The Garage: Classic Car Talk - Misc insight, assistance, ravings and rants from a (car) fanatic to other (car) fanatics en-us Tue, 30 Nov 2021 09:29:00 -0800 Wed, 24 Nov 2021 00:00:00 -0800 no The Importance of Routine Car Maintenance <p dir='ltr' style='text-align: center;'><em><img src='' style='height:497px; width:624px' /><br /> image credit: <a href=''>imls digital collections </a>/<a href=''>flickr</a></em></p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr'>cars are complicated machines. your vehicle needs the right combination of many factors from the air intake, to gas, and lubrication to work - and that’s whether you have a classic car, modified car, antique car, or a modern one, just as the factory made it.</p> <p dir='ltr'>sure, many vehicles are equipped with many sensors to warn you about a potential issue, but getting ahead on your maintenance is even better and can lead to many more years on the road - with fewer dollars spent on major repairs or another vehicle.</p> <p> </p> <p dir='ltr' style='text-align: center;'><img src='' style='height:400px; width:309px' /><br /> <em>image credit: <a href=''>lindsey publicover</a>  /<a href=''> flickr</a></em></p> <h2 dir='ltr'>so why is routine maintenance important to my car?</h2> <p dir='ltr'>routine maintenance keeps all the moving parts in your vehicle running the way they should. there are many benefits to maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>less money</h3> <p dir='ltr'>while the price of a tire rotation and an oil change every 3,000 miles (or sometimes 6,000 with full synthetic) seems like it adds up quickly, it’s a small drop in the bucket compared to the stream of cash you’ll need for major repairs to your suspension or engine.</p> <p dir='ltr'>changing your oil less frequently than needed will lead to wearing the major parts of your engine down sooner. the engine has many parts and the more wear you have, the more parts you’ll need to replace. </p> <p dir='ltr'>following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule can also be cheaper in the long run. having a moving part fail often leads to additional failures at the same time. it’s far cheaper to replace a belt when the instructions or your mechanic suggest than waiting for it to break.</p> <p dir='ltr'>better maintenance will also keep your monthly bills down. whether you have a standard vehicle or a modified car, your insurance won’t go up as quickly as car owners who have to tow their vehicle on a regular basis.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>time for other things</h3> <p dir='ltr'>routine maintenance can help you save time. ever sat around in the lobby of your local repair place, waiting to hear bad news about your car? or sat around waiting for the dreaded phone call to learn why your vehicle isn’t running?</p> <p dir='ltr'>regular maintenance like oil changes can help save time - and maybe your nerves. a well-maintained car spends less time in the shop on average because it doesn’t need to be torn down, then parts ordered, and parts replaced - all of which take time. you’ll also spend less time contemplating what do to with your car when the repair bills run high.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>smooth performance</h3> <p dir='ltr'>over time, you’ll slowly start to notice your car behaving strangely without regular maintenance. an old, ill-maintained battery will have a harder time starting in extreme cold or heat. old, worn spark plugs can make an engine run rough. your brake pads are designed to make a squeal noise when they are too worn - and you don’t want to hear it!</p> <p dir='ltr'>having smooth performance in any car, including your vintage car, makes your vehicle more predictable, too. do you know if your vehicle can reliably stop in traffic when the light turns yellow? do you have the power to easily pass a slow mover on the highway? regular maintenance makes your vehicle act more as it should.</p> <p dir='ltr'>this is especially important for modified cars. if you changed your vehicle’s engine performance, or suspension and tires, make sure to get the vehicle maintained often to ensure you aren’t prematurely wearing parts that make your modifications less effective.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>prevent warning lights</h3> <p dir='ltr'>nobody likes the piercing glow of the check engine light. for those unfamiliar with code readers, it’s a mystery - and a hope that your vehicle doesn’t break down soon.</p> <p dir='ltr'>regular maintenance on any vehicle will help prevent your dashboard from lighting up like a christmas tree. </p> <h3 dir='ltr'>for safety’s sake</h3> <p dir='ltr'>sudden breakdowns are bad. having your car fall apart or not be able to stop is also quite dangerous, especially in traffic or in remote areas.</p> <p dir='ltr'>a well-maintained vehicle is much safer. auto shops typically offer a free inspection with the vehicle and have trained eyes to notice potential issues with your vehicle’s future safety.</p> <h3 dir='ltr'>resale value</h3> <p dir='ltr'>whether you have a collectible car or a more modern, less rare vehicle, the resale value is affected by your maintenance. keeping records on hand of your consistent oil changes and the money spent on replacing and inspecting parts as needed is really helpful in getting a better offer when the time comes to sell.</p> <p dir='ltr'>when selling privately or trading into a dealer, the buyer will have more confidence in your vehicle when seeing that it was maintained regularly and drives as it does.</p> <p dir='ltr'>keeping the vehicle interior clean is also huge when selling your car. buyers don’t want a car that smells like fast food, or that has stains, rips, or tears in the seats.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>between maintenance trips</h2> <p dir='ltr'>there are some basic things you can do between oil changes and regular maintenance to ensure that your vehicle stays in top shape.</p> <ul> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>check where you park for leaking fluids. some leaks are slow and build up over time, but they are still important. when backing out, look at the pavement for any wet spots on a dry day, or any unusual colors. your vehicle has many fluids from the transmission to coolant and brakes - and it’s supposed to stay in the vehicle!</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>if your vehicle has a battery meter or a hard time starting, have it inspected or replaced</p> </li> <li dir='ltr'> <p dir='ltr'>your vehicle’s windshield needs good wiper blades for your safety and to keep the wipes from scratching the glass. the good news is that they are fairly inexpensive and many auto owners could replace them in their own driveway for free.</p> </li> </ul> <h2 dir='ltr'>consult your manual</h2> <p dir='ltr'>your manufacturer knows your vehicle the best, unless you have a modified car. the manual can readily tell you when the vehicle should have the tires rotated, belts replaced, and the transmission flushed based on how they built it. </p> <p dir='ltr'>follow the manual and keep your eyes open for other issues. have a classic or antique vehicle? a fellow vehicle enthusiast probably has a digital version of your manual online somewhere if yours is no longer available.</p> <h2 dir='ltr'>conclusion</h2> <p dir='ltr'>keeping a vehicle in top shape is a priority for your safety and your wallet. regular maintenance is much less expensive than emergency maintenance with many parts and lots of labor costs at the shop. you’ll be glad you did!</p> Misc Wed, 24 Nov 2021 00:00:00 -0800 7 of the Best Classic Cars for Restoration <p>there are endless choices for car restoration projects. there are muscle cars from the sixties and seventies, and many cool cruisers for a hands-on car enthusiast; but when car purchase price and parts availability, along with the restored value and <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> cost affect a buyer's decision, some cars are not worth "their weight in gold" restored.</p> <p>what cars are worth restoring?</p> <p>we have scoured the internet and collected 7 of the best <a href=''>classic cars to restore</a>.</p> <p><strong>1971 - '72 pontiac gtos</strong> the gto, especially one with a ram air-spec v-8 and tri-power, is one of the most sought after muscle cars, but can be beyond the average person's budget. however, the dream to own a car with those three little letters on the grill is still reachable with 1971 and 1972 models.</p> <p>the 1971 - '72 models are a reshaped extension of the 1968's a-body's bowed style. aside from changes, they still have that muscle car appeal look of the gto.</p> <p>there are countless reproduced body and trim parts available, and many go-fast goodies to choose from for optimum performance. the usa is filled with gto enthusiast fans, and for factory correct well-restored cars, the value will always be on the rise.