Leland-West Insurance
Driver Eligibility


  • Eligible drivers must have at least 9 years driving experience and a good driving record. All drivers must be reported.
  • Each licensed driver in your household must have a separate, properly-insured, acceptable car available for their exclusive regular daily use.
  • The exotic or collectible car you want to insure with us is used on a limited pleasure-only basis. It is not used for commuting (unless an Occasional Commuting Endorsement is purchased), store errands or similar normal-daily-use activities.
  • You keep the exotic or collectible car in a fully enclosed and locked garage when its at home. In certain high-risk areas, a hidden transmitter alarm may be required for some high-value, late-model exotic automobiles.
Is my car eligible?

If you use your classic to a limited extent, our Agreed Amount classic car insurance program is designed specifically for you. Your classic car must be a private-passenger style vehicle considered collectible in nature.

What fits into our idea of a classic car?

  • Exotics -- brand-new and old favorites
  • Muscle cars
  • Antique autos from a bygone era
  • Sports cars of all ages
  • Street Rods and Hot Rods
  • Kit Cars
  • Replicas
  • Classic and collectible cars, rare or simply desirable
  • Modifications to the vehicle are generally acceptable but must be fully disclosed. Modifications may add value to the vehicle.

Generally speaking we cannot insure cars that

  • are used off-road (off-road capable vehicles kept in stock/show quality that are not used off-road are still eligible)
  • are used for camping (some classic vehicles - i.e. Westies - that are not used for camping are still eligible)
  • are lifted (includes off road capable and street vehicles a.k.a. 'donks')
  • are fitted with wheels that use 'skinny' low aspect-ratio tires (30-series or less) - unless the vehicle was fitted with them as original equipment. Contact us for possible exceptions on a performance auto.

As you can see we believe that a Classic can be many things. Chances are, if you love it and care for it we'll cover it.

The above is not every possible question answered, but is a good general outline. Please contact us if you have any questions that we haven't already covered.