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Porsches We Insure

Porsches We Insure

Let's be honest, owning a Porsche is fun. Porsche is iconic and a brand that symbolizes speed, luxury, and craftsmanship. Owning a Porsche for any length of time gives you an opportunity to invest in an incredible vehicle and get to know your Porsche inside and out. Whether you own an original Porsche 911, that may come with oversteering challenges and a soulful air cooled engine or a 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo designed for sheer speed and horsepower, every day you own and enjoy your Porsche is a day you become more invested in it. A Porsche requires your time and attention. For such high performance vehicle, this requires your devotion to details. Taking care of it is all your concerned about so why would you consider trusting it to any standard car insurance company?

The definition of an "Porsche"?

Since 1948, Porsche has been revered by car collectors and casual enthusiasts. It's the ideal car for drivers seeking a high-performance driving experience. Founder Ferry Porsche's purpose for creating his car was simple. He looked around for the small, lightweight sports car, but couldn't find it. So, he decided to build one himself. Porsche strives to remain true to its starting ideals and principles with each vehicle designed. The Porsche's emblem is only displayed on the highest quality sports vehicles. Whether custom built or picked up directly from a dealership, you can rest assured each detail has been meticulously hand-inspected. No corners are cut. Porsche is unlike any other car. With the gear shift in one hand and the steering wheel in the other, the open road is yours to take.

The only insurance policy you will ever need.

Leland-West's Classic Car Insurance Plans are designed for all makes and models of collectible and exotic cars, regardless of their age. These plans are much less restrictive than typical "never-leave-it-unattended" policies. See our Policy Highlights for all details. You might have a number of questions which Leland-West's Frequently Asked Questions can answer for you.