</p> <p><strong>1964 -'68 ford mustangs</strong> the ideal restoration project for first-timers, ford mustang's 1964 - '68 models have practically every part needed available and are easy to get ahold of from websites or catalogs; it is actually possible there is no part that has not been reproduced, or accessories that cannot been found from dozens of supply companies. another great thing about the mustang is the club support and internet forums out there, with experts just a click away. fastbacks, convertibles and original v8 restoration projects are easily found, and a restored mustang just about sells itself.</p> <p><strong>1967 - '69 chevrolet camaros</strong> for these chevrolet camaro models, just like the mustang, they have everything needed to restore it to its prime with all brand new parts. the demand for these cars is huge and you cannot go wrong with rebuilding one. the best part of these cars, however, is they are reliable, can be tweaked for performance power and they are fun to drive; not to mention part availability (new 1969 camaro bodies included) and that parts are interchangeable with other chevys, makes it a breeze.</p> <p><strong>1970 - '73 pontiac firebirds</strong> just like the camaro, firebirds - early generation - have made their mark as highly sought after muscle cars; soaring first generations of the f-bodies are to thank for this. the most desired high-performance trans am and formulas, when they can be found at a good price, make these the models to buy due to restoration ease and their resell value when restored to factory specs.</p> <p><strong>1972 - '73 dodge challengers</strong> the 1972 - '73 dodge challengers' rebuild parts continues to grow making the rustiest project salvageable and the mopar fanatic's dream car a reality. these later models are equipped with a small-block v8 and are the most reasonably priced, and easiest to find; but be aware, when high demanded e-bodies hit the market they go fast. another important thing to remember is collectors will want a restoration to exact factory original standards.</p> <p><strong>1964 - '65 ford falcons</strong> the ford falcon 1964 - '65's, inner structure is all mustang making suspension and brake parts pretty much the same. many falcons were built, so they are easy to find as well as many reproductions of interior, body and trim parts, and parts to tweak power performance are very available making this an easy car restoration project for unexperienced first-timers. hardtops and convertibles, specifically gt versions, will return the most money on an investment.</p> <p><strong>1978 - '82 corvettes</strong> the late seventies fastback is one of the best-styled corvettes. its aggressive, forceful lines always make a splash, and with so many being built, it is easy to find one for under $10,000 in good running condition. there are tons of corvette specialists around selling just about every part needed; including parts for high performance speed and even reproduced parts.</p> <p>backed by specialists and strong club support makes restoration to factory original specs easy. so, which of the 7 best classic cars to restore is for you; the forceful, aggressive lines of a seventies fastback corvette, or the mustang's muscle? no matter which classic car restoration is your dream, the perfect project is out there waiting on you. it is important to have good <a href='' title='collector car insurance'>collector car insurance</a> for your antique vehicle in order to protect it from the many dangers you can encounter on the road.</p> Misc Thu, 14 Jul 2016 15:25:00 -0800 State DMV Web Sites <p>this list isn't finished but it will be in the not-so-distant future. in any event its complete enough to be useful to the majority of folks in the u.s. so here it is, with updates to follow.</p> <div class='main'> <div class='header'>statedmvsites</div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>alabama</div> <div class='text'>alaska</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>arkansas</div> <div class='text'>california</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>colorado</div> <div class='text'>connecticut</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>delaware</div> <div class='text'>florida</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>georgia</div> <div class='text'>hawaii</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>idaho</div> <div class='text'>indiana</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>kansas</div> <div class='text'>louisiana</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>maine</div> <div class='text'>maryland</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>michigan</div> <div class='text'>minnesota</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>missouri</div> <div class='text'>montana</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>nebraska</div> <div class='text'>nevada</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' jersey.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' mexico.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>new jersey</div> <div class='text'>new mexico</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> </div> Misc Tue, 26 Aug 2014 06:36:00 -0800 Antique, Classic, Vintage, and Muscle Car Clubs <p><a href=''><img src='' style='float:left; height:207px; margin-right:15px; width:140px' /></a></p> <p>if you own an antique, classic, vintage, or muscle car, you may want to meet other people who share in the same hobby. there are a lot of different <a href=''>car clubs</a> around the world that give people the opportunity to come together and share in their love of antique, classic, vintage, or muscle cars. there are even clubs that focus on one specific brand of car or even some that narrow it down to a certain year, like the 54 ford club of america. these clubs offer their members access to a variety of information, including where to buy parts, where to go to get their cars worked on, and what kind of <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> they should get.</p> <p><strong>finding a club</strong></p> <p>finding a club is actually pretty easy. first, you should decide what kind of car club you want to join. if you already own a car, it's pretty easy–if you have a classic car, join a classic car club. if you own a muscle car, join a muscle car club. if you don't own a classic car yet, but are looking to buy one, you should probably join the club that best fits your interest.</p> <p>next, you have to actually find a club to join. you can search online, or you can look in your local paper or check with your local chamber of commerce. you can also ask people who own classic or vintage cars if they're part of a group. you could even talk to a <a href=''>vintage car insurance</a> representative to see if he knows of any club in your area.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''><img src='' style='height:216px; width:320px' /></a></p> <p>contact us now to find an insurance quote to fully understand your coverage and know more about our <a href=''>classic car insurance nj.</a></p> <p><strong>joining</strong></p> <p>each club is going to be a little bit different. each has its own rules about who can join and what the process is. most clubs do have membership dues. these annual fees help fund the club's activities, and they're usually very affordable. you might also want to pay for things like t-shirts or hats that feature the club's logo or name. because there is money involves, you might want to attend a meeting or event before you formally join just so you know how things are done. you don't want to join a club only to find out it's not exactly what you thought it was. there's also nothing wrong with going to meetings of a few different clubs before you pick one to join.</p> <p style='text-align:center'><a href=''><img src='' style='height:221px; width:320px' /></a></p> <p><strong>participating</strong></p> <p>most clubs have monthly meetings that members should try to attend. these meetings have several functions. they serve as a way for members to get together and talk at least once a month. they also let the club discuss events and vote on what activities members want to do. finally, some clubs have guest speakers at their meetings or have members do workshops or show off their cars. for example, someone might speak on the benefits of <a href=''>classic car insurance</a> at one meeting, while another may include pictures and a discussion of a member's recent trip to a classic car show. you might even have something to present to the group.