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Classic Cars:

Street rods, hot rods and custom cars have been a long-standing tradition in America. What starts with a teenager tinkering under the hood can end in a full-blown overhaul, customization or restoration. After all this work is done, the car must be shown off! This, of course, is the reason for the inception of cruise nights, drag racing and other fun events. Each individual has a favorite make and model, but all of the vehicles are admired and appreciated. The tradition will continue to live on for boys and girls, men and women. Street rodding is here to stay.


  • Hot Rods & Customs: How customs got their start in the post-WWII era.
  • Early Car Brochures: A site with brochures on many street rods, scanned in and full of informative history along with pictures.
  • Hot Rod: A list of resourceful articles on the history of hot rods.
  • Just Customz: An informative piece regarding the history and evolution of street rodding and hot rodding.
  • Hot Rod Revival: This online magazine has a great deal of historical information along with pictures and shared memories.


  • Classic Thunderbird Club international: The CTCI, which began as a correspondence newsletter in 1961, now has 115 chapters worldwide.
  • The Buick Street Rod Association: The BSRA now has more than a thousand members. They also have an annual national get together which members are encouraged to attend.
  • Muscle Car Club:A gathering place for any type of muscle car fan.
  • The Original Poor Boys: With 5 chapters nationwide, this home-built hot rodding club is gaining in rank.
  • National Street Machine Club: This club features many benefits such as informative restoration and rodding tips, contests for rod-related prizes and access to discounts.
  • Roamin Angels: Established in 1962, this hot rodding club celebrates an American tradition through gettogethers, shows and online connecting.
  • Relics and Rods: The sponsor of the “Annual Run to the Sun,” as well as picnics, trips and volunteer opportunities.
  • Capitol Auto Club: A club with longstanding members, with a concentration on Model T’s and Model A’s.
  • Over the Hill Gang: With numerous chapters throughout the U.S., the Over the Hill Gang caters to street rods in the early years, specifically pre-1949.
  • Shades of the Past: This club sponsers the annual Hot Rod Roundup, an annual car show for rodding enthusiasts.
  • Asphalt Angels: The club was established in 1957 and offers a relaxed show opportunity annually.
  • Blue Moon Cruisers: The BMC’s participate in monthly cruise nights, meetings and other regular events.
  • Minnesota Street Rod Association: The MSRA participates in activities that help to further promote the hobby of street rodding.

Restoration Information

  • Street Rodder Web: Articles and links on restoring your hot rod on your own.
  • Jeff Lilly: An entire resource page of restoration tip links from one of today’s top restorers.
  • Hotrod and Restoration: This resource is geared toward professionals in the industry, but has great information for a home restorer as well.


Types of Hot Rods

  • Nova: Pictures, advice, a forum and even tech info on the Nova.
  • Camaro: Pictures and information on all four generations of the much-loved Camaro.
  • Mustang: Original and modified Mustang pictures as well as a wealth of information on performance and restoration.
  • Firebird: A source of information on all types of Firebirds, from mundane to showroom gorgeous and beyond.
  • Impala: Enthusiasts of the Impala can find parts, notifications of upcoming events and even chat with other Impala owners about getting the most out of this classic.
  • GTO: A wealth of information including shop manuals, a picture gallery and multiple links to Pontiac GTO resources.
  • Barracuda: Tons of resources, including detailed production information. Mopar fanatics love a Barracuda.
  • Super Bee: Anyone who has the chance to own this limited production vehicle knows what a commodity they have. This registry lets owners document where their Super bee is today.
  • 442: A resource of immeasurable proportions with info on every component of the 442.
  • Maverick: Another classic, the Maverick is a favorite among rodding enthusiasts.
  • Dart: Sales figures, info on repair shops, photos and more on the Dodge Dart.
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