function over form, as opposed to traditionalists who prefer form over function.  </p> <h2>picking a side</h2> <p>the problem is that it's not so easy to simply pick one side or the other. you might find yourself toeing the line because when you think about it, both sides have valid arguments. if the classic vehicle in question is extremely rare, then going the restoration route would be a good idea to preserve the history of the vehicle.</p> <p>but if you need a reliable vehicle to take your kids back and forth to school and get yourself to work every day, there's nothing wrong with going the restomod route and updating the safety features of your vehicle with modern day technology (i.e., brakes, safer seat belts, etc).</p> <h2>the challenges of restoring a classic vehicle</h2> <p>let's be honest with ourselves, especially if you're a traditionalist. it's hard to restore a true classic. not only does it come down to cost, but sometimes it's just downright difficult to find the parts in the first place. in many cases, you may end up settling with aftermarket parts anyway because the parts you're searching for may be out of production. plus, with the advent and popularity of bolt-on parts for classic vehicles, restomod projects may not seem so far-fetched after all.</p> <p>true restoration is a long, hard and expensive road. that's why many people find that going with a restomod is the better choice. parts become plentiful, cheaper and easier to come by. though, if you have a large budget, you can overcome all of these issues.</p> <h2>what do modifications do to value?</h2> <p>as we already know, a classic that stays true to form will fetch a higher price than a vehicle that has received the restomod treatment. however, restomod vehicles can also command a handsome price, especially if you find a buyer who is searching for a vehicle with specific modern day modifications in mind.</p> <p>be mindful that modifications done for the sake of changing the aesthetics of the vehicle, an expression of art, will likely drive down the price. however, upgrading the guts of your classic car will surely fetch you a handsome price from the right buyer.</p> <h2>the hardcore traditionalists</h2> <p>somewhat recently, truly hardcore purists/traditionalists have begun to adopt the european way of preserving classic vehicles. typically, the american definition of restoring a classic car is to make it look as new as possible while maintaining its original parts. this is done by applying fresh paint, a good waxing, etc. </p> <p>however, a new wave of traditionalists now believe that a classic vehicle should remain the way it is -- dents, rust and all. even when a part fails on the vehicle, that part must be repaired while maintaining its original look, no matter how many dents it has. it's clear these individuals wish to preserve <em>every</em> aspect of their classic vehicle's history.</p> <h2>there's only one conclusion</h2> <p>the only conclusion here is that both schools of thought -- restomod vs. restoration -- are valid in the right situation for the right person. it ultimately comes down to purpose and budget, but it also comes down to whether or not you care if your vehicle remains a true classic with 100% factory specs or if you don't mind throwing in modern day conveniences.</p> <p>there's no reason why you shouldn't modify your vehicle the way that you want it to look and run. but if you wish to preserve the tradition of your classic vehicle, then restoration is truly the way to go.</p> <p>let's agree that we all love working on classic vehicles. let those who want to restomod their vehicle mod to their heart's content, and let those who prefer restoration focus on preserving the tradition and history of their vehicle.  at the end of the day, both camps share a love for classic vehicles and that's all that matters.</p> <h2>modified vehicle insurance</h2> <p>if you’re the owner of a modified vehicle, you’ll be no stranger to rules and regulations. <a href=''>each state has specific requirements</a> on what modifications are allowed, and how these adaptations affect your vehicles registration class. the same caution and attention should go into picking out your <a href=''>modified vehicle insurance</a>. make sure you discuss with your agent exactly what modifications you’ve made to your vehicle to be sure it will be completely covered when you need it most.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>how much is insurance for a modified car?</a><br /> <a href=''>do you have to declare modifications on car insurance?​</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>catbadger</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Wed, 4 Apr 2018 00:00:00 -0800 16 of the Most Underrated & Underappreciated Classic Cars <p>throughout the decades, there have been a significant number of classic cars that have gone largely underappreciated. whether they were outshined by another historic car at the time, or if they simply weren’t perceived well by the market many classic vehicles have been given the proverbial cold shoulder by practically everyone the world over. here are 16 of the most underappreciated classic cars.</p> <h2>1) porsche 914/6</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='porsche 914/6' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>porsche has a long history that dates back to ww2. with so many successful lines out, it’s not a surprise that one would be lost along the way. of course, i speak of the porsche 914/6. with the 911s, caymans, panameras, and cayennes to deal with the porsche 914/6 were simply swallowed up. there’s not much to say about this vehicle. it’s safe to say that it’s underappreciated mainly because it’s compared to every other vehicle that porsche has put out since its inception. just think of the 914/6 as the forgotten middle child of the porsche brand. if you own a porsche 914/6 call (877)237-4730 for <a href=''>classic car insurance</a>.</p> <h2>2) sunbeam tiger</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='sunbeam tiger' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>the sunbeam tiger truly deserves more recognition. with its v8s (260ci in tiger mark i and 289ci in tiger mark ii) it had raw horsepower on its side. too bad carroll shelby didn’t reserve the rights to this classic automobile. instead, jensen motors took the reins and…well, the sunbeam wouldn’t be on this list if things had gone well for it, now would it? the sunbeam tiger ran from 1964  to 1967 and produced 7,083 units. keep in mind that the vast majority of these, 6,450 to be exact, was the mark i models. most collectors who own these antique vehicles have modified them in one way or another, thus finding one in its original condition can be quite expensive.</p> <h2>3) studebaker avanti</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='studebaker avanti' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>the studebaker avanti couldn't have been released at a worse time. when it was revealed to the world in 1962, people found that the avanti was a great grand tourer. as a plus, you could also get this historic vehicle with an optional factory supercharged v8 that could crank out 355 horsepower. however, hard times forced studebaker to close down the avanti factory in 1963, and they gave other automakers permission to produce the avanti on other platforms. sadly, these other platforms had much lower standards than studebaker. the lower quality avantis pretty much ruined the reputation of the studebaker avanti and the rest is history.</p> <h2>4) mercury cougar</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='mercury cougar' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>the mercury cougar had its time in the spotlight once upon a time. that time, sadly, is far behind it. having been around for nearly three decades, it’s safe to say that this old car is very much underappreciated. during the time that the mercury cougar was related to the mercury, you could throw all kinds of features into this bad boy such as equipping it with the cobra jet v8 or 289ci windsor v8. there was even a blacked out performance package available. that time is past and the mercury cougar is very much underappreciated in today’s classic car market.</p> <h2>5) ford centurion</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='ford centurion' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>in the beginning, ford broncos could never get the four-door thing down. at the time chevy's suburban dominated the four-door market, and it seemed like ford didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole. that all changed when the expedition succeeded the bronco. well, let’s not forget that the fourth and fifth generation bronco was able to offer a four-door package. enter the ford centurion, a vehicle produced by centurion vehicles who focused explicitly on manufacturing ford’s trucks. if you were to break the ford centurion down you would find an f-150 and f-350 chassis married to bronco panels. the result was the release of the c-150 and the c-350. these were terrific vehicles, but over time, with the release of the expedition, they just faded into black. it’s a pity because these were truly amazing vehicles.</p> <h2>6) thunderbird turbo coupe</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='thunderbird turbo coupe' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>with a name like the turbo coupe, you should instantly expect great things. after all, the turbo coupe was the best option you could get to match europe's sports coupe in the 1980s. the turbo coupe could hit 190 horsepower and sported a medley of features: sound brakes, special shorter gearing for better acceleration, and adjustable suspension. despite all of its fantastic features, the thunderbird turbo coupe only lasted about four years before disappearing from the hearts and minds of the people. even classic car collectors seem to pass up the turbo coupe. on the other hand the mustang svo, its sister car, still maintains a legendary status amongst mustang fans to this day.</p> <h2>7) ford maverick</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='ford maverick' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>from its inception, the ford maverick was doomed. it was first brought about as an experiment in 1970 and was a few years behind the introduction of pony muscle cars. this was the reason the ford maverick couldn't possibly compete, but ford still wanted to see what they could do with this antique car. equipped with base anemic engines and a low base price, the maverick wasn't entirely impressive though you could configure them differently if you so desired.  some models were equipped with 302ci v8 engines and could hit around 210hp. this was fine for a sedan of its type, but 1977 saw the end of its run. soon afterward, the ford maverick faded away from the hearts and minds of the people.</p> <h2>8) ferrari dino 308 gt4</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='ferrari dino 308 gt4' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>ferrari is known for its ultra-expensive supercars. nowadays, if you drive a ferrari that probably means you're rich. well, you may be surprised to learn that ferrari tried to market a more affordable vehicle for the general population using the dino badge. ferrari offered these vehicles from 1968 to 1976, releasing three models during that time. the last model was the ferrari dino 308 gt4. this collectible car sported a v8 engine and was able to hit 250 horsepower when you really put your foot down. it had a good run until 1976, where ferrari transferred the 308 away from dino and gave it the ferrari name. oddly enough, this is probably the reason this collectors car faded existence and is largely unappreciated.</p> <p>                       </p> <h2>9) studebaker lark</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='studebaker lark' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>if you don't recognize the studebaker lark, we can't blame you. the "big three" dominated the market at the time, so studebaker had a lot to compete with. despite the stiff competition, the lark held its own. this vehicle was manufactured between 1959 and 1966, when the company folded. this vehicle was offered in every type of body layout that was available at the time, and a large selection of powertrains. if one thing could be said about the lark, it was one of the most versatile american cars in the market at that time. too bad this vehicle faded into obscurity after the company folded.</p> <h2>10) pontiac 2+2</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='pontiac 2+2' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>this vehicle was initially offered as a trim package for catalina in 1964. however, the pontiac 2+2 was eventually marketed as its own vehicle and ran from 1965 to 1967. the pontiac 2+2 was european inspired and was offered as a convertible or as a hardtop coupe. the 2+2 was most certainly its own vehicle, differing from the catalina by offering different exterior panels, bucket seats, and a different center console. in 1964, the trim package came with either 389ci or 421ci v8 engines whereas the 2+2 only offered 421ci or 428ci rochester v8s that could hit 376 horsepower. during its run, the pontiac 2+2 was regarded as one of the finest classic cars at the time, but today you'll find that it's largely underappreciated.</p> <h2>11) chevrolet kingswood</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='chevrolet kingswood' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>station wagons were never quite as popular as sedans, especially in the united states. however, with its two short runs, the chevrolet kingswood could most certainly compete in the power department. this is especially true for the second generation that ran between 1969 and 1972, where kingswood sported 454ci v8 chevy big-blocks. in other words, these station wagons had some power. though largely forgotten and unappreciated for what it was, you couldn't say the chevrolet kingswood didn't have class. how could anyone not appreciate those wooden exterior panels?