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the car has greatly influenced the automotive industry.</p> <p><a href=''><strong>antique car insurance</strong></a> plays a crucial role in protecting your valuable investment and ensuring peace of mind.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>wikipedia entry for the ford mustang</a> includes history and some interesting facts</li> <li><a href=''>edmunds' mustang history</a> an outline of the mustang's rise to fame</li> <li><a href=''>classic pony cars</a> the history of the ford mustang</li> <li><a href=''>the mustang timeline</a> includes images of different models</li> <li><a href=''>ford mustang history</a> another site with a lot of great info</li> </ul> <h2>history of the mustang</h2> <p>the original mustang got a head start out of the gate--it was released almost five months earlier than most other 1965 models, and it's been going strong ever since. this first model debuted at the new york world's fair in april of 1964. an executive at ford, john najjar, had actually designed the first mustang prototype in 1961. that model appeared at the u.s. grand prix race in 1962, but it didn't go into production. however, general manager lee iacocca continued to have a vision of his perfect car, a car that he was determined to see created. he and najjar returned to the drawing board to work out the details of the vehicle and, more importantly, the financing.</p> <p>once the funding was approved in 1962, the new version of the mustang went into production. it actually made use of a number of parts from the falcon, a similar car. this kept some of the cost down, although the mustang did feature a number of differences from its sister car. it also had a number of ways that buyers could customize it, creating what mustang called "the car designed by you."</p> <p>where did the name come from? according to rumor, it was suggested by najjar, who took it from the p-51 mustang fighter plane used in world war ii. an alternative story says that robert eggert, a marketing research manager at ford, came up with the mustang name. he supposedly took it from the title of a book by j. frank dobie (the mustangs) that his wife gave him as a gift.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>10 features of the 2015 mustang</a> what makes the newest model different</li> <li><a href=''>mustang special editions</a> a look at some of the more unique mustangs</li> <li><a href=''>special edition mustangs</a> another look at these special models</li> <li><a href=''>the unique 60<sup>th</sup> anniversary mustang</a> this model has a number of special features</li> <li><a href=''>how to identify early mustangs</a> a list of features to look for</li> </ul> <h2>features of the mustang</h2> <p>over the years, the mustang has had a few interesting features that have set it apart from other cars. here are a few of these interesting features and a bit of trivia about the car that even the experts may not know.</p> <p>the first mustang, the t-5 prototype, actually made use of a v4 engine from a german ford taunus. while its design wouldn't stick this time around, general motors would later pick up the design for the 1984 pontiac fiero.</p> <p>the first batch of mustangs, those that were released early, are sometimes referred to as the 1964 model because they have a few interesting quirks that were later corrected. this includes the fact that the ford mustang logo was applied over a ford falcon logo in several places.</p> <p>mustangs were successful in the racing world almost as soon as they were launched. the car was used as a pace car in the 1964 indianapolis 500, and later that year, it won first in class at the tour de france. it was also a favorite in illegal drag races. the model has continued to win races, including dominating at the 50th anniversary rolex 24 in 2012, beating out six bmws for the trophy.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>mustang i and mustang ii</a> a brief look at these two concept cars</li> <li><a href=''>mustang through the years: a retrospective</a> a special by car & driver magazine</li> <li><a href=''>from 1964 to 2008</a> the mustang in pictures</li> <li><a href=''>ford mustang models</a> this archive starts in 2015 and works backwards</li> <li><a href=''>the mustang evolution</a> different mustangs for different eras</li> </ul> <h2>different models of the mustang</h2> <p>the earliest mustangs were produced from 1964 to 1973. these early models were manufactured in dearborn, michigan. these models weren't expected to be a success--in fact, no one thought they would sell 100,000 of them within a year. the mustang met this goal within three months.