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Classic Antique Car Insurance

Classic Antique Car Insurance

Getting proper insurance for your classic and antique car isn't always easy. Classic and antique cars have market values well above what a standard automobile insurance company would know to give for a classic or antique car that has been destroyed in an accident. And if your classic car can be fixed, the typical car insurance company is not going to be willing to have specialists fix it so the work is done properly and the car retains its value.

When you deal with Leland-West, you deal with a company that has been doing this for more than 25 years. This is all we do. We're still around because we know what classic and antique car enthusiasts want from their insurance:

  • Agreed Value - never worry about the insurance company lowballing you with an unrealistic settlement if the worst happens.
  • Use Your Own Shop - Get it fixed by the people you know and trust.
  • Premium Savings - Our typical customer saves $548 per year over their standard insurance policy.
  • Unlimited Miles -- Never concern yourself with mileage if you don't want to.
  • Choose a Limited Mileage Plan - and knock the stuffing out of your premium. If you don't drive it much, why pay for insurance as if you do? Limited mileage plans also have Unlimited Rollover for unused miles.
  • $5,000 in Spare Parts coverage (more can be purchased).
  • $1,000 in Accessory Coverage for things like seat covers, car covers and floor mats.
  • $500 in Personal Electronic Equipment coverage - smart phones, tablets, ultrabooks ... just because you drive a classic car doesn't mean you aren't living in the Space Age.
  • $100,000 in coverage for newly purchased classic or antique cars.
  • $600 Trip Interruption Coverage - meals, lodging and transportation should your antique car decide it wants to ride home on the back of a flatbed.
  • Nationwide Roadside Assistance - much more than your typical towing coverage.

Of course, there's more. Visit out Policy Features page for a more complete list. When you are done, get an InstaQuote. It only takes a minute and requires no personal information disclosure whatsoever.

At Leland-West we know you demand personal service for your classic and antique car insurance. Delivering that is how we stay a step ahead. Give us a call and talk to a real person about insurance for your classic or antique car. We're here to help, and classic and antique car insurance is our specialty.