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Reading Your Car Insurance Policy?

How To Read Your Car Insurance Policy

Time and again you hear advice from the insurance experts that, boiled down, translates to "Read your policy".  What could be simpler than just reading whats put in front of you?  People who try it - and few do - know its not that easy. 

Even with easy-reader, plain-English policies, there's a lot to wade through.  A complete policy can often top 60 pages, and its filled with jargon and terminology the average person is completely unfamiliar with.  This series of articles - there's way too much to cover to do it in just one - is here to fix that.  We will lay out a typical insurance policy and go from front to back, explaining everything you see as we go along. 

We won't just provide definitions.  We'll highlight typical places where misunderstandings occur so you can watch out for them yourself.

We will start with explaining what should be the first page in your policy packet:  The Policy Declarations Page.

This complete help guide is ... incomplete. As you can imagine, a project like this is going to be extensive and take quite some time to finish. This complete help guide will grow into many pages. Come back soon and see what we've added!