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The automotive industry offers many career pathways to work firsthand with vehicles. As an individual waiting to turn their four-wheel passion into a career, the car industry offers many options, ranging from repair and maintenance to design and development.

Why Choose the Automotive Industry?

As a car enthusiast, you might not find a better field to pursue a profession or transition your knowledge into a full-blown career. The industry offers a chance for you to meet more car aficionados and like-minded individuals. America's love affair with cars makes it a secure career option. Depending on the role you take, the car industry is generally not difficult to break into. When embarking on a career in the automotive industry, it's important to consider various aspects, including insurance needs. Antique car insurance plays a vital role for individuals working in careers related to vintage car restoration, sales, or collections.

Here are some jobs that can accelerate your career as a car lover.

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Quality Testing Engineer


One of the highest paying job prospects in the car world is automotive quality test engineer. With salaries crossing $100,000 mark per year, the average salary in the US is $76,366


Quality test engineers perform verification checks on all engineering work throughout the development process to ensure production meets specifications and optimal functionality. Their duties encompass crash testing, wireless connectivity, system electronics, and much more. Many test engineers specialize in one area. They are assigned with developing a test case, running the test, and resolving any quality flaws to ensure the highest quality standards.

Automotive Designer


This is another lucrative job for a car lover. With an average salary of $82,642 plus bonuses and profit-sharing, these creative workers have a great gig. 


Automotive Stylists need the highest level of technical know-how relating to mechanics, art, and dynamics. It is their job to integrate these elements to create a functional, aerodynamic, and appealing road machine. In the end, it is their job to seamlessly meld together a car’s interior and exterior design elements.

They work with production engineers and can work as consultants or full-time with car manufacturers.


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Automotive Engineer 


Automotive Engineers on average earn $79,092 per year.


Automotive engineers work in teams cooperating with process engineers and designers. They are the cogs that turn the wheels of the car manufacturers. They mainly assess project requirements, develop prototypes and incorporate result data. They work on design and creating a user-friendly driving experience. They also work in the marketing and after sales process, conveying complex technology in terms that an end user will understand.

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Auto body Technician 


These technicians make on average an estimated $37,850 annually. 


With an eye for detail and steady hands you are bound to find career opportunities in this sector of the automobile industry. These technicians use a wide variety of tools to install new parts, repair damages, scrape off rust and old paint. With the resale market booming and sellers looking to repair their rides, this offers a steady work flow and wage. 

Tire Technician 


On average, a tire technician makes $29,637 annually.


Rolling wheels at high speed through mud, gravel and asphalt is bound to wear a tire down. Tires are essential for performance and fuel efficiency so replacing and repairing them is never-ending. Duties may include roadside work, but technicians usually work in a shop.

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Depending on what you drive from a tow truck to a ride share you can make $45,000 to $52,500 respectively.


As the name suggests, the job is to drive. Tow truck drivers are respected for saving people stranded on roads when their car breaks down. They safely transport vehicles to work and repair shops. 

Rideshare —drivers pick passengers up and drop them off, acting as an independent contractor. Earnings vary widely. 

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Auto Sales Manager


On average, they make $101,190 every year , but it isn’t unusual to make as much as $152,000.


Auto sales managers lead a team of salespersons, devising strategies and promoting car sales. They interview, train, hire and motivate the team to reach their sales goal. They are critical to dealerships and essentially run the business. 

Car Detailer

There is a difference between washing and detailing a car. Capitalizing on this difference, car detailers make $47,000 each year.


Car detailers wash, vacuum and polish a car, cleaning the inside professionally. A good detailer removes any kind of odor from carpets and fabric and removes dust or ash stuck in vents and buttons.
Detailing also involves waxing and coating to protect the original paint. These jobs are becoming increasingly popular in suburbs. 

Rental Agents


Rental agents make around $27,836 each year.


Agents are found at every airport and tourist spot. They communicate offers and document cars to be rented for temporary use. Some specialize in offering chauffeured vehicles for weddings and VIP parties

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Car Salesperson 


Helping people choose the right car can land a salary of up to $55,000 per year.


A car salesperson’s work begins by greeting customers as they enter the dealership. Next, they need to adequately answer any questions the prospective customer has, to help them make the right choice. This is generally followed by a test drive. Finally, they need to negotiate for a trade and review Finance procedures. 


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The Takeaway

The automotive industry is a gateway to turn your passion into a paycheck. Basic knowledge and training can help you finetune your skills. Automobile jobs are available in every city, many offering above average wages, making for a great career.