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List of Automotive Topics

Here is a list of our classic car and automotive information articles. While there's no shortage of this sort of information on the internet, hopefully we've picked unique topics - or have taken unique looks at familiar ones. Our goal: Good reading and nothing more. Come back at least weekly as this section grows. And enjoy.

  • Porsche The Beginning of a Legacy.
    Porsche is a marque that exudes racing excellence. What propelled this now-famous brand into its rightful place in history? We take a quick look.
  • Porsche The Early Model 911.
    The Porsche 911 is the most successful automobile model in history. Here's how it got its start.
  • Porsche - Model 911: Taking The 70's By Force.
    As the model 911 matured, Porsche continued to incrementally improve its flagship. Many regard some of the models in this period as being the best in the vintage 911 lineup.
  • Porsche - Model 911: the Original Carrera RS.
    In addition to being just plain gorgeous, The 911 Carrera RS and RSR models from the 1970's were born and bred from racing. Guaranteed classics from Day One, they are about as desirable as you can get as classic cars go.
  • Porsche - Model 911: Turbo!
    Porsche takes the Next Big Step in Model 911 evolution, creating a fantasy car for millions and a treasured classic for a lucky few.
  • The 911 SC
    was supposed to be the last 911. Luckily for classic 911 enthusiasts, history unfolded in a different direction.
  • The 911 3.2 Carrera.
    The 911 story was far from over, as the next model in the series made abundantly clear.
  • The '964'
    proved that Porsche still had plenty of tricks up its sleeve when it came to reinventing the venerable 911 platform. Tiptronic, AWD and stealth spoilers make their debut.
  • Porsche - 911 Model 993
    marked the last of the model 911 versions powered by the air-cooled Porsche flat-six M64 engine.
  • Porsche - 911 Model 996
    was introduced in 1998 ushered in a whole new era for Porsche. The model 996 was the first redesigned 911 model that didn't carry over any significant components from it's predecessors.
  • Porsche 911 Type 997
    was the direct replacement for the model 996, however this time, Porsche went back to the mid 90's and the styling of the model 911 Type 993 for inspiration.
  • Porsche 911 Type 997
    got a complete overhaul in 2008 to be revealed in the 2009 model year cars. 2009 was the first year of the Second Generation, or Gen II, of the model 911 Type 997.
  • Lamborghini - Whats in a Name?
    You've heard of the Lamborghini classic car. Where did that name come from?
  • Stock Car Racing
    in which ordinary cars that have been altered or modified in some way race against others on a large, oblong racetrack—is increasing in popularity.
  • Brake Fluid Comparison Chart
    Getting ready take your car out on a track day? Looking to beef up your brakes? Which brake fluid to use is a common topic on auto forums. This handy, sortable chart lists most (hopefully all) of the high performance brake fluids on the market today.

Here is a complete list of the helpful information/topics we have added. Don't forget to check our blog for other topics/tips we thought were important.