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K&N Typhoon Tests

Intake Air Temp Test 5.

Air Inside The Intake Body

This is the test that really matters. All of the others are just interesting setup. Whats the temp of the air that actually gets into the engine, just gefore it gets sucked in?

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The sensor was worked in under the flexible elbow. The metal tube extends about 3/4" into the elbow, and there is about 1 1/2 inches of extra cable beyond that (if hanging down straight, the sensor would be 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the tube).

The assumption is the sensor will be sucked back further into the elbow, and will also be at the upper portion of same, where it is most likely to be the warmest point. I think.

One thing you don't see here (the picture didn't come out) is the duct tape placed over the seam of the elbow where the wire goes in. This was done to guard against any extra air being injected into the picture due to the oh-so-slightly not-flush fit of the elbow with the wire now running under it.

Just getting started. The engine hasn't yet fully warmed up so doing some local driving before getting onto the freeway.

Several minutes later and still on city streets. The engine is now fully warmed up and I'm on the freeway onramp.

Cruise control at 65...

Cruise control now at 75... temp varied a degree up or down from here depending on whether or not terrain was a gentle incline or descent.

Cruise control at 80. See a pattern yet?

ARGH! dead batteries!

So much for the camera. At the turnaround I had the opportunity to take another WOT hop onto the freeway up to 85, without being able to hold it. Temperature spiked to 68 degrees and dropped very quickly afterwards.

The rest of the drive home was without cruise control, and can be characterized as 'spirited', including as much WOT as I could to try and spike the temp. Interestingly ... it didn't; and seemed to be glued at 58 degrees for the remainder of the trip until the latter part of the journey, when reduced traffic let me bump up the speed and it dropped to 57.

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