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The Frankentake Projects.

The Frankentake Projects.

Dodge Magnum Modifications

I billed my home-built, garage-hacked intakes as "Frankentakes" because I thought the name was a clever play on their large size and cobbled-together nature. I found out after the fact that a lot of other guys working in their garage felt the same way... its a common shade-tree name, it turns out. Frankentake I was a minor hack on an otherwise commercially-produced product. Frankentake II was a similar hack on a manufacturer's not-so-successful prototype that they had built on my car. Beginning with Frankentake III, I graduated to from-scratch home-built units capable of being built with common tools, whose purpose was to deliver performance at a fraction of the price of commercial units. These were projects released as a community resource, for all to benefit from.

With my blessing, Frankentake III was eventually turned into a commercial product available from the nice people at Billet Technology. Later on, Legmaker Intakes did the same with both Frankentake III and Frankentake IV in hand-laid, high quality carbon fiber.

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