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Chances are you are visiting this page because you saw one of our little quick sample quote boxes. This page describes all the details of the rate that was shown.

Where do these cars come from?

Quotes are completely anonymous here and we collect no personal information. We do store all quotes, which contain the year, make, model and Agreed Value of the vehicle quoted. We randomly re-use these to produce new sample quotes on the fly when a web page displays.

Presently our vehicle list has over 1000 cars in it, so with any luck you'll see a wide range of samples: Real cars input by real visitors, with real insurance prices.

We used this web site to produce the quotes. Feel free to get a quote for yourself.

Common Factors:

  • All rates are from California - a large state whose pricing is generally higher than the rest of the U.S.
  • All quotes assume a 50-year-old driver with a clean record (if you have a violation yourself, don't panic. Typically there is no surcharge for a minor violation ... or even two).
  • All quotes include full coverage with typical limits. These limits are:
Liability - Bodily Injury $100,000 / $300,000 ea. Person / ea. Accident
Liability - Property Damage $50,000 ea. Accident
Un- and Underinsured Motorists $100,000 / $300,000 ea. Person / ea. Accident
Medical Payments $5,000 ea. Accident
Earthquake Full Coverage Agreed Value
Nationwide Roadside Assistance Included
Spare Parts $2,000
Full Safety Glass Included $0 Deductible
Trip Interruption Included
Newly Acquired Autos $50,000
Supplementary Payments $200 Per Day
Mileage Limit* 3,000 Annual Miles

* Mileage limits include unlimited mileage rollover from year to year. 3000 annual miles is the typical consumer choice. You can choose a higher limit, or no limit at all on your quote.

These quotes include the California Good Driver Discount. They do NOT include a Club Membership discount (various clubs qualify. See Help screen on quote form for detailed list). Alarm discounts are not included on this quick quote method, either. So actual premiums can be even lower when you check the appropriate club and alarm discounts on your own quote. A sample California policy detailing all coverages is available on request.