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Muscle Cars We Insure

Muscle Cars We Insure

The world of muscle cars is a fascinating, unique and quite a big world, filled with drag races, summer nights, crazy fun, wide open American roads, and a kind of camaraderie you can't find very many places. Classic muscle cars are iconic, they embody the freedom and thrill all cars should possess. They're carefully crafted works of art. There is so much passion and character behind classic muscle cars and so much passion from the people that own them. Now you are part of that world with a precious "baby" that needs nothing but the best. Taking care of it is all your concerned about so why would you consider trusting it to any standard car insurance company?

The definition of an "Muscle Car"?

"Muscle car" is actually a term used to describe a wide variety of powerful, high-performance cars. While some people have specific opinions about what qualifies as a muscle car and what doesn't, the term usually applies to two-door, rear-wheel-drive, small to midsize cars with large, powerful V8 engines. The popularity of muscle cars started with young drivers in the 1960s. Not only were they sleek, attractive, and powerful, they were also affordable and able to be driven for everyday street use, as well as formal and informal drag racing. Protecting your "muscle car" with the correct insurance coverage is your top priority. Leland-West Insurance understands that and wants to make sure it is properly protected/insured.

The only insurance policy you will ever need.

Leland-West's Classic Car Insurance Plans are designed for all makes and models of collectible and exotic cars, regardless of their age. These plans are much less restrictive than typical "never-leave-it-unattended" policies. See our Policy Highlights for all details. You might have a number of questions which Leland-West's Frequently Asked Questions can answer for you.