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MOPAR Cars We Insure

Mopar Cars We Insure

Since the 1950s, Mopar® has been involved in motorsports through it Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth brands helping drivers transform their status from pioneer into legend. Owning one of these inconic muscle cars such as a 'Cuda, Duster and Road Runner is a special treat. Dodge and Plymouth produced some of the most amazing muscle cars of the '60s and the '70s. The Mopar big-block engines were some of the biggest and most powerful motors of the era. Now that you have taken the step to join this long storied history, you need to care for it with nothing but the best. That is all your concerned about so why would you consider trusting it to any standard car insurance company?

The definition of an "Mopar Car"?

There are many fans of Mopar vehicles. Mopar (derived from the words 'motor' and 'parts') refers to any car, muscle car or otherwise, that was built by the Chrysler Corporation, or any of its subsidiary brands, including Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth (Desoto, Imperial, etc.). Protecting it with the correct insurance coverage is your top priority. Leland-West Insurance understands that and wants to make sure it is properly protected/insured.

The only insurance policy you will ever need.

Leland-West's Classic Car Insurance Plans are designed for all makes and models of collectible and exotic cars, regardless of their age. These plans are much less restrictive than typical "never-leave-it-unattended" policies. See our Policy Highlights for all details. You might have a number of questions which Leland-West's Frequently Asked Questions can answer for you.