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Insurance Tips

Insurance Tips

  • Stated Vs. Agreed Value. Is There a Difference?
    You have been told you can add a Stated Value rider to your auto insurance policy, and this will see to it your exotic, modified or classic car is insured for what its really worth. Is that right? (hint: if it was, we wouldn't have written this article).
  • Does My Auto Policy Match My Umbrella?
    Is your Auto Insurance policy matched properly to your Umbrella insurance? If it isn't, the consequences could be catastrophic to you, financially. We see mistakes more often than we'd like. We'll discuss what to look for and why.
  • What Are Split and Combined Single Limits?
    Most people have "split" limits on their auto insurance policy. You can often opt for a Combined Single Limit, too. Whats the difference? Which one is better? We'll explain the differences and cover some angles that rarely if ever get brought up on internet advice columns.
  • Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?
    Its always cheaper to buy stuff direct, right? Trouble is, with insurance the price is the same with or without an agent. Whats the point of using an agent in a world where you can deal direct with an insurance company on the internet?
  • Should I Report My Vehicle Modifications to My Insurance Company?
    Mods are in a gearhead's blood. They personalize your car and make it exactly right. But not reporting them to your insurance company is pretty typical. Everybody does it, right? What could possibly go wrong?
  • Are My Mods Really Covered?
    The fact that insurance companies don't cover modifications is almost taken for granted. So when someone says they will... consumers often jump at the chance. Look before you leap. The fine print can hide a few surprises. We'll show you what to look out for.
  • New Jersey Residents: Get The Right Alarm Discount On Your Auto Insurance
    New Jersey alarm discount rules are extraordinarily complex. We'll bet you've never seen the complete rule book. Use this resource to determine exactly what alarm discount your automobile qualifies for on your insurance policy.
  • Which Auto Insurance Company Do I Report My Claim To?
    Its quite typical now for people to call their own insurance company and ask them to handle any kind of claim. It hasn't always been like this, and a lot of people still do it the old fashioned way. Why change?
  • How Do I Read My Car Insurance Policy?
    Cover to cover, we'll explain everything you are looking at and what it all means. A complete layman's guide to figuring it all out. This section will apply to classic car policies as well as standard autos. This magnum opus remains a work in progress.
    • Part 1: How Do I Read My Policy Declarations?
      The policy explains how the coverage works. The Declarations explain how much coverage you have, what vehicles you are covered on, and who gets to drive them..
    • Part 2: What Are Policy Forms?
      Before we start explaining the policy itself, we need to branch off for a moment and explain how and why it is constructed the way it is. Knowing this will give you a bit of insight into your coverages and the mindset of your insurance company.
  • Agreed Value On Your Classic Car: Don't Lowball It!
    Its a given that everybody wants to save money on insurance, and classic insurance is no exception. Not infrequently someone gets the idea of lowering their Agreed Value in order to cut down the premium.
  • Agreed Value Insurance
    What is Agreed Value insurance?

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