</p> <p>the car underwent a number of changes over the years. it the car continued to get heavier and bigger with every new model. many drivers didn't like this. the mustang was originally about speed, but these heavier cars focused more on luxury. the models produced between 1971 and 1973 proved to be fairly unpopular, and sales dropped.</p> <p>the second generation solved those problems. starting in 1974, the body design began to return to its roots, and the car lost a lot of the weight it had gained. ford began working to improve performance every year. one interesting model produced during this time was the luxury ghia model, a car designed by ghia of italy.</p> <p>the 1979 mustang was the first of the third generation. it ran from 1979 to 1993, but during that time, only two body styles were used. one featured four headlights and was nicknamed the four eyes, while the other was more rounded in the front. sales once again dropped, but that changed in 1987 with the introduction of the new and improved look of the mustang.</p> <p>another major redesign occurred in 1994 at the start of the fourth generation. this new look incorporated some of the most popular designs from previous years, although this was the first time in two decades that ford decided to drop the hatchback version of the mustang.</p> <p>the fifth generation ran from 2005 to 2014. once again, a redesigned model ushered in this age. these models continued to build on the sleek, fast look that mustangs are known for. they were lighter than many previous models and faster.</p> <p>the newest generation of mustangs began in 2015, although the demo model was first shown to the public in 2013. this model includes a slightly wider body, a larger passenger area, and an updated independent rear suspension that was created specifically for this new mustang.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>the mustang car club of new england</a> one example of an official mustang club</li> <li><a href=''>mustang world news</a> information about mustangs and mustang events</li> <li><a href=''>the mustang club of america</a> official club site</li> <li><a href=''>mustang 360</a> a news site all about mustangs</li> <li><a href=''>mustang unites art exhibit</a> a collaboration between ford and burton morris studios</li> </ul> <h2>popularity</h2> <p>one doesn't need to look very far to see how popular the mustang is. in 1966, just a couple of years after the mustang hit the market, wilson pickett wrote the song mustang sally. this song helped establish the car as a must-have item. a couple years later, a mustang was featured in the movie bullitt, where steve mcqueen drove one during the now-famous car chase scene.</p> <p>in 1964, one of the earliest mustangs appeared in goldfinger, a james bond movie. later, in the bond film diamonds are forever, a mustang mach 1 played a major role. there are three different owners of 1971 mach 1's who claim their cars were used in the film, although only one is verified.</p> <p>in 1974, h.b. toby halicki produced gone in 60 seconds, an independent movie starring eleanor, a 1971 mustang sportsroof. the car actually received top billing in the film. it's the only mustang to receive a starring credit, although there were actually several different cars used as eleanor. in 2000, nicolas cage starred in a remake of the film, and eleanor once again made an appearance.</p> <!--<p>these are just a few examples of how the mustang has become so popular that it's inspired musicians and starred in a movie. there are also many different mustang fan clubs around the world that continue to collect, discuss, and love this car.</p>--> <p>these are just a few examples of how the mustang has become so popular that it's inspired musicians and starred in a movie. there are also many different mustang fan clubs around the world that continue to collect, discuss, and love this car. if you are a proud mustang owner in need of <a href=''>classic mustang insurance</a>, allow us to give you a fast free quote.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>can you get full coverage on a classic car</a>?<br /> <a href=''>who is the best classic car insurance</a>?</p> Car of the Decade Wed, 11 Mar 2015 11:38:00 -0800 Classic Corvette Insurance | Tips and Information <h2>classic corvette insurance</h2> <p style='text-align:center'><a href='' title='by bubba73 (own work) [cc by-sa 3.0 (], via wikimedia commons'><img alt='corvette logo' src='' style='height:230px; width:250px' /></a></p> <p>corvettes are usually considered one of the most stylish and expensive cars on the market. even the classic chevrolet corvette, the first corvette to roll off the production line, was sleek and sexy. corvettes are known for their speed, too, which is why it's often used as a pace car in races. <a href=''>the classic car history</a> of the corvette is quite interesting, especially if you don't know much about it. <a href=''><strong>antique car insurance</strong></a> and finding <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> are crucial in safeguarding your valuable investment, ensuring your cherished corvette is protected against potential risks and damages.