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City and State Incentives

Families aren’t alone in their concern for the driver safety of their loved ones.  The aging population is such a growing concern through all elements of society that many city and state incentives are being implemented, perfected, and shared to ensure mobility of the senior population isn’t restricted to an untenable level.  The elder care movement has developed a number of measures for assessing the driver safety level of seniors citizens and is actively seeking solutions for the transportation needs of seniors who are no longer comfortable behind the wheel.

Savvy Seniors Celebrate the Journey

Age alone is not a decisive factor when determining one’s safety level on the road.  Medical concerns and lifestyle choices may make one person ready to take up residence in the passenger seat while another may be perfectly fine behind the wheel until 85.  These are the golden years and no one should let the numbers put the brakes on enjoying life, on the road or off it.  Seniors-only social clubs, group excursions, all sorts of outings help savvy seniors celebrate the journey with fun and safety around every bend in the road.

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