</p> <table border='1' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' style='margin-left:20px; width:700px'> <tbody> <tr> <td>club</td> <td>address</td> <td>phone / email</td> <td>interest</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>1995 corvette pace car registry</a></td> <td>11825 ih-10 west, suite 213 san antonio, tx 78230</td> <td>ph - 210-641-7733 , 210-641-7733</td> <td>1995 corvette pace car registry</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>4 seasons rambler club</a></td> <td>6 murolo rd. north grovenordale, ct 6255</td> <td><br /> ph - 860 - 923-0485</td> <td>rambler,amc, nash, hudson</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>54 ford club of america</a></td> <td>1400 west mayfield road suite 340 arlington, tx 76015</td> <td><br /> ph - 817-466-8088, 817-466-8088</td> <td>club for 1954 fords</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>aaca library & research center</a></td> <td>501 w. governor rd p.o. box 417 hershey, pa 17033</td> <td><br /> ph - 717 534-1910, 717 534-1910</td> <td>museum, research library, event sponsor for antique autos</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>amelia cruizers</a></td> <td>p.o. box 15714 fernandina beach, fl 32035</td> <td><br /> ph - 903-227-8693, 903-227-8693</td> <td>club for pre 1979 cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>america's corvette club</a></td> <td>po box 5444 hollywood, fl 33083</td> <td><br /> ph - 954-430-8383, 954-430-8383</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>antique automobile club of america</a></td> <td>501 governor rd. 417 hershey, pa 17033</td> <td><br /> ph - 717-534-1910, 717-534-1910</td> <td>club for antique and all original motorized vehicles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>antique truck club of america</a></td> <td>boyertown museum 85 s. walnut st. boyertown, pa 19512</td> <td><br /> ph - 610-367-2567, 610-367-2567</td> <td>club for antique trucks</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>astros car club</a></td> <td>729 milyer lane, baltimoremd 21229</td> <td><br /> ph - 410-239-0750</td> <td>club for hot rods</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>bay state corvair club</a></td> <td>33 woodhaven blvd. north providence, ri 2911</td> <td><br /> ph - 401-231-0784</td> <td>club for corvairs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>bonneville corvair club</a></td> <td>760 east william way salt lake cuty, ut 84107</td> <td></td> <td>club for corvairs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>bow tie chevy association</a></td> <td>post office box 608108 orlando, fl 32860</td> <td><br /> ph - 407 880 1956, 407 880 1956</td> <td>club for chevrolets 1955-1972</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>buick club of america</a></td> <td>po box 360775 columbus, oh 43236</td> <td><br /> ph - 614-472-3939</td> <td>dedicated to the preservation and restoration of automobiles built by the buick motor division of general motors corporation</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>buick heritage alliance</a></td> <td>for correspondence 2205 wingate dr. delaware, oh 43015</td> <td><br /> ph - 407 - 399-1242 407 - 399-1242</td> <td>the acquisition, restoration, preservation, and display to the public of buick automobiles and related items</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>cadillac & lasalle club</a></td> <td>po box 360835 columbus, oh 43236</td> <td> ph - 614-478-4622, 614-478-4622</td> <td>cadillac & lasalles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>shelby dodge automobile club</a></td> <td>po box 2080 des plaines il 60017-2080</td> <td><br /> ph - 847-979-0083</td> <td>shelby dodge automobiles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>central mass. wanderers inc.</a></td> <td>p.o. box 93 southbridge, ma 1550</td> <td><br /> ph - 508- 765 - 9371</td> <td>antique, classic car & truck</td> </tr> <tr> <td>chesapeake bay chapter, het club</td> <td>3513 oxwed ct. westminster, md 21157</td> <td><br /> ph - 410-795-4992, 410-795-4992</td> <td>club for hudson, essex & terraplane</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chicagoland mg club</a></td> <td>po box 455 addison, il 60101</td> <td><br /> ph - 630-505-0866</td> <td>mg</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chicagoland mopar connection</a></td> <td>1120 balnchard street downers grove, il 60516</td> <td>ph - 630-553-2203</td> <td>club for chrysler, plymouth and dodge cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chicagoland thunderbirds</a></td> <td>po box 681313 schaumburg, il 60194</td> <td>ph - 630-627-2866</td> <td>club for thunderbirds</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chrysler 300 club inc.</a></td> <td>1801 redwine terrace brentwood, ca 94513</td> <td><br /> ph - 925-513-6583, 925-513-6583</td> <td>club for 1955-1965 300 letter series, non letter series 1962-1971, 1979 cordoba 300</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chrysler 300 club international, inc.</a></td> <td>po box 40 benson, md 21018</td> <td><br /> ph - 937-885-4256</td> <td>club for 1955-1965 chrysler 300's plus the 1970 300 hurst</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chrysler 300m enthusiasts club</a></td> <td>1270 del lilly lane las vegas, nv 89123</td> <td><br /> ph - 425-898-8074, 425-898-8074</td> <td>club for chrysler 300m</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>chrysler cordoba club usa</a></td> <td>3504-12 highway 153 greenville, sc 29611</td> <td><br /> ph - 864-295-8907</td> <td>chrysler cordoba</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>classic car</a></td> <td>gulfport, ms 39501</td> <td><br /> ph - 251-367-6643</td> <td>club for classic, antique</td> </tr> <tr> <td>classy cruisers club</td> <td>po box 3122 bethleham, pa 18017</td> <td>ph - 610 -758-9111</td> <td>club for cruisers - all makes & models of american & european vehicles at least 11 years old</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>cleveland corvette</a></td> <td>po box 81691 cleveland, oh 44181</td> <td><br /> ph - 847-223-3515</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>colonial corvair club</a></td> <td>233 van norden rd. reading, ma 1867</td> <td></td> <td>club for corvairs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>corvette club of america</a></td> <td>po box 3355 gaithersburg, md 20885</td> <td></td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>corvette club of delaware valley</a></td> <td>box 397 willow grove, pa 19090</td> <td><br /> ph - 215-938-7722, 215-938-7722</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>county corvette asssociation</a></td> <td>box 724 media, pa 19063</td> <td><br /> ph - 302- 834-5457</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>dakota territories model a ford club</a></td> <td>2418 kenwood manor sioux falls, sd 57104</td> <td><br /> ph - 605-336-1048, 605-336-1048</td> <td>model a ford</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>dallas model a ford club</a></td> <td>140 deann lane coppell, tx 75109</td> <td><br /> ph - 972-226-5707</td> <td>model a ford club</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>durant motors automobile club</a></td> <td>9331 nc hwy 210 four oaks, nc 27524</td> <td><br /> ph - 919-989-9603, 919-989-9780</td> <td>club for autos made by durant, including star, rugby, flint, frontenac, devaux, dort, locomobile</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>early ford v-8 club of america</a></td> <td>po box 1715 maple grove, mn 55311</td> <td><br /> ph - 866 427 7583, 866 427 7583</td> <td>club for 1932 - 1953 ford's, lincoln's, mercury's</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>east coast camaro club inc.</a></td> <td>po box 7172 nashua, nh 3060</td> <td><br /> ph - 978-223-2241, 978-223-2241</td> <td>camaro</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>edsel owners club</a></td> <td>1740 nw 3rd st. gresham, or 97030</td> <td><br /> 503-492-0878 503-492-0878</td> <td>club for ford edsel owners</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>fiat 550 club canada</a></td> <td>po box 56600 5289 highway 7 west unit 7 woodbridge, ontario, canada l4l 8v3</td> <td><br /> ph -905-475-6513, 905-475-6513</td> <td>club for fiat 500</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>fiat enthusiasts northwest</a></td> <td>5523 ne 195th st. kenmore, wa 98028</td> <td><br /> ph - 425-483-9765</td> <td>club for fiats & lancias</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>graffiti knights car club</a></td> <td>176 route 101 unit b3 (pmb #136) bedford, nh 3110</td> <td></td> <td>club for pre 1980</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>grand rapids antique car club</a></td> <td>box 1523 grand rapids, mi 49501</td> <td><br /> ph - 616-677-5816, 616-677-5816</td> <td>club for antique cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>greater shasta valley studebaker drivers club</a></td> <td>1756 filaree dr. redding, ca 96002</td> <td>ph - 530-222-1948</td> <td>club for studebakers in the no. calif. area.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>guernsey valley ole car club</a></td> <td>294 s second street byesville, oh 43723</td> <td><br /> ph - 740-685-2218</td> <td>club for antique cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>horseless carriage club of america</a></td> <td>5709 oak ave. temple city, ca 91780</td> <td><br /> ph - 626 287 4222, 626 287 4222</td> <td>club for any pioneer gas, steam and electric motor vehicle built or manufactured prior to january 1, 1916.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>horseless carriage foundation, inc.</a></td> <td>8186 center street, suite f p.o. box 369 la mesa, ca 91944</td> <td><br /> ph - 619 464-0301 619 464-0301</td> <td>automotive research library</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>hudson essex terraplane club</a></td> <td>8549 nw skyline blvd, portland, or 97229</td> <td><br /> ph - 503-286-2017</td> <td>online club for hudson,essex & terraplane enthusiasts</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>international mercury owners assoc.