There are endless choices for car restoration projects. There are muscle cars from the sixties and seventies, and many cool cruisers for a hands-on car enthusiast; but when car purchase price and parts availability, along with the restored value and classic car insurance cost affect a buyer's decision, some cars are not worth "their weight in gold" restored.

What cars are worth restoring?

We have scoured the Internet and collected 7 of the best classic cars to restore.

1971 - '72 Pontiac GTOs The GTO, especially one with a Ram Air-spec V-8 and Tri-Power, is one of the most sought after muscle cars, but can be beyond the average person's budget. However, the dream to own a car with those three little letters on the grill is still reachable with 1971 and 1972 models.

The 1971 - '72 models are a reshaped extension of the 1968's A-body's bowed style. Aside from changes, they still have that muscle car appeal look of the GTO.

There are countless reproduced body and trim parts available, and many go-fast goodies to choose from for optimum performance. The USA is filled with GTO enthusiast fans, and for factory correct well-restored cars, the value will always be on the rise.

1964 -'68 Ford Mustangs The ideal restoration project for first-timers, Ford Mustang's 1964 - '68 models have practically every part needed available and are easy to get ahold of from websites or catalogs; it is actually possible there is no part that has not been reproduced, or accessories that cannot been found from dozens of supply companies. Another great thing about the Mustang is the club support and Internet forums out there, with experts just a click away. Fastbacks, convertibles and original V8 restoration projects are easily found, and a restored Mustang just about sells itself.

1967 - '69 Chevrolet Camaros For these Chevrolet Camaro models, just like the Mustang, they have everything needed to restore it to its prime with all brand new parts. The demand for these cars is huge and you cannot go wrong with rebuilding one. The best part of these cars, however, is they are reliable, can be tweaked for performance power and they are fun to drive; not to mention part availability (new 1969 Camaro bodies included) and that parts are interchangeable with other Chevys, makes it a breeze.

1970 - '73 Pontiac Firebirds Just like the Camaro, Firebirds - early generation - have made their mark as highly sought after muscle cars; soaring first generations of the F-bodies are to thank for this. The most desired high-performance Trans Am and Formulas, when they can be found at a good price, make these the models to buy due to restoration ease and their resell value when restored to factory specs.

1972 - '73 Dodge Challengers The 1972 - '73 Dodge Challengers' rebuild parts continues to grow making the rustiest project salvageable and the Mopar fanatic's dream car a reality. These later models are equipped with a small-block V8 and are the most reasonably priced, and easiest to find; but be aware, when high demanded E-bodies hit the market they go fast. Another important thing to remember is collectors will want a restoration to exact factory original standards.

1964 - '65 Ford Falcons The Ford Falcon 1964 - '65's, inner structure is all Mustang making suspension and brake parts pretty much the same. Many Falcons were built, so they are easy to find as well as many reproductions of interior, body and trim parts, and parts to tweak power performance are very available making this an easy car restoration project for unexperienced first-timers. Hardtops and convertibles, specifically GT versions, will return the most money on an investment.

1978 - '82 Corvettes The late Seventies fastback is one of the best-styled Corvettes. Its aggressive, forceful lines always make a splash, and with so many being built, it is easy to find one for under $10,000 in good running condition. There are tons of Corvette specialists around selling just about every part needed; including parts for high performance speed and even reproduced parts.

Backed by specialists and strong club support makes restoration to factory original specs easy. So, which of the 7 best classic cars to restore is for you; the forceful, aggressive lines of a Seventies fastback Corvette, or the Mustang's muscle? No matter which classic car restoration is your dream, the perfect project is out there waiting on you. It is important to have good collector car insurance for your antique vehicle in order to protect it from the many dangers you can encounter on the road.