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2009 Track Schedule.

2009 Track Schedule.

Dodge Magnum Project

Schedule is subject to change as reality creeps up and bites.

Date Track Event Vendor
Jan 24 ButtonWillow SpeedVentures
Feb 12 Laguna Seca Hooked On Driving
Mar 21 Infineon NASA
Apr 11 ThunderHill SpeedVentures
May 27 Laguna Seca TrackMasters Racing
Jul 4 & 5 Infineon Hooked On Driving
Aug 14 ThunderHill Hooked On Driving
Sep 11 ThunderHill TrackMasters Racing
Oct 09 Infineon TrackMasters Racing
Oct 26 (tentative) Laguna Seca Hooked On Driving
Nov 06 Infineon TrackMasters Racing
Dec 18 Laguna Seca TrackMasters Racing