</a></td> <td>po box 1245 northbrook, il 60065</td> <td><br /> ph - 847-997-8624, 847-997-8624</td> <td>mercury</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>kansas city cadillace and lasalle club</a></td> <td>online kansas city, mo</td> <td><br /> ph - 816-331-6707</td> <td>club for cadillacs and lasalles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>lincoln continental owners club</a></td> <td> 1715 maple grove, mn 55311</td> <td><br /> ph - 866 427 7583 866 427 7583</td> <td>club for lincoln continental owners</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>lincoln luxury sport owner's club</a></td> <td>12510 bright sky overlook austin, tx 78732</td> <td><br /> ph - 908-643-5195, 908-643-5195</td> <td>lincoln</td> </tr> <tr> <td>lost caravan corvette club</td> <td>6242 woodland road linthicum heights, md 21090</td> <td><br /> ph - 301.537.5881</td> <td>online corvette club</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>lowcountry mopars</a></td> <td>po box 60934 north charleston, sc 29419</td> <td><br /> ph - 843-797-3246</td> <td>club for chrysler, plymouth and dodge cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mad anthony corvair club</a></td> <td>5401 huntington road fort wayne, in 46809</td> <td><br /> ph - 260-478-3574</td> <td>club for corvairs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>maryland chevelle club</a></td> <td>228 st. james drive glen bernie, md 21061</td> <td><br /> ph - 410-768-0056, 410-768-0056</td> <td>chevelles & el camino</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>merkur club of america inc.</a></td> <td>130 pennhurst road spring city, pa 19475</td> <td><br /> ph - 610-715-4697</td> <td>club for merkur scorpio and xr4ti automobiles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mid america chevelle club</a></td> <td>12318 w. 61 st. shawnee, ks 66216</td> <td><br /> ph - 913-248-0288, 913-248-0288</td> <td>chevelles</td> </tr> <tr> <td>mid atlantic camero club</td> <td>22302, 711 fitzhugh way altavista, va 22302</td> <td><br /> ph - 703-960-9160, 703-960-9160</td> <td>camaro</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>midwesterncorvette society inc.</a></td> <td>po box 152 sioux city, iowa 51102</td> <td><br /> ph - 712-276-9525, 605-232-4536</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mile high cobra club</a></td> <td>po box 844 castle rock, co 80104</td> <td><br /> ph - 303-979-4977</td> <td>ford cobra replica's</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>moon car club</a></td> <td>2515 river winds ct. st. louis, mo 63129</td> <td></td> <td>a club dedicated to the restoration and preservation of moon motor car company vehicles - moon, diana, windsor ruxton, hol-tan</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mopar alley</a></td> <td>338 spring valley lane milpitas, ca 95035</td> <td>ph - 408-296-8186</td> <td>club for chrysler, plymouth and dodge cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mopar muscle club of new mexico</a></td> <td>60 winston drive los lunas, nm 87031</td> <td><br /> ph - 505-833-3168</td> <td>club for chrysler, plymouth and dodge cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mother truckers</a></td> <td>4212 18th street west bradenton, fl 34205</td> <td>ph - 941-756-4905, 941-756-4905</td> <td>club for chevy trucks</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mt. shasta orphans classics</a></td> <td>1756 filaree dr. redding, ca 96002</td> <td><br /> ph-530-222-1948</td> <td>club for 'orphaned' makes and non-orphaned makes alike in the no. calif. area.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>mustang club of america</a></td> <td>4051 barrancas ave. pmb 102 pensacola, fl 32507</td> <td> ph -850 438 0626, 850 438 0626</td> <td>club for mustang owners</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>national antique oldsmobile club</a></td> <td>121 n. railroad st. myerstown, pa 17067</td> <td><br /> ph -714-372-3932</td> <td>the naoc is devoted to encouraging the preservation, restoration & display of oldsmobile products built from 1897 through 1966.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>national assoc. of automobile clubs of canada</a></td> <td>3512 marine avenue, belcarra, canada v3h4r8</td> <td><br /> ph -425- 246-5222</td> <td>association of canadian automobile clubs</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>national firebird & trans am club</a></td> <td>p. o. box 11238 chicago, il 60611</td> <td><br /> ph - 776 769 6262</td> <td>serving the interests of firebird, trans am & formula owners throughout north america.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>new brunswick antique auto club</a></td> <td>5 hooper lane, petitcodiac new brunswick, canada e4z 0b4</td> <td><br /> ph - 506-455-2214, 506-455-2214</td> <td>club for antique cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>new river classic cruisers</a></td> <td>p.o. box 1476 radfor, va 24143</td> <td><br /> ph - 540-639-0929</td> <td>club in virginia for cruisers, to stimulate interest in restoration and the preservation of automobiles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>north coast corvairs</a></td> <td>po box 902 painesville, oh 44077</td> <td><br /> ph -440-350-1182, 440-350-1182</td> <td>club for corvairs - lakewood,ramsides,loadsides, spyders,corsas,60 convertables, etc</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>north georgia mopar club</a></td> <td>po box 426 lovejoy, ga 30250</td> <td><br /> ph - 770-957-8919</td> <td>club for chrysler, plymouth and dodge cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>northern california studebaker drivers club</a></td> <td>p.o. box 6232 hayward, ca 94544</td> <td><br /> ph - 925-519-7735</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>northstar chevelle club</a></td> <td>2893 rice creek pkwy ne. blaine, mn. 55449</td> <td><br /> ph -763-497-7169</td> <td>club for chevelles, el caminos, malibus, beaumonts, gmc sprints in minnesota</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>oklahoma buick performance club</a></td> <td>625 pint point circle valdosta, ga 31602</td> <td><br /> ph � 229-244-0577</td> <td>buick performance cars</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>classic ford truck club</a></td> <td>box 610 arthur, on n0b 1a0</td> <td>phone: 519-848-3649</td> <td>club for classic ford trucks</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>oldsmobile club of america</a></td> <td>p.o. box 80318 lansing, mi 48908</td> <td><br /> ph - 517 663-1811, 517 663-1811</td> <td>club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of oldsmobile</td> </tr> <tr> <td>olympic peninsula american motors club</td> <td>5851 ne lincoln road east poulsbo, washington 98370</td> <td><br /> ph - 360-598-4449, 360-598-4449</td> <td>club for all amc vehicles manufactured from 1954 to 1998</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>pacific northwest region lincoln & continental owners club</a></td> <td>c/o denis lacross 4826 ne twin spirits rd. hansville, wa</td> <td>ph - 866-427-7583</td> <td>lincoln & continental owners club</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>pacific northwest region nash car club of america</a></td> <td>150 melrose ave. e. #108 seattle, wa 98102</td> <td><br /> ph - 206-328-4533, 206-328-4533</td> <td>club for nash & related vehicles - rambler, jeffery, ajax, lafayette, nash healey, metropolitan, hudson</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>packards international</a></td> <td>302 french st. santa ana, ca 92701</td> <td><br /> ph -714-541-8431, 714-541-8431</td> <td>club devoted to the enjoyment and preservation of the packard motor car.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>peach state chevelles</a></td> <td>44 berkeley road avondale estates, ga 30002</td> <td><br /> ph - 770-532-0823, 770-532-0823</td> <td>chevelles & el camino</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>pontiac oakland club international</a></td> <td>p.o. box 68 maple plain, mn 55359</td> <td><br /> ph � 877-368-3454, 877-368-3454</td> <td>club to promote interest in the pontiac, oakland, and gmc vehicles, their history and restoration and preservation</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>porsche club 911t registry</a></td> <td>3029 georgia ave. s saint louis park, mn 55426</td> <td></td> <td>club for porsche 911t's</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>porsche club of america</a></td> <td>p.o. box 6400 columbia, md 21045</td> <td><br /> ph - 410-381-0911,703-321-2111</td> <td>club for porsches</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>quad cities antique ford club</a></td> <td>1314 le claire davenport, ia 52803</td> <td><br /> ph - 563-381-3621</td> <td>club for all cars makes & models, prefer stock vehicles</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>renegade corvette club</a></td> <td>4311 van buren st. hollywood, fl 33021</td> <td><br /> ph - 954-963 6437, 954-963 6437</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>richmond county corvette club inc.