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Intake Air Temp Test 4.

Intake Air Temp Test 4.

K&N Typhoon Tests

Surface Temperature of Intake Tube -- Front (near the filter)

In Tests 2 and 3 I tested surface temperature where air was likely to be the warmest -- particularly in test 3 where we got a worst-case reading. Lets try putting it on the outside end -- furthest from the engine -- to see what we find out. This test was completed immediately after Test 3, and is essentially the same course as the freeway portion of Test 2 -- I'm making runs back and forth on the same freeway.

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Place the sensor on the front of the tube again. Facing forward. The car is in a turnout that is actually on the onramp so we'll be on the freeway immediately.

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75 degrees at 75 mph. Thats about where we were in Test 1

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Increase to 80 mph and hold for a mile. Temp has gone down 1 degree, but so has the outside air so its a wash.

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