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Intake Air Temp Test 3.

Intake Air Temp Test 3.

K&N Typhoon Tests

Surface Temperature of Intake Tube -- Rear

Test 2 told us the temperature at the front innermost point of the tube, but that side is exposed to wind. What about the back side, which is shielded by the wind and facing the hot engine? Immediately after completing Test 2 I turned around and performed this Test 3, which ended at the Hwy 68 turnoff into Pacific Grove CA.

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Place the sensor on the opposite side of where it was last time; facing the engine.

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Do what you can to deliberately heat-soak the motor and see how bad it can get. This pic was the high-water mark for temperature.

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Afterwards driving at 65 mph. Reported temp slowly decreased over a period of 5 or so miles until it steadied to the temperature shown.

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