</a></td> <td>po box 60456 staten island, ny 10306</td> <td><br /> ph -718-979-7231</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>route 66 corvette club</a></td> <td>st. charles, mo</td> <td><br /> ph - 573-586-7221</td> <td>club for corvettes</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>san gabriel valley mustang club</a></td> <td>online san gabriel valley, ca</td> <td><br /> ph - 626-852-2700</td> <td>club for mustangs in th san gabriel, ca valley.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>shelby american automibile club</a></td> <td>po box 788 sharon, ct 6069</td> <td><br /> ph -860-364-0769, 860-364-0769</td> <td>shelby american</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>socal viper club</a></td> <td>1772-j east avenida de los arboles #107 thousand oaks, ca 91360</td> <td> ph-949-600-7244, 949-600-7244</td> <td>club for dodge viper</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>studebakers drivers club</a></td> <td>po box 1715 maple grove, mn 55311</td> <td><br /> ph -763 420 7829, 763 420 7829</td> <td>club to to honor the studebaker automobile and all of the studebaker-related products.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>sundowners car club</a></td> <td>p.o. box 93 northfield, mn 55057</td> <td></td> <td>local car club for anyone who has an interest in street rods, customs, antiques, special interest, or foreign cars.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>the international club for rolls royce and bentley owners and enthusiasts</a></td> <td>191 hempt road mechanicsburg, pa 17050</td> <td><br /> ph - 717-697-4671, 717-697-4671</td> <td>rolls royce and bentley</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>the metropolitan club of california</a></td> <td>17831 quintana lane hungtington beach, ca 92647</td> <td><br /> ph - 415-673-0600</td> <td>club for nash metropolitan</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>the mg car club, central jersey centre, inc.</a></td> <td>po box 435 convent station, nj 7961</td> <td><br /> ph - 201-796-5445</td> <td>mg</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>the model t ford club international inc.</a></td> <td>po box 355 hudson, nc 28638</td> <td>ph -828-728-5758, 828-728-5758</td> <td>model t ford club</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>the packard club</a></td> <td>po box 360806 columbus, ohio 43236</td> <td><br /> ph - 800-478-4946, 800-478-4946</td> <td>club for packards</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>the showroom of automotive history - the model t</a></td> <td>20900 oakwood blvd. dearborn, mi 48124</td> <td><br /> ph -800-835-5237, 800-835-5237</td> <td>model t ford</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>three rivers chapter of ford galaxy club of america</a></td> <td>101 claridge drive moon township, pn 15108</td> <td><br /> ph -412-262-5211, 412-262-5211</td> <td>club for ford galaxies</td> </tr> <tr> <td>twin cities model a ford club</td> <td>16144 wake street ne ham lake, mn 55304</td> <td><br /> ph -736 434 4814</td> <td>club for ford model a's</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>veteran motor car club of america</a></td> <td>7383 harlem road caledonia, il 61011</td> <td><br /> ph -815-885-1108</td> <td>club to encourage preservation and restoration of antique and historically significant automobiles.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>vintage chevrolet club of america</a></td> <td>po box 609 lemont, il 60439</td> <td><br /> ph -708 455 8222, 708 455 8222</td> <td>club dedicated to the restoration and preservation of all years of chevrolets.</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>west coast kustoms</a></td> <td>po box 8028 mereno valley, ca 92552</td> <td><br /> ph -951-488-0413, 951-488-9383</td> <td>club for traditional style customs and hotrod's of the 50's</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>western region lincoln & continental owners club</a></td> <td>9318chaparral road canoga park, ca 91304</td> <td><br /> ph - 480-941-8983</td> <td>lincoln, continenal</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>western washington firebirds</a></td> <td>2436 i st ne unit d auburn, wa 28002</td> <td><br /> ph -425-775-8380</td> <td>club for firebirds, formulas, espirits, trans ams, gta's and firehawks</td> </tr> <tr> <td><a href='' target='_blank'>wpc chrysler club - southeast texas region</a></td> <td>mailing - miles simpson 811 n fostoria rd. cleveland, tx 77328</td> <td><br /> ph -713-869-8962, 713-869-8962</td> <td>interested in enjoying and preserving chrysler corporation cars & trucks.</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> Misc Tue, 22 Jul 2014 13:02:00 -0800 Knowledge is Insurance: Tips for Buying a Classic Car at Auction <p>classic car buyers who have been to many different auctions know all the tips and tricks, which means they'll be the ones walking away with the coolest cars without spending a huge amount of money. if you want to compete with them, you'll need to learn and use some of these various tips for buying a classic car at auction.</p> <p><img alt='classic car insurance' src='' style='float:left; margin:20px; padding:10px' /></p> <ul> <li>cars sell on visual inspection alone, so be certain to look the vehicle over completely. watch for signs of repair or for areas that look like they may have been quickly covered. do more than just look, too. sniff the carpet if it looks moldy and touch an area that appears to be rough. don't bid on the vehicle if anything looks off.</li> <li>if you do decide to buy a classic car that might need a little work, be honest with yourself. don't buy it if you know it's going to cost more to repair it than you can afford or if you know you may not have the technical expertise to fix it. also remember to factor in the cost of car <a href=''>insurance for custom cars</a> into your repair budget.</li> <li>assume the worst. always expect <a href=''>vehicles sold at auctions</a> to have been touched up, polished, or even quickly patched up just to get them to the auction. assume every car is going to need something done to it.</li> <li>check the transmission and oil dipsticks. cars that have been well-maintained will have clear, clean dipsticks.</li> <li>do research before going to auction. in many cases, you can find a list of the cars being auctioned off online before the auction starts. do some research on any of the vehicles you might want to bid on, including getting an idea of their value. if you're not certain of the value or if the bidding goes above it, walk away. make use of your smart phone, too, to look up information during the auction itself.</li> <li>check the vehicle's vin. look at the vin on the windshield, then compare it to any other place where the vin might be listed, like on the door or the trunk lid. if you see any vins that don't match up, it means that the car has been rebuilt.</li> <li>watch other bidders and see what vehicles they're going after. if you see a bidder who keeps bidding and then dropping out, he might be trying to drive the price up. if you attend a number of auctions, you'll start to know the regulars and the types of cars they go after.</li> <li>above all, remember your budget. most people don't think about spending more than the cost of the car, but you always need to factor in paying for anything that might need fixing, the cost of <a href=''>car insurance for classic car</a>, and more.</li> </ul> <p>  these are just a few different tips to keep in mind if you're going to buy a classic car at an auction. remember to always think before you bid and don't get caught up in the excitement of a bidding war.</p> Misc Mon, 21 Jul 2014 06:45:00 -0800 List of Price Guides Price-Guides <div class='main'> <div class='header'>list of price guides</div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'></div> <div class='text'></div> <div class='dt'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'></div> <div class='text'>copart usa</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'></div> <div class='text'></div> <div class='dt'> </div> </div> Misc Sat, 19 Jul 2014 09:18:00 -0800 Price-Guides Car shows <div class='main'> <div class='header'>car shows</div> <div class='image'><img src=' international auto show.jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' island concours d' /></div> <div class='text'>alabama international auto show</div> <div class='text'>amelia island concours d'elegance</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' auto show.jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' electronics show.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>chicago auto show</div> <div class='text'>consumer electronics show</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' los angeles auto show.jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' auto show.jpg' /></div> <div class='text'>greater los angeles auto show</div> <div class='text'>houston auto show</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' (defunct).jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' england summer nationals.