</p> <p>when insuring your classic corvette, it's crucial to obtain <a href=''><strong>affordable classic car insurance</strong></a> that provides comprehensive coverage tailored to the unique needs of your cherished vehicle. leland west specializes in offering specialized insurance coverage specifically designed for classic car enthusiasts, ensuring that your classic corvette is protected against potential risks and damages at an affordable cost.</p> <p><strong>history of the corvette </strong></p> <p>the corvette's history begins in 1951. that's when nash motors created the nash-healey, a small, fast, and expensive two-door sports car. this car was made by donald healey, an engineer from britain, and pinin farina, an italian designer. however, it was simply too expensive for most people. when harley earl, a designer at general motors, saw it, he knew he had to convince gm to make their own small sports car.</p> <p>in 1951, earl and his team began working on project opel, the corvette prototype. this car, the ex-122, made its debut at the 1953 gm motorama event. six months later, the first production model corvettes were rolling off the assembly line. this car can still be seen today by paying a visit to atlantic city and going to the kerbeck corvette museum.</p> <p>since then, the car has gone through a number of changes, but it's always stayed true to the basic tenants of its conception: be fast, be small, and be amazing.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>the chevrolet corvette wiki page</a> basic information about the car</li> <li><a href=''>the corvette story</a> learn all about this classic car</li> <li><a href=''>kerbeck heritage collection</a> official website of the kerbeck corvette museum</li> <li><a href=''>the national corvette museum</a> the site for the amazing corvette museum in kentucky</li> <li><a href=''>the corvette car guide</a> includes a summary of the car's history</li> </ul> <p><strong>features of the corvette</strong></p> <p>the corvette has become more modern over the years, but it's still the exact same car in some ways. the car is still a two-door, speedy model designed to make people think of money and power. even the look of the corvette has stayed fairly true to its origins. some of the changes over the years include creating a convertible model, changing the rear end, and updating the body. every different model of the corvette has had its own unique features, of course. here are a few different features of today's modern corvette</p> <ul> <li>it's the first car to make use of direct injection technology. this improves the efficiency of the engine, making the car more powerful and more economical to drive.</li> <li>the chassis, styling, and drivetrain have been changed for the c7 generation, which was introduced in 2014.</li> <li>the c7.r was introduced in 2014. this is the newest version of the corvette racing car.</li> <li>a number of different concept cars have been introduced over the years, many of which were never produced.</li> <li><a href=''>something special: limited-edition corvettes</a> a list of all the special corvettes</li> <li><a href=''>corvette trivia</a> fun facts about the car</li> <li><a href=''>2015 corvette</a> features of the 2015 model</li> <li><a href=''>1953 corvette</a> the specifications of the original model</li> <li><a href=''>the corvette turns 60</a> interesting facts and pictures of the first 6 decades of the car</li> </ul> <p><strong>the corvette over the years</strong></p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href='' title='by rhbrakman (own work) [cc by-sa 4.0 (], via wikimedia commons'><img alt='1954 corvette at the american treasure tour' src='' style='height:233px; width:350px' /></a></p> <p>since that first prototype was introduced in 1953, the corvette has continued to evolve and change. only 300 were made that first year, and they quickly sold out. during the late 50s and early 60s, the c1 generation, as it's now called, saw changes to the engine, the addition of fuel injection, a hydraulic convertible top, and more. the 1958 model even featured quad headlights and a lot of chrome, making it visually very striking.</p> <p>in 1963, the sting ray made its debut. this was the first corvette coupe, and it marks the beginning of the c2 series. some of the nonfunctional decorative items such as hood vents were removed during the 60s. meanwhile, the engine size became larger and larger, with the 1967 model featuring a 530 hp engine! only 20 of these models were made, and they're incredibly sought after today.