</p> <h2>12) datsun sports</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='datsun sports' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>we might think that the original fairlady was the first z car, but that simply isn't the case. that title belongs to datsun sports. datsun sports had a run that lasted from 1959 to 1970 and had five distinguishing brands for the consumer to choose from sports: 1,000, 1,200, 1,500, 1,600, and 2,000. these compact roadsters were stuffed with 4-cylinder engines. reliable, affordable, and very much fun to drive the datsun sports had a fantastic run. however, along came nissan with its z cars and suddenly the bar was raised exponentially. from that point onward datsun sports faded into the background. now, despite being good vehicles, they're underappreciated and mostly forgotten.</p> <h2>13) cadillac allante</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='cadillac allante' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>you could say that the cadillac allante was the spiritual predecessor to the corvette-based xlr. the market didn't exactly receive this vehicle well when it was first introduced due to its front-wheel drive and poor handling. however, pininfarina (the italian design house that designed scores of ferraris) built the body in italy and flew them out to detroit where it was fused with a decent chassis and v8, so you can't say that the allante had any design flaws. today, it's parentage seems to be somewhat unappreciated as bigger and better models pushed it into obscurity.</p> <h2>14) ford pinto </h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='ford pinto' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>how could anyone ever forget the unforgettable ford pinto? perhaps it may be fresh in some of our minds, but it's still underappreciated for a number of reasons. for one, it tended to catch on fire a lot. despite its other features, ford simply couldn't get rid of that stigma. despite its proneness to combust, the pinto provided an economical car that was perfect for the gas crisis that defined the seventies. it handled well and was a fun drive, especially if you got the manual version. unfortunately, there was no getting over that stigma, and the ford pinto remains unappreciated to this day.</p> <h2>15) kaiser darrin</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='kaiser darrin' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>it could be said that the kaiser darrin was the united state's direct challenge to the british that they could build better roadsters. this contemporary of the thunderbird and corvette didn't sell well, however, because it wasn't all that fast. still, what the kaiser darrin lacked in speed, it made up in style. it's mostly recognized for its unique doors (along with the bmw z) that slide into the front fender. sadly, the vehicle remains underappreciated to this day.</p> <h2>16) buick gnx</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='buick gnx' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>for the most part, every single vehicle bearing the buick grand national name that was built in the mid-1980s could be said to be a bit on the underrated side. these eighties muscle cars were turbocharged and capable of 245 horsepower. these were the "normal" specs, however. when it came to the gnx, your typical grand national was sent to michigan where it underwent some serious fine-tuning. everything was tweaked from the transmission to the turbo. the result was a badder more fierce muscle car then your run of the mill grand national. often referred to as "darth vader's car" due to its all black appearance and tough demeanor, somehow the buick gnx fell out of grace and was never truly appreciated as the beast that it truly was.</p> <h2>17) chevrolet corvair monza</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='chevrolet corvair monza' src='' /><br /> <strong>source:</strong> <a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <p>the corvair monza had a bit of bad reputation due to ralph nader's book, <em>unsafe at any speed</em>. nader argued that a lot of people ended up losing their lives because gm didn't give the monza's suspension the love that it truly needed to be driven safely. in actuality, it was discovered that the suspension of the corvair monza was essentially the same as contemporary mercedes and porsches. statistics even proved that the monza wasn't any more dangerous than any other vehicle on the road at that time. the corvair monza sported an advanced air-cooled flat-six engine that was mounted in the rear. you could think of the corvair monza as a porsche for the average man. however, it simply could not survive the controversy that surrounded it, and it ended up fading away into obscurity.</p> <h2>antique cars insurance</h2> <p>if you own an antique vehicle it’s important you take out dedicated <a href=''>antique cars insurance</a>. being out of production, it can be difficult to track down parts for antique vehicles, and repairs might require specialist knowledge. all of this means repair costs are higher than your average auto insurance. also bear in mind that not all older vehicles meet the conditions for antique cars insurance. there are <a href=''>a number of conditions</a> your vehicle must meet to be covered with specific insurance suited to the requirements of an antique.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>who is the best classic car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how much does insurance cost on a classic car?</a></p> All categories Mon, 4 Dec 2017 00:00:00 -0800 The 14 Most Expensive Cars Ever Sold at Auctions <h2>top 14 most expensive cars sold at auctions</h2> <p>there’s nothing quite like the world of high-stakes car auctions. with money changing hands by the millions and classic cars, hot rods, and classic trucks finding new owners, the atmosphere can get pretty exciting. leland-west, a leading <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> company in california has done the research and has found some of the most expensive vintage cars to be ever sold at an auction. if you’re ready to have your mind blown by these extremely high numbers, continue reading.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1962 ferrari 250 gto' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>1) 1962 ferrari 250 gto - $38,115,000</h2> <p>the ferrari 250 gto is a highly coveted classic automobile. the 250 is so rare that ferrari only made 39 units. with scarcity and rarity on its side, the 1962 ferrari 250 gto was sold at the quail lodge in monterey, california for a staggering $38,115,000. 250 gtos rarely make their way through the auction circuits, so it’s not hard to imagine why an individual would pay so much money to own one. if you think $38,115,000 is a lot of money, you’re going to be very surprised by the original estimation of this vehicle. here’s a hint: it was $50,000,000.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1954 mercedes-benz w196' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>2) 1954 mercedes-benz w196 - $29,607,760</h2> <p>once upon a time, the mercedes-benz w196 held the title for being the most expensive collector vehicle sold at an auction, having changed hands for $29,607,760. that was a full year before the aforementioned 250 gto took that coveted title. the w196 was listed at the bonhams goodwood festival of speed sale in july 2013. the formula 1 single-seater had quite the history; having won races with the ever famous f1 driver juan manuel fangio at the wheel. furthermore, the w196 sported a fuel-injected 2.5-liter inline-eight engine. when it was sold, the w196 set thee records simultaneously: it was the most expensive mercedes-benz, it was the most costly formula 1 car, and it was the most expensive car to be ever sold at an auction.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1967 ferrari 275 gts/4 n.a.r.t. spider' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>3) 1967 ferrari 275 gts/4 n.a.r.t. spider - $27,5000,000</h2> <p>can you believe that this collector car was originally listed at presale for a mere $14 - $17 million? clearly, the bidding grew hot and fierce because that initial estimate practically doubled when it was all said and done and the 275 sold for a staggering $27,500,000. the price point was so surprising that auction expert dave kinney stated that it was “one of the most memorable auction sales ever”. the ferrari 275 gts is only one of 10 drop top versions that were ever built by coachbuilder scaglietti. what made this vehicle even more special was the fact that it had never left the ownership of its original owner, eddie smith of north carolina. it was only six years after his death that his family finally decided to sell the vehicle and donate all proceeds to charity.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1964 ferrari gtb/c speciale ' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''> wikimedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>4) 1964 ferrari gtb/c speciale – $26,400,000</h2> <p>the gto might have overshadowed by the sale of the 250 gto, but the 275 gtc/c speciale pulled in quite the pile of cash itself. this vehicle is the road going version of the 275 race car that placed third overall at the 1965 24 hours le mans. that’s quite the pedigree, and it’s also one of only three gtb/c speciale berlinetta competitonze cars produced that met homologation regulations. the 275 gtb is powered by a 3.3-liter v-12 engine with 320 hp through a five-speed manual gearbox. when this vehicle was sold at auction, it was in perfect condition. on top of the fact that it’s so rare, it’s no wonder that the ferrari 275 gtb sold for so much!</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1954 ferrari 375-plus spider competizione' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>5) 1954 ferrari 375-plus spider competizione - $18,400,177</h2> <p>the ferrari 375 is a factory-backed car built for the race track. its powerful 4.9-liter v-8 engine made it a force to be reckoned with on italian raceways. eventually, it was sold to an american who used the 375-plus for scca club racing for several years before the vehicle eventually fell into disrepair. sometime later, the vehicle was sent to italy to be fully restored, and the body and the original engine were reunited once again (no one knows why the two were separated in the first place). before its fall from grace, the ferrari 375 was a fearsome beast on the raceway. with nicknames such as “the fearsome four-nine” from british teams and “le monstre” from the french, it was clear that the 375 had created quite a name for itself on the raceways. it’s no wonder that this vehicle sold for so much money, despite having gone through such extensive restoration.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1957 ferrari 250 testa rossa' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikimedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>6) 1957 ferrari 250 testa rossa - $16,390,000</h2> <p>for those who truly understand the value of this vehicle, $16.39 million may seem like the bargain of a lifetime. considering the fact that this was the first ferrari 250 testarossa that was ever built, the price really does seem on the lower end. before the 250 testa rossa ever made it to north america, it was put through its paces as a scuderia ferria team car that competed at le mans. what this antique car has in spades is a rich past. it has a 3.0-liter, frenzied styling, 300-hp v-12 engine, four-speed manual transmission, and six weber carburetors. there aren’t many vehicles that have such impressive specs.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1964 ferrari 250 lm' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>7) 1964 ferrari 250 lm - $14,300,000</h2> <p>though the price continues to fall in terms of value on this list, there’s still nothing quite like the ferrari 250 lm. it was ferrari’s first mid-engine car and was extremely well maintained. features include a coachbuilt body by scaglietti and packs a 320-hp ferrari v-12 engine under the hood. the 250 lm was owned by steven earle of santa barbara, who used this race car as a daily driver in california. for a racecar, you could say it was lightly used. earle first ordered the car back in 1964 and only racked up a few thousand miles on the vehicle before selling it off a few years later. he never raced the vehicle. some years later, the 250 lm was put through its paces through various racetracks that included daytona and sebring. in 1968, it even placed first in its class at the 24 hours of daytona. when it was sold in 2013 for $14,3000,000, it was the vehicle’s first appearance in public for three decades.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1953 ferrari 340/375 mm berlinetta competizione' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>8) 1953 ferrari 340/375 mm berlinetta competizione - $12,812,800</h2> <p>this particular 340/375 mm berlinetta was one of three 375 mm cars to race in the 1953 le mans 24 hour race. later on, the vehicle was modified for improved performance. the engine was one of the first to be modified, receiving an increase to 4.5 liters. this increase brought the 340/375 spec’s up to match the same capacity as the v-12 engine found in the ferrari 375 formula car. changes to the front and rear also helped to improve the 340/375’s performance, specifically its downforce and visibility. this old car has had quite the racing history, having been driven by three well known and respected champions before ending being imported to the u.s. in 1954. over the years, the vehicle underwent many restorations, returning it to its original state when it first rolled off the line in 1953. hopefully the owner had classic car insurance (coverage) to offset the costs of all of that restoration work. this vehicle went for a stunning $12,812,800 on the auction room floor at villa erba in may 2013.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1936 mercedes-benz 540k special roadster' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>9) 1936 mercedes-benz 540k special roadster - $11,770,000</h2> <p>the mercedes-benz 540k special roadster has a war strewn history, having survived the horrors of ww2 in germany. at some point, the 540k speical roadster was transported to the u.s. and seemed to vanish from existence. eventually, it was found hidden in a barn located in connecticut in 1992 and restored back to its former glory. boasting a 180-hp, 5.4-liter inline-eight engine with a supercharger as well as a four-speed manual gearbox, this vehicle was a force to be reckoned with. the backstory of this vehicle, along with its specs and mere presence, prompted one buyer to part with $11.77 million at the pebble beach auction in 2012 to take it home. it was quite the historic purchase indeed.