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>motorama (defunct)</div> <div class='text'>new england summer nationals</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' york international auto show.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' american internationalautoshow.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>new york international auto show</div> <div class='text'>north american autoshow</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' county auto show,.jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' international auto show.jpg' /></div> <div class='text'>orange county auto show</div> <div class='text'>philadelphia international auto show</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' peak international hill climb.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' international auto show.jpg' /></div> <div class='text'>pikes peak international hill climb</div> <div class='text'>portland international auto show</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' monterey motorsports reunion.jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>rolex monterey motorsports reunion</div> <div class='text'>alon international del?auto de montr�al</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' concours d' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' show.jpg' /></div> <div class='text'>scarsdale concours d'elegance</div> <div class='text'>sema show</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' fair of texas.jpg' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=', new york city.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>state fair of texas</div> <div class='text'>waldorf-astoria, new york city</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' auto show.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' dream cruise.jpg' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>washington auto show</div> <div class='text'>woodward dream cruise</div> </div> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> Misc Fri, 18 Jul 2014 09:23:00 -0800 Auto Auctions and car magazines <div class='main'> <div class='header'>auto auctions</div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>mecum</div> <div class='text'>iaa</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' usa.jpg' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>barrett-jackson</div> <div class='text'>copart usa</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>manheim</div> <div class='text'>america</div> <div class='header' style='height:100px;'>car magazines</div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' rod.jpg' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>autoweek</div> <div class='text'>hot rod</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' trend.jpg' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' and driver.jpg' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>motor trend</div> <div class='text'>car and driver</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' and trackautomobile mag.jpg' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' cars weekly.jpg' style='height:138px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>road and trackautomobile mag</div> <div class='text'>old cars weekly</div> </div> Misc Thu, 17 Jul 2014 10:02:00 -0800 United States Car Manufacturers <div class='main'> <div class='header'>united states car manufacturers</div> <div class='dtf'>current</div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>buick</div> <div class='text'>bxr</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>cadillac</div> <div class='text'>callaway</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>chevrolet</div> <div class='text'>chrysler</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src=' electric.jpg' /></div> <div class='text'>delorean</div> <div class='text'>detroit electric</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>dodge</div> <div class='text'>e-z-go</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>falcon</div> <div class='text'>fisker</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>ford</div> <div class='text'>gem</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>gmc</div> <div class='text'>henessey</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>lucra</div> <div class='text'>jeep</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>lincoln</div> <div class='text'>navistar</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>panoz</div> <div class='text'>ram</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>rossion</div> <div class='text'>saleen</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>ssc</div> <div class='text'>tesla</div> <div class='dtf'>defunct</div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>adams-farwell</div> <div class='text'>amc</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>apollo</div> <div class='text'>arrow</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>auburn</div> <div class='text'>bates</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>cord</div> <div class='text'>crosley</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>falcon</div> <div class='text'>davis</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>duesenberg</div> <div class='text'>eagle</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>edsel</div> <div class='text'>essex</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>frazer</div> <div class='text'>geo</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>willys</div> <div class='text'>graham-paige</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>hummer</div> <div class='text'>hupmobile</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>jeffery</div> <div class='text'>kaiser</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>kissel</div> <div class='text'>laforza</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>lasalle</div> <div class='text'>locomobile</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>marmon</div> <div class='text'>mercury</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>nash</div> <div class='text'>oldsmobile</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>overland</div> <div class='text'>packard</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>pierce-arrow</div> <div class='text'>plymouth</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>pontiac</div> <div class='text'>rambler</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>regal</div> <div class='text'>reo</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='text'>saturn</div> <div class='text'>stanley</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' /></div> <div class='text'>sterling</div> <div class='text'>studebaker</div> <div class='dt'><img src='' style='height:11px; width:600px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='' style='height:150px; width:300px' /></div> <div class='image'><img src='!nk.jpg' /></div> <div class='text'>tucker</div> <div class='text'>th!nk</div> </div> Misc Wed, 16 Jul 2014 08:56:00 -0800 The Classic Car Industry and Hurricane Sandy <p>one thing few people really thought about when <a href=''>hurricane sandy</a> hit was all of the lost vehicles. people were concerned for their homes and their property, which did include their cars, but mostly they were worried about not having a place to live. cars were secondary, especially classic cars. but for those who lost their beloved classic cars, the hurricane took more than just their form of transportation. it took something they loved. it was especially horrible for those without <a href=''>collector car insurance</a> since they may not have received any form of compensation for their loss.</p> <p>it can't <a href=''>restore classic cars</a>.</p> <p><img alt='hurricane sandy flooding crisfield md' src='' /></p> <p><strong>the damage to the industry</strong></p> <p>but there was more than just a few classic cars damaged here and there. now one year after the hurricane hit, industry analysts are saying that the hurricane was the worst disaster to hit the classic car industry ever. it was more than just the cars that were damaged by the storm itself. the hurricane kicked up a lot of salt water and other minerals that reached cars that weren't damaged by the hurricane. this salt is highly corrosive to cars, and it did just as much damage as the storm. add that to the fact that the areas affected by sandy were home to more classic cars than any other region in the u.s. and you have a major loss for the industry as a whole.</p> <p><strong>the impact on insurance</strong></p> <p>while some owners didn't have <a href=''>classic insurance</a> for their cars, many others did. this led to millions of dollars in payouts from insurance companies. while that's great for the owners, it means that some premiums may have to increase to cover these expenses. of course, those who lost their classic cars may not need to purchase <a href=''>collector car insurance</a> again any time soon since they will have to first buy a new car. this could mean even more trouble for insurance companies that insure classics.