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Old Car Insurance

Policy Highlights.

Our classic Old Car Insurance plans are designed for all makes and models of collectible and exotic cars, regardless of their age. These plans are much less restrictive than typical "never-leave-it-unattended" policies.

  • Low Premiums: Leland-West saves clients an average of $548 per year (based on a survey of the savings achieved by our most recent 200 customers).
  • Get Your Classic Car Fixed Where YOU Want By The People YOU Trust: We don't play the "three estimates" game. We know your classic car is not ordinary. Like you we are not interested in seeing it get fixed with anything but the right parts.
  • Mileage Rollover: If you pick an optional annual mileage limit, and then drive less than that limit, your unused miles roll over to your next policy year. They never expire.
  • Relocation Expense Reimbursement: Is a hurricane on the way? We'll help you with the cost of getting the car moved out of the storm's path.
  • Spare Parts Coverage: $5,000 for direct and accidental loss of spare parts is included free, and you can buy more if you need it.
  • Trip Interruption Coverage: $600 to cover your meals and lodging if you are stranded due to the disablement of your classic car.
  • Personal Electronic Equipment Coverage: $500 for the replacement of electronic media players, radios and navigation equipment if your classic car is stolen.
  • Medical Payments At Car Shows: $10,000 for supplementary medical coverage for all drivers listed on the policy if they are injured at a car show or other vehicle related event.
  • Agreed Amount Coverage (with Inflation Guard): No surprises. No arguments. No worries. If you suffer a total loss we pay the full policy value.
  • Policies Tailored to Your Lifestyle: You drive your classic car less so you deserve to pay less Insurance for Classic Car. Its a simple concept and We Get It.
  • Rated "A+": Our program's policies are backed by the American Modern Insurance Group who has been rated "A+" (Superior) by the AM Best Company.
  • Full Safety Glass Coverage: We pay for the full cost of repairing/replacing a damaged windshield on your classic car.
  • Multi-car discounts: Pay for Liability charges only once, no matter how many classic cars you insure with us (you can only drive one classic car at a time, after all).
  • Accessory Coverage: $1,000 for the replacement of vehicle accessories such as seat covers, car covers, floor mats etc. if your classic car is stolen.
  • Nationwide Roadside Assistance: Much more than just towing coverage. Available for only $10 per year.
  • Pet Injury/Death coverage: up to $750 for veterinary care or replacement if the worst happens to your pet while occupying your vehicle in an accident.
  • New Car Addition Coverage: Up to $100,000 for any eligible classic car you buy in addition to the exotic or classic car you already insure with us.  Once we review the vehicle its insurable value is limited only by its appropriate Agreed Value.

Coverages are available in most states. Additional options may be available. Many states require unique coverage per individual state laws. Have a question about our program? Give us a call at 877.237.4730.