</p> <p>thus far, we’ve talked about vehicles that have actually been sold at auction. however, there are a few vehicles out there that have yet to be sold to car collecting enthusiasts with a fat pocket book, but have ridiculously high auction estimations.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1956 aston martin dbr1 ' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikimedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>10) 1956 aston martin dbr1 – estimated price: $20,000,000 or more</h2> <p>one of the first vehicles on the chopping block, so to speak, is the 1956 aston martin dbr1. this is one of five aston martin dbr1’s that has ever been built; needless to say, the value of this vehicle is immense. in 1959, the dbr1 won the le mans title and had a racing history that’s quite impressive. this vehicle has in fact been driven by carroll shelby and stirling moss. the dbr1 is the first vehicle ever to be offered at a public auction. it’s estimated that the dbr1 could easily skyrocket to one of the five most expensive cars ever sold at an auction.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1995 mclaren f1' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>11) 1995 mclaren f1- estimated price: $10,000,000 – $14,500,000</h2> <p>when it comes to supercars, it doesn’t get better than the mclaren f1. it’s considered the original supercar, and possibly the best out there. you can think of the mclaren f1as formula one road cars. it’s almost scary if you let yourself think about it too long. between 1994 and 1998, only 106 have been built, and they retailed at $1,000,000 a pop.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1970 porsche 917k' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikimedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>12) 1970 porsche 917k – estimated price: $12,000,000 - $16,000,000</h2> <p>anything that steve mcqueen has touched that’s even remotely car related has practically turned to gold. basically, everything that the actor/racer has driven in, owned, starred in, or stared at suddenly saw an increase in its value because of the “mcqueen premium”. it seems that gooding & co. have unearthed one of mcqueen’s ultimate trophies – the 1970 porsche 917k that was used in mcqueen’s racing movie “le mans”. despite the fact that the legend himself didn't drive the vehicle in the movie, it still appeared on screen. if the selling price matches the estimate, the 917k will become the most expensive porsche ever sold. </p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1966 ferrari 275 gtb/c' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikimedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>13) 1966 ferrari 275 gtb/c – estimated price: $12,000,000 - $16,000,000</h2> <p>a recurring theme on this list is rarity and scarcity. it’s one of the primary reasons that vehicles can sell for millions. the ferrari 275 gtb/c is no exception to this rule. there were only 12 built in the world, thus owning one would make instantly make you a member of a very exclusive club. this specific vehicle participated in more than 20 races, winning in its class many times over and giving it an impressive pedigree. the 275 gtb/c is highly coveted.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='1963 jaguar e-type lightweight' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>wikipedia</a></div> <div class='image-left'> </div> <h2>14) 1963 jaguar e-type lightweight – estimated price: $4,000,000 - $7,000,000</h2> <p>after going through this entire list, it seems that $4,000,000 is practically nothing, but that’s still an impressive number, especially for the jaguar e-type lightweight. many view this car as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever built. over the years, this model has undergone many improvements, becoming well-known for its aerodynamic tail, amped up engine and suspension, and aluminum bodywork. in total, only 12 of these machines were ever made, and this is the 10th in the lineup.</p> <p>ensuring proper insurance coverage is paramount when owning or investing in such highly valuable and rare vehicles. <a href=''><strong>collectible car insurance</strong></a> provides specialized protection tailored specifically for these unique automobiles. at, you can find comprehensive collectible car insurance options to safeguard your prized investment. protecting your collectible car with the right insurance coverage offers peace of mind and preserves the legacy of these remarkable automotive treasures.</p> All categories Tue, 14 Nov 2017 00:00:00 -0800 Is Your Classic Car Damaged? <div style='text-align: center;font-size: 11px;max-width: 100%;'><img alt='is your classic car damaged?' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></div> <p>nothing’s worse than damaging a classic car. not only will you have to track down the parts, but things are likely going to get expensive. if you’re attempting to do a complete car restoration, there are many places to find parts for a collector vehicle if you know where to look. check out 9 of the best places to help you fixed your <a href=''>damaged classic car</a>!</p> <h2>swap meets</h2> <p>swap meets are an excellent place to hunt down parts for your vintage car. sellers pay for floor space so that buyers can browse their wares. some of the bigger swap meets easily house hundreds of tents so don’t be surprised if you’re a bit overwhelmed at first. if you’re relatively new to the world of classic car restoration, a swap meet should be one of the first places that you visit. even if you’re unable to find the part that you need, you’ll be able to chat with hundreds of sellers and possibly thousands of car enthusiasts who should be able to point you in the right direction.</p> <h2>brick and mortar stores</h2> <p>yes, there are still locations in this country where you can drive to a storefront, purchase a part and be on your way. the primary advantage of visiting a brick and mortar store is that you’ll be able to pick the brains of paid experts. even if the part isn’t in stock, the staff should be able to help you track down the part you need. also, it’s common courtesy to purchase from the expert who helped you track down the part that you were searching for. it’s simply not fair to pick the brains of an expert and purchase the part somewhere else on your own.</p> <h2>online forums</h2> <p>you can’t forget about the power of the internet. there is always someone else that has searched for the same part you’re looking for and it’s best to learn from those who have dealt with similar struggles to your own. the beauty of online forums is that they tend to be hyper-specific. the best way to find these forums is to do a google search on the make and model of your vehicle with the word “forum” appended to the end. hopefully, you’ll find a lively thread and obtain the information you need to track down the parts that you‘re seeking.</p> <h2>knock-off manufacturers</h2> <p>let’s say you can’t find the part that you need from an authentic manufacturer. the dilemma that you now face is whether or not you should purchase a knock-off part. what you should consider before going down this route is how authentic do you want your vehicle to be? which part will you be replacing? what is the quality of the knockoff? even if you’re able to find the part that you need from an authentic manufacturer, buying a knock-off part may save you a bit of money. furthermore, are you simply looking for a part for aesthetical purposes, or do you use your vehicle as a daily driver and just need it to run?  keep all of these things in mind when dealing with knock-off manufacturers</p> <h2>classic car magazines</h2> <p>if you’re looking for ideas, picking up a copy of “antique car times” just might be the solution that you need. classic car magazines tend to be chalk full of “how to” advice from experts and there are sure to be ads from businesses that specialize in servicing collector classic cars and classic car parts.</p> <div style='text-align: center;font-size: 11px;max-width: 100%;'><img alt='classic car magazines' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></div> <h2>wrecking services and auto body shops</h2> <p>thousands of vehicles are totaled on highways every year. where do you think the husks of these vehicles are sent? the answer is junkyards, but they’re often sent through a wrecking service or auto body shop first. don’t be surprised if the wrecking service hangs on to a few valuable pieces that may come through their shop. there is a broad range of wrecking services out there. it can simply be an individual in a truck who stocks their garage with the best parts or it can be a 100-acre junkyard with fleets of trucks at their command.</p> <h2>clubs and organizations</h2> <p>the truth is that no one cares about your vehicle as much as you dounless you join a club or organization full of car collecting fanatics like yourself. there’s nothing like associating with other individuals who enjoy the same things that you do. connecting with clubs and organizations are great ways to obtain general information on what type of <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> to get and where to find original replacement parts. don’t be surprised if you’re pointed in the right direction after a single visit!    </p> <h2>online dealers</h2> <p>as stated before, the internet will be your greatest resource when it comes to tracking down parts for your classic car. a quick search will turn up hundreds if not thousands of dealers with searchable databases of antique car parts. many databases will allow you to search by make, model and year. it most certainly doesn’t get more specific than that and in most cases, you can have it shipped to you in just a  few days if you’re willing to pay the extra shipping fees.</p> <div style='text-align: center;font-size: 11px;max-width: 100%;'><img alt='online dealers' src='' /><br /> <strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></div> <h2>online auctions</h2> <p>you can also save plenty of time by visiting ebay’s online website. ebay has practically anything and everything that you can imagine. since online dealers commonly compete with wrecking yards and private sellers, there’s a good chance you’ll find an excellent deal on parts for your classic car during one of many online auctions. just remember to read the reviews on the seller that you’re purchasing the part from to ensure that person is trustworthy.</p> <p>at the end of the day,it doesn’t matter if you’re a classic auto collector or simply researching parts for a long as you conduct the proper research with any of these 9 outlets, you’ll be sure to quickly find the parts you need to repair your damaged classic car.</p> All categories Mon, 9 Oct 2017 00:00:00 -0800 8 Simple Yet Effective Tips for Selling a Classic Car <p><img alt='how to sell a classic car' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>selling a classic car can be considered an art form. it takes planning and effort that involves research and patience. if you’re looking to sell your car at market value, then finding a buyer can may take a lot of time. just remember this - for every car, there is a buyer. you simply have to tailor your sales pitch to draw in the right kind of buyer. with that being said, here are a few tips to help you sell your classic car.</p> <h2>prepare your car for the market</h2> <p><img alt='prepare your car for the market' src='' /><br /> image source: pexels</p> <p>if you’re trying to sell your car at market value, ensure that your vehicle is presented in peak condition. your car should be in good mechanical order, cleaned thoroughly, and placed in a highly visible location. is it required to do these things? of course not, but an excellent presentation goes a long way, and a working vehicle will net you far more on the market than an inoperative scrap heap. make it as easy as possible for the buyer to say yes.</p> <p>the better the overall condition of the vehicle, the more obvious little defects will become. little nicks and scratches may appear to be inconsequential to you, but a serious collector will comb over every inch of the vehicle in search of imperfections. don't give a potential buyer a reason to talk you down on your asking price.</p> <p>after making the car as presentable as humanly possible, it’s time to take some pictures for advertisements. ads can be used to attract auctions and private buyers alike. only take high-quality photos. nothing can kill a potential deal quicker than a grainy photo (no matter how pristine your vehicle is). also, have the documentation for your vehicle gathered in one place. that way if a buyer drives up and makes an offer out of the blue you can quickly complete the transaction.</p> <h2>setting the price</h2> <p><img alt='setting the price' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>when ascertaining the value of any car, look at what similar models are worth. also, consider these other factors:</p> <ul> <li>the need to sell: how quickly do you need to sell your vehicle?</li> <li>the overall market:is there a market for your car? are there people willing to purchase your vehicle?</li> <li>the popularity of your vehicle:is your car a must have or is it average?</li> <li>current market value:what is the market value as of this moment?</li> <li>condition:what state is the car in?</li> </ul> <p>there are two ways you can approach setting up your pricing. if you’re in a rush and know that your vehicle isn’t exactly the rarest and most collectible find, be prepared to price your car close to the market price though it's likely you’ll have to take less than market value to make a deal happen. if your vehicle is a hot seller, you can expect to make profits 10% to 20% above the market price.</p> <p>pricing your car effectively requires research and common sense. you can check price guides and auction results for similar vehicles. if it comes down to it and you have no clue what your car is worth, hire a professional appraiser. an appraiser will be able to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have.</p> <h2>prepare and execute your marketing plan</h2> <p>there are multiple ways in which you can sell your car. each plan varies, and they carry advantages and disadvantages in equal measure. moreover, there are four crucial steps you need to take into consideration when preparing to market your vehicle:</p> <ul> <li><strong>how do you plan on selling your car?</strong></li> </ul> <p>dealer or broker, online and print advertising, word of mouth, car show or car corral.