</p> <p><strong>the impact on owners</strong></p> <p>car enthusiasts who lost their vehicles may be even more upset about it than they were losing their homes. many took years to find the perfect classic car and then spent more years repairing and restoring it. they've lost something that meant a lot to them, and now they have to start all over. yes, they have the money from their <a href=''>vintage car insurance</a> policy, but they may not be able to easily find another car like they had. some may not even want another car--the make and model of their vehicle had a special meaning to them.</p> <p><strong>the impact on the industry</strong></p> <p>the loss of so many classic vehicles was a blow to the industry, especially if those vehicles were rare or one of a kind. while <a href=''>collector car insurance</a> can soften the financial impact on collectors, it can't restore the destroyed cars. this means some of these rare treasures are lost forever. however, many classic car collectors in the area say they plan on getting back into collecting or are going to start looking for a replacement car. of course, you can bet they will all have<a href=''> car insurance-old car</a> policies.</p> Misc Tue, 10 Dec 2013 04:40:00 -0800 Signs that your Beloved Classic Car is Dead <p>no matter how much you try to resuscitate it, sometimes you have to admit that your classic car is dead. it's a sad day when you have to do this, but it's not always possible to safe your beloved vehicle. this may be true of a junker you bought thinking you could repair it, or it might be true of one of the classic cars you purchased at an auction and painstakingly restored only for something horrible to happen. no matter what, you can only hope your <a href=''>vintage car insurance</a> will cover it. if you're wondering if your classic car is reaching the end of its life, here are a few signs to look for.</p> <p><img alt='classic car insurance' src='' style='float:left; margin-right:15px' /></p> <ul> <li>you go to buy parts for the car and are told that they've been discontinued. this makes it difficult to find what you need to keep your baby running. while it's not an immediate problem, over time, the lack of easy-to-get parts will become an issue. eventually, you won't be able to find brand new parts.</li> <li>eventually, you might replace the entirety of the vehicle. when this happens, you've got to realize that your classic car is gone--you've got something that looks just like it, but it's brand new! one of the biggest reasons this happens is damage to the frame or undercarriage. these types of major repairs can be done, especially if your classic car insurance pays for it, but they might mean your classic car isn't quite as classic as it looks.</li> <li>rust can be another classic car killer. in some cases, you almost have to simply replace the panel, which goes back to the point above. while you may be able to find some replacement parts from other damaged vehicles, you can't count on it.</li> <li>another issue you might come up against is the need for specific tools for your make and model. some of these tools are rare, leaving car collectors to try to create something that does the job. these makeshift tools may actually damage the car, though, and that type of damage isn't usually covered by insurance.</li> <li>just like parts, your tires may also be discontinued. if you can't get the right wheels or tires for your car, you may not be able to drive it any longer. your other option would be to use different wheels, which means the car won't be 100 percent classic.</li> <li>gas may be an issue is older vehicles, especially as more and more places start offering fuel with ethanol in it. <a href='' title='classic cars'>classic cars</a> can't handle this type of fuel. make certain you put the correct gas in your vehicle, or you'll ruin the engine. car insurance won't help you if you've done the damage yourself.</li> <li>the cost of car insurance itself can also indicate when your classic car should be retired. in this case, it's more of an indication of which your budget can no longer cover the cost of your vehicle. many of the <a href='' title='classic insurance'>classic insurance</a> policies are costly. of course, to not have one of these policies invites disaster. your classic car is an investment, after all, and must be protected.</li> </ul> Misc Mon, 9 Dec 2013 22:36:00 -0800 Investing in a Classic Car <p>buying a classic car is more than just another purchase. it's more than buying another car, especially since it most likely won't be your main form of transportation. what is it is an investment. it's something that is worth money, unlike your other modern cars that actually lose value the moment you drive them off the lot. classic cars only get better with age, especially if you maintain them. for that reason, you want to treat them more like a collectible and less like another car. that means you'll want to do things like getting special collector car insurance and make certain they're protected from storms and other damage. but before you jump into the car collecting industry, here are a few things you should keep in mind. for example, if you are looking for classic car insurance the policies aren't cheap.</p> <p><img alt='classic car insurance' src='' style='float:left; margin-right:15px' /></p> <p><strong>keep your investment realistic</strong></p> <p>sure, many classic car collectors are out to own the car of their dreams, but that vehicle may be much too expensive. that's why many start out purchasing classic cars that are on the cheaper end of the scale, especially ones that need a little repair. once they've restored the cars, they can resell them for more money which they can then reinvest in a more expensive car until they can purchase their dream vehicle. of course, collectors will always want to be certain to have <a href=''>classic insurance</a> on their vehicles so if something does go wrong, their investment will be covered.</p> <p><strong>other costs</strong></p> <p>but there's more to investing in a classic car than just the upfront cost of the vehicle. you also have to make certain you have enough money to cover the storage of the car and the repairs it may need. you'll have to pay for gas and parts throughout the years you have it, and you'll have to pay your classic car insurance premiums. when you sell a classic car, there are also costs like the commission the auction services get, the cost of entering an item in the auction, and the transportation of the vehicle to the auction site. this can all add up very quickly. on the other side of the auction service, buyers have to pay a buyer's premium and transportation costs in addition to what the car actually cost. oh, and then there are taxes on top of everything else. it can be difficult to make any sort of profit out of a classic car.</p> <p><strong>do your research</strong></p> <p>before you decide you want to get into investing in classic cars, do your research. look up the value of the cars you're interested in online. look for quotes on antique car insurance, and learn about auction fees and what kinds of taxes are leveled against classic cars. you might want to consult with your <a href=''>independent car insurance agent</a> about the basics of vintage car insurance. understanding the values of cars and how much you'll have to spend on the other services related to your cars is vital before you start investing. otherwise, you may discover that you're in way over your head.</p> Misc Mon, 9 Dec 2013 22:27:00 -0800 How Hobbyists Choose an Old Car to buy <p>do you want to purchase a classic car but aren't sure exactly how? there are a number of different things to look for. in fact, before you even start looking for an old car to purchase, there are a few things you should do, including looking into classic car insurance.</p> <p><img alt='classic car insurance' src='' /></p> <p><strong>read up on classic cars</strong></p> <p>one of the most important things to do when buying an old car is to know what you want. to that end, you should read classic car magazines and do some research online. this will give you an idea of what type of classic car you want and how much you may need to spend on it. you might also want to join a local classic car club. while reading about cars is one thing, it's another to be able to look at them and discuss them with their owners. these local experts may also be able to answer some of your questions that online resources or magazines can't. there are also national car clubs that focus on specific brands. for example, there are chevrolet or mustang car clubs. there are also more generic clubs such as the antique automobile club of america that can give you a lot of information.</p> <p><strong>look at your purchase objectively</strong></p> <p>when buying an antique car, a lot of people do so on a whim. they see a car that reminds them of the one they used to drive when they were young, and so they snatch it up. but often, this means they don't really look at the car's problems. that's why you should do your best to remove emotion from your purchase. take a look at the car objectively and decide if it's really worth the money or not.