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Porsche Club of America - History

Endorsed by Porsche Club of America

Porsche Club of AmericaLeland-West's innovative limited-use insurance program came into being as a Porsche-exclusive product, available only to members of the Porsche Club of America - the largest single-marque car club in the United States. Porsche Club members helped decide what we focused on in product development: They responded to us in enormous numbers when we sent our initial research survey to about 11,000 Club members.

Leland-West literally designed the first-of-its-kind motorsports-enthusiast auto insurance plan to cater specifically to Porsche owners nationwide.

The relationship with Porsche was not accidental. Holly Bromberg, our late founder, was a dedicated Porsche car enthusiast and PCA member. His goal was to create an insurance program for Porsche owners tired of overpriced insurance on cars they treated like family. That dedication continues to this day, as the owners of Leland-West - who also go back to the firm's beginning - also are Porsche owners and Porsche Club members.

Over 20 years later and after many miles down many roads, Leland-West has broadened its reach to include all classic car enthusiasts, exotics, street rods, race cars... anything with four wheels and passion. In this company, PCA members and Porsches occupy a special place in our hearts, as they were with us when we started from scratch at the beginning, and to this day remain beside us.