</p> <ul> <li><strong>how do you plan on marketing your vehicle?</strong></li> </ul> <p>where will you advertise? which auction, broker, dealer, website, or car show will you visit?</p> <ul> <li><strong>preparing the appropriate materials</strong></li> </ul> <p>creating signs, writing ads, and creating online descriptions.</p> <ul> <li><strong>execute</strong></li> </ul> <p>place your ads, submit online listings, and sign auction or dealer consignment forms.</p> <h2>dealer vs. broker </h2> <p>cosigning your car to a dealer or broker is simple. just choose the dealer or broker of your choice and grant them an exclusive or non-exclusive right to sell your vehicle. cost understandably varies, but you can typically negotiate. before working with anyone, you should understand the differences between dealers and brokers. a dealer typically has a licensed establishment with a location or showroom that’s open for public traffic. brokers can be viewed more as free agents. they may or may not have a showroom, but often make connections between buyers and sellers. you can think of them as middlemen.</p> <h2>advertising</h2> <p>typically most people who try to sell their vehicles turn to classified advertising. classified ads come in two categories – online and print. both methods have proven track records for effectiveness. in today’s highly modernized world, however, online advertising is almost always the better route. whatever method you choose, be mindful that it isn’t the job of your ad to sell your vehicle. your ad is only there to pique the interest of your potential lead. it’s <em>your</em> job to convince an interested party to buy your car over the phone or in person. use your ads to draw interest, and you do the rest.</p> <h2>auctions</h2> <p><img alt='auctions' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href=''>pexels</a></p> <p>auctions, just like advertising, have been split between live and online events. online auctions are fairly new. the beauty of holding an auction online is that you can reach a much wider audience of potential buyers. on the other hand, live auctions can be a much more daunting undertaking. not only do you have to hunt down a good auction company, but you also have to find the right type of auction to attend. research will be required to find the proper type of auction for your vehicle. some auctions specialize in <a href=''>muscle cars</a>, others in luxury vehicles, etc. for the purposes of this article, you’ll want to find an auction that specializes in classic cars.</p> <h2>word of mouth</h2> <p><img alt='word of mouth' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href=''>pexels</a></p> <p>word of mouth can be a compelling form of advertising. relatively speaking, the car community is pretty small. small enough that when something hot pops onto the market, they begin to talk to one another about it. with that thought in mind, you should tell your friends and possibly other car enthusiasts (if you know any) that your vehicle is for sale. even if your friends aren't interested in buying the car personally, it's likely that they will tell a friend or two. it’s not entirely uncommon for a car to sell from word of mouth when it reaches the right people.</p> <h2>car shows and car corrals</h2> <p><img alt='car shows and car corrals' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href=''>pexels</a></p> <p>one way of showing off a car for sale is to take it to a car show or car corral. in most cases car shows don’t allow vehicles for sale onto the show field, so your best option is to rent a space at a car corral and throw up a “for sale” sign. what makes this action particularly effective is that it allows you to position yourself in front of dozens of potential buyers. it stands to reason that most of the attendees are there due to their love of cars (specifically classic cars in this case), so the likelihood of you finding a potential buyer exponentially increases just by your showing up to the event.</p> <h2>closing the sale and getting paid</h2> <p>it doesn’t necessarily take a trained salesperson to close a deal. simply have a conversation with the buyer, and in most cases, the car will sell itself (if you’ve cleaned it up and let the prospect take it for a test drive). the tricky part is agreeing upon a price point that you’re both comfortable with. that may take a bit of savvy on your part to agree upon a price that will make both you and the buyer happy. after the sale has been completed, you'll want to ensure that you receive your money and that the rest of the transaction goes smoothly.</p> <h2>a word of warning</h2> <p>for the most part, car collectors and hobbyists are honest people. they simply wish to indulge in their love of cars at a fair and reasonable price. however, you should always be wary of shady people when you’re negotiating a sale. some sellers have been cheated with bad checks, tricked through fraud, and robbed at gun point for both the car and title. when selling your classic car, always make sure every inch of the process checks out so you won’t be an unsuspecting victim.</p> <h2>final thoughts</h2> <p>once you’ve been paid you can shake hands and conclude your business.  as you watch your car drive away, you can be confident in your successful transaction. you can now take the money and invest in another classic car to repeat the process all over again! only this time, you’ll be far more knowledgeable and experienced.</p> <h2>classic car insurance brokers</h2> <p>getting your vehicle insured can be a hassle, especially with classic cars. there are so many classic car insurance brokers online with confusing policies and restrictive fine print. with leland west, you won’t have that problem. we pride ourselves on being <a href=''>classic car insurance brokers</a> of the highest standard and are always happy to talk through our policies with you.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>who has the best classic car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?</a></p> All categories Wed, 9 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0800 11 Most Expensive Car Insurance Claims Ever <div class='wrapper'> <div class='image-center'><img alt='11 most expensive car insurance claims' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>there aren’t many things in this world that can give you the same feeling as sitting behind the wheel of a sports car built for maximum speed. the problem with aspiring to own a supercar, or any luxury vehicle for that matter, is that the moment something catastrophic happens to your car – whether that be an automobile accident, storm, or vandalism – things quicklybecome very expensive. try telling your insurance agent that you totaled your 1936 type 57sc bugatti atlantic ferrari and don’t be surprised if you’re met with shock and silence. unfortunately, many people have dealt with catastrophic expenses due to unforeseen circumstances involving their vehicle. here are 11 of the most expensive car insurance claims.</p> <h2>1) totaled ferrari 250 gto</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='totaled ferrari 250 gto' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>'most expensive car crash' ferrari 250 gto restored by ferrari classiche</a></p> <p>during a race in 2012, the owner of a ferrari 250 gto lost control of his car and careened into another vehicle, causing extensive damage in the process. it’s said that the accident wasn’t the fault of the driver of the ferrari, but that doesn’t change the fact that the supercar is valued at over $35,000,000.</p> <h2>2) crime doesn’t pay</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='crime doesn’t pay' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>ferarri enzo crash in malibu</a></p> <p>stefan eriksson is known for his criminal exploits as head of a swedish organized crime group. eriksson leased several vehicles from a london based company and had them shipped illegally to the united states. one of the illegally exported vehicles was a ferrari enzo. eriksson couldn’t help but take the supercar out for a drive on an american highway and ended up wrecking the vehicle at 160 mph. ultimately, the enzo was worth $1.4 million.</p> <h2>3) taking a dip</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='taking a dip' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>deliberately crashing a veyron into a lake</a></p> <p>in 2009, andy lee house demonstrated how smart he was when he bought a bugatti veyron for $1 million, but somehow put a $2.2 million insurance policy on the vehicle. everything was perfectly legal until andy decided to take his veyron for a spin…and a dip. deciding that he wanted to cash in on his split insurance policy, andy drove his veyron directly into a lake. it was a well thought out plan, but unfortunately for andy, a camera recorded the entire incident. he was convicted of insurance fraud and is now serving time.</p> <h2>4) lamborghini aventador</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='lamborghini aventador' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>it should warm a father’s heart to let his son test drive his ultra-expensive sports car.  that’s exactly what one father did when he handed his son the keys to his lamborghini aventador. sadly, the day almost turned tragic when the son was involved in an accident with a wrong-way driver. though the son wasn’t at fault, the repairs ran to the tune of $312,000.</p> <h2>5) ferrari 458 italia</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='ferrari 458 italia' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>car crash: afrojack crashes ferrari after delivery</a></p> <p>you may know of the world famous dj afrojack. he’s one of the most well-known djs of all time, but did you know that just minutes after purchasing his beautiful brand new ferrari 458 italia, he crashed his car causing massive damage? the msrp for the vehicle was $240,000. it’s estimated that the insurance claim was roughly around the same.</p> <h2>6) paganizonda</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='paganizonda' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>the paganizonda supercar is a very rare vehicle and thus, it’s always a sad day when one of these rare beauties is involved in an accident. the paganizonda in question met a terrible fate when its driver crashed into a wall, completely totaling the vehicle. both the driver and the car survived the incident – the driver being sent to the hospital, the supercar being shipped to italy for repairs. ultimately, the insurance claim was a total of $456,000.</p> <h2>7) mclaren f1</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='mclaren f1' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>mr. bean and his mclaren</a></p> <p>rowan atkinson, or mr. bean as he’s more commonly known, is an avid collector of rare and exotic automobiles. it wasn’t uncommon to see atkinson take his prized mclaren f1 onto the track and do a couple of laps. things took a turn towards the expensive side when atkinson crashed his vehicle and was sent to the hospital as a result. though mr. bean eventually recovered from his injuries, we can assume that the insurance payout was heftysince he sold the vehicle for $12 million after the accident.</p> <h2>8) vehicular monaco rampage</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='vehicular monaco rampage' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>a perfectly normal day in sunny monaco quickly turned sour for many motorists when the driver of a bentley azure went on a rampage that would prove quite costly indeed. her first victim was a mercedes s-class. she only bumped into the mercedes which wouldn’t have been so bad if that had been her only offense of the day.  next, she damaged an aston martin rapide. other victims to be added to her list before the day's end were a porsche 911 and a ferrari 430. whether she intentionally caused the accidents or not was never revealed, but the damage she caused was estimated to be around $1,000,000.</p> <h2>9) japanese ferrari massacre</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='japanese ferrari massacre' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>8 ferraris, 3 mercedes, a lamborghini, a skyline and a toyota prius</a></p> <p>in japan, there is an annual gathering of ferrari owners who congregate and enjoy the sights and sounds of the many supercars in attendance. what happened at one of these gatherings would make any ferrari enthusiast cringe. while traveling to the fateful gathering one year, eight separate ferraris, as well as a mixture of other exotic vehicles, were involved in a huge accident that totaled many of the vehicles involved. from the massive amounts of wreckage and damage found at the crash site, one could only assume they were traveling at extremely high rates of speed. the total amount of damage wrought was in the $2 million range. thankfully, all participants survived the accident.</p> <h2>10) mercedes-benz sl300 gullwing</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='mercedes-benz sl300 gullwing' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p>the sl300 gullwing looks like it was driven right off a james bond movie set with its classic lines and unique aerodynamic shape. in other words, it’s a beautiful car that would make any exotic car collector happy to add it to their collection. sadly, the owner of an sl300 gullwing was cut off by another driver and crashed as a result. there aren’t many details about the accident itself, but the end results were costly: between $1 million to $4 million in damages.</p> <strong>11) paganizonda s</strong> <div class='image-center'><img alt='paganizonda s' src='' /></div> <p><strong>image source: </strong><a href=''>pixabay</a></p> <p><a href=''>bodyguard crashes his boss' sports car</a></p> <p>it seems that the few pagani’s out there are being driven by reckless daredevils with an affinity for driving way too fast. this is especially the case for andy danso, the bodyguard of a well-known chinese businessman. danso was allowed to test drive a paganizonda s, an expensive car by anyone’s standards. as danso drove the vehicle, he pushed the car to such great speeds that he lost control and crashed into a fence somewhere in north london. the paganizonda s that mr. danso crashed was estimated to cost about $1 million.