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Where am I?

Where am I?

Dodge Magnum Modifications

My name is Matt Robertson and I am the Managing Partner here at Leland-West. This quasi-hidden section of the web site is devoted to the toy that has caused me to stop playing with my other toys. In short, my race car. But its not any sort of ordinary race car. Its crazy. Only a nut would do what I did. And in fact I don't even run any races. I just drive fast on race tracks. And hang out with other guys and gals who are dedicated to safely having fun on four wheels, and going faster.

In my professional travels I often have the pleasure of discussing cars with car people. I often get useful ideas and on occasion I can share something useful I have learned. With any luck, there is a trick, mod or idea in here somewhere that will help throw a spark on someone else's project.

So without further ado...

Q: How do you become a millionaire in racing?
A: Start out as a billionaire.