</p> <p>the c3 series came along in 1968. this series ran until 1982, and it saw the longest running body style not just in corvette history but in all of automotive history. government regulations saw the removal of the chrome bumpers, while 1977 saw the end of the stingray brand. the 25th anniversary model in 1978 soon became highly collectible.</p> <p>from 1984 to 1996, the c4 generation was produced. there was a production issue that occurred in 1983, and no corvette was produced that year. another incident lead to toymaker mattel releasing a hot wheels version of the 1984 corvette before gm released the actual car. this car was a completely redesigned vehicle and included a rear hatch, aluminum suspension, and more. in 1986, the corvette featured a convertible top once again.</p> <p>series c5 was introduced in 1997. once again, some major changes were made from the previous models. these changes resulted in a new top speed of 168 mph, the fastest a corvette had gone at that time. a number of other changes such as different engines and lighter components were tried out and, in some cases, removed up through 2004.</p> <p>the c6 generation began in 2005 with the introduction of the c6.r, a racing model. this series brought back some of the classic features such as the exposed headlamps, while it also saw changes to the body. work was done to improve the car's fuel efficiency. in 2008, the zr1 was introduced. this car featured a price tag of $100,000 and the ls9 engine. with a top speed of 205 mph, no other gm sports car could match it.</p> <p>the newest generation, c7, burst onto the scene in 2014. however, gm engineers had been working on some of the new features since 2007. the car once again saw some major changes to make it appeal more to the younger generation. despite the major changes made to the car, gm did decide to resurrect the stingray name.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>chronology of the corvette</a> a timeline of this vintage car</li> <li><a href=''>vettefacts</a> a comprehensive list of all corvette models</li> <li><a href=''>the corvette: from c1 to c7</a> features pictures of different corvettes</li> <li><a href=''>chevrolet corvette history</a> provided by</li> </ul> <p><strong>popularity of the corvette</strong></p> <p>the corvette has proven to be one of the most popular cars over the years. in addition to the many different production models that were purchased by the public, chevrolet also made a number of pace cars for nascar races, including the indianapolis 500. a corvette has been used as a pace car for 11 different races. in 1986, the pace car was driven by chuck yeager, the first pilot to break the sound barrier. others who have driven the indianapolis 500 corvette include morgan freeman, general colin powell, guy fieri, and lance armstrong. many of these cars were unique, and no production replicas were made.</p> <p>alan shepard, one of the nasa mercury seven astronauts, is a huge corvette fan. in fact, he's actually visited the general motors plant and driven pre-production models.</p> <p>the corvette has made a few appearances in the movies, too. in 2009, a corvette stingray anniversary car appeared in the movie transformers: revenge of the fallen. in the movie, the robotic transformer named sideswipe transforms into the car. a speedster/convertible version of the car appeared in the sequel transformers: dark of the moon in 2011.</p> <p>will the corvette's popularity continue? it's been incredibly popular for more than 50 years, and there's nothing to indicate that this will change any time soon.</p> <ul> <li><a href=''>corvette clubs</a> a list of online corvette groups</li> <li><a href=''>the corvette action center</a> news and information site</li> <li><a href=''>the corvette club of america</a> the club's official site</li> <li><a href=''>corvette expo</a> a large gathering of corvette lovers</li> <li><a href=''>the international council of corvette clubs</a> includes a club directory, calendar, and more</li> </ul> <!--<p>if you own a classic corvette it is important to protect your investment, so having the right type of <a href='' title='antique car insurance'>antique car insurance</a> is very important. at leland west we specialize in <a href='' title='vintage car insurance'>vintage car insurance</a> so we know what is best and can help you find the perfect plan for you and your car!<br /> <br /> </p>--> <p>if you own a classic corvette, you need to protect your investment. having the right type of <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> is important. at leland west we specialize in classic corvette insurance and can help you find the perfect plan for your car!