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Dodge Magnum Modifications - The Frankentake Projects

Frankentake II.

Like Frankentake I, Frankentake II was a minor hack (literally... my chief tool was a hacksaw) on a commercial product. Or more accurately, a planned commercial product. For some time I had been working with a manufacturer as their test mule for their upcoming Hemi intake. Unfortunately, independent dyno tests showed that their product caused the motor to lose power. The culprit was a filter that was large enough for most applications ... but not for the modern Hemi.

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While the manufacturer pulled its horns in and began the long process of developing an extra-large filter, I decided to re-use their components and put on a big filter myself. The monstrous S&B filter I had plunked onto the end of Frankentake I was elected. Since it was again too large for the tube ... out came the hacksaw and the tube was trimmed down very carefully.

I say ''carefully'' to introduce the reason I saw fit to even make this attempt. This was no simple tube. Inside it was actually hiding some magic: an innovative bit of technology that promised to make power literally out of thin air and some tricks of physics.

Alas, when once again the re-filtered unit was put on the dyno it simply didn't perform. The parts went onto the shelf, Frankentake I got its filter back and kept its place under the hood. Until I assembled Frankentake III from scratch.

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