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Better Classic Car Insurance …
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Don't Overpay for Classic Car Insurance. Get a Customized Policy Quote Now. More Than 29 Years of Collector Car Insurance Experience.

We offer flexible coverage options based on the way YOU drive

  • Want to commute occasionally? Fine
  • Want unlimited mileage? We can do that
  • Don't want to pay a deductible? Just check the '$0' box
  • Or add savings on top of savings: set limits for even bigger discounts

We cover race cars, classic cars, street rods, trailers, special interest vehicles (even your Porsche tractor), kit cars, vintage cars and replicas.

One essential you can always expect is personal service.



Benefits of Leland-West
  • Classic car specialists: If you're looking for collector car insurance, look no further. Here at Leland-West we offer antique and classic car insurance coverage options designed to fit any budget. We know our way around collectible cars and are well prepared to answer your special interest auto insurance questions. One of the benefits of classic auto insurance is you can drive your old car with peace of mind. Let us give you that freedom.
  • Wide range of coverage: Leland-West's agreed value insurance is designed to cover American or Foreign classic cars, sports cars, one-of-a-kind vehicles, muscle cars, street rods, kit cars, race cars, modified cars, replicas, special interest vehicles and exotics new and old. Our policies can have a wide range of coverage and deductibles.
  • Unlimited, limited & flexible mileage programs: Our range of classic car insurance coverage options allows you to find the right insurance rate, no matter your situation.
  • Many special features: You can get it repaired where you want by the people you trust (no 'three estimates'), Rated "A", one liability charge, occasional commute coverage, nationwide roadside assistance, windshield coverage, spare parts coverage, accessory coverage, flat bed towing and new car addition coverage.
Leland-West's Agreed Value Is The Gold Standard

We believe in being straight with our customers, so here's a fact: Agreed Value is the best solution.

You and Leland West will agree on the vehicle value when you sign up - before the policy is issued and any money changes hands. Once a policy is in place, in the event of theft or a total loss, we will pay the Agreed Value. No wiggle room.

Standard auto insurance policies are based on Actual Cash Value. They are affected by a number of factors ranging from depreciation to an adjustor's opinion that your car is worth less. To know what you have, look in the physical damage section of your policy. Somewhere in there it says what happens if your classic car is a total loss. What about Stated Value? Dig a little deeper and you'll find Stated Value determines the premium you pay, not the benefit you will receive.

Committed to Service Excellence

Feel free to ask us your classic auto insurance questions and we will do our best to help. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable about all aspects of collector car insurance options. They can help you select the policy that is right for you. Have peace of mind in knowing that your investment is properly protected.