</p> Car of the Decade Fri, 16 Jan 2015 11:12:00 -0800 1970s Car Photo Gallery – 10 Best Muscle Cars of the 1970s <p>the <a href=''>cars from 1970s</a> are most often remembered more for their lack of power. this was an era accompanied by high gas prices and escalating insurance premiums, unlike today's car insurance. old car models from 1970 represented the the peak of the muscle car era (1964-72). muscle cars of '70s were an emergent group, as most manufacturers shifted performance away from the old school power-to-weight ratio, to an emphasis for more balanced, well handling touring machines. this set the tone for well into the '80s, however, most manufacturers still offered up a performance platform for most every enthusiast and most every budget, while insurance companies still provided <a href=''>car insurance</a>. old car fans rejoice, here are the top 10 <a href='' title='muscle cars'>muscle cars</a> of the '70s:</p> <p><img alt='1970s car photo gallery' src='' style='width:100%' /></p> <h2>embed 1970s car photo gallery on your site: copy and paste the code below</h2> <p><textarea> <img data-cke-saved-src='' src='' width='540'> <p>1970s car photo gallery - a visualization by the team at <a data-cke-saved-href='' href=''></a>. check out for more information on <a data-cke-saved-href='' href=''>classic car insurance</a>.</p></textarea></p> <ol> <li>1970 chevelle ss 454 ls6 (chevy) although 454 lacked some of the "it factor" of the 427 that made the big block a legend, the larger displacement engine deserves credit. at 450 hp it was a worthy powerplant in any community. the 1970 chevelle is without a doubt the most popular gm offering to date. an all-time favorite model, a '70 with the super sport package is icing on the cake.</li> <li>1971 corvette ls6 (chevy) while the ls6 454 engine wasn't available on the '70 corvette, the '70 chevelle earned the top spot in gm's lineup. the following year, however, the '71 came with aluminum cylinder heads and at 425 hp, it was still a beast.</li> <li>1970 camaro z28 lt1(chevy) a "street-able" motor with increased torque in the low end, versus the high-revving 302, the 350 lt1 is a powerhouse. combined with a z28 suspension package, the second-gen ('70-'80) was actually a step toward a fine touring vehicle, as opposed to a straight line beast.</li> <li>1971 hemi 'cuda (chrysler/dodge) while the 1970 performance-oriented 'cuda model first wowed consumers, the '71 is more desirable, styling-wise. the cool staggered grill and 4 headlights instead of 2 on the '70 made aesthetic waves. the 425 factory-rated hp in the 'cuda goes down as the most revered mopar on street or strip.</li> <li>1970 dodge challenger r/t (chrysler/dodge) let's face it: the original design is epic, leaving very little room for improvement for the models in showrooms today. the r/t came standard with a 440 motor, which most would not have described as standard.</li> <li>1978 dodge 'lil red express (chrysler/dodge) with a 360 v8 this pick up recorded the fastest 0-60 times for any production car from 1978. enough said. this truck had a visual appeal of its own with the "smoke stack" style exhaust near the cab's back window.</li> <li>1970 buick gsx (gm) as gm divisions consistently tried to one-up each other, the buick 455 motor was the crowning achievement for buick. combining the popular a-body chassis with 510-lb. ft. torque resulted in a vehicle both "grandma" and "sonny boy" were happy to drive.</li> <li>1973 pontiac trans am sd-455 (gm) when all other manufacturers cut performance, pontiac was still trying to stand out from the crowd. the optional 310 hp and sd-455 available on the formula and trans am models, made this platform even more formidable.</li> <li>1978 trans am (pontiac/gm) with a great body style, sweet w72 400-cid engine option and a 4-speed transmission; this car was the full package. with the additional ws6 suspension, it handled better than any other car of the '70s. the 1977 hit film "smokey and the bandit" really helped this car rise to stardom.</li> <li>1971 mustang boss 351 (ford) the mustang kept evolving in both styling and engine displacement. in 1971, a new 351 cleveland motor with 330 hp raised the bar. the 1970 boss 351 variant gets top marks for being well rounded both visually and performance-wise, more so than its predecessors.</li> </ol> <p>and before you ask, we didn't forget about these guys:</p> <ul> <li>1970 plymouth superbird: remember that large pronounced wing?</li> <li>1970 aar 'cuda 340 six-pack: the baby brother of the mighty hemi cuda</li> <li>1970 dodge challenger t/a: the non-descript sedan of the 1970's</li> </ul> Car of the Decade Mon, 9 Sep 2013 10:47:00 -0800