</p> <p>if there’s any lesson to be learned from the unfortunate souls on this list, it's to find good car insurance that will cover any damages that you might incur while driving. you never know what may happen while out on the road.</p> <h2>luxury car insurance</h2> <p>if you’ve spent time and money researching and buying a luxury car, why would you settle for regular car insurance? we understand that luxury cars require dedicated and unique coverage, which is why we offer <a href=''>luxury car insurance.</a> rest safely in the knowledge that your investment is covered from accidental damage <a href=''>or theft</a>, under a policy that understands the value of your luxury car.</p> </div> All categories Tue, 8 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0800 9 Most Underrated Classic Cars from the 1960's <p>the 1960’s were a turbulent time, as the united states and the cars of this generation underwent dramatic changes. the 60’s gave us great cars like the mini cooper, the aston martin db5, and the ferrari 250 gto. however, there are many unsung heroes from this period that are completely underrated. here are of the most underrated classic cars from the 1960’s.</p> <h2>1) sunbeam tiger</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='sunbeam tiger' src='' style='width:800px' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>the sunbeam tiger might’ve had a different fate if carroll shelby been able to reserve the rights for this roadster. the sunbeam had a powerful engine with the 260ci in the tiger mark i and 289ci in the tiger mark ii. it was jensen motors who ultimately acquired the contract to manufacture the sunbeam tiger. this vehicle was all about performance. it was manufactured between 1964 and 1967. 7,083 units were manufactured with 6,460 being the mark i models. today, most surviving sunbeam tigers have been modified in one way or another, so good luck in finding an original model at a reasonable price. ultimately, the sunbeam wasn’t quite as appreciated as other cars during that time and that’s why it has been largely forgotten.</p> <h2>2) porsche 914/6</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='porsche 914/6' src='' style='width:800px' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>it’s not surprising that out of all of the dozens of porsches out there, there was at least one that’s considered to be largely underrated. this is sadly where the porsche 914/6 falls. with all of the caymans, 911s, 918s, boxters, panameras, and cayennes to compete with, the 914 wasn’t quite remarkable enough to be as memorable as its cousins. the 914 housed an engine that gave it about 100 horsepower (which may be the reason why it’s seriously underrated). compared to the bar that porsche has set today, 100 hp is nothing. the porsche enjoyed its run from the late sixties to the mid-seventies before slowly fading away as time progressed.</p> <h2>3) ferrari dino 308 gt4</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='ferrari dino 308 gt4' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>ferrari’s are known for their astronomical price tags. there was a point in the late sixties through the mid to late seventies that ferrari realized that if they wanted to reach a larger demographic of people they needed to make a more affordable car. enter the ferrari dino gt4. during the dino’s run, three models were released to the public, the last of which was the 308. the ferrari dino 308 gt4 was a 2+2 seater and the first of its kind to generate 250 horsepower with a v8 engine. for one reason or another, this vehicle has become largely forgotten. it’s believed that it was the release of the ferrari 308 gtb/gts with its two seats and new and more modern look that overshadowed the dino.</p> <h2>4) pontiac 2+2</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='pontiac 2+2' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>the pontiac 2+2 was initially a trim package for the catalina in 1964. this european-inspired classic was available both in convertible and two door hardtop coupe forms. unlike the catalina, the 2+2 offered bucket seats, unique exterior panels, and a different center console. the trim option came with the option of either a 389ci v8 engine or a 421ci v8. the independent 2+2 on the other hand only offered 421ci or 428ci rochester v8 engines that were capable of pumping out 376 horsepower. still, the pontiac 2+2 was considered to be one of the finest classic cars during its very short run.</p> <h2>5) ford falcon sprint</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='ford falcon sprint' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>it could be said that fate has been cruel to the ford falcon sprint. not to be outdone by ford, mustang began rewriting the sales record books with the release of a new muscle car. from that point, the falcon began to fade away into the mist slowly. nevertheless, the falcon didn’t go down without a fight. not only did the falcon sprint offer heavy duty springs and a powerful v8 engine, but it was also quite affordable. sadly, these features weren’t enough to cause a significant buying frenzy. in fact, so few people bought the ford falcon spring that by 1970 (the falcon was first launched in 1964), it had completely disappeared from american markets. no longer welcome in the united states, the ford falcon sprint went on to become an exclusively australian car. the ford falcon sprint won’t be completely forgotten, though. if you’re a fan of the mad max franchise, you might just spot the falcon sprint on the big screen.</p> <h2>6) ford mustang mach 1 428 cobra jet</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='ford mustang mach 1 428 cobra jet' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>ford has once again made it onto this list with the mach 1428 cobra jet which ran from 1969 to 1970. in this case, the ford brand is what brought this vehicle down. going up against the likes of shelby, ford simply couldn’t compete despite the fact that it has the same performance, engine, and aesthetical style as the shelby gt 500. simply put, collectors were typically more enamored with the shelby brand and tended to gravitate in that direction as a result. today, the mach 1 is worth up to $100,000. that’s a pretty penny, but the shelby gt 500 is twice as expensive and still garners twice as much attention.</p> <h2>7) pontiac gto</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='pontiac gto' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>the demise of pontiac hasn’t decreased the value of the classics that it produced in the past. this powerful gt, as well as others like it, are known as the defining force behind the muscle-car era. the gto could pump out an astounding 360 horsepower with its massive big-block engine. if you wanted a big powerful vehicle from 1964 to 1970, you didn’t need to look any further than the gto. also, this vehicle sported a floor-mounted four-speed manual transmission. the pontiac gto has never truly received recognition like the other muscle cars from the same era.</p> <h2>8) triumph tr6</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='triumph tr6' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>the triumph tr is an amazing little british sports car that reigned from 1969 to 1973. the sports car had a personality all its own. it was spirited, powerful and downright stylish. the tr6 is powered by a 150 horsepower 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine that had major torque. the triumph tr6 considered a great collector’s car because it not only looks fantastic, but it's easy to maintain. also, it doesn’t hurt that parts are readily available. it won’t cost you too much to maintain this beauty. despite this, the triumph tr6 isn’t quite as popular as it rightfully should be.</p> <h2>9) cadillac eldorado</h2> <div class='image-center'><img alt='cadillac eldorado' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>wikimedia</a></div> <p>looking back at the cadillac eldorado from the present, there isn’t much to be impressed about, but during the late ‘60s, this vehicle turned heads every time it drove down a street. at the time it was considered to be one of the most advanced vehicles in the world and shared the spotlight with the unique looking oldsmobile toronado. the eldorado was the second front wheel drive that general motors ever built (second only to the toronado). with its sharp lines and de regueur headlights (on top of an amazing drivetrain), the cadillac eldorado was considered to be the first “personal luxury coupe”. a few years later, two door rear wheel drive competitors such as the chrysler cordoba, chevrolet monte carlo, and the lincoln mark three inundated american highways. despite having been forgotten by many, the cadillac eldorado paved the way for the more popular brands to reign supreme.</p> <p>there you have it, nine of the most underrated classic vehicles from the 1960s. of course, there are much more classics from the ‘60s that could be added to this list, but these were the most prominent that seemed to stand out during that decade. remember, not every great car gets its due, and there will always be a competitor waiting on the sidelines to overtake a champion of the roads.</p> All categories Tue, 1 Aug 2017 00:00:00 -0800 Five Easy Ways to Protect Your Classic <div class='wrapper'> <div class='center_text'><img alt='protect classic cars, classic car insurance' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <h2>five easy ways to protect your classic car</h2> <p>after investing plenty of time and money into preserving your classic car, following these simple tips will help you protect your vintage automobile.</p> <h2>drive the car regularly& cautiously</h2> <p>do not treat your vintage car like an untouched museum exhibit. leaving it unused can cause significant long-term damage from within. the gasoline stored in the tank will become stale over time, turning into varnish as its battery corrodes. tires will also flatten and seals will leak as they dry out.</p> <div class='image-left'><img alt='road-road-marking-street-miles' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <p>drive the car safely on the road to further protect it. remember that you cannot start up, operate or handle collector cars like brand new models. you must drive it gently until the normal operating temperature is reached, which is typically the mid-point of the temperature gauge, to preserve its life and overall condition.</p> <p>maintain and pump your brakes when driving to keep these parts running smoothly on the road, further prolonging the life of your vehicle.</p> <h2>pay close attention to maintenance</h2> <div class='image-right'><img alt='car engine' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <p>there is a higher sense of urgency needed for maintaining classic cars than newer models. newer models allow you to push the envelope, extending the frequency of oil changes and other routine procedures. collector cars, on the other hand, need more tender loving care.</p> <p>check, fill and change all fluids – including the oil – whenever necessary to keep the vehicle in peak condition. inspect the condition of your electrical and suspension systems periodically to address and resolve any applicable issues. if you are not skilled at handling these tasks on your own, trust in the knowledge and expertise of a mechanic who is familiar with the proper maintenance and upkeep requirements of classic vehicles.</p> <h2>replace tires based on life, not mileage</h2> <p>most likely, you will not reach the average 15,000 road miles in your vintage car each year, but the tires will still suffer wear and tear. dry rot, tread wear, and uv exposure play vital roles in the overall health and life expectancy of your tires. in most cases, a tire is designed to last a maximum of six or seven years. regardless of appearance or mileage, replace the tires to ensure your safety and preserve the vehicle.</p> <div class='center_text'><img alt='automotive' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <p>check under the hood and carriage of the vehicle periodically to inspect all the other parts and systems. look for any signs of damage, wear and tear or corrosion and address any detected problems accordingly before the issue worsens.</p> <h2>detail your classic car & keep it covered</h2> <div class='image-left'><img alt='car wash' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <p>dirt and grime can ruin any vehicle over time, but it can cause significant damage to antique cars much sooner. when detailing your car, focus on cleaning the interior and exterior regularly. rinse and dry the vehicle thoroughly after washing it to get rid of any residual traces of soap or cleaning chemicals.</p> <p>if you do not have time to wash and detail the vintage car yourself, consider investing in a professional detailer. you will spend much less on maintaining the cleanliness and condition of your car than repairing long-term cosmetic damage caused by having a dirty vehicle.</p> <p>keep your classic car stored away safely in between uses to protect it from forces of nature and the outdoor elements. keep in mind that the wind can blow damaging objects into your vehicle. long-term exposure to water through rain, hail or melted snow can lead to rust destroying your car inside and out. if it is not stored in a garage, keep it concealed with a high-quality cover.</p> <h2>keep rodents away from the vehicle</h2> <div class='image-right'><img alt='roof rat' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <p>storing your car away for the season (or longer) leaves it exposed to the elements within its environment – including rodents and other pest intruders. avoid using poisonous chemicals on or around the antique car to reduce the risk of causing cosmetic damage. dryer sheets are effective alternatives; the scent of fabric softener repels most mice and rats. spread several sheets throughout the car’s interior to distribute the mild odor. replace the dryer sheets periodically for lasting results.</p> <p>if you have already detected signs of a rodent presence, consider using snap traps to eliminate them. victor snap traps with square yellow tongues are more sensitive than traditional snap traps, making them more effective. if you use food as bait, such as peanut butter, use small amounts to prevent your old car from absorbing the smell. you can also use steel wool, mothballs or sulphur to get the job done.