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Custom Car Insurance: Hot Rods, Street Rods & Specialty Cars

Here at Leland-West, we are classic car specialists. Many of our clients come to us for coverage on their hot rods, street rods, and other specialty cars. We understand these modified classic cars are often purchased as an investment or to be displayed. Knowing this, we provide collectors car insurance to protect your prized investment. However, other custom car owners can't fully enjoy their vehicle unless they hit the streets with it. For these clients, we can supply classic car insurance plans with a variety of mileage limits ranging from 1000 miles to unlimited. We also know that it takes a specialist who you trust to work on vintage-modified cars. For that reason, we won't force you to only use mechanics approved by Leland-West. Use the mechanic you know and trust and still be covered by our insurance plans. Our mission at Leland-West is to give you the freedom to use your classic car with complete peace of mind.

If you are hesitant to take out a collectible car insurance plan, know the cost is generally much lower than standard auto insurance. Standard auto insurance assumes you will be using the covered vehicle daily. Insurance companies price these standard plans at a higher rate because more driving leads to a higher chance of an accident occurring. So, if you aren't using your vintage car on your daily commute to work or trips to the grocery store, don't expect to pay nearly the same rate as you would for standard-auto insurance. We can work with you to develop the perfect policy to fit your needs and your budget.

Hot rods in history

Throughout history, "hot rods" have always had a way of attracting free thinkers and risk takers who tend to be good with a wrench. Hot rodding began as a cult movement in the 1920s, and flourished in Los Angeles - first with illegal street racing, then moving north and west of the city to the boundless Mojave Desert, with devotees competing on dusty, alkalai-based dry lake beds like El Mirage and Muroc.

The term hot rod became popularized in the mid-1940s as post-war car enthusiasts modified their cars for racing with increased horsepower and speed. That is why the traditional hot rod today still possesses the classic look of a vehicle from 1948 or earlier. In 1951, the National Hot Rod Association fostered a safe environment for drag races by holding them at abandoned airports across the country. These drag races were extremely popular, leading to mass attention and a lifestyle developing around modified cars that still lasts today.

Now you have joined this movement by buying or building your own "hot rod." You spent precious time and money to get it just the way you want and it needs the proper protection. Leland-West Insurance understands the importance you place on protecting this labor of love.

The definition of a "Hot Rod"?

Hot rods are like street rods as they both utilize car models from before 1948, but there are some differences between the two. Unlike hot rods, street rods are not specifically optimized for racing and are known to be more of a family car. The rise of street rods directly coincided with the 1909 Ford Model T. Owners of the Model T could pay a skilled mechanic $50 to double the horsepower of their vehicle with big displacements, multiple carburetors, and special exhaust systems. These mechanics could also remove the doors, roofs, and other portions of the vehicle's frame to make it as light and fast as possible. These modifications are still present in the appearance of many modern-day street rods.

And of course, regardless of any official definition a hot rod or street rod can be based on any vintage auto manufactured in almost any era, giving drivers almost unlimited options to create their own, unique dream car.

The only insurance policy you will ever need.

Leland-West appreciates U.S. custom car history and seeks to preserve all types of collectible vehicles through our flexible insurance policies. Whether you look to solely display your vehicle or use it to cruise around on the weekend, we can craft an insurance policy to best suit your needs.