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Posted on: 7/25/2017 by Car Guy
If you own an antique car or classic truck, you need a classic car insurance policy. Here is everything you need to know about classic car insurance!  Read More
Posted on: 12/26/2016 by Classic Specialist
Here are our 10 reasons why classic cars are good compare to modern cars. Learn about difference and quality when it comes to old cars vs new cars.  Read More
Posted on: 11/29/2016 by Classic Specialist
Leland West is your helping hand to determine the value of classic cars. This article will give you important tips when it comes to classic car valuation.  Read More
Posted on: 10/4/2016 by Car Guy
If you own an antique or classic car, you need a classic car insurance policy. Vintage cars are an investment and have unique insurance needs. You need the right insurance to repair or replace the car in the event of damage. Standard auto policies rarely cover the full value of a classic car.  Read More
Posted on: 9/7/2016 by Car Guy
People often think of insurance claims as a lot of boring paperwork, and most of them are. However, every now and then there will be a really strange classic car insurance claim that makes the agents and adjusters laugh or simply stare at the paperwork in shock before passing it around the office. Here are a few of these really interesting insurance claims.  Read More
Posted on: 4/28/2016 by Car Guy
Most people have health, auto, and homeowner’s insurance, but there are more specialized types if insurance such as for boats, jewelry and of course classic car insurance policies that aren’t as common. However, where did insurance come from? You might be surprised to know how long people have had insurance policies.  Read More
Posted on: 2/16/2016 by Car Guy
High mileage on vehicles can mean headaches for an owner, but smart maintenance can keep your favorite car running down the road for many miles to come. There are rules of thumb maintenance tips for higher mileage cars that may or may not be obvious to the average owner.  Read More
Posted on: 9/14/2015 by Car Guy
Here's the buyer's guide for first-time buyers of a classic car or vintage car. Learn more about classic car insurance from Leland West.  Read More
Posted on: 9/7/2015 by Car Guy
Learn how you can personalize your collector car insurance and the unique aspects of classic car insurance. Get your classic car insurance quote today.  Read More
Posted on: 8/31/2015 by Car Guy
Learn Why Old Cars are Better than New Cars. This article will show you some of the important facts and comparisons between Classic and modern cars.  Read More