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K&N Typhoon Tests

Intake Air Temp Test 1.

Test of Air Temperature at Point of Intake

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The sensor element was placed at the top-center of the filter, pressed between and held securely by the pleats. This is likely to be the warmest place in the air collection area.

Stopped at idle for three minutes to allow the engine to finish warming up fully. Temperature climbs very quickly when stationary. A stop at a Taco Bell drive thru maxed out the thermometer at 160 degrees. Clearly it gets hot under the hood if you sit for any length of time.

A couple of blocks down the road, driving down residential (25 mph) roads and slowing to the first light. About 3 minutes. Temp has dropped 35 degrees. This is typical. Up to 40 mph the hemi is barely above idle.

Stopped at the second light. Speed on this road is 50 mph. temp still falling.

Next light. Temp has fallen further.

Next light. Temp is only 5 degrees above ambient.

I caught every light during this test so these are one-block intervals (Fresno has long city blocks and is laid out in a straight-up NEWS grid.

Ending in-city testing at this point. This is the point where the Taco Bell heatsoak, mentioned above, occurred.

Five minutes after starting down the freeway. Temp is 1 degree above ambient. Ordinary behavior is fluctuations of 1 degree at or above outside temp at constant speed on flat ground.

Hard acceleration only yields a small increase, which equalizes within one refresh to ambient.

Two minutes later outside and engine are again equal.

five minutes after that... same story.

75 miles later its warmer outside. Terrain is no longer flat but uphill, with a hair of acceleration needed to maintain speed.Temp bobbles between this point or down one degree.

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