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Famous Cars We Insure

Famous Cars We Insure

Famous cars get your blood flowing. Famous cars can include anything from special race cars to ones used in movies such as Steve McQueens 1968 Ford Mustang GT from "Bullitt". We realize that there are many debates over which ones are the most memorable or the most celebrated. No matter the debates or arguments, to you it is the most important car ... so we agree with you.

Cars are objects of personal subjectivity, and everyone seems to have an opinion. The most famous cars can not be whittled down to any short list. There are plenty of lists out there and opinions, but in your mind if it is a "famous" car than we would have to agree with you. These types of cars need the best insurance available, agreed value.

The only insurance policy you will ever need.

Leland-West's Classic Car Insurance Plans are designed for all makes and models of collectible and exotic cars, regardless of their age. These plans are much less restrictive than typical "never-leave-it-unattended" policies. See our Policy Highlights for all details. You might have a number of questions which Leland-West's Frequently Asked Questions can answer for you.