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Avoiding Aggressive Driving

Keeping Your Cool in the Car:

The amount of aggressive driving is increasing on our roads. Some of the signs of an aggressive driver include a person who changes lanes abruptly to pass a slower driver, a driver who tailgates in an attempt to get another driver to speed up, and a driver who curses at other drivers. Aggressive drivers put themselves and others at risk on the roads. The following contains more information on aggressive driving as well as how a person can recognize and prevent it.

A variety of studies have revealed certain traits common in aggressive drivers. Not surprisingly, many aggressive drivers display risk-taking behaviors. These individuals have no concern for themselves or others. In addition, people who are experiencing a great deal of stress are more likely to overreact to a simple incident on the road such as being cut-off on the highway. Also, people who are in an extreme hurry on the road may exhibit aggressive driving behavior. According to the information found on driving tips, consumption of alcohol increases aggressive driving behaviors in people. Though there are some commonalities found in aggressive driving situations there is never an excuse for the dangerous practice.

A person who finds him or herself passing cars aggressively in order to get somewhere or feeling extremely angry at other drivers may be an aggressive driver. Recognizing the behavior is an important part of changing it. One effective thing a person can do to avoid aggressive driving is to avoid driving when he or she is upset. Taking a few extra minutes to calm down may help a person avoid an accident and arrive safely at a destination. A person may want to listen to some soothing music in the car or tune into a funny radio program. Another simple step for a person to take is to make sure to leave early to arrive at a destination on time. Avoiding the need to hurry is vital when it comes to preventing aggressive driving.

A person who encounters an aggressive driver should not react to his or her rude behavior and let the person drive on. Not engaging in argument with an aggressive driver may defuse the situation. If a person is ever pursued by an aggressive driver, he or she should ask someone in the car to call 911 or drive to a nearby police station. Trying to outrun an aggressive driver may result in an accident as well as put more innocent bystanders in harm’s way.

Finally, people who engage in aggressive driving behaviors take the chance of injuring or killing themselves and other drivers. The legal penalties for aggressive driving vary from state to state. In many states, aggressive driving is a misdemeanor and an offender can be ticketed. Aggressive driving may earn a person time in jail as well as a large fine in some states. The increase in aggressive driving behaviors will likely cause more states to put more laws into place. Every driver has the responsibility to travel in the safest way possible.

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