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The Classic Car

Show and Museum Resource Guide

From elegant convertibles to wood-bodied sedans to pre-war racers, vintage automobiles have the power to draw enthusiasts to car shows and museums all over the nation. Many collectors and onlookers plan vacations around annual trips to vintage car showcases and tours. Some come with money to purchase rare car parts for their own restoration hobbies. Mostly, however, people draw near to admire the evolution of mechanics, design, and efficiency that’s given the world some of its most gratifying four-wheeled art.

Classic Car Museums

  • Volo Auto Museum: A site for a classic car museum located in Volo, Illinois which has over 300 vintage cars. It also sells classic cars. 

  • Northeast Classic Car Museum: A website dedicated to the classic car museum in Norwich, New York. The museum has several exhibits and over 160 antique cars. 

  • Sarasota Classic Car Museum: This site, run by the non-profit organization which manages the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, lists events staged at the museum and allows online visitors to sign up for a newsletter. The museum has over 100 cars. 

  • Canton Classic Car Museum: This site lists hours for the Ohio antique car museum and offers a digital coupon for discounts on museum admission. Pictures of featured vehicles give a taste of the museum’s collection.

  • Gilmore Car Museum: A site dedicated to a 44-year old Michigan-based museum highlights current exhibits and has an online store.

  • Jerry's Classic Cars: This museum claims to be the first classic car venue in Pennsylvania. It is open seasonally from May to October.

  • Las Vegas Classic Autos: This showroom has a collection of more than 125 classic automobiles from around the world. It has free admission and is considered a Vegas tourist hot spot.

  • Bennett Antique Museum: A site for a small 49-car museum in North Carolina.

  • National Corvette Museum: Official site for the Corvette Museum located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Site offers a list of events, history, and a newsletter. 

  • Four States Auto Museum: Created in 2004, located in Texarkana, celebrated technology and automobiles of the past.

  • Arkansas Museum of Autos: This museum has a permanent collection of more than 30 classic cars but also displays antique car collections on loan from museums around the country. Known for its collection of Mustangs.

  • LeMay Museum: Located in Tacoma, this museum is home to over 2,300 cars.

  • California Auto Museum: This site is the online companion to a Sacramento-based museum with more than 175 antique cars. Museum showcases touring cars, roadsters, and racing cars from 1904 onward.

  • Wally Parks Motorsports Museum: This site, dedicated to the Wally’s Motorsports collection, has photo galleries for customized cars, hot rods, and roadsters. Museum is located in Pomona, California and has frequent reunions and car cruises.

  • Dougherty Museum: This site for the Colorado-based Dougherty Museum showcases electric and steam cars as well as cars with engines for internal combustion.

  • National Auto Museum: Museum collection in Reno, Nevada boasts historic cars and classic cars from celebrities. 

  • Henry Ford Museum: This museum located in Dearborn, Michigan focuses on Henry Ford and other people and ideas that have changed our lives with the automobile.

  • Wheels through Time Museum: This site has videos, a gift shop, and events list for a North Carolina museum with more than 300 classic cars and motorbikes.

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