</p> <h2>the bottom line: pay now or lose it later</h2> <div class='center_text'><img alt='auto old timer cobra car transport classic' src='' /><br /> image source: <a href='' target='_blank'>pixabay</a></div> <p>whether you recently purchased your classic car or have owned it since it was brand new, its protection and preservation play vital roles in its future. do not make the mistake of underestimating the significance and urgency of the steps outlined above. neglecting to properly care for, maintain and drive your vintage car now will cause you to lose it much sooner than you realize.</p> </div> All categories Sun, 30 Jul 2017 00:00:00 -0800 What Is Classic Car Insurance & How Does It Work? <p><img alt='what is classic car insurance?' class='__mce_add_custom__' src='/blog/images/classic-car-insurance.jpg' style='float:left; height:265px; margin:10px; width:361px' title='what-is-classic-car-insurance?' />if you own an antique car or classic truck, you need a <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> policy. vintage cars are an investment and have unique insurance coverage needs and claim status. you need the right classic auto insurance to repair or replace the car in the event of an auto claim. a classic car insurance policy recognizes the value and rarity of your vehicle and the distinctive insurance coverage needs.</p> <p>how classic car insurance works</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>classic car collectors</p> <p>a standard classic automobile insurance policy issued by an independent agent of a typical independent insurance agency covers the "actual cash value" (acv) of the vehicle. you will only receive the original cost minus the amount of depreciation of your current vehicle. since, the acv of your vehicle depreciates yearly, insurance policies will not pay the full price of your collector vehicle, even if that vehicle is totaled, thanks to depreciation.</p> <p>classic car insurance coverage, however, operates under a different assumption of value. rather than depreciating the vehicle on a fixed schedule and calling that its value, the actual market value of the vehicle is considered with respect to paying for your loss. you and the insurer set an <strong>agreed value</strong> for your antique car, which matches its true current market value. if the vehicle is totaled, you receive the agreed-upon amount. the value paid out is calculated using classic car price guides, the rarity of the vehicle, auction results and other sources. some insurers require an appraisal at your expense, while others do not.</p> <p>classic insurance should be re-evaluated periodically. usually this is done every year at policy renewal but in special cases where values are increasing strongly you may want to do it every few months. classic autos and specialized collectibles, including sports cars, race cars, hot rods, muscle cars and motorcycles are likely to experience an increase in value. you will want to work with the insurer to raise the value of your policy if you believe there has been car appreciation (or in leaner years, to lower the value if it has decreased to save yourself some insurance premium dollars)</p> <h2><a name='_z0x35cu9u62s'></a>what are the benefits of classic car coverage?</h2> <p>there are many important reasons to opt for a specialized classic car insurance policy over a standard auto insurance policy.</p> <h2><a name='_9319et2y9wh'></a>low premiums</h2> <p>because your classic car isn't driven as often and is secure from the elements, when stored, the risk of theft, damage, or an accident is lower and so are your premiums.</p> <h2><a name='_o11ij9k9g94d'></a>agreed value coverage</h2> <p>classic car insurance allows you to cover your vehicle for an amount that you and your insurer agree upon. you won't need to fight with an insurance company about your car's actual value in case of an accident or damage.</p> <h2><a name='_74fhuc7wtrq0'></a>appreciation is considered</h2> <p>your classic car may very well appreciate in value over time, unlike most cars which depreciate rapidly. by setting an agreed value, you can factor in appreciation over time.</p> <h2><a name='_rn2h43yyw7qv'></a><a name='_176h1txb1xug'></a>spare parts coverage</h2> <p>spare parts can be expensive -- especially for classic and vintage cars. your specialized policy can provide $2,000 or more in spare parts coverage for lost or stolen parts.</p> <h2><a name='_1695uit6e9la'></a>eligibility for classic car coverage</h2> <p>there are certain eligibility requirements to meet before purchasing a classic or <a href=''>vintage car insurance</a> policy:</p> <p>● drivers must have 9+ years of driving experience and a good driving record. everyone who will drive the vehicle must be reported on the policy.</p> <p>● every licensed driver in the household must have a separate, insured, and acceptable vehicle available for their exclusive regular use.</p> <p>● the classic, antique, or exotic vehicles covered may only be used on a limited basis for pleasure and not used for errands, daily activities, or commuting (except with a separate occasional commuting endorsement)</p> <p>● the vehicle will be kept in a locked, fully enclosed garage at home. in some high-risk scenarios, a transmitter alarm may be needed.</p> <h2><a name='_het0u8ov74g4'></a>car requirements for classic car insurance</h2> <p>a classic car policy doesn't necessarily require that your car is “officially” a classic; it's a broad term that can refer to a wide range of antique, exotic, and classic cars with insurance needs beyond basic auto insurance policies!</p> <h2>a classic car can include:</h2> <p>● exotic cars, including late models</p> <p>● muscle cars</p> <p>● antique cars</p> <p>● sports cars</p> <p>● hot rods</p> <p>● collectible, classic, and rare cars</p> <p>if you aren't sure if your car is eligible for a classic car policy, give us a call!</p> <p>certain vehicles cannot be insured with a classic car policy. that includes vehicles that are used off-road or for camping, lifted vehicles, and cars fitted with "skinny" low aspect-ratio wheels unless they are original equipment.</p> <h2><a name='_tml7txpu1dzn'></a>mileage limits of a classic car policy</h2> <p>a traditional insurance policy is designed to cover a vehicle that's used for primary transportation, but classic car coverage is different. with most policies for a classic or vintage car, there's an expectation that the car will be used on a limited, pleasure-only basis.</p> <p>many classic car insurance policies have a mileage limit, or a maximum number of miles you can drive the car per year. this varies by state and insurance company. in some cases, an annual odometer reading is necessary. some policies do offer unlimited mileage. another option is a mileage rollover. if you pick an optional annual mileage limit, and then drive less than that limit, your unused miles roll over to your next policy year.</p> <h2><a name='_cg1uz0gb9mw6'></a>classic car insurance cost</h2> <p>the cost for classic car coverage depends on many factors, including your coverage amount, coverage terms, driving record, geographic area, and the vehicle itself. however, classic car insurance premiums are often more affordable than comparable coverage limits with standard auto insurance. why? because insurance companies specializing in classic, vintage, and exotic cars understand that the risk of a covered incident is much lower with vehicles that are only driven occasionally, very well cared for, and kept safe in a locked garage.</p> <h2><strong>protect your investment</strong></h2> <p>if you have a classic car, make certain you have the correct antique auto insurance for it. if you don't and the vehicle is damaged, you may find that your insurance doesn't cover what you have invested.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>who has the best classic car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>when can i get classic car insurance?</a></p> All categories Tue, 25 Jul 2017 11:31:00 -0800 10 Rules You Should Follow When Buying a Classic Car <p><img alt='10 rules for buying a classic car' class='__mce_add_custom__' src='' style='float:left; margin:10px; width:60%' title='10 rules for buying a classic car' />once you make the decision to buy a classic car, it's important to know ten important rules before finalizing the purchase. by following these rules, you'll ensure that you've covered all your bases, right down to the classic car insurance and the upkeep of the vehicle.</p> <p>but before you get started, you should consider your reasons for buying a classic car in the first place: is it because you're planning to make a hobby out of car collecting? or are you looking to make an investment?</p> <p>during the classic car buying process, it's important to remember that while car collecting <em>can</em> be an investment, it's better if enjoyed as a hobby, too.</p> <p>now, read on to learn more about the ten important rules buyers should follow when making the decision to purchase a classic car.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>1. seek the counsel of a professional inspector</span></strong></p> <p>thanks to the internet and special interest auto forums, many buyers are eschewing help from professionals. that can lead to expensive mistakes. it is highly recommended that classic car buyers seek the counsel of a professional inspector before purchasing a classic vehicle.</p> <p>while you may feel confident with your research skills and purchasing decisions, it never hurts to have an inspector look at the automobile firsthand to see if there's something you may have missed. a trusted inspector can help you to estimate the costs of renovating the vehicle, and they can evaluate the condition of the vehicle.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>2. consider the costs of insuring the vehicle</span></strong></p> <p>generally, collector car insurance is affordable car insurance with low annual premiums. however, there are three different bases that an insurance company can use to value classic car:</p> <ul> <li>actual cash value – the vehicle's worth in cash, per an insurance adjuster</li> <li>agreed value - the car's worth, as mutually agreed, between the insured and the insurer</li> <li>stated value – a policy that allows you to pay less than the car is worth, in exchange for lower premiums</li> </ul> <p>to ensure that you get a fair value for your car, in the event of a loss, insist on an agreed value car insurance policy. get a quote for your <a href=''>antique car insurance</a> here.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>3. avoid rusty vehicles</span></strong></p> <p><img alt='10 rules for buying a classic car' class='__mce_add_custom__' src='' style='float:right; height:334px; margin:10px; width:251px' title='10 rules for buying a classic car' /></p> <p>as a rule, stay away from vehicles with major rust on the frame. a little body rust is one thing to consider, but major body or frame corrosion on classic vehicles will make it difficult to have the automobile restored. the most common areas affected by rust will usually be the underside. look inside the fenders, under doors and rocker panels. when rust becomes visible on these areas, it is best to be extra cautious, as one risks falling into a money pit.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>4. consider upkeep costs</span></strong></p> <p>a classic car isn't just a used car--it's also an old car. even though your restored classic car vehicle may look and shine like new, it's important to remember that upkeep costs will rise over time.</p> <p>before finalizing the purchase of your classic car, factor in the costs of future repairs and maintenance. classic cars are rarer vehicles, and spare parts may be pricier and difficult to find. mechanics with the skill set to work on classic cars may command a premium.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>5. always check the mileage</span></strong></p> <p>when it comes to investment grade cars, low mileage is a plus. a low mileage classic is a rare find. to make sure you are not the victim of a mileage scam and the odometer wasn't altered in some way, look for significant wear and damage and other telltale signs. the gearshift knob and headliner are areas that will sometimes indicate that a car has been used more than the declared mileage.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>6. decide whether you'll drive the vehicle or not</span></strong></p> <p>deciding whether you'll drive the classic car or not comes down to your overall reasons for purchasing a collector in the first place. do you plan to drive the vehicle regularly, or would you prefer to keep it stored away in the garage? it's important to remember why you're collecting a car in the first place--and make sure that you get the most enjoyment out of the purchase.</p> <p>whether you get the most enjoyment out of driving it daily, occasionally, or if you prefer to admire it at home--the choice is yours.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>7. check the vehicle's history</span></strong></p> <p>whether you hope to make money on your collector car or not, it's wise to run some numbers and do your homework before purchasing a classic car. as part of your research, take the time to check the rear axle, transmission, and engine numbers to see if they all match the car's vehicle identification number (vin). numbers matching cars are preferred among serious collectors.</p> <p>generally, engines are stamped with the last six digits of the vehicle identification number. the rear axle and transmission should both be stamped with a specific date code, which should correspond to the vehicle identification number's date.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>8. look for a specialized mechanic</span></strong></p> <p>not all mechanics know classic cars, and unless you plan to do all the mechanical work on your own--it's wise to search for a collector car-savvy mechanic <strong>before</strong> making the decision to purchase an old vehicle. seek counsel in special interest forums and social media--and speak to other car collectors in the area to get recommendations from them.</p> <p>if you take the time to find a mechanic in your area, before the need arises, you'll save yourself a major headache and a perhaps a rather large repair bill down the road.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>9. consider a muscle car</span></strong></p> <p>muscle cars are hot collectibles right now. if you enjoy corvettes, camaros, mustangs, or chevelles, now is the ideal time to collect them. according to <a href=''>usa today</a>, muscle cars from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s are showing the most amount of growth--especially limited edition vehicles.