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MG TD (1953) , Dutch licence registration DL-03-98 pic3


MG, which stands for Morris Garages, is a British sports car brand that has been manufactured since 1924. A division of Morris Motors, the MG brand was initially created as a dealer for Morris Motors vehicles in Oxford. However, they soon began designing and selling modified versions of these vehicles. If you have a classic car, make sure you have the correct Classic MG Insurance for it.

History of the MG The first MG cars featured Morris chassis and coaches built by Carbodies from Coventry. These early models proved to be fairly popular, so MG moved to a larger facility and increased their production. In 1928, MG spilt from Morris Motors completely, becoming MG Car Company Limited. Their first original car, the 18/80, rolled off the assembly line that same year. In 1935, Morris Motors purchased MG, and the first MG racing car was built. Later, in 1952, the British Motor Company absorbed MG, and they closed down the MG factory in order to save money. Both workers and customers protested this move, but it did no good. Ten years later, the MGB hit the market. It was a more modern car than the older MGs, but it was also more comfortable and had more features. It was followed by the MGC, but this larger car didn't handle as well, and it was only produced between 1967 and 1969, while the MGB was available up through 1980. In 1986, the British Motor Company came under the control of the Rover group, and two years after the purchase, MG was given to British Aerospace. In 1994, the company was again sold, this time to BMW. However, six years later, Rover repurchased MG, creating MG Rover Group. A number of different models were designed during the 2000s, including several new sports cars. MG Car Company Limited was sold to the Nanjing Automobile Group in 2006 and officially became MG Motor.


Popularity in America While MG certainly made a name for itself in Europe, it also became a popular brand in the United States. While few MG vehicles were seen in North America before 1946, the car became the vehicle to drive between 1950 and 1980. The MG sports car was a major status symbol, and it could be found everywhere from New York to Los Angeles. The cars were fun, responsive, and totally different from the American-made vehicles, which is what drew the social elite to them. The most popular model was the MG TC, a small car that had no space for luggage and didn't come with heat or many other features. That didn't matter to fans, though. While the popularity of the MG didn't last, and few vehicles were imported after 1980, the company hasn't left the U.S. The MG XPower SV, a limited model two-door coupe sports car, was sold between 2006 and 2008 to buyers around the world, including some in the U.S. The company had plans to manufacture the MG TF brand in a new factory in Ardmore, Oklahoma, but plans for the factory were later shelved.

MG B MKII Cockpit Features of the MG MG was known for a few different features, but it was also known for its lack of features. As mentioned above, the popular MG TC car had very little extras--it didn't even have much room for more than a couple of people, nor did it even have real windows. The unique combination of the Car bodies of Coventry and Morris chasses made the early MGs different from anything else on the market, and MG worked to keep their unique look over the years. The chrome bumpers found on the MGB were very popular and gave the car great lines, but these bumpers were replaced with rubber ones in 1974 to comply with U.S. regulations, a move that many felt ruined this classic car's look.

Different Models of the MG There have been a number of different models of the MG over the years. The MG 14/28 was the first car to be built under the MG banner, but it was a modified Morris car. The first true MG car was the MG 18/80, built in 1928. It was followed by the first Midget MG in 1929. This was followed by a number of different sports car series, including the T-series, the M-types, and much more. The larger MG vehicles were just as popular. In fact, the MGB was a runaway hit, much to the surprise of everyone. It was produced for more than 20 years, outlasting a number of models that came after it. Larger designs, like the MGC, were not as popular.

Classic Show Brno 2011 (129) MG has produced the most sports cars, especially Midget cars. Between 1924 and 1980, a total of 22 different MG sports car models were made. In comparison, the company produced only three compact cars, nine midsized cars, and two full-sized cars during that time. While owned by Morris Motors in the 30s, MG experimented with racing cars, but they only built three different models.