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New Jersey Alarm Rules in Brief

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Anti-Theft Device Discount:

A vehicle equipped with an Anti-Theft Device as described below qualifies for a reduction in the Other than Collision Premium. If more than one anti-theft system is present, please select the highest applicable category available.

Overall, the vehicle must have warning labels announcing the presence of the anti-theft device or system shall be located so as to be visible from the automobile's exterior.

Category I

  1. An ignition or starter cut-off switch device
  2. A non-passive alarm
  3. A steering column armored collar - clamps onto the steering column, over the ignition lock to prevent access to the ignition lock and prevent the vehicle from being steered if the automobile is started.

Category II

  1. A non-passive fuel cut-off device.
  2. A non-passive steering wheel lock.
  3. An armored cable hood lock and ignition cut-off.
  4. An emergency handbrake lock - a lock replaces the handbrake grip and is permanently attached to the handbrake lever.
  5. A car transmission lock - prevents the vehicle from moving from a parked position by locking the gear shift.

Category III

  1. A passive alarm and ignition or starter cut-off/disabling system.
  2. A passive fuel cut-off device.
  3. An passive armored ignition cut-off switch - when engaged, prevents a normal ignition or "hot wiring" of the automobile, interrupting the ignition current.
  4. A passive multi-component cut-off switch - when engaged, the primary wire to the ignition coil is disconnected, the starter is disconnected and one or more wires to the electronic ignition system, or the points and condenser are grounded to the chassis.
  5. A passive time delay ignition system - the system allows the automobile to be started only if the operator waits a prescribed time period before moving the ignition key from on to start.
  6. An armored cable or electronically operated hood lock and ignition cut-off switch system.
  7. A passive delayed ignition cut-off system -the ignition circuit is interrupted automatically when the engine reaches a pre-set speed,unless the system is actively disengaged.
  8. A passive ignition lock protection system - a case hardened steel protective cap fits over the ignition and contains a slotted opening through which the ignition key fits and is operable.
  9. A hydraulic brake lock - when activated and pressurized with the brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is maintained on the brakes at two or more of the automobile's wheels.
  10. A window etching identification system.

Category IV

Vehicle Recovery System - consists of an electronic homing device used in conjunction with a participating police agency or to a private central monitoring station with direct communication to the police. When activated, the electronic homing device allows law enforcement agencies to track the stolen vehicles.

Category V

A vehicle equipped with a Category III and Category IV anti-theft or vehicle recovery device in combination.