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>10. make car collecting fun</span></strong></p> <p>since classic cars are often more of a hobby than an investment, it's important to rely on your passion for cars as you search for the right vehicle to purchase. if you're not collecting just for the money, you'll find happiness throughout the process. attending car shows and making new friends are enjoyable byproducts of antique & vintage car collecting.</p> <p>the bottom line? don't purchase a vehicle you're not crazy about. if you're not anxious to take the car for a spin, then it's probably not the vehicle for you. if you're hesitant to show it off at your favorite car shows or car collector events, then it's probably not the best decision. car collecting is the most fun when buying vehicles that one is passionate about, rather than buying acar just because it seems like a good investment.</p> <p>by following these ten rules for buying a classic car--you'll be in a good position for making the best possible buying decision.</p> <h2>agreed value vs stated value</h2> <p>one commonly asked question for consumers is the difference between <a href=''>agreed value vs stated value</a>. most consumers assume they are the same, but in practice, they mean different things to your cash payout value. the choice of agreed value vs stated value will eventually affect how much money you could receive on an insurance claim, so it’s important to understand the specifics before taking out a classic car insurance policy.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what does stated value mean?</a><br /> <a href=''>is agreed value worth it?​</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>bernswaelz</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a><br /> in post image: <a href=''>memorycatcher</a> / <a href=''>pixabay</a></p> All categories Wed, 1 Feb 2017 00:00:00 -0800 10 Reasons Why Classic Cars Are Better than Modern Ones <p><br /> <img alt='10 reasons why classic cars are better than modern ones' class='__mce_add_custom__' src='' style='float:left; height:351px; margin:10px; width:628px' title='10 reasons why classic cars are better than modern ones' /></p> <p>if you are a classic car fan, you will know they just don't make cars the way they used to. both classic and modern cars do have good qualities to offer their drivers and passengers, but vintage vehicles seem to win when it comes to a number of factors. here are ten reasons why collector cars are better than modern ones.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>1.the simplicity of older vehicles </span></strong></p> <p>collector's cars are simple. they are not as needlessly complicated as their modern counterparts. modern vehicles typically have dozens of buttons and knobs that can be confusing to drivers. classic pieces kept things simple. they are easy to work on, there are no computers, no complicated wiring, and there is plenty of room for comfort. it is also because of their simplicity that classic cars make great diy projects since owners can get right under the hood and start working comfortably.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>2.many vintage cars are smaller and lighter </span></strong></p> <p>certain cars have grown in stature over the years. the mini, for example, has almost doubled in weight since its inception in 1959. the porsche 911 has grown approximately 100mm wider, and the vw golf has lengthened by around 500mm. what's more, it is an accepted fact that lighter sports cars tend to be better performers. while classic cars may be lighter and smaller than modern ones, most are still more durable and sturdier. modern vehicles may be made to last longer, but they are generally disposable.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>3.collector's vehicles are stylish </span></strong></p> <p>picture this scenario: you attend a car meet where two vehicles arrive at the same time. they park next to each other. one is a 1965 chevrolet corvette that has been expertly restored, and the other is a brand-new version of the corvette. most of the time, the classic corvette will garner more attention than its modern version. there seems to be something about classic cars that draws crowds.</p> <p>in contrast, newer offerings seem to all look similar. with older cars, there is no mistaking a studebaker for an oldsmobile. the cars have unique identities and come in memorable colors, and it is easy to tell one from another. now, it is as though the only thing that distinguishes your car from your partners' is the badge on the grille or trunk.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'> driver aids needed... </span></strong></p> <p>for expert drivers, or vintage car fanatics, stability control, traction control, and anti-lock brakes are not considered a necessity. these types of driver aids tend to get in the way of fully enjoying a vehicle. thanks to the lack of technology, classic cars do not tell their drivers how to drive. if a driver wants to enjoy their car by doing handbrake turns, drifts, and burnouts, nothing is holding them back; they are in complete control of the car.</p> <p><strong>5....which makes you a better driver </strong></p> <p>since there are no driver aids in antique cars, drivers are forced to become better drivers or risk crashing their car and having to use their nationwide classic car insurance. drivers have to learn throttle control, threshold braking, and how to effectively oversteer and understeer, all because there are no drivers aids to save a driver if they do something wrong. it is just the driver and the car.</p> <p><strong>6. fuel economy </strong></p> <p>while modern cars may seem quieter and more economical at first, take a look at classic vehicles with small engines, and you will notice that they can be just as economical compared to today's saloon-like petrol engine ford focus, vauxhall astra, or even the bmw 316. vintage cars like the mini, ford popular, ford anglia, mg midget, and morris minor actually surpass many modern cars in fuel economy.</p> <p>in 1950, just two years after the first morris minor hit the market, <em>the motor</em>, a british motoring magazine, conducted a road test on the vehicle and found that the 918 cc engine could do 0 - 60 in just 50 seconds and with a fuel consumption yielding >42 miles per gallon. that was an exceptional result for a car first produced in 1948.</p> <p><strong>7. low maintenance </strong></p> <p>as for servicing and maintenance, vintage cars come out above their modern counterparts since most servicing and maintenance work can be done by the owners. modern vehicles are packed full of electronics and having diagnostic tests run can be relatively costly. on the contrary, nearly every mechanical part on an antique car can be stripped and rebuilt. with modern vehicles, the sensors and electronics usually need to be replaced, which can be expensive. if you have the right parts for a classic car, it can be much cheaper to repair.</p> <p><strong>8. old cars are reasonably priced </strong></p> <p>when you buy a new car, you may need to finance it. in the end, with interest payments, you could find you have paid considerably more than the selling price. in other words, new cars do not make good investments. alternatively, a vintage car could be far more cost-effective, particularly if you plan to restore it yourself. you may be able to find a 1966 mustang v-8 coupe, for instance, for a little more than $12,000. you can then search local parts stores for all the missing parts and rebuild or restore classic car yourself.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>9.appreciation, not depreciation </span></strong></p> <p>usually, when you buy a car it is the opposite of an investment. the average modern car depreciates as soon as you drive it off the showroom floor and is worth just half of its original value after a few years. classic cars, though, are a sound investment. when properly looked after, these cars appreciate in value as they get older.</p> <p><strong><span style='font-size:12pt'>10.more affordable insurance for classic cars </span></strong></p> <p>when it comes to vintage car insurance, again, classic cars come out on top. a classicor collector car insurance policy is far cheaper than a modern car policy, especially when taken out with a company that specializes in classic insurance. drivers of classic cars report that their insurance policy is far more cost-effective than a policy for a modern car.</p> <p>considering the above 10 points, particularly when you think about the affordability of a classic car insurance policy, would you swap your modern car for a classic?</p> <h2>stated value vs agreed value</h2> <p>amongst car insurance companies, a battle is being waged of <a href=''>stated value vs agreed value</a>. on the surface, they may seem similar or even the same, but in practice, they are quite different. the choice of stated value vs agreed value will affect how much money a company will pay out for a <a href=''>claim</a>, so it’s important to understand it before taking out an n insurance policy on your classic car.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>what does stated value mean?</a><br /> <a href=''>is agreed value worth it?​</a></p> <p>featured image credit: <a href=''>tama66</a></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> All categories Mon, 26 Dec 2016 05:48:00 -0800 Classic Car Value | How Much Is Your Classic Car Worth? <div class='wrapper'> <h2 dir='ltr'>how much is your classic car worth?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>to accurately find out how much a collectible car, truck or motorcycle is worth in value, there are many important factors to consider. everything from the retail pricing of the classic car to the provenance must be considered even if you are only getting a quote for<a href=''> classic car insurance</a>. other important factors to consider include the overall condition of the vehicle and the classification of the car.</p> <p dir='ltr'>before we get started, let's talk about some of the important terms you'll need to know in order to appropriately value a classic car, whether you're buying a classic car or you're selling a car that you own.</p> <img alt='the pulpit rock' src='' style='height:253px; width:450px' /> <p><a href='' target='_blank'>image credit - michel curi </a>:</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>important terms to know</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the first thing to discuss when finding out how much your antique car is worth is the definition of the word value. for most people, value can be defined as "the monetary worth or marketable cost of an object." however, there are plenty of other factors that come into play when estimating the value of a classic or modified car. each of these factors can affect the cost and coverage of your collectible car insurance, so it's important car owners understand them.</p> <p dir='ltr'>relative worth describes the factors that make a vehicle more or less valuable to an individual, whether that's a retail customer buyer or a seller. relative worth can include anything from the memories you share with the vehicle to the history of the car, including the current financial state of the buyer and the seller. these things may be very important to one person but meaningless to another; that's why it's relative worth. however, the relative worth may lead an individual to believe a used car is worth more than it actually is.</p> <p dir='ltr'>another important term you'll need to learn, to value your classic car, is market value. the market value of a vintage car is the average estimated cost a typical interested buyer would pay for a used car and what a typical seller would accept in an open and competitive market. saleability is defined as the ease with which a new or used car may be sold. when a car, motorcycle or truck is suitable for sale, it is considered salable.</p> <p dir='ltr'>there are various ways to determine the market value or saleability of a collectible vehicle. for example, the matching numbers of a used car include the numbers on an engine, chassis, transmission, and other significant components of a vehicle. when these numbers are all the same as when the vehicle was built, they can impact its value. this is particularly important for a modified car, where the parts may not have matching numbers.</p> <p dir='ltr'>where market value and relative worth combine is in determining the provenance of a vehicle. provenance generally means "place of origin", but the definition is a bit different in the world of classic car insurance. in this case, provenance refers to the documented history that supports any claims made about the car, its accomplishments, or ownership. provenance is important for determining a collector vehicle's worth, and can contribute to the relative worth of a vintage car; for example, a used car may have belonged to a notable person or have been involved in a historic event, either of which could affect the value of the antique car. when assessing the value of your classic car, it's important to consider appropriate insurance coverage that reflects its true worth. stated value insurance is a valuable option to explore. with <a href=''><strong>stated value insurance</strong></a>, you can establish the value of your classic car upfront, ensuring that you receive the agreed-upon amount in case of a covered loss.</p> <p dir='ltr'>now that we know some of the important terms used during the process of valuing your classic car, we can get started!</p> <p dir='ltr'>throughout this article, you'll learn how to value a classic car in a series of three steps. we'll also provide you with information about where to consult for classic car insurance advice and we'll discuss several of the possible hurdles you may run into while determining the value of your used car.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>what impacts antique and classic car values?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the best way to value an antique or modified car involves following three simple steps. these steps are classification, condition, and comparables.</p> <p dir='ltr'>during the first step of classification, you must classify the vehicle, taking the following into consideration:</p> <ul dir='ltr'> <li>what is the car, exactly? what is the make, model, and year?