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If I have one of your collector car policies, how do I file a claim?

Its quick and easy. When you get your policy you will also get an insurance ID card. There is a toll-free telephone number on that card for you to call in a claim any time, 24/7. If you don't have your ID cards handy, we can always send you a new set, along with copies of any policy documents you'd like for your records.

What is an Agreed Value, and why do I care?

Most auto policies are Actual Cash Value.  The insurance company decides what your classic car is worth at the time of the loss.  If you do not agree with them, chances are you'll need a lawyer to help you argue the point.  Many classic car policies sell stated value as if it was the same as "Agreed Value". It is not!  Stated Value policies pay the "Stated Value" or the "Actual Cash Value" ... whichever is less.  All that stated value insurance does is help decide how much premium you pay.  Only an agreed value is without hidden gotchas.  If your car is stolen or totaled, you will receive the agreed value.  Period. 

Learn the advantages of protecting your car with a Car Insurance for Classic Cars insurance policy compared to a standard automobile insurance policy, and understanding the difference between "Actual Cash Value", "Stated Value" and "Agreed Value", are just a few examples of what you will find.

How old does my collectible or exotic car have to be before its eligible?

Many are eligible right off the showroom floor, brand new.  Other cars need a little time in the market to either be recognized as a classic, or for their numbers on the road to decrease to the point where they become sought-after.

Do you require an appraisal?

No.  Save the money you would have spent on an appraisal.  Its our job to know the market, and classic car insurance is our only job.  We have the experience in-house to know what your classic car is worth in almost all cases.  When we don't we'll talk to you and listen to what you can tell us about your fine auto.  That should be enough for the two of us to come to an agreed value.

Can I finance my premium?

Yes. Our EZ-Pay plan lets you pay monthly.

Why are your premiums so low?

You drive your classic car less, you take great care of it and you deserve to get a break on what you pay as a result.  If you have a high performance exotic or classic car, we also aren't automatically treating you like a high risk just because you own it.

Is my car covered when it is in a restoration shop?

Yes. You will need to submit the garage location to us just like you would any garage location.  We can then review it and approve your shop as an approved garage location for your vehicle.

I drive my car every day, including errands, shopping etc. Am I still eligible?

While we can cover commuting to a limited extent, our policies are intended for pleasure-only use consistent with a classic (or a classic in the making). We do not insure daily drivers.

Do you insure modified exotic or classic cars?

Yes. The car hobby is in our blood too.  We understand you can be the artist and the stocker is your blank canvas.  We'll want to see what you've done (give us a parts list and a description) in advance and made sure you've done it smart.  Once we look things over we'll insure your exotic, street rod or classic car for a fair agreed value for the added parts.

Can you insure my race car?

Yes. We have a special plan designed specifically for unlicensed track-use-only cars. We even have a plan that will cover the race trailer, and both are for an Agreed Value, so be sure to check that out as well.

My exotic or classic car is set up for the track. Is that OK?

Yes. As a general rule we aren't scared of modified vehicles, and this includes roll cages, fire extinguishers, tow hooks and the other usual track rat accoutrements. However, as is commonly the case, there is no coverage while you are driving in any sort of track event.

How many pictures do I send with my application?

Five.  One showing each side of the classic car and one showing your garage, standing back a ways so we can see the whole structure. The pictures must be at least 2 megapixels in resolution.

Can I email everything to you?

Absolutely!  Emailing your materials makes it faster and easier for everyone.  The only requirement we have is your photos must be at least 1024x768 in size (or one megapixel, whichever is easier for you).  You can also email us your pictures full size right out of your camera.  There's no need to resize them, and if that creates a big email don't worry... we have big mailboxes.  Send application information to .

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