</p> <p><strong>take a hard look at your budget</strong></p> <p>before you can choose an old car, you have to know how much you can actually afford. remember that buying an older car has more expenses than the initial cost. you may also have to pay for classic cars restoration and repairs, and you'll need to buy the proper auto insurance. this may cost you more than you might think, so be sure you factor it into your costs. do you have the time to fix up your car? it may take a lot of time and money, so be sure you have plenty of both.</p> <p><strong>find a reputable seller</strong></p> <p>make certain you purchase your car from someone who has taken care of it and is upfront about its issues, if it has any. if the seller is a classic car enthusiast, you will know you're getting a car that's in good shape, but the seller will also know what it's worth and charge accordingly. if you buy from someone who doesn't know classic cars, you might get a better price, but the car may be in terrible shape.</p> <p><strong>talk it over</strong></p> <p>finally, if you're married or have a significant other, don't make the purchase alone. be sure to talk it over so you both understand the financial obligations you're making. you may also need to decide if the collector car insurance will be in both of your names or just in yours.</p> <h2>antique auto insurance</h2> <p>not all older vehicles meet the conditions for <a href=''>antique auto insurance. </a>there are a number of conditions your vehicle must meet to be covered with specific insurance suited to the requirements of an antique. on top of that, they often <a href=''>vary from state to state</a>. here at leland west, however, we’ve been providing classic auto insurance for 25 years and can give you expert advice on antique auto insurance.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>who is the best classic car insurance?</a><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?​</a></p> Misc Thu, 24 Oct 2013 06:13:00 -0800 Best Classic Cars for Flipping <p>have you ever thought about flipping cars? flipping cars involves purchasing cars that are in need of repair or that are being sold for a very low amount and then selling them for a profit. however, not all cars can be flipped. some classic cars resell for more than others, so you want to be certain that you're investing in the right vehicles; and make sure you are protecting your investment with <a href=''>antique car insurance</a>. here are a few of the best classic cars for flipping.</p> <h2>the 1965 corvette big block</h2> <p><img alt='classic car insurance' src='' style='float:left' /></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>this corvette can often be sold for twice what you put in it because of its history in races. many corvettes are worth money, so be sure to consider this before you pass on buying one. the 1965 flared fender corvette is <a href=''>another good vehicle to flip. </a></p> <h2>chevrolet impala (multiple years)</h2> <p>the chevrolet impala line has been popular for years. the 1965 model was especially popular, and you can <a href=''>flip one of these cars</a> pretty easily. another model that has become more popular lately is the 1967 impala. in addition to being popular among car fans, it's also become a sought-after classic car due to its appearance on the television show "supernatural," in which the main characters drive a 1967 chevrolet impala.</p> <h2>the 1931 ford model aa</h2> <p><img alt='classic car insurance' src='' style='float:left' /></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>if you come across any old ford for sale for a reasonable price, snatch it up. you can certainly resell it for a good amount of money, even if you need to put some work into it. of course, these older models are fairly rare, and even if you do find one for a low price, be ready to put some work into it.</p> <h2>some other cars can also make a profit</h2> <p>in addition to these vehicles, you can also make a profit flipping some other cars. in fact, if you find a classic car for very little, even if it's not one that you can resell for a lot, it may be worth buying because you can make a little bit of profit from it. in fact, selling these cars may be easier since more people will be able to afford them. just make certain that you have antique car insurance so that if something horrible happens, you won't lose your entire investment.</p> <h2>see what's popular</h2> <p>the market isn't always steady, so even while these may be great classic cars to flip now, they may not always be the highest sellers. to get an idea of what's selling, see which classic cars people are talking about. also keep an eye on what classic cars are being used in television and movies. fans of these movies and shows will often pay a lot of money to drive a car that looks just like the one their favorite fictional character drives.</p> <h2>keep your ears open</h2> <p>hear someone talking about a classic car they'd love to buy? it might be an indication of what's now popular. it could also give you the lead on a new customer, especially if you have or know where to get one of the cars he's talking about. again, it's all about keeping your finger on the pulse of the market and knowing which cars are best for flipping.</p> Misc Tue, 1 Oct 2013 10:53:00 -0800 Top 6 Celebrity Classic Car Collections That Are Too Cool <p>there are a number of celebrities known for their classic car collections. some of them have large collections, while others have very selective yet impressive smaller collections. some of these celebrities occasionally display their collections, while others keep their cars sheltered in their garages to keep them safe. in fact, you can bet all of these celebrity collectors have car <a href=''>insurance for classic car</a> to make certain their vehicles are protected. here are some of the most impressive celebrity classic car collections.</p> <h2>jay leno</h2> <p>one of the most well-known celebrity car collectors is talk show host jay leno. he has talked about his classic cars and even showed some of them on his show. leno has a huge collection of over 100 different classic cars. his collection includes a lamborghini countach, a bugatti veyron super sport, a mclaren f1, and more. he even has a few steam engines and some jet powered vehicles. leno's car collection doesn't sit and gather dust, either--he actually drives many of them.</p> <h2>jerry seinfeld</h2> <p>jerry seinfeld also has a collection of classic cars, although he <a href=''>focuses his collection</a> on porsches. seinfeld loves the different porsche designs, and he owns a number of different models, including a 959, 1944 porsche 550 spyder, and a 964. his collection, which he didn't show off for years, has been appraised at about $15 million dollars. he keeps them stored in an aircraft hangar in california.</p> <h2>ralph lauren</h2> <p>clothing designer ralph lauren loves cars. in fact, he has said on several occasions that he sees top-end cars as more than just vehicles: he considers them works of art. he has collected a variety of different luxury vehicles, including the alfa romeo 8c 2900 mille miglia, the jaguar xk 120, and the mercedes-benz 300sl.</p> <h2>wyclef jean</h2> <p>while he doesn't have a huge collection, wyclef jean, former singer for the fugees, does have several dozen classic cars. he <a href=' '>focuses on supercars</a> like the pagani zondas and the mclaren f1. but he doesn't keep all of his cars in classic condition: rumor says he had a fish tank installed in his hummer h2.</p> <h2>rowan atkinson</h2> <p>the comedic mr. bean, rowan atkinson, owns vehicles like the aston martin db2, the acura nsx, a 1939 bmw 328, and an aston martin v8 vantage zagato. he does actually drive some of his cars. unfortunately, one of the biggest news stories involving atkinson and his mclaren f1 was when he crashed the car in 2011. he hit a tree and left it nearly destroyed. atkinson had to spend almost two million dollars to get it back in drivable condition even after his car insurance for classic car.</p> <h2>nick mason</h2> <p>musician nick mason, english composer and drummer who collaborated with pink floyd and others, owns a number of older classic cars. among his collection is a 1927 bugatti t35, a 1962 ferrari 250 gto, and a number of others. if course, he does have some more current ones like the mclaren f1 gtr. according to those who know mason, he drives all of his cars at least once a year.</p> <h2>insurance on classic cars</h2> <p>anyone who owns a collectible vehicle knows that taking out <a href=''>insurance on classic cars</a> is essential. but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. classic and collectible cars make up a fraction of all vehicles in the united states, which is why most big-name insurance providers aren’t set up to provide specific coverage. leland west specializes in insurance on classic cars because we know that collectibles require unique care and attention, not a catch-all policy.</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>popular questions:</strong><br /> <a href=''>how does classic car insurance work?</a><br /> <a href=''>what is the best insurance for classic cars?</a></p> Misc Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:50:00 -0800