</li> <li>does it have the proper markings and components?</li> <li>during the second step of condition, you need to determine the condition of the car or motorcycle:</li> <li>what physical state is the car in?</li> <li>how is the cosmetic appearance?</li> <li>how well does the vehicle operate mechanically?</li> <li>is your vintage car historically accurate (and if not, are the changes meaningful to the value)?</li> <li>the third step involves scoping out comparable vehicles:</li> <li>which similar models have sold in recent months?</li> <li>how much did similar models sell for?</li> </ul> <p dir='ltr'>whether you're the buyer or the seller of a classic car, it's important to know the classification, condition, and comparables of the collectible car you are pursuing.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>step one: classifying a collectible car</h2> <p dir='ltr'>it may seem reasonable to list the make, model, and year of a vintage car and expect that it should sell at the same value as other cars of the same make, model, and year, but many other factors must come into play. this is where classification comes in.</p> <p dir='ltr'>as part of due diligence for the buyer, classifying a collectible car is meant to protect a buyer from purchasing something that is overpriced or even misrepresented. while it is fairly easy for car collectors to identify many different types of antique cars, it becomes a bit more difficult to classify limited production, one-off or modified cars. it may be difficult to tell whether or not a collectible car is truly authentic or a clone.</p> <p dir='ltr'>muscle cars, race cars, and larger classic cars must be accurately identified since these popular collector's items and are more likely to attract replicas. in order to get your money's worth and ensure you're paying for an authentic classic car, it's important to decide whether or not the car you are pursuing is in fact the real deal and not a clone or a fake.</p> <p dir='ltr'>when you're purchasing an authentic antique car, you want to make sure that it is actually the same automobile that the seller is making it out to be. for example, if you are selling a jaguar xjr and representing that it is the same car raced on the track by bob tullius in the 1980's, then it really needs to be that exact original vehicle, not one of his backup cars and not something that was constructed to match that car's configuration from scavenged parts.</p> <p dir='ltr'>classifying a car is so much more than spotting a fake (or 'tribute'). as a buyer, you should be able to identify the model and equipment of the car -- is it supercharged or not? is the collectible car a rare model with a bigger engine and synchronized transmission? these may seem like minor details to someone who is outside of the car hobby, but they will impact how much you pay.</p> <p dir='ltr'>many cars may appear to be identical when they're side by side, but looking under the hood is just as important! to properly classify a vintage car, you or a marque expert should confirm several things, including the major components of the car, the numbers (including the vin), documentation and provenance of a vehicle.</p> <p dir='ltr'>firstly, confirm that the major components are in line with the marque or model. are the engine, rear end, transmission, interior, paint, trim, and other items in line with the marque?</p> <p dir='ltr'>secondly, check the numbers. make sure the vin, parts numbers and build numbers are all appropriate to the car or model. do these numbers match the engine numbers and chassis? (assuming they should... a matching range could be just as authentic as a true match for some cars and your advance research should clue you into things like this).</p> <p dir='ltr'>thirdly, confirm the documentation of the classic car. ensure the car's history and ownership are all documented with a paper trail, including all titles, registrations, photographs, bills, log book, and verbal history. obviously, more documentation is always better than less and you can't have too much of it.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>step two: verify the condition of the vintage car</h2> <p dir='ltr'>while it may seem like a no-brainer to look into the condition of a collectible car, there's more to it than meets the eye. the condition of an antique car cannot be determined by simply viewing its exterior. while it may appear to be in excellent condition, some of the most important factors are going to be hidden from view.</p> <p dir='ltr'>the seller may claim that a car is in "good" condition, but what "good" means to them could mean something completely different to you. to ensure you're both on the same page, make sure you do your homework before you begin searching for a collectible car. read all you can about the car you want before you begin searching and meeting with sellers. learn about the car's weakest and strongest points and be sure to ask plenty of questions about each car you're looking into.</p> <p dir='ltr'>as we mentioned earlier, there's a lot to be said about an antique car's overall condition in more places than just under the hood. learn to spot costly hidden issues such as engine noises, excessive suspension movement or clunks, rust in locations known to be a problem in your target car, poor bodywork, chassis damage, and incorrect components. hire professionals to check the condition of a vintage car if you're don't know what to look for.</p> <p dir='ltr'>never assume a classic car is in good condition from photos alone -- always view it in person or hire an expert who can look at it for you. refer to a number of sources for rating criteria and cost (they will vary by source so averaging from the lot can be helpful). by doing all of your homework and learning as much as possible about the collectible car you're interested in, you'll save yourself plenty of headaches further down the road.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>step three: consider the comparables</h2> <p dir='ltr'>you would never purchase a new house without first checking out the comparables, right? in fact, your broker wouldn't even let you make an offer without researching comparable sales in the area. the same goes for purchasing a classic car. you may think a car is worth a certain amount of money until you check out comparable sales. considering comparable sales ensures your offer is in line with fair market value.</p> <p dir='ltr'>to determine the market value of an antique or modified car, past sales must be reviewed. going over the sales of classic cars tells you what similar models are selling for and which direction the market is headed. sellers will point to advertisements with asking prices. anyone can ask for any value, but what matters is what was actually paid. the two numbers seldom are the same, and a buyer should weigh those values accordingly.</p> <p dir='ltr'>in this day and age, a wealth of market information is generally at your fingertips. you should compare cost guides (most are available online now), online ad listings (restricting your results to completed sales is usually accomplished by checking a box on the search form), auction and private sales results (web sites that aggregate all the major auction houses' results make this easy), and seek out the opinions of other car collectors (taking a bit of care as the enthusiasm of fellow experts on web forums may exceed actual experience).</p> <p dir='ltr'>determining the market value of a classic car can be a tedious and time-consuming task. however, given the amount of money involved, it is always worth the effort. it's very important to review information in as many places as possible to ensure you're making the most educated decisions possible.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>steps to determine the market value of a classic car</h2> <p dir='ltr'>we have several recommendations for making this as smooth of a process as possible. let's discuss these strategies in more detail.</p> <p dir='ltr'>as stated already, interested buyers should take the time to obtain information from other collectors and look into price guides, auction results, and if you can find and verify them private sales results. buyers should never rely solely on one resource since results may be skewed, so it's important to look in as many places as possible and base their conclusion on the resulting bigger picture.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>price guides for antique cars & classic cars</h2> <p dir='ltr'>value guides are great resources because they're hugely accessible and tend to be very detailed for many makes and models of vehicles. however, they don't cover every variation of the more limited or esoteric vehicles throughout history, which is a definite downside.</p> <p dir='ltr'>fortunately, these guides make great starting points for beginning your investigation. we recommend using several price guides and not just one since each guide prices vehicles differently. multiple guides help to give you a better idea of what the vehicle is worth.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>using the kelley blue book</h2> <p dir='ltr'>the kelley blue book was a well-known classic car value guide. since it launched in 1962, it has been informing values, pricing and sale of new and used cars. in 1993 the blue book became a public publication, and is now synonymous with the term "price guide". while their antique car print publication is no longer available, their<a href=''> online tool</a> can help determine the selling price of most antique cars 25 years old or newer.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>other value guides</h2> <p dir='ltr'>thankfully, there are plenty of other price guides for antique cars available online these days. some good value guides include:</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>nada (national automobile dealers association)</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>hemmings</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>collector car market review</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''>mecum auctions</a></p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'><a href=''></a></p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>how accurate is the classic car book value?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>value guides and book values are a great way to get a general idea of the cost of a collectible car, though they're not perfect. even the most reliable value guides can't take into account the thousands of variables that go into every car sale. that's why they're best used as a rough guide, rather than complete fact. here are some of the factors that could affect a car's value versus its book value:</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>the classic car dealer</h2> <p dir='ltr'>each car dealer operated differently, even if they are selling the same antique car. a value guide can give you a ballpark figure of what a particular car is worth, but the exact price can vary a fair bit with the dealer you choose. some will be open to haggling the price while others will be very stubborn. knowing the book value can help in starting negotiations, but the rest is up to you and your people skills.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>antique car age and condition</h2> <p dir='ltr'>no two cars are exactly the same, especially not vintage cars. one model might be a perfect replica, the other might have seen years of heavy use and neglect. the classic car book values are usually dependent on the cars being in excellent condition, meaning that you may be able to find cheaper models that need more work. if the car you are looking at is not in pristine condition, the book value is not a great marker of how much you should be paying.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>vintage car modifications</h2> <p dir='ltr'>while some owners will neglect their antique car, others can tinker away at them for years. depending on the age and condition of the car, you might find that models have various modifications to maintain performance, or even to amplify it. again, book values are based on a car in premium condition, so any changes or modifications should shave some of the cost off.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>using auction results to determine the value of a collectible car</h2> <p dir='ltr'>auction results are another great resource for determining the market value of a classic car. in order to find a good comparison, you should look for cars that are similar to the one you're looking to value. many auction websites take the time to post results on their websites which makes them hugely accessible. car collector magazines and newspapers also publish sale amounts.</p> <p dir='ltr'>unfortunately, not all antique cars show up at an auction, so finding a perfectly comparable vehicle may be a long shot. this is particularly true for modified cars. that's why auction results are a great starting point but aren't the best way to fully determine the market value of a vehicle. it's important to remember that you should avoid relying solely on auction results for conducting market research -- many factors could come into play before a vintage car finally sells, including the time the car was run through the sale, the weather during the time of the auction (for outdoor auctions), the condition of the vehicle, and even the color of the car. auction websites may not include any information other than the final value, so it's hard to determine value with accuracy and precision based solely on auction data.</p> <p dir='ltr'>a couple of publications that are likely to share sales costs include:</p> <p dir='ltr'>this site aggregates all auction results from the major auction houses and archives the results over time</p> <p dir='ltr'>believe it or not, ebay is now a mainstream forum for many classic and exotic cars. restrict your search to "completed listings only". you can also expand your search to include auctions where there were bids but the reserve was not met. the high cost reached is what buyers were willing to pay. as such these are worth considering as data points in your overall evaluation.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>how to use private sales data</h2> <p dir='ltr'>if you can get it, private sales data is useful but, as its name implies, private sales are generally unreported and kept 'under the radar'. note that reading ads in the back of your favorit